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that “

The friends of this Institution suitable as Mr. C.; but if the claims have abundant reason to bless God of other dark places be too numerfor that degree of success which ous to admit of any more help being évidently attends the labours of their sent to us, I hope the Lord will alagents;'and also for the liberal con- ford me health to go through my tributions which have been received usual labours, until it shall please for their support.

him to raise up others from among Whilst the Committee are thank- ourselves, to aid in this glorious ful that this important cause ap- work. In a letter, dated March, pears to “increase in favour both with 1816, I mentioned that I had been God and man,” they carnestly entreat on board the B

(a transport prayer may be made without ship that lay here for some time,) ceasing by the church,” that the in- exhorting the soldiers and sailors, fluences of the Holy Spirit may still and distributing tracts, &c.; a few more abundantly accompany the ways since some of my friends in preaching of the gospel in every | Holy Vale saw the captain who then place; and the means of grace be sailed in the B- and be despeedily provided for all the dark sired them, in the most affecting places of the earth. The expendi- manner, to thank me for the preacliture of this Society is SEVERAL HUN- ing and the tracts, for they had been DRED POUNDS BEYOND its stated in the means, through grace, of the concome, and there are still many ap

version of himself and two other plications to the Committee, both seamen." from places that are in great want | Extract of a Letter from the Rev. S. of assistance, and from preachers

Kilpin of Exeter. who are desirous of being employ

August 23, 1821. ed, which cannot prudently be com

I am happy to bear my plied with for want of larger resources. testimony to the character and laThe following extracts from cor- bours of Mr. Cocks, your Missionary respondence, addressed to the Secre- at CREDITON. tary and to the Committee, it is pre- He has carried the gospel into sumed will prove bighly interesting some of the most destitute villages to our readers.

in that neighbourhood; and several Extract of a Letter from Mr. Jeffery, persons have been so convinced of dated

siu, and inclined to seek the Savi“ St. Mary's, Scilly, Oct. 23, 1821. villages, a distance of three or four

our, that they now come from those [The recent indisposition of this miles, to attend his ministry on the indefatigable Missionary, occasioned Lord's-day. Mr. C. appears to be by incessant labours, and frequent every way adapted to that station: exposures in the night upon the wa- he preaches sometimes four times on ter, rendered it necessary for bim to the Lord's day; and every evening spend a month at Penzance, that he in the weck, except Saturday, he might have the benefit of medical either preaches or goes from house advice and change of air.]

to house distributing religious tracts. Blessed be God ! my health Extract of a Letter from a Corresis certainly much better than when I pondent in OXFORDSHIRE. left Scilly for Penzance; and by a

August 14, 1821. rigid adherence to the advice of the “ A small neat meeting-house for Doctor, I hope I shall be able to re- public worship, was opened at Chalsume the whole of my labours. Grove, the resident station of Mr.

The seasonable help which the Heafford, one of your Missionaries, Society so kindly afforded me, in who preaches occasionally at seven, sending Mr. Crossman for a few other stations. The Rev. Messrs. weeks, has proved useful to me, and Hinton of Oxford, Tyso of Wallingvery acceptable to the islanders. ford, and Wilkins (Independent) of Should the Society determine upon Abingdon, preached upon the occasupporting another Missionary upon sion. The discourses were interestthese islands, I know of no one so ing and appropriate, the congregaVOL, XIII.


tions numerous and liberal, and the | Lawrance for want of a place, the prospects of usefulness in that desti- friend being dead who used to retute and populous part of the county ceive us. In the town of Halesworth, very encouraging.”

where we used to worship in a cotA church has lately been formed, tage, the people have been able to and Mr. Heafford is about to become erect a plain brick building, 38 feet their pastor ; but as bis relation to by 29, for about £380.-At Souththe church will not prevent his Iti- | wold, also another of the stations, nerant labours, so neither will it dis- they have built a small place of solve his connexion with this So-worship, which will contain about ciety.

200 people, which is well attended: Extract of a Letter from Mr. Clay- the church is now increased to 66,

pole of Yeovil, respecting the Cause and the Lord is evidently “calling at CREWKERNE, Somerset, dated

bis own sheep by name, and leading

them out." August 27, 1821.

