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vinces; who has spared neither Labour nor Blood to make the Arms of the Prince victorious; what does he long for more, than-to come to Court, to produce the spoils taken from the Enemy; to shew his Wounds, and to relate to his Prince the Detail of so glorious a Campaign? it is a terrible Thing to be obliged to give an Account of so great and so important an Administration, as that which we are entrusted with, when it has been the least Part of our Care faithfully to discharge it; when the Interest of our Master has been totally neglected. But can any Thing be more grateful than giving an Account when Gains and Prosits, and Increase can be pleaded; When they can fay with the faithful Servant in the Gospel, Lord, thou gaveji me Jive Talents, behold, I have gained Jive Talents more. 'I acknowledge, O Lord, I ought

* to have made a greater Improvement of thy -' Gists; however, I have not wrapt up my

* Talents in a Napkin, but by thy Grace I 1 have been enabled to increase them. Thou 'hast given me Riches, but I have not used 'them to support Luxury and Vanity; the 'Poor have had their Share, as well as my

* Family; I have clothed thy Members, and 'adorned the Place where thv Honour dwell'eth. Thou hast given me the Command of 'Time; I never thought so great a Treasure 'was granted me only to be trifled away: I have consecrated my Leisure to the Meditation of thy divine Laws, to the Contemplation of the Christian Masteries, to the Instruction and Sanctisication of others; my Visits have heen made to the Sick and Weak-; my Business has been to comfort the Distressed, to pacify and reconcile those Differences which have unhappily risen among my Neighbours. Thou hast given me Eyes, I have used them in reading pious and devout Books. Thou hast given me Ears, which have been always open to thy : Word, and to such Discourse as was edifying. Thou hast given me a Tongue, : whose greatest Pleasure has been to speak : either to Thee, or of Thee. I have en: deavoured to make a good Use of all thy 'holy Inspiration Thou hast disposed me 't® Retirement, and I have avoided the 'Converfation of the great World. Thou 'hast inclined me to mortify my Senses, and 'I have deprived myself of the most tempt'ing Pleasures. Thou hast given me a De'sire to pray and I have persisted in it, in 'Despite of all Discouragements. Thou 'hast required me to love my Brother; and 'Thou knowest, O Lord, I have never 'omitted praying for my Enemies. Thou 'hast sent me Sickness, and I have borne it 'with Patience, without Murmuring; great 'Losses, and 1 have blessed thy holy Name;

'Calamities 1 Calamities and Asflictions, and I have re'ceived them with Thanksgiving.'

When Accounts are in this State and Condition, there is Joy and Comfort in the Examination of them. And the well-grounded Hope of God's Favour, and of receiving that joyful Sentence, Come ye Blejsed; is so great a Source of Consolation in that gloomy Season, upon the approach of Death, when' the Men of this World are seized with Trembling and Astonishment, that it is impossible to express the Satisfaction and Transport to a devout Soul, upon the Point of concluding a toilsome and laborious Life, exposed to so many and so great Dangers; and ready to take Poflession of those durable Riches, those lasting Honours, and those never failing Pleasures, which are at God's right-Hand for evermore.

So that if the Love of the most perfect and most amiable Object is Wisdom; and if the continual and delightful Enjoyment of what one loves, and the certain Expectation of enjoying it eternally, may be accounted Pleasure: 1 hope the devout Man's Choice may be sufficiently justisied. Grant only O Lord, who hast prepared for them that love Thee such good Things as pass Mans Understanding, that my Heart may be inflamed with such Love towards Thee, that I loving Thee

above all Things, way obtain thyl Promises, will exceed all that I can dejire, through Jesus Chrijl our Lord. Amen.









A General Method for the Exercise of


Before I come to treat of particular Virtues, which are the End of Religion, and of those Methods which are established for the attaining of them, which- are the Means of Religion, I design to lay down some Rules for the general Conduct ot' a Christian Life; and to acquaint.Men at the fame Time, with those Occasions and Opportunities when


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