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99. From a servant boy, who kept a charity box, for hea, children, by

Total. the Rev. Dr. Worcester, 27. Part of the first annual payment for supporting a female heathen

child in the family of the Rev. Mr. Winslow, in Ceylon, to be named MIRANDA SAFFORD,

fi 00 Amount of donations from May 16, to 31, $1,745 63. DONATIONS RECEIVED FROM JUNE 1ST, TO THE 15T8.

Total, Ashby, Ms The monthly concert, for the ed. of hea. children, (received 2d, $2 50, and 11th, $3,) by Mr. Jonathan Blood,

5 50 14 50 Sin all children in Zoa Lawrence's school, for hea. school fund, by L. Crosby,

2 25 Boston. A female friend, for ed. a hea child in the family of the Rev.

Mr. Winslow, Ceylon, to be pamed Joun BHOWX FRAZIER, by
Miss Perry,

12 00
United mon bly concert of the Old South and Park Street churches,
for the mission to Jerusalem,

f13 94 395 39 The Feroale Assistant Society for Missions, for the Ceylon mission, 5 00 From "a young man,” for the education of a heathen child to be nam. ed SERENO EDWARDS Dwight,

12 (X) Brilgehampion, L.. Isl. The Fem. Cent Soc. by Pliebe Top; -ing, Treas. 15 00 Castleton, Ver. A female friend to foreign missions, the avails of a necklace, by the Rev. Elihu Smith,

6 75 A friend to schools among the heathen,

1 00 The Fem. Char. Soc. by Beulab Gridley, Treas.

12 00 24 00 Charleston, S.C. From the following persons and Societies, by the Rev.

Pliny Fisk, viz.
Fron Mrs. Gregorie, and Mrs. Russell, as a permanent fund, the in.

terest of which is to be applied to the support of a obill continually
in the mission family in India; the first child to be called William
Hopres, the 2d, NATHANIEL RUSSELL, and the 30, JAMES

$450 00 The Congregational and Presbyterian Missionary Society, for

the support of the Rev. Cyrus Kingsbury, for the year 1819, of which $466 were subscribed by individuals,

666 00 A subscription by ladies, through the hands of Mrs. Keith, as Treasurer of a Female Association, for the support of a school in India, to be called the CHARLESTON School.,

170 00 Donation from an individual,

100 00 Mrs. O'Neale, and others, for the ed. of a child in India, to be

named WILLIAN HolliNSHEAD, 1st annual payment, SO 00 The Juvenile Heathen School Society, composed of children ia

the Sabbath School No. 1, the first month's collection, towards the support of the school at Changane, viz. from the males, 815; from temales, $13,

28 00–1,114 00 Columbia, S. C. From members of the female Academy, for the ed. of

a child in Ceylon, to be called David Fiske THOMPSON, 21 50 From the Loige, No. 68, an annual appropriation for dis. tributing the Scriptures,

SO 00 Sabseription, hy individual free masons,

42 (_-93 50 Conway, Ms. From a class of pupils in a Sabbath school, for ed. heath. children in Ceylon, by a friend of missions,

5 00 The Female Society for promoting Christianity, by Phebe How land, Treas.


59 40 Veriy, Pron The Fem. Miss. Soc by the Rev. Samuel Henderson, remitted by R. Ralston, Esq.

50 00 Darchester, Ms From Christian friends, for the eil. of a hea, child in

Cey on, to be named John CODMAN, ont of respect to their pastor, 12 00
Two children in the Rev. Mr. Codman's society, for the ell. ot hica.
children in Ceylon,

1 00
Falmouth, Ms legacy from the estate of Miss Elisabeth Sanford, de-
ceased, by Thomas Fish, Esq. hy the hanel of Mr. S. T. Arinstrong,

40 00 From the same, for the outfit of the mission now on the way to Ceylon, 20 00 Forborough, Ms. Collectiou at the monthly concert,

710 Francestown, N. 11. The Gentlemen's Assoc for’ed. heath. children and youth, hy Mr. Moses Fisher, jun. Treas.

14 38 51 60 An individual, for the same object,

70 Franktan, N. Y. A contribution from the church and society, 6.00

The Catechetical school, for the instruction of children in ludia, 2011 ------8 (10

Tarty Do'lars, as interest on the above donation for this yeur, were remitted by the donors.




