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Extructs from the third Annual Report of the Female Society of Boston and its

vicinity, for promoting Christianity amongst the Jewe. The Board of Managers cannot in the discharge of this, their annual duty, give a detail of transactions equally extensive with those of many associations for charitalale purposes. This they more particularly regret, lest the knowledge of the few opportunities for exertion, that have as yet occurred for promoting the original design of the Srciety, may strengthen many in the belief entertained of its inutility. Still, however, they have ascertained, that it has advocates warmly engaged in its prosperity, and cherish the pleasing hope, that its institution has already excited an extensive and deep interest for the spiritual welfare of God's ancient covenant people; an interest which will never be extinguished so long as theie remains a Jew iguorant of the true Messiah, or of the rich blessings contained in the Gospel.

Your Committee offer their congratulations on the acquisition of another Auxiliary Society, constituted of females resident in the town of Alstead, N. H. from which they gratefully acknowledge the receipt of a donation. The amount of this, together with that of several others received, during the year past, from dif ferent individuals, are specified in the Treasurer's account.

A letter has been received from the American missionaries in Bombay, expressive of their thanks for the aid rendered by this Society, towards the estab. jishment of a school for the children of Jews in that place. In April, 1818, the number of scholars were forty; all boys. Soon after the formation of the school, the ten commandments, and other moral precepts and less:jns were given there in the Mahratta language, which is their native tongue.

It is much to be regretted that the females are not allowed to participate in these advantages. At present, according to the laws and customs of the Jews, they are not permitted to receive instruction even in the first rudiments of educa tion. Had they the necessary qualifications for inquiring into the correctness of their creed, and for becoming in any degree convinced of its error, those especially who are mothers might early instil into the minds of their children, simi. lar ideas, and thus effectually weaken the prejudices against the Christian religion, and probably greatly increase the number of converts to its truth.

In September, the sum of one hundred pounds sterling was remitted to the Secretary of the London Society, to be appropriated to the fund for the translation of the New Testament into Hebrew.

Your Committee would here mention two donations of books and pamphlets, among which were three copies of the Hebrew Testament) from the Society in London, whose last annual report contains much interesting information, and many encouraging facts, erincing ihe success of their efforts at home, and the brightening prospects opening to them abroad.

The interest for the spiritual welfare of the house of Israel, is spreading rapidly among the Christians of all nations. That the period is approaching, when they siiall look to Christ as their Redeemer and Deliverer; when the various prophecies respecting them shall be fulfilled, seems evident almost beyond a doubt. But for this, means must be used; God has no where promised to perform it by mir, acle. What then remains for us to dor We are but a few. The Jews in our own country are inconsiderable, compared to those inhabiting transatlantic regions. It is not to be supposed that a little band of females, whose exertions are necessarily confined to the more retired walks of life, can have any direct influence in convincing these of their errors. Zealous and ardent in the wish for their conversion, we must however wait till a way is opened to us, to yield thein service in their eternal interests, and in the interval endeavor to impart to those around us a sense of the obligations we owe to this long neglected and highly injured people, who claim the warmest gratitude of every thinking being through out the world. To God we must look for the performance of the mercies promised to the patriarchs of old. Has he not said, "I will be as the dew unto Israel

; he shall grow as the lily, and cast forth his roots as Lebanon; his branches shall spread, and his beauty shall be as the olive tree. They that dwell under his shadow shall return, they shall revive as the corn, and grow as the vine?" · Has


he not declared, “That a present shall be brought unto the Lord of Hosts of a people scattered and peeled; of a people wonderful from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden down, whose land the rivers have spoiled, to the place of the name of the Lord of Ilosts." We earnestly intreat thee, righteous God, "let the wrath suffice which thou hast poured out upon that people, who were formerly thine, for the guilt of their unbelief; let their punishment give way to thy grace, and let their long continued calamity be exchanged for a felicity consummate, because spiritual and eternal. Delivered from error, let them. behold thy truth, and in it Chri t, and with him salva jon; and let them with us not only see, but also embrace and enjoy thee to ail eternity."

ABSTRACT OF THE TREASURER'S REPORT. May 17, 1818. Remaining in the Treasury,

$84 66 From a Cent Society in North Falmouth,

18 50 Female Cent Society in Hopkinton, N. H.

