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L. M. 1. The Bible the inspired source of religion

knowledge. 1 ETERNAL Spirit! 'twas thy breath

The oracles of truth inspired; And kings and holy seers of old

With strong proplietic impulse fir'd. 2. Fill'il with thy great almighty pow'r,

Their lips with heavenly science Now'd; Their hands a thousand wonders wrought,

Which bore the signature of God. 3 With gladsome hearts they spread the news

Of pardon, through a Saviour's blood;
And to a num'rous seeking crowd

Mark'l out the path to his abode.
4 The pow'rs of earth and hell in vain

Against the sacred word combine;
Thy providence through ev'ry age

Securely guards the work divine.
s Thee, its great author, source of light,

Thee, its preserver, we adore;
And humbly ask a ray from thee,

Its hidden wonders to explore. 2.

L. M. (210)

The Scriptures inspired. I 'TWAS by an order from the Lord, The ancient prophets spoke his words

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