80 00

100 00

Hanover, Daupbin Co. Penn. From several individuals of the congregation, by the Rev. Mr. Snodgrass, remitted by R. Ralston, Esq.

44 00 Haverhill, Ms. Several persons in the Rev. Isaac Tompkins's parish, for the ed. of hea, children,

4 00 Mr. Epoch Foot, of do. for ed. Indian children, in our own country, 1 00 Hollision, Ms. The Young Ladies' Gleaning Circle, for the Choctaw roiss.* 6 45 Lunenburg, Ver. Levi Baruard, Esq. by Mr. C. South worth, an annual subscription, to be continued 12 years,

1 00 Marlborough, Ver. From a revolutionary pensioner, for the Cherokee Indian school, by the Rer Ephraim H. Newton,

2 00 Maine. From a "friend of missions," with the Portland post-mark, 10 00 Meadville, Penn. The Fem. Cent Soc. for sending the Gospel to the

Aborigines of our own country, by Nartha Wright f'arrelly, Sec'y: 54 00
Milford, Ms. The Fem. Char. Soc. for the mission at Brainerd,' by
Roxa Rawson, Treas.

10 00
Neison, N. H. 'Contribution on the first Sabbath in May, by Gad

19 09 From a charity box kept at the monthly concert in do.

1 43 New-York. From "an Episcopal friend to foreign missions,” by the Rev, Elias Cornelius, for missions in India,

5 00 Norwich, Con. (and vicinity.) Foreign Miss. Soc. by Hezekiah Perkins,

Esq. Treasurer; viz. For translations,

83 00 For foreign missions,

IS 00 For missions to the American heathen,

14 00 For heathen youth,

1 00111 00 Philadelphia. From the Children's Cent Society in the Presbyterian

church of the Northern Liberties, by Sarah Patterson, Treasurer, 25 00 The Fem. Missionary Soc. in the first Presbyterian church in the Northern Liberties, by Sarah E. Thatcher, Treas.

40 00 An unknowo friend, for ihe instruction of Indians on our borders, remitted through Robert Kaiston, Esq. by Sarah Spencer, seu.

5 00 Pinesville, Ohio. Dr. J. H. Mathews, remitted to Robert Ralston, Esq. by the Rev. Amasa Loomis,

5 00 Piumouth, Ms. The monthly concert for prayer, by the Rev. T'imothy

19 70 Randolph, Nis. The rem. Education Soc. for the child named JonaTAAN STRONG, by Susan Alden, Treasurer,

30 00 Rutlund, Ver. (west parish.) A collection, for the education of hea, chil. dren, by T. Boardman,

7 00 St. Johnsbury, Ver. The monthly concert, by E. Fairbanks,

6 00 Froin an individuni,

1 00 Shuron, Portage Co.Ohio. Collection at the monthly concert, remitted by ihe Rev. Amasa Loomis, through Robert Ralston, Esq.

8 75 Avails of a ring in do. by the same,

From a small girl, for the Cherokee mission, tcbridge, Ms. A small class of misses in a Sabbath school, for hea. chil. 62 Watsfeld and Faustowia, Ver. The Male Juvenile Soc. by Orson Skinner, Treas. for the Cherokee mission,

23 00 Il est more land, N. H. (east parish.) The Fem. Assoc. remitted by the Rev.2.8. Barstow,

50 Heymouth, Ms. Stonthly concert in the south parish, by the Rev. William Tyler,

1 56 11 mington, Ms. A small balance from the Fem. Cent Soe.