17 72 Female Religious Society, Dedham,

4 00 Individuals, by Miss Scollay,

8 60 By Mr. Ford, collected in Charity - Boxes,

80 00 Ladies in Carlisle, by Rev. P. Litchfield,

11 18 A Widow in Goffstown, by Dr. Taylor',

11 52 Ladies in Foxboro', by Mrs. Bowers,

30 00 Female Auxiliary Society, Uxbridge,

22 40 Female Charitable Society, Holliston,

5 35 Medfield Auxiliary Sociels,

21 75 Dea. E. Whitman, Abington,

20 00 Charitable Society in Wrentham,

16 00 A Friend to the Jews in Cazenovia, N. Y.

3 00 By Miss Rogers, from sundry persons,

7 94 Mrs. Butterfield, from do.

8 32 Rev. J. Appleton, D D. Bowdoin College,

5 00 Two Ladies in Medfield,

2 00 The late Gen. J. Huntington, New London,

20 00 MF. S. Hoare, Concord, by J. Evarts, Esq.

2 00 Rev. D. A. Sherman, Knoxville, Ten. do.

5 00 Female Society in Newbury port,

41 00 Monthly Concert at Haverhill, N. H.

32 67 Mrs. Wm. Porter, Hadley, by Miss Hopkins,

5 00 Female Auxiliary Society, Alstead,

24 58 Dupations from friends, by Mrs. Bowers,

6 87 From fiends, 87 50; Miss Lucy Goodrich, Si,

8 50 Mr. Wm. Child, Templeton, by do.

2 20

222 58 is moonths interesy on $6.25 73 0.s. Stök, (8520 vf which is a permanent fand) 60 78

$809 15 EXPENDITURES. Paid for board and tuition of N. Myers,

S40 00 Remitted to the London Society for the Conversion of the Jews," to assist in the translation of the Scriptures,

444 44 Paid J. Evarts, Esq. to be remitted to Bombay, for education of Jewish children, 100 00 Deposited in Saving Bank,

129 00 Paid for Printing, $23 50; freight, 82 35,

25 85 Paid for Premiums on exchanging money,

6 91 Balance in the Treasury, May 18, 1819,

50 93

8809 15 Fnances Ervine, 7'reasurer, Common Street, Boston. N. B. Since the completion of the Treasurer's account, the following sums have been received: From the Uxbridge Auxiliary Society,

$20 00 a nunber of pious females in Northbridge,


Total. Abington, Ms. From one of the parishioners of the Rev. Daniel Thomas, for the

education of a heathen child in India, to be named Daviel Thomas, $1200 An individual of the same parish, for the mission to Jerusalem,

5 00 Amesbntry, Ms. Subscribers in the west parish, for the school fund, by Mr. Jacob Kelly,

19 00 Vol. XV.


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Total. 110 00

50 00

26 00

114 00

50 00

Andover, M. (south par.) The Fem. Char. Soc. by the Rev. Justin

10 00 Edwards,

3 00 Do. (north par.) A female friend, by the Rev. I. W. Putnam, Ashburnham, Ms. The Society for ed. hea. children in the United

17 89 States, by Mr. David Cashing, Treasurer, Athol, Ms. From a lady, for the American Indians,

6 00 Augusta, Me. Mr. Jeremiah Babcock, one half of the sum appropriated

from his pension to charitable purposes, by the Rev. Benjamin Tappan, 5 00 Barnet, Ver. From an aged woman, one half for foreign missions, and the other for ed. hea, children, by the Rev. D. Sutherland,

50 00 Barrington, R. I. The Fem. Char. Soc. by Mrs. Anna'Wright, Treas.

9 50 Bath, N. H. The Cent Soos for foreign missions,

10 00
From schools, by the Rev. David Sutherland,

8 20
Mrs. Payson, the pocket money of her late daughter, Mary, appro-
priated on her death bed to the ed. of hea. children,

6 00
Berkley, Ms. (and the vicinity.) Aut. Miss. Soc. by Levi French, jun.
Cor. Secretary,

14 00 Collection at the monthly concert, by do.

4 00 Berwick, Penin. Contribution after a sermon, by Mary R. Bowen, 1 15 Boston. Mr. F. Joscelyn, for the hea. schools in India, a small balance, 50 From a number of ladies, by Miss Perry, for the education of Clava

DIUS BUCHANAN, and CHAUNCEY ALLEN GOODRICH, in Ceylon, 24 00 Bridgeton, Me. From Nancy Perley, for the ed. of a female child in India, to be named HULDAH PERLET, by Mr. C. Soathworth,

12 00 Bridgewater, Ms. Miss J. R. by the Rev. D. Huntington,

2 00 Bucksport, Me. The monthly concert in the first Congregational soci. ety, by Bliss Blodget,

18 69 Canterbury, Con. Ladies' Newell Mission Soc. by Betsey L. Coit, Treas.