I am greatly encouraged in my I am happy to say that we village labours, and would wish to have found Mr. W. who has been continue them for three reasons: supplying at C. very active, zeal

1. The great necessity of carrying ous, and

affectionate. Besides the gospel to those who are destitute preaching at C. four times every ofit, and who will not go a few miles week, he has gone into the villages to hear it. in the neighbourhood, and the at

2. I have seen the glorious effects tendance has been truly encourag- of Village Preaching, when the Lord ing.

The parcel of tracts came daly bas blessed it to many souls. and seasonably to hand, Mr. W.

3. I find a reward in the work it. and I went into several large vil self, in fulfilling the commission and lages and distributed them from following the example of God my house to bouse. This gave us an Saviour. opportunity of preaching, or rather If the Committee should think my talking, of Jesus Christ, and also of labours deserving encouragement, giving information that we intended what they allow will be gratefully to preach“ publicly, as well as from received, and greatly encourage me house to house."

in my work." Yesterday at half-past three o'clock P. M. we had preaching un

Extract of a Letter from Mr. G. Jones der a wide-spreading elm-tree in the

of Wolston, respecting Kenilvillage of H. about seven miles from

WORTH, dated this place. We had about 400 very

October 31, 1821. attentive hearers, and the people re- Having informed the friends ceived tracts after service with great at Kenilworth that I understood there eagerness. We found by conversing was a young man, who had been rewith them, that they were extremely commended to the Committee as a igr rant of the way of salvation by suitable person foraHome Missionary, Jesus Christ, and indeed we have who was not yet engaged with any been used to think this populous vil- station; they immediately expresslage as one of the strongest holds of ed a strong desire to obtain him for Satan in all this district. They ap- one year at least; and also their depear now inclined to hear the word : termination to do all in their power o that" the time to favour them for his support. They will, therefore, may come-the set time!" My be exceedingly glad if the Commitchristian love to the Committee. tee should agree to send him there, Brethren, pray for us!"

and afford that assistance which Extract of a Letter from Mr. Gowing,

will be necessary to effect an object BRAMFIELD, Suffolk, dated.

so desirable. If the young man's

preaching should prove acceptable September 25, 1821.

and useful, as I trust through the DiThrough Divine help I con- vine blessing it will, I have no doubt tinue to preach at six out of the but the people will raise at least seven places mentioned in my Jast: £20 a year, besides their other exhaving been obliged to relinquish St. penses of chapel rent, &c. I need



£ s.




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6 0


not say how anxious I am that this

d. station should soon be occupied by a Collection, Rev. Mr.Simpson's 3 11 o zealous labourer. Having seen a numerous congregation collected, and Collection Rev.Mr.Thompson's 3 13 6 a Sunday-school established in the Dains, Mr. Falkenham... 10 midst of a population of at least 3,000 people, besides surrounding Friends at....

( 15 0 villages, it would be grievous indeed if by any means we should appear to lose the things which

we have

Collection at Rev.Mr. Payne's 5 16
Cowell, Mr......

0 wrought.


3 5 0 We are now waiting for your kind

Lacy, Mr.

1 information respecting the decision


0 15 of the Committee."

Richardson, Mrs.

1 Extract of a Letter from Mr. Winter of South Shields, dated Collection at Baptist Chapel 1 15 September 3, 1821.

Clergyman, A

Wileox, Rev. J.
I embrace the first opportu- Shelfhanger, Mr. Dagget.

6 pity of acknowledging the kindness

STOKEASH, Collection

6 of the Society, in the donation which Sutton, Collection ... they have sent me. I rejoice to in- 1 Stow MARKET, Ditto

6 form you that the cause prospers Stradbrook, Friends at...... arnong us, even beyond our expec- Trimley, Rev. J. Julian.... tations. About three years ago, the Wolton Collection, Rev. Mr. attempt was made to raise a congre


1 2 3 gation in this town, containing a po


Collection at pulation of nearly 20,000 souls, and

Rev. J. Pryce's Chapel.. like most of the other parts of Dur- Friends at Ditto ham and Northumberland, very deficient in the means of grace. A church has been formed of about 30 members, and I trust there are

Collected in another Journey, by the Rev. many sincere and humble inquirers

Mr. Payne, in the County of Sussex, after the way of salvation. Our new

Septemóer, 1821. chapel, which will contain from 5 to 600 hearers, was opened in August Collection at Rev. Mr. Packlast, and is well attended.

er's Meeting

30 19 6 I hope we shall soon form an Aux-Nasham, John, Esq. iliary to your Society, and be able Stranger, A... to make some return to your funds for the kind and seasonable aid whichEvershed, Mr... we have experienced.”

