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and of all Virtues, without which whosoever liveth is counted dead before Thee.

Grant us, O Lord, so perfectly and without all Doubt to believe in thy Son Jesus Christ, that our Faith in thy Sight may never be reproved; that being not like Children, carried away with every Blast of vain Doctrine, we may be established in the Truth of thy holy Gospel ; and knowing our Saviour Jesus Christ to be the way, the Truth, and the Life, and following the Steps of thy holy Apostles, we may Itedfastly walk in the Path that leadeth to eternal Life: So that we, who know thee now by Faith, may after this Life, have the Fruition of thy glorious Godhead. Grant that our Hearts and all our Members being mortified from all worldly and carnal Lusts, and forsaking all covetous Défires, and inordinate Love of Riches, we may in all Things obey thy blessed Will, and continue Christ's faithful Soldiers and Servants to our Lives' End. And since Thou haft given us thy only begotten Son, to be unto us both a Sacrifice for Sin, and also an Example of godly Life, give us Grace most thankfully to receive this thine inestimable Benefit, and daily to endeavour ourselves to follow the blessed Steps of his most holy Life..

Grant, O Lord, that as we are baptized into the Death of thy Son our Saviour efus Chrift; lo by continually mortifying our co:

rupt rupt Affections, we may be buried with him; and that through the Grave and Gate of Death we may pass to a joyful Resurrection: Befeeching Thee, that it may please Thee of thy gracious Goodness, shortly to accomplish the Number of thine Elect, and to haften thy Kingdom; that wé, with all others already departed in the true Faith of thy holy Name, may have our perfect Consummation and Bliss, both in Body and Soul, in thy eternal and everlasting Glory.

Add this Paragraph on SUNDAYS.

O God, we beseech Thee mercifully to <l receive those Prayers, which we have this « Day offered up to Thee in the public Cono gregation, and have Compassion upon our « Infirmities, that our Blindness and Unwor“ thiness may not deprive us of the Advan} “ tage of them. And grant, we beseech " Thee, that we may in such wise mark, “ learn, and inwardly digelt what we have " this Day heard, that by Patience and “ Comfort of thy holy Word, we may em; * brace and ever hold fast the blessed Hope of everlasting Life, which Thou haft given “ us in thy Son our Saviour Jesus Christ.”

We commit ourselves, O Lord, this Night to thy gracious Protection; and Thou, who feeft we have no Power of ourselves to help


... ourselves, keep us both outwardly in our ** Bodies, and inwardly in our Souls, that we 13may be defended from all Adversities that may . happen to the Body, and from all Evil Thoughts

which may assault and hurt the Soul.' her O God, the Creator and Preserver of all at, Mankind, we humbly beseech Thee for all

a Sorts and Conditions of Men, that it may 2013"please Thee to make thy Ways known unto Cor them, and thy saving Health unto all Naou, ctions. Let thy continual Pity cleanse and

defend thy Church; and because it cannot

continue in Safety without thy Succour, 'pre 1 SC serve it evermore by thy Help and Goodness

Receive our Supplications and Prayers, which ref we offer before Thee for all Estates of Me ch w in thy holy Church, that every Member: 09. the p the fame, in his Vocation and Ministry, may alie truly and godly serve Thee. 13 2012 Finally, we commend to thy Fatherly bit Goodness all those who are any ways afflicted He or distressed in Mind, Body or Estate: That

L it may please Thee to comfort and relieve -hati them according to their several Neceflities, Patief giving them Patience under their Suffereings, and a lappy Iflue out of all their TejteAfflictions. ho We beseech Thee mercifully, O Lord, to ( incline thine Ears to us, that have made now

our Prayers and Supplications unto Thee; thi, and grant that those Things that we have Inufaithfully asked according to thy Will, may



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effectually be oltained, to the Relief of our Neceflities, and to the setting forth of thy Glory, through Jesus Chrift our Lord; in whose blessed Name and Words we conclude our imperfect Devotions, saying,

Our Father, &c.
The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, fc.

A Prayer for a Sick Perfon ; to be added uponi

Occafon, either to the Closet or Family

O FATHER of Mercies, and God of all ; Comfort, our only Help in Time of Need,

we fly unto Thee for Succour, in Behalf of thy Sick Servant lying under thy Hand in great Weakness of Body. Visit him, o Lord, with thy Salvation, and deliver him in thy good appointed Time from that bodily Pain and Sickness which he now labours under : prolong his Days here upon Earth, that he may live to Thee, and be an Instrument of thy Glory, by serving Thee faithfully, and doing Good in his Generation. In the mean Time, O Lord, grant that he may take his Sickness patiently, and entirely submit to thy blessed Will. . Sanctify, we be

seech feech Thee, this thy Fatherly Correction to him, that the Sense of his Weakness may add Strength to his Faith, and Seriousness to his Repentance; give him Comfort and sure Confidence in Thee; defend him from the Danger of the Enemy; and keep him in perpetual Peace and Safety, through Jesus Christ our Lord. .

A Prayer for a Sick Person, when there apa

peareth sinal? Hope of Recovery.

ALMIGHTY and immortal God, the Aid of all that need, the Helper of all that fly

to Thee for Succour; we call upon Thee inEl Behalf of thy Servant, who now lies in a in dangerous and very languishing Condition. I, Look graciously upon him, O Lord, and the ere more the outward Man decayeth, strengthen 13 him, we beseech Thee, so much the more con

tinually with thy Grace and Holy Spirit in the e inner Man; give him unfeigned Repentance

for all the Errors of his Life past, and stedfast Faith in thy Son Jesus, that his Sins may be

done away by thy Mercy, and his Pardon This sealed in Heaven, before he go hence, aird be lielu no more seen. Grant that whatever Defile

ments his Soul may have contracted in the adli Midst of this miserable and finful World,

N% : through

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