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(414,) C. M.

National security froin God. 1 vain opposing nations rage,

If God with us abide:
One word of his dissolves their suength,

And humbles all their pride.
2 His wisdom sees correction meet;

He gives the dread command, And war its desolation spreads

Through every trembling land.
3 llis purpose wrought, again he speaks,

And desolations cease;
War's loud alarms are heard no more,

And all the world is peace,
4 Mortals, adore his sov’reign pow'r,

Nor dare provoke his rod:
Through all your various tribes be still,

And know that he is God.


"S. M. 687.

In time of war.
GOD, to correct the world,

But comes at length, in thunder cloth'd,

And darkness veils the skies. 2 His banners, lifted high,

The nativns' God declare, And, stain'd with blood, with terrors mark'd,

Spread wonder and despair. 3 All earthly, pomp and pride

Are in his presence lost; Empires o'erturn'd, thrones, sceptres, crowns,

• In wild confusion tost.
4 While war and wo prevail,

And desolation wide;
In God, the sov'reign Lord of all,
The righteous still confide.

5 Mysterious is the course

Of his tremendous way:
His path is in the trackless winds,

And in the foaming sea.
6 Yet, though now wrapt in clouds,

And from our view conceal'd
The righteous Judge will soon appeni,

In majesty reveal'd!
7 He'll curb the lawless pow'r,

The deadly wrath of man; And all the windings will unfold

Of his own gracious plan. 8 The sons of tyranny

In ruin shall be hurl'd;
And light, and liberty, and bliss,

Embrace the new-born world. 688.

L, M.
In Time of War. Ps. xlvi.
ON Thee, great Ruler of the skies,

On thee our steadfast hope relies;
When hostile powers against us join,

What aid so present, Lord, as thine? 2 By thee secur'd, no fears we own,

Though earth, convuls'd, beneath us groan,
Though tempests o'er her surface sweep,

And whirl her hills into the deep; 3 Though, arm'd with rage, before our eyes

That deep in all its horrors rise,
While, as the tumult spreads around,

The mountains tremble at the sound. 4 Behold fair Sion's blest retreat,

Where God has fixt his awful seat;
Whose walls to heaven's almighty Lord

His chosen residence afford.
5 God, ever watchful, ever nigh,
Bids storms around her harmless fly;



His early care cach foe withstands,
And backward turns the yielding bands.

L. M. 689.

Prayer for Peace. I WHILE Justice waves her rengefiu hand

'Tremendous o'er a guilty land, Almighty God, thy awful pow'r

With fear and trembling we adore. 2 Where shall we fly but to thy feet?

Our only refuge is thy seat;
Thy seat where potent mercy pleads;

And holds thy thunder from our heads, s While peace and plenty blest our days,

Where was the tribute of our praise?
Ungrateful race! how have we spent
The blessings which thy goodness lent!
Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye;
Though loud our crimes for vengeance crý,
Let mercy's louder voice prevail,

Nor thy long-suffering patience fail. 5 Encourag'd by thy sacred word,

May we not plead thy promise, Lord;
That when an humble nation mourns,

Thy rising wrath to pity turns?
5 O let thy sov’reign grace impart

Contrition to each rocky heart;
And bid sincere repentance flow,

In general, undissembled wo.
7 Fair smiling peace again restore;

With plenty bless the piping poor:
And may a happy, thankful land,
Obedient own thy guardian. hand.

L. M. 690.

Prayer for Peace. -Amoš iii. 1–6. WHILE o'er

our guilty land, O Lord, We view the terrors of thy sword,


O whither shall the helpless fly?

To whom but thee direct their cry?
9 The helpless sinner's cries and tears

Are grown familiar to thine ears:
Oft has thy mercy sent relief,

When all was fear and hopeless grief. • 3 On thee our guardian God we call

Before thy throne of grace we fall;
And is there no deliverance there?
And must we perish in despair?
See, we repent, we weep, we mourn
To our forsaken God we turn!
O spare our guilty country-spare

The church which thou hast planted hero 5 We plead thy grace, indulgent God;

We plead thy Son's atoning blood;
We plead thy gracious promises.

And are they unavailing pleas?
o These pleas, presented at thy throne,

Have brought ten thousand blessings down,
On guilty lands in helpless wo:
Let them prevail to save us too.

C. M. 691.

For a Public Fast.
SEE, gracious God before thy, throne

Thy mourning people bend!
Tis on thy sovereign grace alone

Our humble hopes depend.
2 Treinendous judgments from thy hand

Thy dreadful power display;
Yet mercy spares this guilty land,

And still we live to pray.
S Great God, and is Columbia spar'd,

Ungrateful as we are!
O make thy awful warnings heard,
While mercy cries, 'Forbear.'

& What land so favour'd of the skies,

As these apostate States!
Our num'rous crimes increasing rise,

Yet still thy vengeance waits.
5 flow chang'd, alas! are truths divine

For error, guilt, and shame! What impious numbers, bold in sin,

Disgrace the Christian's name!
S Regardless of thy smile or frown,

Their pleasures they require;
And sink with gay indifference down

To everlasting fire.
en ny O turn us, turn us, mighty Lord,

By thy unbounded grace;
Then shall our hearts obey thy word,

And humbly seek thy face.
8 Then should insulting foes invade,

We shall not sink in fear; Secure of never-failing aid, If God, our God is near.

L. M. 692.

Confession and Prayer.
OH may the power which melts the rock

Be felt by all assembled here!
Oi else our service will but mock

The God whom we profess to fear! 2 Lord, while thy judgments shake the land

Thy people's eyes are fix'd on thee!
We own thy just uplifted hand,

Which thousands cannot, will not see. S How long hast thou bestow'd thy care

On this indulg'd, ungrateful spot;
While other nations far and near,

Have envy'd and admir'd our lot.
4 Here peace and liberty have dwelt,
Tbe glorious gospel brightly shope;


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