Gray, Mrs...

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8 1 12 4 2 3 7 0 10

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Account of Contributions received for the Collection at Rev. Mr. Pew-

tress's Meeting

5 0 CIETY, by the Rev. Messrs. Chin of

Dicker, Mr. Junior.

0 10
Walworth, and Payne of Ipswich, in Venning, Misso
May, 1821, chiefly in the County of

£46 11

d. Cook, Mr.

1 0

Contributions received by the TREASURER Nice, Mr.


and SECRETARY, since Midsummer: Savill, Rev. J...

0 10 6

last. Small Sums

2 7 6

Anonymous, per Treasurer: 10 Bligh, Mr. D. Langham 1 0 Ditto..

..... per Secretary: 10 0 Everetts, Mr. Capel..

3 0 Ditto...

..... per Mr. Fell.. 'Horlick, Mr. Scrabrook.


Auxiliary Society at Clapham 23 15 3

Ditto Do, at Walworth 12 Collection, Rev. Mr. Ward's 2 15 0 Ditto Do. Forton, Jeffes, Mr.J.......

1 0 0 per Rev. Thomas Tilly... 1 10 0

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... Sub.

£ s. d.

PROME. £ s. d. Bagster, Mrs. per Rev. J.

Allen, Francis, Esq.... Sub. Iviney: 4 0 0 Britian, Mrs.

1 0 0 J. D. per Ditto

1 0 0
Britian, Mr...

Sub. 1 1 0 F.J. Mrs. per Mr. Walkden 10 0 0

Butcher, Mr.

Sub. 1 1 0 Hope, S. Esg. Liverpool, per

Clift, Mr.

Sub. 0 10 6 Rev. M. Fisher.... 10 00

Cooper, Mr.

Sub. (10 a Heskins, Mr. Nailsworth, Sub. 0 10 6 Howell, Mr.....

010 6 Kennaway, Sir John, per

Kingdon, George, Esq. Sub. 1 1 0 Rev. J. Hughes

10 0 0
Mansford, Mr.

0 10 6 Page, Rev. H. Worcester,Sub. 1 1 0

Shephard, 'Mrs. J. and Mr. Parnell, Mr. Ashford, Sub. 1 1 0 J. H.

1 1 0 Saunders, Mr. Whitchurch,

Small Sums.

1 12 per Rev. J. Saffery.. 10 0

Wyke, Mr. Abergavenny, Sub. 0 10 6
Wells, Mr.
Sub. 1 1 Phillips, E. Esq. Jun.

1 0 Villager, A, per Mr. Webb ( 10 6 Phillips, J. Esq..... Sub. 1 1 0

Townsend, Mr. E. Jun. Sab. 1 1 0 Collected by the Secretary on a Journey,

Small Sums

1 6 July, 1821.

Anstie, Mr.

Sub. 0 10 6

Dunn, Mr.

Sub. 1 1 0 Auxiliary Society at Bond

Harris, Mr.....

Sub. 1 0 0 street

.. 10 0 0
Harris, Mr. R.

Sub. 1 1 0 Beilby, Mr...

1 1 0

Salier, Mr. S... Sub. 1 1 0 Brinton, Mr.......

1 1

Stancomb, Mr........ Sub. 1 1 0 Deakin, Mr. F. ...... Sub. 1 1 0

Stancomb, Mr. Joseph, Sub. 1 0 0 Edwards, Mr. Newcastle U.L. ( 10 6

Stancomb, Mr. John...... 0 10

0 Fletcher, Mr.

0 Groom, Mr. Sub. .0 10 6

WESTBURY LEIGH, Hadley, Mr..... Sub. 0 10

Chubb, Mr.....

010 6 Hodgskins, Mr. Sub, 0 10 Haines, Robert, Esq... Sub. 1 1 0 Johnson, Mr.

Sub. 1 1 0 Overbury, B. Esq..... Sub. 1.00 King, Mr..... Sub. 1 1 0 Tucker, Mr.

0 10 6 Lawrence, Mr. 0.10 6 Wilkins, Mr.

Sub. 0 10 6 Petford, Mr....... Sub. 0 10 6 Wilkins, Mr. Jolin.... Sub. 0 10 6 Phillips, Mr. Hanley

0 Rooms, Messrs..

1 0 0 P.S. The Committee have agreed Wbite, Mr.

