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Thou didst brighten the valley of death,

And illumine the gloom of the grave. 5 In mercy thy presence dispels

The shades of calamity's night, And turns the sad scene of despair

To a morning of joy and delight. 6 Great source of my comforts restor'd!

Thou healer and balm of my wees! Thou hope and desire of my soul !

On thy mercy I'll ever repose. 7 How boundless the gratitude due

To thee, O thou God of my praise !
The fountain of all I possess,

The life and the light of my days!

(439.) L. M. 679.

The frailty of man. 1 FIRM

was my health, my day was bright, And I presum'd 'twould ne'er be night: Fondly I said within my heart,

Pleasure and peace shall ne'er depart. 2 But I forgot thine arm was strong,

Which macle my mountain stand so long;
And when thy face was turn’d aside,

My health was gone, my comforts died. 3 Hear me, O God of grace! ! said,

And raise me from among the dead:
Thy word rebuk'd the pains I felt;

Thy pard’ning love remov'd my guilt. 4 I will extol thee, Lord, on high

At thy command diseases fly:
Who but a God can speak and save
From the dark borders of the grave!
Thine anger but a moment stays;
Thy love is life and length of days:

Though grief and tears the niglit employ,
The morning-star restores the joy.

680. God delivereth his saints from afflictions

C. M.

1 I LOVE the Lord; he heard my cries,

And pity'd ev'ry groan:
Long as I live, when troubles rise,

l'll hasten to his thrɔne.
2 I love the Lord; he bow'd his ear,

And chas'd my griefs away:.
O let my heart no more despair,

While I have breath to pray!
3 Among the saints that fill thine house,

My off?ring shall be paid;
There shall iny zeal perform the vows

My soul in anguish made.
The Lord beheld me sore distrest;

He bade my pains remove:
Return, my soul, to God, thy rest;

For thou hast known his love.

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L. M. 681.

John iv. 35.
IFT up your eyes, ye sons of light,

Behold the fields already white!
The glorious harvest now is come;

See ransom'd sinners flocking home. 2 Mov'd by the Spirit's softest wind,

Their hearts are all as one inclin'd;
Their former sins and follies mourn;

They bow, and to their God return. 3 Improve the harvest fleeting fast,

Ele yet the shining season past,
When all the work of life shall end,
The last-the long dark night descende


C. M. 682.

Sickness and Recovery.
1 God, thy service well demands

The remnant of my days;
Why was this fleeting breath renew'd,

But to renew thy praise?
% Thine arins of everlasting love

Did this weak frame sustain;
When life was hor’ring o'er the grave,

And nature sunk with pain.
8 'Thou, when the pains of death were felt,

Didst chase the fears of hell;
And teach my pale and quiv'ring lips

Thy matchless grace to tell.
4 Calmly I bow'd my fainting head

On thy dear faithful breast; Pleas'd to obey my Father's call

To his eternal rest
5 Into thy hands, my Saviour God,

Did I my soul resign.
In firm dependence on that truth,

Which made salvation mine.
6 Back from the borders of the grave,

At thy command I come:
Nor will I urge a speedier flight,
To my celestial home.

C. M. 683. Afliction, or Meditation on God's Love

Ps. civ. 34. 1 WHEN languor and disease invade

This trembling house of clay, 'T18 sweet to look beyond my pains,

And long to fly away.
2 Sweet to look inward, and attend

The whispers of his love;
Sweet to look upward to the place

Where Jesus pleads ahove.


S Sweet to look back, and see my name

In life's fair book set down;
Sweet to look forward and behold

Eternal joys my own.
Sweet to reflect how grace divine

My sins on Jesus laid;
Sweet to remember that his blood

My debt of suff’ring paid.
5 Sweet in his righteousness to stand,

Which saves from second death; Sweet to experience, day by day,

His spirit's quick’ning breath. 6 If such the sweetness of the streams,

What must the fountain be, Where saints and angels draw their bliss

Immediately from thee!


P. M. 684.

Sweet Affliction.- A Song in a Storm IN

the floods of tribulation,

While the billows o'er me roll, Jesus whispers consolation,

And supports my fainting soul; Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. & Thus the lion yields me honey,

From the eater food is given, Strengthen'd thus l still press forward,

Singing as I wade to heaven,
Sweet affliction, sweet affliction,
And my sins are all forgiv'n.
Floods of tribulation heighten,

Billows still around me roar,
Those that know not Christ-ye frighten

But my soul defies your power:
Hallelujah, &c.

In the sacred page recorded

Thus his word securely stands; • Fear not, l'm in trouble near thee,

Naught shall pluck you from my hands: Sweet affliction, sweet affliction,

Every word my love demands. 5 All I meet I find assists me

In my path to heavenly joy,
Where, though trials now attend me,

Trials never more annoy:
Hallelujah, &c.
6 Bless'd there with a weight of glory,

Still the path I'll ne'er forget,
But, exulting, cry, it led me

To my blessed Saviour's seat-
Sweet affliction, sweet affliction,
Which has brought to Jesus' feet.


(412.), L. M.

Thanksgiving 1 PRAISE, happy land! Jehovah's name;

His goodness, and thy bliss proclaim: For thee each blessing largely flows,

That freedom's lib’ral hand bestows. 2 Thy children are secure and blest;

Thy shores have peace, thy cities rest;
He feeds thy sons with finest wheat,

And adds his blessing ic their meat. 3 Thy changing seasons he ordains,

Thine early and thy latter rains;
His flakes of snow like wool he sends,

And well the springing corn defends. 4 But he hath nobler works and ways,

To call his people to his praise:
To all our land his laws are shown;
His gospel's through the nation known,

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