ilmington, Del. By Mrs AV. Macmullen, remitted by R. Ralston, Esq. 9 50 Il inchester, Vir. Mr. James Little, by the Res. R. S. Storrs, for educating a pious youth of the easi, io ne nainen Joun STURGEON,

12 00 li oodstock, Ver. From the Hon. Titus flutehinson, for the ed of a hea.

child in Ceylon, to be named JAMES Plutch) 180.5, in memory of a deceased son,

19 00 Mrs. Clarissa Hutchinson, to educate a female child in Ceylon, to be

named Maria Hutchison, in memory of a deceased daughter, remitted by the Rev. 1. Clapin,

12 00 Hlorcester, Ms. The fem, Ileading and Char. Soc. the 3d annual pay

ment, for ed. CHARLES A vousTCS GOODRICH, by Frances H. Porter, Treasurer, 30 pavinent,

30 00 The Fem. Praying See. fór ed. Samuel Arstin, Sd annual payment, by Lydia Tavlor, Treas,

30 00 The Norcester l'em. Western Mission Soc. for the western Indians, by Sarah T. Jennison, Treas.

40 00 The sources of the following are unknown. June 5. Collection by a little girl, by George Conant, Esq.

20 Fioni a friend, tor the foreign mission school,

Amount of donations from June 1, to 15, 82,503 09. * Articles of clothing

::this donation. See p. 335.

60 00

91 5$

1 00


47 00


90 00

90 06


The following donations for our missions among the American Indians, are gratefully

acknowledged; viz, A box of clothing, from ladies in Greenfielu, Mass forwarded by Samuel Wells, jun. Esq. A box of clothing from the Dorcas Society of Ladies in Hawley, Mass. forwarded by Mrs.

Polly Grout, Treasurer. A box of clothing from ladies in Portland, Me. A box of clotbing from ladies in Woodstock, Ver. Various articles of clothing from the Young Ladies' Gleaning Circle of Holliston, Ms. Sup.

posed value, $17 55, by J. Dickinson, Treasurer.


From Berkshire Auxiliary Education Society, James W. Robbins, Treas.

831 35 H. in Rochester,

1 00

1 00 Hillsboro County Bible and Char. Soc. R. Boylston, Treas, from a friend in Amherst, through the Rev. Mr. Lord,

50 00 A gentleman in the Rev. Brown Emerson's parish in Salem,

50 00 B. F. Hayes, West Boylston,

2'00 Suath Carolina Auxiliary Ed. Soe.

100 00 William Ropes,

15 00 Two females, (Chilmarh,)

2 00 A friend, by Rev.S.E. Dwight,

23 00 D. Little,

20 00 First Congregational church in the north parish of Woodstock, Ver.

18 85 A friend in do.

1 15 Several female friends in Hopkinton, N. H

4 00 Female Aux. Ed. Soe. in Pawtucket, Mass.

19 21 Norfolk Aux. Ed Soc. Dr. Jesse Wheaton, Treas.

20 00 Collected by Leander Andrews, a child of 4 years, in a mite box,

1 50 Collected at a monthly prayer meeting, Acworth, N. H.

5 75 Bedford, Mass. Fem. Char. Soc. and other ladies of the Rev. Samuel Stearns's parish,

15 00 A Praying Soc. in a University,

1 78 Female Reading Soc. on Walout Hill, N. Yarmouth,

4 69 A legacy, by Dea. N. Converse,

5 00 Collected in the Rev. Mr. Rowland's meeting, after a lecture, Exeter, N. H. 32 00 A friend,

1 00 Do. in Medfield,

3 00 Hillsborough Co. N. H, Bible and Char. Soc. R. Boylston, Treasurer, from Amherst Fem. Tract Soc.

14 25 A friend in Amherst, by the Rev. N. Lord,

5 00 An aged pious female friend of Boston, on a visit to a relation in Amherst,

6 00 Five persons, by Dr. M. Spaulding,

5 50 Amherst Fem. Reading Soc.