0 10 0 to assist in supporting Four additional Woodall, Mr. perMr. Lepard 0 10

0 Missionaries: in the Counties of Sınall Sums

0 19 0

Gloucester, Hereford, Lancaster, COVENTRY.

and Warwick. Urgent applications Baker, Mr.

are now before them from Oxford

0 10 6 Booth, Mr.


shire, Worcestershire, and Mont1

0 Booth, Mr. R.

(10 6

gomeryshire : in each of these counButierworth, Mr.. Sub. 1

ties there are Missionaries waiting Jeffery, Mr.

10 6 to be sent forth, and “ fields wbite Mayo, Mr.

Suh. 1 () and ready to the barvest.” Nothing Seagar, Mr.

Sub. 0 10

appears wanting except “a supply of Small Sums

012 6 the spirit of Jesus Christ,” and larger Collected at Rev. Mr. Frank.

funds, to extend the operations of lin's Meeting

3 10 75 this Society on every hand. May Do. at the Uniied Missionary

the Lord provide the means, and Prayer Meeting


82 command his blessing ! Do. at Kenilworth

1 7 3 Do. at Southam...


Donations and Subscriptions 4

for the general funds of this Institu

tion, (or to be appropriated in any Calwell, Mrs.

5 ( 0

particular district which the contriGay, Mr.

1 0 0

butors Smith, 0. Esq..

may recommend,) are reSub. 10 0 0 Smith, J.G. Esq...

ceived by W. DAY, Esq. Treasurer,

Sub. 1 1 o Small Sums

99, Newgate-strect; Rev. J. ED0 11 0

WARDS, Secretary, 21, Thoruhaugb

street, London, and by any Minister Evill, James, Esq..... Sub. 1 0 or Member of the Committee.







Harvest Homes..

List of
216 Henry Philip, Opinion of

Bible Society

254 Henry, Matthew, Sermon by 383
British and Foreign School Society 303 How to ruin &c. ....

Female Penitentiary.
257 Holy Spirit, Outpouring of ....

..... 194
General Union...

306 Interesting Letter on Death . 12
Home Missionary Society ...257, 507 Ivimey's (Rev. Mr.) Sermon, Sketch
London Hibernian Society ...255, 267 of

.... 329
London Missionary Society...258, 303 Jews

Religious Liberty
.304, 356 Letters of Dr. Erskine..

Society for promoting Christianity

Mr. Lawson.

among the Jews

Mr. Newton

Stepney Institution.. 258, 307

Mr. Swain

Sunday School Union
257 Memoirs of Dent, Mrs.

Wesleyan Missionary.

Dunlop, Mr.

Freeman, Rev. William.. 277
Freeman, Mrs.


Gale, Dr. John..

Harris, Mr. John



Thompson, Mr. George. 188

172, 259
Motives to Holiness.

Hants and Wilts.

New Year..

Isle of Ely...

.30, 259
Outpouring of the Spirit..


213, 448 Oxfordshire Circular Letter...465, 511
362 Providence

362 Queries...

.62, 344
Welsh, S. E.
448 Questions and Counsel

Welsh, W.

448 | Realizing Views of Eternity... 421
Wilts and Somerset

.. 259, 536 | Religious Distraction, Cause of 45
Yorkshire and Lancashire .....30, 495 Religious Tract Society.... 340

Religious Tract Anecdotes


Remarks on Charles Butler, Esq. . 52

Satanic Influence
127, 261

.97, 284
Scoit, Rev. Thomas, Death of..... 232

On the Revival of Religion 334, 388
Scriptures misapplied


Separation from the World.. 154
Abiding in Christ ...

377 Supplying our Churches &c. 424
Address to Baptist Churches 474 Trinity, Knowledge of...

Afternoon Non-attendance
240 Tyndal, William.

..111, 198, 434 Walking with God.

Annual Meetings, Advantages of.. 236 Word in Season

Answer to Query ..,

Words of the Wise..

Antidote to Infidelity

Baptists, Vindicated


Baptist Church at Balile.



Abeona Transport, Loss of ...



Newport, Monmouthshire 211 Baptist Cases
Steventon ..

433 Baptist Widows, Sums voted to... 363
Butler's History of the Catholics 5 Brougham's, Mr. Bill... .75, 89, 169
Christian Ministry



Claims of Watchmen

478 Cape of Good Hope.
Diligence, Christian

.191, 287

Committee of Deputies


Dutch Baptists

.341, 391, +29, 477 George III, Commemoration of ...
Fig.tree, Barren.





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