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mandments, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


" These Prayers may be used by the Perfon « that is Sick, troubled in Mind, or re5 covered, by changing he into I, him into “ me, his into my, &c.”

A Prayer to be used for a Woman drawing near the Time of her Travail; to be added to the Closet or Family Prayer upon such Occasion.

O Lord, look down from Heaven, behold, visit, and relieve thy Servant, that draweth near the Time of her Travail ; look upon her with the Eyes of thy Mercy, give her Comfort and sure. Confidence in Thee; of thy Goodnefs, O Lord, let her have Strength and Courage to meet her Pains, Patience and Submission under them, and in thy due Time à fafe Deliverance: That being preferved from the great Danger of Child birth, she may, through thy Fatherly Care and good Providence, become a joyful Mother of a hopeful Child, which may live to be an Instrument of thy Glory, by serving thee faithfully, and doing Good in its Generation, through Jesus Christ our Lord and only Saviour. Amen.

N 5 : A Prayer

A Prayer when any Person cometh into the


ALMIGHTY and merciful God, of whose only Gift it cometh that thy faithful People do unto Thee true and laudable Service; Grant, I beseech Thee, that I may join in the Prayers of thy Church with Reverence and Devotion, and hear thy holy-Word with Attention, and obediently follow the fame; that my Thoughts and Defires being fixed on Thee, the Words of my Mouth, and the Meditation of my Heart, may be now and ever acceptable in thy Sight, O Lord, my Saviour and my Redeemer. Amen.

A Prayer after the Church is ended.

O LORD, I beseech Thee mercifully to receive those Prayers which I have at this Time offered unto Thee, and let thy Word take deep Root in my Heart; and be pleased to pardon all those Imperfections that have accompanied my weak Performances. Oh! by the Use of these Means graft in my Heart the Love of thy Name, increafe in me true Religion, nourish me with all Goodness, and

' of

of thy great Mercy keep me in the fame,

through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. ; . Amen.

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A Prayer to be used by any Person preparing

for Confirmation; and which, during that Time, may be added to their Morning and

Evening Prayers. Most merciful God, by whose gracious Providence I was born of Christian Parents, and early dedicated to Thee in holy Baptifm, wherein I was made a Member of the Catholic Church, whereof Jesus Christ is the Head, adopted thy Child, and entitled to the unspeakable Happiness of thy glorious Kingdom; I do most heartily thank Thee, O Lord, for calling me to this State of Salvation, and for bestowing upon me such blessed Privileges : O, dispofe my Mind, by thy heavenly Grace, carefully and perform those Conditions thou requirest to qualify me for such inestimable Benefits, and that I may continue in the fame unto my

Life's End. . And now, O Lord, that I am preparing myself to receive a further Degree of thy Grace and Favour, which will advance me into the Number of the Faithful, by being admitted to approach thy holy Table; I

N 6


humbly befeech Thee to 'enlighten my Mind with the true Knowledge and Understanding of that folemn Vow which I made in my Baptism, and which I am now about to ratify and confirm publickly in thy Presence; that I may constantly renounce the Devil, by avoiding all those Temptations by which he seeks to destroy me, and by abstaining from all those Sins which partake most of his diabolical Nature; that I may resist all covetous Desires of Honour, Riches, and Pleasure, and all those evil Cuftoms and Maxims of the World, which alienate Men's Minds from the Love of God; that I may mortify all the inordinate Appetites of my own corrupt Nature; that I may believe all thy holy Revelations, and keep thy blessed Will and Com-'. mandments all the Days of my Life. O! inftruet me in all the particulars of my Duty, that I may herein exercise myself, to keep a Conscience void of Offence, towards God. and towards Man..

Give me, O Lord, unfeigned Repentance, for all the Errors of my Life past, that my many and great Sins which I have committed, may not deprive me of the Affiftances of thy holy Spirit, which I am about to receive, but let my hearty Sorrow, through the Merits of Christ, wash away all that is paft, and let the Power and Strength, communicated to me from Above, mortify and fubdue them tor the Time to come. I am unable, O


Lord, of myself, to help myself; mercifully grant, that thy blessed Spirit may in all Things rule and direct my Heart, that by his holy Inspiration I may think those Things that are good, and by his gracious Guiding may perform the fame, through Jesus Chrift our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer after Confirmation.

I Bless and praise thy holy Name, O Lord God, for those renewed Afsurances that Thou haft vouchsafed me, of thy Favour and gracious Goodness towards me; and though in thy infinite Wisdom Thou hast thought fit to withdraw the extraordinary Gifts of thy Holy Spirit, yet Thou art pleased to guide thy faithful Servants by his fecret and invisible Communications, when they feek them in a regular and ministerial Way. Otherefore ! let the Blessing which I have received by the Hands of thy Servant the Bishop be with me, and remaini with me, and most powerfully assist and support me in all Trials and Temptations, when I most need the Help of thy Holy Spirit.

Let Him be unto me a Spirit of Sanctification to purify my corrupt Nature; a Spirit of Counsel in all Difficulties, of Direction in all Doubts, of Courage in all Dangers, of


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