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confessed their exceeding sinfulness and danger! But even where effects are not so speedily and strikingly man. ifest, as in this instance, there may be much evil prevented, and much good done, by giving away little books on serious and interesting subjects.

The design of the following pages is, to open the nature, to prove the necessity, and to point out the means and evidences of evangelical repentance. By all who pay any regard to religion, the subject is acknowledged to be of the highest importance. I have constantly kept in view the lower classes. For them chiefly, though not wholly, is this little book intended. It bas, there. fore, been my, wish and aim, to bring down the language to a level with the capacities of the uneducated. Those

who have been accustomed to read books which contain the richest treasures of learning, and the finest beauties of language, will find nothing here to gratify their taste. Should such glance into this work, the familiar anecdotes, and the plain, homely comparisons they meet, may be thought to descend too low for the diguity of the subject. Let it, however, be recollected, that what appears gross or trite to one, may be too refined and abstruse for another. Those who are little acquainted with the

poor and illiterate, can scarcely have an idea how difficult it is to render re. ligious truth sufficiently palpable and pointed to make any impression upon them. My chief fear, therefore, is, not that I have sunk the language below the mark required, but that it is, after all my endeavours, still too high.

That many have written well on the doctrine of repentance, I grant: but the subject is mingled with others in voluminous works. I have not seen a treatise on this all-important topic, in a small compass, and in a plain style. Had I known any thing wbich appeared well-adapted to answer the same end, I should certainly have spared my labour.

I am not without hope, that masters, or heads of families, may be induced to give this, with other serious books, to their servants; and that those who have the means and the will to do good, may feel disposed to spread it among their neighbours.

We live in an age, when various plans for the instruction of the poor are every day receiving additional en.

couragement. So numerous are Sun. day schools, and so active are those who teach and conduct them, that we may reasonably hope, in a short time, there will be but comparatively few among the lower classes that cannot read. And is it not desirable, that they should be furnished with serious and suitable books ? Considering the multitude of loose and dangerous publications which are continually issuing from the press, it is surely necessary that the friends of religion should do all they can to pre-occupy

the ground, or to provide antidotes where the poi. son has begun to take effect.

If this small work should be blessed of God as the means of exciting a deep and serious concern about the "One thing needful,” in any who receive it,

I shall think myself well rewarded. May that Being, from whom cometh every blessing, cause the influence of his grace to accompany it to many hearts !

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