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CALLED "THË LEAST IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. AMONGST those many points, that our Saviour handles in this his Sermon on the Mount, one is the stability and permanency of the Moral Law; the obligation of which he affirms to be as perpetual as heaven and earth : v. 18. Verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one got ori one tittle shall in no wise pass from the Law, Itill all be fulfilled.: ud ist 7.000 30117

This assertion Christ lays down, in opposition to the common and corrupt doctrine of the Scribes and Pharisees, the Jewish teachersd; who, by their traditions sought to make voiellthe Law of God. Now, says Christ, unless they can remove the earth, and roll up the heavens, and carry the world without the world, it is but'a vain attempt ; for it is decreed in heaveng that till hedven and earth pass, not a tittle of the Law shall faid; but all shall be fulfilled: Wilusion Voir *:16. od in

As it is in this lower world; notwithstanding it is maintained by a continual flux and vicissitude, by the perpetual change of one being into another; one corrupting, and another risiog up in a new form and shape out of its fruins ;' and yet not the least dust of matter is or can be consumed, but the same inatter and the same quantity still continue which were at first created : so is it with the Law of God: 'let Scribes and Pharisees corrupt it by their erroneous glosses and false interpretations, patting what forms and shapes they please upon it; yet, as it is in the com ruption of earthly bodies, not the least piece of matter can perishi or be 'annihilated, iso neither in their corrupting of the Law, shall one jot or tittle of it fail. Not but that the Law did fail of its observation: nevérsyet was it exactly and punctually fulfilled by any, except by our Lord Jesus Christ; but, yety the obligation and binding power of it is everlasting, and shall continue while there is an earth and men upon it, yea

while there is a heaven and glorified saints in it. For the Moral Law is of an eternal validity: on earth, it is a perfect rule, set down in the word: in heaven, it is a perfect nature, -implanted in the blessed; from which all their actions shall flow, and by which they shall all be guided to eternity.

This assertion being laid down, our Saviour proceeds to draw an inference from it. And that he doth in the words of the text. If every jot and tittle of the Law be of such a permanent and everlasting obligation; then, whosever shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called, that is, he shall be, or he deserves to be, the least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

II. And, here, before we can arrive at the full and practical
sense of the words, we must ENQUIRE INTO TWO

What is here meant by the Least Coinmandment.
What is meant by being least in the Kingdom of Heaven.
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i i. For the FISRT of theseodinama is 3113105 11. When Christ speaks here of the Least Commandment, it must not be so understood, as if ione Commandment were less necessary to be observed than another. baru !

God's Commands are all alike i necessary, and that, with a twofold decessity; necessitate preceptis and necessitate medü. The one ariseth from the authority of the Lawgiver: the other, from the requisiteness of obedience to eternal life.

One Command, therefore, is not less thap another 10. (1) In respect of the Authority enjoining them. naise e

The same holy and just God, who hath commanded us to love and fear him with all our souls and with all our might, hath also commanded us to abstain from every vain thought, and from every, idle and superfluous, word. The Least Command hath power to bind the conscience to obedience, as well as the greatest; because the least is enacted by that Sovereign God, to whom all souls and consciences are subject, as well as the greatest, i It is not the greatness or smallness of the coin, i but the image of the king stamped upon it, that authorizes lit, vand makes it {current: so, truly, the holiness and purity of God's nature onee imprinted upon the Least Command, make it fully

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