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Constancy in all Persecutions, of Comfort in all Troubles, especially in Times of Sickness, and at the Hour of Death; and of Submission and Resignation to thy holy Will and Pleasure in all Afflictions that are most grievous to Flesh and Blood.

Leave me not a Moment to my own human Frailty, without his Assistance; but let him constantly inspire me with Fear, Love, and Devotion towards thee; with Truth, Justice and Charity, towards my Neighbour; and with Abstinence and Sobriety towards myself.

O !. make me sensible, O Lord, of that solemn and public Profession of my Faith, which I have declared in the Presence of God and the Congregation, and of those Pro^ mjses of endeavouring faithfully to observe and keep thy holy Commandments, and of persevering in the fame: Make me always true to these Engagements of living according to the Maxims of the Christian Religion, that walking uprightly before Thee all my Days, and being found watching when my appointed Time shall come, I may from a Life of Righteousness be translated to a Life of Glory, through Jesus Christ, my only Saviour and Redeemer, Amen.

A suour





As soon as the Sermon is ended, while the Minister is preparing for the holy Table, we should be preparing our Minds for the worthy Participation of the holy Mysteries, by an humble Address to God, so to assist us by his Holy Spirit, that we may be sit Guests at his heavenly Banquet." ^

A Tray er for the due Celebration of the Christian Sacrifice; which may be tifed, not only at the Time of Communicating, but may be added to our Morning and Evening Prayers when we are preparing to Communicate.

O Blessed God, who hast disposed me by thy Grace to approach thy holy Mysteries; who hast wrought in me a Desire to seek


what is so valuable in itself, and so necessary to my own Happiness; it is thy insinite Mercy which has provided such a Remedy for my Weakness, and which has not lest me to perish in my own Corruption. Grant, C) Lord, that I may ever be thankful for this Miracle of thy Love, and that I may partake of it in such a Manner, that my Soul may be nourished with all Goodness, that Jesus may ever live in me, and I in him.

To this End, O Lord, compose my Mind to great Seriousness and Devotion, that the Thoughts of this World may not interrupt me in my Attendance upon Thee; but that I may have such a deep Sense of thy insinite Mercy, and my necessary dependence upon Thee; such an Apprehension of thy unspeakable Goodness to poor, miserable, sinful Worms, in this holy Sacrament, that I may be awed into a becoming Reverence, and consirmed against all Disturbances and Distractions.

Enlighten, O Lord, my dark Mind with the Rays of the Sun of Righteousness; inflame my cold Heart with thy holy Love, that I may be fervent in what I aflc; raise my Mind, by a lively Faith and a consirmed Hope, that I may have an assured Expectation of all necessary Supplies from thy Goodness; and give me such a true Understanding of all that is eternal, that I may at all Times remember how much it is my Concern, that


my Soul should be ever longing aster it, and that I should desire it with an Earnestness above all that belongs to earthly Things, and with Importunity pray for all those Helps that are necessary to bring me to the unchangeable- Possession of Thee, my God, through the Merits of Jesus Christ, my only Saviour. Amen.

A Prayer when we offer our Alms.

It is, O Lord, the Effect of thy Goodness that I am Enabled to relieve others; and the Effect of thy great Mercy that I am ready and willing to perform it. Accept, O Lord, of this Testimony of my Love and Gratitude, and make me truly thanksul for all those happy Opportunities thou givest me of doing Good. Amen.

"In the following Part of the Communion "Service, we must be sure to join most af"fectionately with the Priefi that officiates, "and never to use our private Prayers when "he calls upon us to accompany him; only "in the Exhortation, the Invitation, and the "Absolution, we mould not repeat the Words "aster him ; because in the two sirst he speaks "to us, and in the Absolution, he exercises a


"Part of the Priest's Office, which does not "belong to us.

"When those Portions of Scripture are "read -that follow the Absolution, and are "designed to beget in us a lively Faith and "Considence in God's Mercy, we should "make short Ejaculations aster them in the "following Manner, viz"

Come unto me, &c.

Refresh, O Lord, thy Servant wearied with the Burden of Sin.

So God loved the World, &c.

Lord, I believe in thy Son Jesus Christ, and let this Faith purisy me from all Iniquity.

This is a true saying, &c.

I embrace with all Thankfulness that Salvation that Jesus has brought into the World.

If any Man sin, &c.

Interceed for me, O blessed Jesus! that my Sins may be pardoned, through the Merits of thy Death.

A Prayer

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