2 44 A friend,

1 00 A pious young man,

25 A lady in Hallowell, by E. Gillet,

5 00 Female Religious Society in Sturbridge, M. Dunton, Treas.

11 00 A female of the first Presbyterian church, Newburyport, by the Rev. D. Dana, 100 00 Second Fem. Ed. Cent Soc. in Newbury port, by the Rev. Ď. Dana,

22 82 Fem. Char. Soc. in Barrington, R. I. by Mrs. Anna Wright, Treas.

10 50 Children in the south school in do.

2 16 Do. in north school,

90 Female friend, by the Rev. Josephus Wheaton,

5 00 Female Benev. Soc. in the west Congreg. Soc. Taunton, Miss Mary Cobb, Treas. 42 ou A lady in the east parish of Middleboro',

2 00 Female Auxiliary Ed. and Miss. Soc. in Newbury port and vicinity, by the Rev. Mr. Miltimore,

80 00 Female Cení Soc. Hopkinton, N. H. surplus fund,

2 05 Ladies of the Congrega. Soc. Hopkinton, surplus lund,

63 Moody Cook, Hampton, N. H.

50 Fem. Cent Soo. Byfield, by the Rev. Dr. Parish,

17 96 Contribution from the church fund in Blandford, Mass.

30 00 Individuals in do. by the Rev. John Keep,

8 40 A member of the Congregation al church, Kingston, Mass.

1 00 Collected at the anniversary of the Nantucket Ed Soc. by the hands of Job Cushman, 14 56 Nantucket Char. Soc. by the hands of Job Cashman,

18 S6 Nantucket Fem. Char. Soc. by Job Cushman,

29 50 Norfolk Auxiliary Ed. Soc. Dr. Jesse Wheaton, Treas.

112 50 Congregational Soc. Dalton, Mass. by H. Marsh, Esq.

23 55 Ladies in the east parish, Bradford, surplus fund,


40 00 40 00 40 00 40 00

40 00

From the following gentlemen, to constitute them members for life; viz.
Rev. Wm. F. Rowland'. Exeter, N. N. contributed by his church,
Rev. Gardiner B Perry, Bradford, Lass. from ladies in the east parish,
Rev. Roger C. Hatch, Hopkinton, N. H. from Ladies of the Congregational Soc.
Rev. Abraham Wheeler, Candia, N. II. from ladies in that place,
Rev. Samuel Steuns, Bedford, Mass. from the Fem. Char. Soc. and other ladies of

his parish,
Rrv. Olis Thompson, from the Fem. Benev. Soc. ig Rehoboth, Mrs. Cecilia Bul-

lock, Treas.
Rev. Nathaniel Howe, Hopkinton, Ms. from the Fem. Cent Soc. in that place,
Rev. Josephus Wheaton, Holliston, Mass. fronı the Fem. Char. Soc.
Rev. Sylvester F. Bucklin, Marlboroughi, Mass from ladies of his parish,
Rev. Luther Bailey, Medway, Mass. from the Fem. Auxiliary Ed. Soc.
Rev. Boswell ilawkes, Peru, Mass. from individuals of his parish,
Klov. Eben. Jeanings, Dalton, Mass. from the Fem. Cent Soc.

40 40 40 00 40 00 40 00 40 00 40 00 40 00

MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES CONCERNING MISSIONS, &c. In our last number in the list of donations is one of $72, from a gentleman, for the education of three children, whose names are not given, lest they should discover the dopor. The bereaved parents, who have named the children to be selected, have no desire to appear in a printed catalogue, and cannot therefore be accused of presenting their gift for purposes of ostentation. The names to be borne are those of three deceased children of their benefactors. Fondly as the memory of a departed relation is cherished in the bosom of the survivors, and often as the lived image is recalled to their imagination, they can scarcely fail to receive a tender, but perhaps melancholy pleasure, in recounting the indications of moral excellence, and remembering the virtues of a friend, whom they shall mee: no more, :ill the morning of the resurrection.