20 00 Carlisle, Ms. Mr. Ward Litchfield, for foreign missions, S2; for the Indians of our own country, $2,

4 00 Lieut. Zebulun Spaulding, for western missions, by the Rev. Paul Litchfield,

300 Zebulun Spaulding, jun. by the same,

2 00 Charlestown, Ms. A friend of missions, by the Rev. Dr. Morse,

9 00 Mrs. Frothingham, by the same,

1 00 Mr. Daniel Gregg, for the school fund, S5; for foreign missions, S5, 10 00 Chester, Orange Co. N. Y. Fem. Cent Soc. for the western mission, by the Rev. James H. Thomas,

10 00 Concord, N. H. The Pem. Association, for the ed. of Ass. Mofani LAND, 3d annual payment, by Sarah Kimball, Treas.

SO 00 Concord, Ms. Sarah Vassal Hosmer, by the Rev. Dr. Ripley, for ed. hea. children in the East Indies, by Am. missionaries,

3 00 East-Hartford, Con. The monthly concert for prayer, by L. C. Duncan, 11 00 East Haven, Con. Fem. Cent Soc. by T. Dwight, Esq.

6 00 Exeter, (Lebanon,) Cori. The Female Newell Society, by the Rev.Cor. nelius B. Everest,

20 00 Farmington, Me. The monthly concert, by Mr. C. Sonthworth,

4 85 Francestown, N. H. T'he Fem. Assoc. for ed. heathen children in Bombay, by Deborah Starrett, Treas.

7 00

90 ireerwuld, Monmouth Co. N. J. Society of Ladies for the support of a

child in Ceylon, to be named JOHN WOODUULL, by Dr. Jolin Scudder, 12 00 Gilmanton, N. H. From L. A, S.

5 00 Gloucester, Ms. Mr. William Dane, for the foreign mission school, by the Rev. L. Hartshorn,

10 00 Mr. Joshua Dane, by the same,

1 00 Greenfield, Saratoga Co. N. Y. Fem.. Cent Soc. by Mehetabel Williams, Treasurer,

4 50 A charity box, kept by Mrs. Williams,

50 Hawley, Ms. Char. Soc. for the Cherokee mission, by Mr. Calvin Cooley, Treasurer,

31 00 Hingham, Ms. Fem. Cent Soc. by Rachel Ripley, 'Treas.

16 00 Individuals in do. for the school fund,

1 00 A female friend, from a charity box,

1 00 Holliston, Ms. A friend, for the instruction of the heathen, by Miss E. Prentiss,

3 00 Mrs. Watkins, of do. for the same cject,

1 00
Hopkinton, Ms. The monthly concert for prayer, by Rev. Nathl. Howe, 800
Contribution by children in a Sabbath school, for ed. hea. children in
Inulia, by the same,

2 00 The wich, vs. Ruth Conant, by the Rev. David Kimball,

1 00 Kennebec Co. Me. An appropriation from the pension of the donor, as a sollier in the war of the revolutioo, by the Rev. Benjamin Tappais, 2 00

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43 16

39 00

10 (

64 25 77 50

40 37

63 00

27 00
15 20

Kingston, Ms. From a missionary box, kept in a store,

1 46 Lebanon, Con. (See Exeter.) Lee, Ms. Fem. Čent Soc. for the Cherokee school, by S.L. Perry, Treas. remitted by the Rev. Dr. Hyde,

12 00 A little boy, for the heathen children,

06 Ludlow, Ver. Josiah Fletcher, Esq. for the benefit of the western Indians, by Moses Haven, Esq.

50 00 Capt. Jan na Wilcox, by do.

1 50 Manchester, Ms. The Gentlemen's Assoc. for ed. hea. children, by the Rev. Janies Tburston,

7 60 Ladies' Assoc. by Martha Lee, Treas. The Fem. Cent Soc. for missions, by the same,

13 00 Mansfield, Ms. Mr. Moses Copeland, by Mr. Stephen Rhoades,

2 00 Marietta, Ohio. The monthly concert, for the Cherukee and Choctaw mission, by Rev. Samuel P. Robbins, remitted by Mr. E. Huntington,

25 00 Medway, Ms. (west par.) The Fem. Cent Soc. for instructing Indian chiidren, under the care of Mr. Kingsbury, by Sewall Harding,

26 43 The Fem. Char. Soc. in do. for the same object,

34 93 A fiiend of missions, for the same,

2 00 From another friend of missions, S2, another, Si,

3 00 Meriden, Con. Contribution at the monthly concert, br T. Dwight, Esq.

