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Heal the sick, the captive free,
Let us all rejoice in thee.

P. M. * 498.

Prayer for Minister and People.
DEAREST Saviour, help thy servant

To proclaim thy wondrous love!
Pour thy grace upon this people,

That thy truth they may approve:
Bless, O bless them,

From thy shining courts above.
% Now thy gracious word invites them

To partake the gospel-feast;
Let thy Spirit sweetly draw them;

Every soul be Jesus' guest!
O receive us,
Let us find thy promis'd rest.


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(359.) S. M.

Love to the Church. ! I LOVE thy Zion, Lord!

The house of thine abode;
The church, O blest Redeemer! sav'd

With thy own precious blood.
I love thy church, O God!

Her walls before thee stand,
Dear as the apple of thine eye,

And graven on thy hand. 9

If e'er to bless thy sons

My voice or hands deny:
These hands let useful skill forsake,

This voice in silence die.
If e'er my heart forget

Her welfare or her woe:
Let ev'ry joy this heart forsake,

And ev'ry grief o'erflow.
For her my tears shall fall;
For her my pray’rs ascend;

To her my cares and toils be giv'n,

'Till toils and cares shall end. 6 Beyond my highest joy

I prize her heav’nly ways, Her sweet communion, solemn vows,

Her hyinns of love and praise.
500. (363.) P. M.
"LORD of the worlds above;

How pleasant and how fair,
The dwellings of thy love,
Thine earthly temples are!

To thine abode
My heart aspires,
With warm desires

To see my God. 2 O happy souls that pray

Where God appoints to hear!
O happy men that pay.
Their constant service there!

They praise thee still;
And happy they,
Who love the way

To Zion's hill.
3 They go from strength to strength,

Through this dark vale of tears;
Till each arrives at length,
Till each in heav'n appears:

O glorious seat,
When God our King
Shall thither bring.

Our willing feet!



(365.) C. M.
Lord in Zion plac'd his name,
His ark was settled there;
To Zion the whole nation came
To worship thrice a year.



, Bin we have no such lengths to go,

Nor wander far abroad; Where'er thy saints assemble now,

There is a house for God: $ Here; mighty God! accept our rows;

Here let thy praise be spread. Bless the provisions of thy house;

And fill thy poor with bread.
Here let the son of David reigui,

Let God's anointed shine;
Justice and truth his court maintain,

With love and pow'r divine.

502. (566.) L. M.
LORD! Itis a pleasant thing to stand

In gardens planted by thy hand.
Let me within ihy courts be seen,

Like a young cedar, fresh and green.
2 There grow thy saints in faith and love;

Blest with thine influence fiom above:
Not Lebanon, with all its liees

Yields such a comely sight as these. $ The plants of grace shall ever live;

Nature decays, but grace must thrive;
Time, that doth all things else impair',

Shall make them flourish strong and fair. & Lailen with fruits of age, they show,

The Lord is holy, just, and true.
None, that attend his courts shall find

A God unfaithful or unkind. 503.

(369.) L. M.

Preparution for worship. A WAY from every

Away from earth, cur souls retreatz We leave this worthless world afar, And wait and worship near thy scat,


2 Lord, in the temple of thy, grace,

We bow before thee and adore; We view the glories of thy face,

And learn the wonders of thy pow'r. 9 Whilst here our various wants we moun,

United pray’rs aseend on high; And faith expects a sui'e return.

Of blessings in variety. * Father! my soul would here abide;

Or, if my feet must hence depart, Still keep me, Father, near thy side, Still keep thy dwelling in my heart.

(370.) C. M. 504. Readiness to serve God in his house. 1 EARLY, my God, without delay,

I haste to seek thy face;
My thirsty spirit faints away,

Without thy cheering grace:
2 So pilgrims on the scorching sand,

Beneath a burning sky,
Long for a cooling stream at hanıl,

And they must drink or die.
3. I've seen thy glory and thy pow'r

Through all thy temple shine:
My God, repeat that heav'nly hour,

That vision so divine.
Not all the blessings of a feast

Can please my soul soʻwell,
As when thy richer grace I taste,

And in thy presence dwell.
5 Not life itself, with all her joys,

Can my best passions move,
Or raise so high my cheerful voice,
As thy forgiving love.

(373.) L. M.
The Sabbath preparatory to heaven
LORD of the sabbath! hear our vows
On this thy day, in this thy housc;




And own, as grateful sacrifice,

The songs which from thy churches rise. 2 Thine earthly sabbaths, Lord! we lovej

But there's a nobler rest above:
Thy servants to that rest aspire

With ardent lope and strong desire.
3 Therc languor shall no more oppress;

The heart sball feel no more distress;
No groans shall mingle with the songs,

That dwell upon immortal tongues. 4 No gloomy cares shall there annoy,

No conscious guilt disturb our joy;
But every doubt and fear shall cease,

And perfect love give perfect peace. 5 When shall that glorious day begin,

Beyond the reach of death or sin;
Whose sun shall never more decline,
But with unfading lustre shine!


,375.) L. M.

The sweetness of the Sabbath. 1 SWEET is the work, my God, my King!

To praise thy name give thanks and singi To show thy love hy morning light,

And talk of all thy truth at night. 2 Sweet is the day of sacred rest:

No mortal care shall fill my breast;
My heart shall triumph in the Lord,

And bless his works, and bless his word. 3 And I shall share a glorious part,

When grace hath well refind my heart,
When doubts and fears no more remain,
To break my inward peace again,
Then shall I see, and hear, and know,
All I desir'd, or wish'd below;

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