It would appear therefore, that, where God has bestowed the rich bounties of bis providence on parents, whom he has afflicted by removing their offspring beyond their care, a mode could not readily be found more suitable for ackonwl. eilging the divine goodness, and reminding them of their duty, than that abovementioned. By such an offering, the donor would be necessarily reminded of the frailty of a tenement of clay; for he has seen it dissolved. In making this annual appropriation, for the successor of his infant, he has a memento of his own frailty, and approaching dissolution. He is taught the necessity of chastisement froin the hand of his heavenly Father; for he has sustained the weight of affliction, and yet lives and lives to scatter the blessings of the Gospel of peace among generations who can never see his face; but who may bless their Redeemer forever, for raising them such a benefactor: one who, but for the loss of his own dearest earthly delights, might never have attempted their rescue from the pains of the second death;-might never have tasted the onuiterabie joy of listening to their song amid the chorus of the redeemed.

Our readers will observe in the present number also, other examples of a sinilar nature; and that several friends of missions have commemorated the objects of their earthly delight, by renewing a name in a native of the east, which must excite the liveliest sensibilities of the heart. In the name, in the associations which it must bring to the review of the bereaved, we seem to possess a pledge of their prayers and their exertions in behalf of the heathen.

Another donation was enclosed in the following note. "Sir,

"Enclosed are twelve dollars, which I wish to have disposed of for the support and education of a he then child, to be called, &c. -I will only add, that I am enabled to avail myself of the noble and blessed privilege of giving, by re. fraining from folly and extravagance.”

A YOUNG Max. From a source more unexpected than either of these, the means of spreading the Word of Life have begun to be presented. The grand jury of a county court, being assembled for the performance of their duties, in some instances have commenced their acquaintance with each other and their business, by convivial pleasures. Within the month past, $12 were forwarded to the Treasury, for the use of the Cherokce school, as the donation from a jury, who unanimously agreed to torego the grasification customary on such occasions, for the nobler purpose of instructing the ignorant children of the forest.

[blocks in formation]

Rom. iii, 9. What then, are we better than they? No, in no wise.

There is a propensity in men, to think more highly of themselves than they ought to think. Whatever opinions they may entertain respecting human depravity, they tlatter themselves that they are exempted from the general pollution; or at least, that they partake more sparingly than those around them. While they look abroad upon the earth, and witness the enormities which every where mark and disgrace the human character, they readily comfort themselves with the proud reflection of the Pharisee in the temple, that they are not as other men. They are usually too well acquainted with the effects of this depravity, to deny its existence, or to palliate its atrocity. Still, they are better than the mass of mankind, and are not to be judged by the same rules. The Jews inherited no sinall share of this dispo. sition. So greatly distinguished were they by their covenant relation to God, that they regarded themselves as the peculiar objects of divine favor, and despised and traduced others. In point of privileges, the apostle had shown in the context, that the Jews greatly exceeded the Gentiles. In addition to other signal blessings, to them had been committed the Oracles of God. But it would by no means follow, that they had derived any advantage over other men, by a better improvement of the talents which they respectively possessed. On the contrary, the opposite sentiment is expressly maintained in the text. “What then," says the apostle, "are we better than they?" Have we exceeded them in love to God, and mankind, more than our privileges bave exceeded theirs? “No, in no wise, for," he adds, “we have before proved both Jews and Gentiles, that they are all under sin." Their characters were alike sinful. If the Gentiles bad departed farther from God, and had become more abandoned in wickedness, the Jews possessed no distinction which could furnish a ground of boasting. They were alike alienated from God, in the affections of their hearts, and needed only to be given up to their corrupt inclinations, to manifest an equal degree of turpitude.

The sentiment which the text inculcates, and which I propose to illustrate and establish, is the following Vol. XV.




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