38 Middiebury, Ver. Students in Middlebury College, for ed. the child named SOLOMON M. ALLEX, the 2d payment, by J. L. Hale,

28 00 Milford, Ms. Fem. Benev. Soc. for the Cherokee mission, by Abigail Penniman, Trea.

15 00 Monson, Ms. The monthly concert of prayer, by the Rev. Alfred Ely, 8 20 Newark, N. J. Eliza D. Campbell, of which $7 25 are from pupils in

her school, for the ed. of hea. children in Ceylon, remitted by the Rev. Dr. Richards,

12 00 Newbury, Ver. Female Auxil. Assoc. by Jane Johnson, Treas.

17 00 Newburyport, Ms. From Capt. John Wils, jun. for the ed. of a child in Ceylon, to be named Paul TITCOMB,

15 00 New Castle County, Del. From the Grand Jury of the New Castle Court, for the Cherokee school,

12 00 New Huven, Con. From a lady, by T. Dwight, Esq.

10 00 A female friend of Zion, for the American Aborigines,

1 00 New York. From several individuals, by Dr. John Scudder, for sup.

porting and educating children in Ceylon, as follows, viz. From Mrs. Elisabeth Lewis, for two children to be named Beal N. Lewis, and William CROSSFIELD,

24 00 Daniel D). GAUTIER, for a child to be named for bim,

12 00 Harriet Newell Brittan, and Mary Brittan, for a child to be named after their father, STEPHEN P. BRITTAN,

12 00 Anna Bancker, for a child to be named William BANCKER,

12 00 Henry Rutgers, for the support of one child, to be named HENBI Rorgers,

12 00 Richard CUNNINGHAM, for a child to be named after him,

12 00 W. &. E. S. Bloomfield, for the support of a child to be named after their father, Sura BLOOMFIELD,

12 00 The Female Juvenile Society of Kutgers Street, N. Y. for two children; one to be named ALEXANDEU Mc"CLELLAND, and the other, SAMUEL WILLIS,

900 Timothy Hedges, for the support of one to be called TIMOTIT HEDGES,

12 00 From a Stranger, for the support of one to be named Philip ME. LANCTHON WHELPLET,

12 00
William CROSBY, for the support of one child to be named after him, 12 00
Frora a friend, for the support of a child to be named Ennunn Smith, 12 00
Isaac Sayrs, for the support of a child to be named EDWARD D

12 00
For Foreign Missions, by the same agent, the following sums, viz.
Frore Mary A. Whittlesey, 81; De Forest and Son, $12,

13 00
Colored females, belonging to a Sunday school in N. F. by Mr. Brittan, 150
E. Allen, St; Margaret Beckman, 25 cts.
John Willard, $5; Mrs. Exekiel Carman, 82,

7 00 John Ewen, $2; an individual, 12 cts.; Mrs. Helena Stephens, $2, 4 12 W. Swift, Surgeon of the U. S. navy,

5 00 Messrs. Loyd & Scudder,

12 00 An unknown person, with letter to the Rev. Gardner Spring,

O 00 Mrs. Butler, S3: Mrs. Swartz, St; Mr. Smith, 83; an individual, 84,

14 0) Mr. Fron,

5 04 From the seventh Presbyterian church in the city of New York, col.

lected at the monthly concert of prayer, by the Rev. E. W. Baldwin, 12 OK

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Collection in the Rev. Gardner Spring's church,

73 12 From an individual, Sl; from another, Sli,

1$ 10 Collection in the Rev. Mr. Bork's church,

90 12 North Yormouth, Me..(20 parist..) Contribution on the first Sabbath of

the year, and collections at the monthly concert, by Dea. Jacob Hayes, 20 50 Palnir, Ms. Fem Cent Sue by Mrs. Colton, Treas.

