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through the Lusts of the Flesh, or the Wiles of Satan, may be purged and done away by the Blood of that immaculate Lamb, that was plain to take away the Sins of the World; fo that it may be presented pure and without Spot before Thee. We know, O Lord, that there is no Work impoffible with Thee, and that if Thou wilt, thou canst yet raise him up, and grant him a longer Continuance among us; yet forasmuch as in all Appearance the Time of his Diffolution draweth near, fo fit and prepare him, we befeech Thee, against the Hour of Death, that after his Departure hence in Peace, and in thy Favour, his Soul may be received into thine everlasting Kingdom, through the Merits and Mediation of Jesus Christ, thy only Son our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

A Prayer for a Person under Trouble of


O BLESSED Lord! The Father of Mercies, and the God of all Comfort; I beseech Thee, look down with Pity and Compassion, upon me thy afflicted Servant. Unto Thee do I cry for Help, O Thou great Physician of Souls; uphold and comfort my weak and dejected Spirit: Strengthen it against all inordinate vain Fears and Terrors; and de

do ce thy afiliaith Pity,

E liver ine from all those unprofitable Troubles and Scruples of Conscience with which I am oppressed. I am conscious, O Lord, that I deserve this Punishment for my past Sins, and that I reap the just Reward of my former Iniquities : But I am heartily forry for hav

ing offended Thee, and truly repent of all - my Misdoings; and therefore I beg, for the Sake of my Saviour's Merits, that by thy Pardon and Peace I may be cleansed from all my Sins, and may serve Thee with a quiet Mind all my Days. Let my present Uneasiness and

Disorder make me humble and patient, and - teach me to put my Trust and Confidence in - Thee. I entirely submit to thy blessed Will,

till thou shalt think fit to remove the Torment. I groan under, beseeching Thee, in the mean Time, to enable me to bear it by the Support of thy holy Spirit; and when I am prepared for fo great a Mercy, deliver 'me from my.

Trouble; lift up the Light of thy Countenance 1 upon me, and give me Peace, through the Merits and Mediation of Jesus Christ my blessed Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.

A Prayer before a Journey. ALMIGHTY God, in whom all Things live, move, and have their being; who dost govern all Things by thy wise Providence, and whose Protection is my only Defence

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over me in the ye thy holy leech thy divine

and Security; I humbly beseech thy divine Majesty, to give thy holy Angels charge over me in the Journey I am now about to undertake. Let no Temptation that may offer itself, prevail upon me to transgress any of thy holy Laws; but let the Power of thiy Grace secure me in all those Places and Companies, where my Occafrons shall lead me. Let not the Freedom and Liberty of Conversation at such Times, make me forget those Rules which my Chriftian Profession obliges me to; neither let the Kindness nor Hospitality of others betray me to the least Excels either in Eating or Drinking. Deiend me from Thieves and Robbers, that lie in wait to exercise Acts of Violence; and protect me from all Dangers and evil Accidents which may disturb or annoy me: Preserve my going out, and my coming in; let thy Providence be my Guard, thy Grace my Defence, and thy blessed Self my Portion, both now and for evermore, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Thanksgiving after a Journey.

ALMIGHTY God upon whom all Things depend, who redeemeth our Life from De struction, who crowneth us with Lovingkindness and tender Mercies, who is greatly to be praised, and whose Greatness is unsearchable, blessed be thy holy Name, that Thou hast brought me fafe to the End of my Journey; that Thou hast preserved me from innumerable Accidents and Dangers to which I have been exposed. It is of thy. Mercy that my Health has been continued to me, notwithstanding those various Circumstances that might have impaired it. It is of thy Goodness that no evil Men have made any Affault upon me, when others have suffered by their unjust Violence. It is from thy Providence, that I have been protected from Falls, so that not one Bone is broken. How many unforeseen Dangers, O Lord, haft thou. delivered me from! and how many that have. threatened 'me, halt thou over-ruled! Lord, thou hast made me glad through the Operation of thy Hands, and I will triumph in thy Praise : And let my Heart be always ready to express my Thankfulness, not only by my Words, but by my Life, in being more obedient to thy holy Commands. Continue thy Goodness to me, that I, whom Thou haft preserved, may serve Thee in Holiness. and Righteousness all the Days of my Life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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A Praver of Thank roiving for a Person res

covered from Sickness. To be added upon Occapon to the Closet or Family Prayer.

O ALMIGHTY God and merciful Father, to whom alone belongs the Iffues of Life and Death, we desire to bless and praise thy holy Name in Behalf of thy Servant, whom thou haft been pleased to raise from the Bed of Sickness, and to restore to his former Health. Thou hast perfected thy Strength in his Weakness, and haft graciously heard our Prayers, and known his Soul in Adversity and Trouble. Praised be thy holy Name for thy gracious Dispensation towards him: As long as he lives, let him praise thee; as long as he has any Being, let him give Thanks unto thy holy Name. And we befeech thee, O Lord, let the Remembrance of thy late Nercies vouchsafed unto him, so affect his Soul, that he may be afraid, as well as ashamed to offend Thee; that the Remainder of his Life may be dedicated to the Service of that God, who hath dealt fo bountifully with him. Strengthen and confirm him in the Performance of all those good Resolutions he made in the Day of his Distress; and for the Time to come, let him place his chief Joy and Satisfaction in running the Way of thy Com


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