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In thee eternal life we know,

And heaven's unutterable bliss.

6 In part we only know thee here,

But wait thy coming from above; And we shall then behold thee uear,

And then shall all be lost in love.


L. M. 590. On the first approach at the Lord's Table

or confirmation LORD, I am thine, entirely thine,

Purchas'd and sav'd by blood divine; With full cousent thine I would be,

And own thy sov’reign right in me.
2 Here, Lord, my flesh, my soul, my all,

I yield to thee beyond recall;
Accept thine own, so long withheld-

Accept what I so freely yield!
3 Grant one poor sinner more a place

Among the children of thy grace;
A wretched sinner, lost to God,

But ransom'd by Immanuel's blood.
4 Thine would I live-thine would I die

Be thine thro' all eternity;
The vow is past beyond repeal;

Now will I set the solemn seal.
5 Be thou the witness of my vow

Angels and men attest it too,
That to thy board I now repair,

And seal the sacred contract there.
6 Here at thy cross, where flows the blood

T'hat bought my guilty soul for God;
Thee my new Master now I call,

And consecrate to thee my all. 7 Do thou assist a fecble worm,

The great engagement to perform; .

Thy grace can full assistance lend,
And on that grace I dare depend.

L. M. 591.

On Adnussion of new Members.

Gen. xxiv. 31. ! WELCOME, thou well belov'd of God,

Thou heir of grace, redeem'd by blood; Welcome with us thy hand to join,

As partner of our lot divine.
2 With us the pilgrim's state embrace,

We're trav’lling to a blissful place;
The Holy Ghost, who knows the way,

Corduct thce on from day to day. 3 Take up thy cross, and bear it on,

It shall be light, and not be long;
Soon shalt thou sit with Jesus down,
And wear an everlasting crown.

L. M. 592. Welcome to young Converts. 1 W ELCOME, ve hopeful heirs of heav'n,

This pledge is but the prelude giv'n

To that immortal feast above.
2 How great the blessing, thus to meet

Around the sacramental board,
And hold by faith communion sweet,

With Christ our dear and common Lord. 9 And if so sweet this feast below,

What will it be to meet above,
Where all we see, and feel, and know,

Are fruits of everlasting love!
* Soon shall we tune the heav'nly lyre

While list’ning worlds the song approve,
Eternity itself expire,
Ere we exhaust the theme of love.




L. M. 593. At a Choice of church afficers.

AIR Sion's King, we suppliant bow,

And hail the grace thy church enjoys; Her holy officers are thine

With all the gifts thy love employs. 2 Up to thy throne we lift our eyes,

For blessings to attend our choice,
Of such whose generous, prudent zeal,

Shall make thy favour'd ways rejoice. 3 Happy in Jesus, their own Lord,

May they his sacred table spread,
The table of their pastor fill,

And fill the holy poor with bread!
4 When pastor, saints, and poor they serve:

May their own hearts with grace be crown d! While patience, sympathy, and joy,

Adorn, and through their lives abound. 5 By purest love to Christ, and truth,

O may they win a good degree
Of boldness in the Christian faith,

And meet the smile of thine and thee! 6 And when the work to them assign'd

The work of love, is fully done,
Call them from serving tables here,
To sit around thy glorious throne.


L. M. 594.

Luying the corner stone for a church.
Today we lay the corner stone,

To rear our sacred walls upon,
A house for God, who's pledg'd to be
Where he is sought by two or thrce.


9 Where I record my name, says he,

And where my children honour me,
'There I will come to own and bless

Vy ordinances with success. 3 But Jesus is the corner stone,

For us to build our hopes upon;
Ov him the edifice may rise
Sublime in light, beyond the skies.
When storms and tempests round prevail,
Whirlwind and thunder, fire and hail;
"Tis he our trembling souls shall hide,

On him securely we abide.
5 Dear Shepherd of thine Israel,

Who didst between the cherubs dwell;
Here, to our waiting hearts proclaim

The sweetness of thy saving name. 6 Here may we prove the power of prayer,

To strengthen faith, and sweeten care;
To teach our faint desires to rise,
And bring all heaven before our eyes,
God of the churches! thou art near;
Nor short thine arm, nor deaf thine ear,
Oh rend the heavens, come quickly down,
And make a thousand hearts thine own.


595. On opening


(428.) L. M. On opening a new place of worship A ND will the great eternal God

On earth establish bis abode?
And will he fiom his radiant throne
Regard our temples as his own?
We bring the tribute of our praise;
And sing that condescending grace,
Which to our notes will lend an ear,
And call us sinful mortals ncar,

3 Our Father's watchful care we bless,

Which guards our house of pray’r in peace, That no tumultuous foes invade,

To fill the worshippers with d. ead. $ These walls we to thy honour raise:

Long may they echo with thy praise;
And thou, descending, fill the place

With choicest tokens of thy grace. 5 Aud in the great deeisive day,

When God the nations shall survey,
May it before the world appear,
'That crowds were born to glory here!

(529.) P. M. 596. God invited to dwell in his churches 1 IN sweet exalted strains

The King of glory praise:
O'er heav'n and earth he reigus,

Through everlasting days.
He with a nod the world controls,

Sustains or sinks the distant poles. 2 Then, King of glory! come;

And with thy favour crown
This temple as thy dome,

This people as thy own.
Within this house O deign to show,

How God can dwell with men below. 3 Here may thine ears attend

Our interceding cries,
And grateful praise ascend

All fragrant to the skies.
Here may thy word melodious sound,

And spread the joys of heav'n around * Here may th' attentive throng

Imbibe thy truth and love;
And converts join the song
Of Seraphim above;

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