22 57 A legacy, from the estate of the late Dex. Alpheus Convers, (20 year) for the beathen in this country, by the Rev. Simeon Colton,

5 00 Mr. Jesse King, 51 544; Timoths Brainerd, S1,

2 50 Collection at the monthly concert for prayer,

9 06 Pawlet, Ver. Contributed in Mr. J. R. Barbour's school, for the mission at Brainerd,

S 00 Pembroke, Ms. Mary E Ford, by the Rev. Daniel Thomas,

5 ve Perut, Ms. From pupils iu Miss L. K. Post's school, for ed. hea, children in America, by Capt. l'homas Frisseil,

4 33 Part of a contribution, for the same object,

10 85
Augustus C. Frissell, 50 ets ; Semiramis Frissell, 25 cts. for ed. hea. chil. 75
Roche ter, Ms. From two mile boxes of the Rev. Oliver Cobb, and
Ebenezer Haskell, S3 each,

6 00
Collection in the monilis concert at Supagan, (one of Rev. Nir. Cobu's

7 00 Mr. Alfred Kendrick's mite box,

1 40 The Heathen's Friend Soc by Mr. Hope Haskel, Treas.

9 60 Salem, Ms. A female friend, by the Rev. Dr. Worcester,

3 00 Another female friend, by the same, S3; a friend, S1,

4 00 The concert for prayer of the females of the Tabernacle church, for the Cherokee mission, by the Rev. Dr. Worcester,

6 00 Sandwich, Ms. A little boy and girl, by the Rev. Dr.'llyde, for ed. lei. children,

12 Shirley, Ms. The Fem. Char. Soc. by Esther Brown, Treasurer,

12 00
South Reniling, Ms. By the Rev. R' Emerson, the following sums, viz.
Three young misses in a family, for ed. bea children in N. America, 75
Five children in another family, for the same objec,

1 00) A charity box kept in the monthly concert, for the same purpose, 11 32 The l'em. Cent Society, by Saral S. Yale, Treas.

20 21 The S. Reading Fem. Sabbath School Society, to purchase Bibles for V. American Indian children,

4 28 Verrennes, Ver. Mr. Daniel Tarmon, by the Rev. Alexander Lovell

, for cd, western Indian children,

10 00 Verxhire, Ver. The Fem. Cept Soc. by Margaret Keyes, Treas.

12 00 Walnut Hill, Me. Fem. Cept Soc. for the Cherokee mission, by Mrs. P. G. I. Phiton, Treas.

23 66 Children in the same prishı, for Cherokee children,

168 IPalton, Del. Co. N. Y. (first society) l'em Cent Soc. Ly T. Dwight, Esq. 12 50 Do. (second society! Fem Ceni Soc.

14 00 The Rev. Archibald Bassett,

2 00 Wurdsloro', Ver. A contribution on the second Sabbath of Jan. by Col. Jonathan Robinson,

21 41 Waterborough, Me. Mr. Archibald Mc'Lucas, by Haterford, Me. From several temales to exlucate a heathen child in Cey

lon, to be named LIncoLN RIPLEY, from respect to their pastor, of which S3 are towards the next pasiteit,

15 (10 Tuyne, Ve The Fem. Cent Soc. by Wr.C. Southworth,

S 60 lienhini, Ms The Asgnc for ed. hea. cldren, by Dea. John Dodge,

remitted by Dr. Worcester, Mies Dodge's school, for do. IVestbarough, Ms Col. Andrew Peters, by ibe Rev. Elisha Rockwood, for the mission at Brainerd,

5 (10 Hesterlo, N. Y. (Albany Co.) Fem Cent Soc. by T. Dwight, Esg. 12 50 Il'estminster, Ver (west parish.) Soc. of Friends to Morais and Mis. sious, lry Ebenezer Goodle,

30 00 Hestminster, Ms. The monthly concert, a semi-annual payment, for the child named Cyrus Main,

15 00 Wilmingtoil, Ms. Fem. Cent Soc. for the Choctaw mission, by the Rev. Freegrace Reynolds,

17 32 II ilmington, Del. Female Praying Soc. for the support of a female

Cherokee child, to be named Ann PORTER, in memory of one of the late members of the society, by A. M. Macmullen,

18 00 Ilinchester, Vir. Mr. Lewis Hoff, hy T. })wight, Esq.

50 00 IF vorstock. Ver. The Juvenile Soc., for the ed. of hea. children in the east, by Orlando N Dana,

8 00 The resiilence of ilonors of the follo-ring sums ir ur:known, viz. Mar 17. From a friend, by T. Dwiglu, Esq.

60 19. From an unknowo friend of missions, for the ed. of bea, children, 60 00

54 OS

Mr. D Gregg,

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124 OU

43 00

SO 00

18 00

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