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From Zion's mount send forth the sound
To spread the spacious earth around.

L. M. 341.

Prayer for the Success of Missions. 1 INDULGENT God, to thee we pray,

Be with us on this solemn day: Smile on our souls, our plans approve,

By which we seek to spread thy love. % Let party prejudice


gone, And love unite our hearts in one; Let all we have and are, combine

To aid this glorious work of thine. 3 [Point us to men of upright mind,

Devoted, diligent, and kind;
With grace be all their hearts endow'd,

And light to guide them in the road.
4 With cheerful steps may they proceed,

Where'er thy providence shall lead;
Let heaven and earth their work befriend,

And mercy all their paths attend.]
5 Great let the bands of those be found

Who shall attend the gospel sound:
And let Barbarians, bond and free,

In suppliant throngs resort to thee.
6 Where Pagan altars now are built,
And brutal blood, or human, spilt,
There be the bleeding cross high rear d,
And God, our God, alone rever'd.
7 Where captives groan beneath their chain,

Let grace, and love, and concord reign;
The aged and the infant longue
Unite in one harmonious song.

L. M. 542.

Prayer on the Scarcity of Gospel Ms.

sionaries. Luke x. 2. i , , And see on heathen altars slain,


Poor helpless babes for sacrifice,

To purge their parents' dismal stain; 2 We can't behold such horrid deeds

Without a groan of ardent prayr;
And while each heart in anguish bleeds

We cry, Lord, send thy gospel there. 3 For them we pray, for them we wait,

To them thy great salvation show; l'hy harvest, Lord, is truly great,

But faithful labourers are few.
4 O send out preachers, gracious Lord,

Among that dark, bewilder'd race;
Open their eyes, and bless thy word,

And call them by thy sov'reign grace. 5 Then shall they shout thy honour'd name,

And sound thy matchless praise abroad;
And we will join them in the theme,
Salvation to our risen God.

L. M. 543.

Prayer for the Success of Missions 1 GO friends of Jesus, and proclaim

The kind Redeemer you have found; And speak his ever precious name,

To all the wond'ring nations round.
2 Go, tell the unletter'd, wretched slarc,

Who groans beneath a tyrant's rod,
You bring a pardou bought with blood,

The blood of an incarnate God. 3 Go, tell the panting, sable chief

On Ethiopia's scorching sand,
You come with a refreshing stream,

To cheer and bless his thirsty land. 4 Go, tell the distant isles afar,

Or Otaheite and Pelew,
That in the covenant of grace,
Their unknown names are written too.

5 Go tell, on India's golden shores,

Of a rich treasure, more refin'd;
And tell them, tho' they'll scarce believe,

You come, the friend of human kind. 6 Say, the religion you profess

Is all benevolence and love;
And by its own divine effects,
Its heavenly origin will prove.


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C. M.
1 and the Saviour's grace proclaim,

Ye messengers of God;
Go, publish, thro' Immanuel's name,

Salvation bought with blood.
2 What tho' your arduous track may lie

Thro' regions dark as death; What tho' your faitli and zeal to try,

Perils beset your path: 3 Yet, with determin'd courage, go,

And, arm’d with pow'r divine, Your God will needful aid bestow,

And on your labours shine. 4 He who has call’d you to the war

Will recompense your pains; Before Messiah's conqu’ring car,

Mountains shall sink to plains. 5 Shrink not tho' earth and hell oppose,

But plead your Master's cause; Nor doubt that e'en your mighty foes

Shall bow before his cross.

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P. M. 'G ; ye messengers of God,

Like the beams of morning fly: Take the wonder-working rod, Wave the banner cross on high!

2 Go to many a tropic isle

On the bosom of the deep;. Where the skies for ever sinile,

And the blacks for ever wcep. 3 Where the golden gates of day

Open on the balmy East,
Wide the bleeding cross display,

Spread the gospel's richest fcast. 4 Visit ev'ry heathen soil,

Ev'ry barren, burning strand, -
Bid each dreary region smile,

Lovely as the promis'd land.
5 In yon wilds of stream and shade,

Many an Indian wigwam trace;
And with words of love persuade
Savages to sue for

grace. 6 Circumnavigate the Ball

Visit ev'ry soil and sea;
Preach the cross of Christ to all;
Jesus' love is full and free,

L. M. 546. Missionaries. Dan. ii. 45. 1 EXERT thy pow?r; thy rights maintaing

Insulted, everlasting King!
The influence of thy crown increase,

And strangers to thy footstool bring. ? We long to see that happy time,

That dear, expected, blessed day,
When countless myriads of our race

The second Adam shall obey.
3 The prophecies must be fulfill’d,

Tho earth and hell should dare oppose;
The stone cut from the mountain's side,

Tho' unobserv'd, to empire grow's. $ Soon shall the blended image fall, Brass, silver, iron, gold, and clay,

And superstition's gloomy reign.

To light and liberty give way.
5 In one sweet symphony of praise,

Gentile and Jėw shall then unite;
And infidelity, asham’d,

Sink in th' abyss of endless night. 6 Soon Afric's long enslaved sons

Shall join with Europe's polish'd race,
To celebrate, in diff'rent tongues,

The glories of redeeming grace.
7 From east to west, from north to south,

Immanuel's kingdom shall extend;
And ev'ry man, in ev'ry face,
Shall meet a brother, and a friend,


I COMFORT: ye minister's of grace,

Comfort the people of your Lord;
O lift ye up the fallen race,

And cheer them by the gospel word, ? Go into every nation, go;

Speak to their trembling hearts, and cry, Glad tidings unto all we show:

Jerusalem, thy God is nigh. 3 Hark! in the wilderness a cry,

A voice that loudly calls, prepare! Prepare your hearts, for God is nigh,

And means to make his entrance there! 4 The Lord your God shall quickly come;

Sinners, repent, the call obey;
Open your hearts to make him room,

Ye desert souls prepare his way. & The Lord shall clcar his way through all:

Whate'er obstructs, obstructs in vain; The vale shall rise, the mountain fall, Crooked be straight, and rigged plain.

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