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See the glorious armies rising,
While their captain leads the way!

Heaven before them
Opens an eternal day.

P. M. 736. Judgment. Matt. xxiv. 32. xxv. 310:"LO

O, he comes, the King of glory,

With his chosen tribes to reign; Countless hosts of saints and angels Swell the mighty conqu’ror's train:

Now in triumph,
Sin and death are captive led.
% See the rocks and mountains rending,

All the nations fill'd with dread:
Hark! the trump of God proclaiming
Thro' the mansions of the dead,

“ Come to judgment,"
Stand before the Son of Man.
3 Hear the chief among ten thousand,

Thus address his faithful few;
“ Come, ye blessed of my Father,

Heaven is prepar'd for you:
I was hungry, I was thirsty,
And ye minister'd to me."
But how awful is the sentence,

“Go from me, ye cursed race,
To that place of endless torment,

Never more to see my face.
I was hungry, I was thirsty,
Ye to me no mercy show'd."
5 Jesus, save a trembling sinner,

While thy wrath o'er sinners roll:
In this gen'ral wreck of nature,

Be the refuge of my soul: Jesus, save me, Jesus save me, when the ligtito Blaze around from pole to pole.



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P. M.

Luke xiii. 28 1 PE th’ Eternal Judge descending

View him seated on his throne! Now, poor sinner, now lamenting, Stand and hear thy awful doom

Trumpets call thee! Stand and hear thy awful doom. 2 Hear the cries he now is venting,

Fill'd with dread of fiercer pain;
While in anguish thus lamenting,
That he ne'er was born again,

Greatly mourning,
That he ne'er was born again.
3 « Yonder sits my slighted Saviour,

With the marks of dying love;
Oh, that I had sought his favour,
When I felt his Spirit movem

Golden moments,
When I felt his Spirit move.
Now, despisers, look and wonder!

Hope and sinners here must part,
Louder than a peal of thunder,
Hear the dreadful sound, “ Depart!"

Lost for ever,
Hear the dreadful sound, “ Depart!"




(518.) C. M. 738.

The heavenly Canaan.
THERE is a land

of pure delight,
Where saints immortal reign;
Infinite day excludes the night,
And pleasures banish pain.

2 There everlasting spring abides,

And never-with’ring flow'rs: Death, like a narrow sea, divides

This heav'nly land from ours: 3 Sweet fields, beyond the swelling flood,

Stand dress'din living green: So to the Jews old Canaan stood,

While Jordan roll'd between.
4 But tim'rous mortals start and shrink,

To cross this narrow sea;
And linger, shiv'ring on the brinky

And fear to launch away.
5 O! could we make our doubts remove,

Those gloomy doubts that rise; And view the Canaan that we love

With unbeclouded eyes! 6 Could we but climb' where Moses stood,

And view the landscape o'er: Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold flood, Should fright us from the shore.

C. M. 739.

The everlasting Song. 1 EARTH has engrossid my love too long!

Tis time I lift mine eyes Upward, dear Father, to thy throne,

And to my native skies. % There the blest man, my Saviour, sits;

The God! how bright he shines! And scatters infinite delights

On all the happy mindsa
3 Seraphs, with elevated strains,

Circle the throne around;
And move and charm the starty plains

With an immortal sound.
Jesus, the Lord, their harps employs:
Jesus, my love they sing!

Jesus, the life of both our joys,

Sounds sweet from every string. 5 Now let me mount and join their song,

And be an angel too; My heart, my hand, my ear, my tongue.

flere's joyful work for you. 6 I would begin the music here,

And so my soul should rise:
O for some heavenly notes to bear

My passions to the skies!
7 'I here ye that love my Saviour, sit,

There I would fain have place, Among your thrones, or at your feet, So I might see his face.

C. M. 740. The Glory of Christ in Heaven.

THE delights, the heavenly joys,

The glories of the place Where Jesus sheds the brightest beam

Of his o'erflowing grace!
2 Sweet majesty and awful love

Sit smiling on his brow,
And all the glorious ranks above

At humble distance bow.
3 Archangels sound his lofty praise

Through every heavenly street,
And lay their highest honours down

Submissive at his feet.
À l'his is the man, th' exalted man

Whom we unseen adore;
But when our eyes behold his face,

Our hearts sliall love him more. 5 Lord, how our souls are all on fire

To see thy bless d abode,
Our tongues rejoice in tunes of praiso
To our mcarnate God.

6 And whilst our faith enjoys this sight

We long to leave our clay, And wish

thy fiery chariots, Lord, To fetch our souls away.

L. M. 741.

View of Heaven. 1 WHEN faith beholds

the saints above, And hears their strains of Jesus' love, I fain would fly to join their lays,

And sing with them my Saviour's praise. 2 But can my soul such bliss obtain,

Whose guilt deserves eternal pain?
Can I expect his face to see

Throughout a vast eternity?
3 If heaven be mine, ’tis all of grace,

I'll praise him for the lowest place;
May I but reach within the door,
My anxious soul desires no more.
There, ye that love my Saviour, sit,
There I with you would fain have place,
Among your thrones or at your feet,
So I night see his lovely face.'

(510.) C. M. 742. The delights of heaven inconceivable. "Non eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard,

Nor sense nor reason known,
What joys the Father has prepar'l

For those that love the Son. 2 But the good Spirit of the Lord

Reveals a heav'n to come;
The beams of glory in his word

Allure and guide us home.
3 Pure are the joys above the sky,

And all the region peace;
No wanton lips, nor envious eye,
Can see or taste the bliss.

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