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“Although the present Auxiliaries are very respectable both in numbers and zeal, yet there are extensive and wealthy portions of our country, in which no atempt has hitherto been made to organize and establish either Auxiliary Societies, or Bible Associations. The Board do not believe that this arises from indifference to the cause, but that much would soon be done if the attention of Christians in such places was earnestly and respectfully called to the importance of Wie subject.

“With this view the Board have resolved that there shall be annually appointed at the first meeting of the Managers, after the Annual meeting of the Society, a committee of five persons, to be called the AUXNIAR Y SOCIETY COMMITTEE, whose duty it shall be to devise and suggest to the Board of Managers such measures, as in their opinion will promote the establishment and animate the exertions of Auxiliaries to the American Bible Society. That in cases in which there shall be time to receive the direction of the board of Managers, the said Committee shall be authorized to depute one or more persons to attend meetings for the above purposes,and to advise and assist therein; a:.d in such cases to defray out of the funds of this Society the necessary travelling expenses of the persons so deputed, and that authorit; be given to said Committee to open a correspondence with the different parts of the country, for the purpose of gaining all necessary information. Such a committee have accordingly been appointed, and have commenced their labors.”

There have received into the Treasury during the past year,
By remittances from Auxiliary Societies,

S26 288 34 By remittances from Societies not auxiliary,

2 579 45 By donacions from Benevolent Societies,

375 25 By congregational collections,

105 80 By legacies and donations from individuals,

1 117 60 By contributions from various congregations Masonic Lodges, and

individuals, to constitute Ministers, members or directors for lite, 6 203 00 By annual dues and life subscriptions from members,

1 366 25

S38 036 29



VERY DEAR BROTHER, Your very interesting letter arrived in a box of goods, two weeks ago; but as the mail passes through the Nation but once in two weeks, I have delayed answering it till now. We bless our dear Savior for what he is doing in the Christian and heathen world. The effects of divine grace are no less apparent in the churches of Christ, than in the temples and the wilds of the heathen. The children of God, though awake to other duties and precious in the sight of their Savior, have not seen the situation of the hearhen, nor their duty towards them, as they do now. Now there is not only a solitary Christian here and there, whose heart glows with love to his divine Master, and for the souls of the heathen; but the divine fane is almost every where kindling, and the spirit of Brainerd, or rather of his Lord, is exciting millions and millions of sighs, and prayers, and tears, and alms, for the spread of the Gospel among the perishing heathen; and the missionary, instead of being an object of piiy, is rather the object of envy. If that hateful passion could exist in a heart tired with love for souls, surely nothing would call it forth quicker than the sigit of a band of missionaries going just behind the blessed Savior, and the holy company of apostles and martyr's of the Lamb, to preach glad tidings of peace and pardon to dear immortals who have for ages been in darkness And well may the dear lambs of Christ long to do something for the heathen: for this service is peculiarly pleasing to God our Savior. He died for them, and charged his friends to iell them of his love, and plead with them to turn from all their miserable wicked ways to God. And if after hearing and knowing this command we should sit down with indifference, and let the heathen perish, with what propriety might the Savior say, “\Vhy call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I command you." But don's

it not seem strange that Christians should ever need urging to relinquish earthly enjoyments, or endure hardships for the Savior, when all their enjoyments and all their hopes, were purchased for them by his blood. No, my dear brother, if we had a thousand lives, and could lay them down at his feet every day for ten thousand years, we should do nothing towards repaying his infinite kindness. And if the salvation of one individual soul is of such importance, what is that of hundreds of millions. But what does the death of Christ profit those who never heard of hiin? I do not say that it is impossible for them to be converted and taught the knowledge of Christ by the immediate influence of the Spirit of God. But this evidently is seldom the case. It has pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. Nothing, generally, fit for the kingdom of heaven, is found among the heathen. The Gospel, accompanied by the Spirit of God, is the only instrument of restraining their wild passions and causing them to oppose the torrent of their corruptions. And why should they not enjoy the Gospel? Since Christ died for all men and his blood is sufficient to wash away the sins of the whole world, why should it not be allowed to flow through the earth? But if we refuse to preach it, or to assist those who would do it, we set a barrier to the blood of Christ, and throw the heathen to eternal death. And what could we do to make amends for this? We should rob God of his glory-we should rob Christ of his purchase—we should rob the Holy Spirit of his temples-we should rob the heathen of heaven, and heap on them all the miseries of the second death. Ar should we not destroy, or at least endanger, our own souls? Let every Christian consider, that every individual soul among the heathen is as precious as his, and let him feel this, and then say if he would not be willing to give the life of his frail polluted body to save a world of dear immortals.

I stop this strain of thought, my dear brother. I know you feel for the dear heathen. But our situation is peculiarly trying. Wherever we look, our eyes affect our hearts. We see the heathen world in worse than Egyptian darkness. We see the storm gathering blackness, and peal after peal is sinking them in eternal death. And the few dear souls around us, who have been snatched from the jaws of the lion, though they give us unspeakable joy,yet they increase our love for, and, of course, our grief on account of, their friends and nation still in darkness.

Being situated thus, having so constant a view of the immediate wants of the heathen, great exertions in the Christian world seem small to us, yet we would not but mark with peculiar gratitude the precious gift from Otsego. Not only because we wanted clothes so exactly suitable for the children, but also because they were tokens of the remembrance of our dear Christian friends, and an evi. dence that those friends were engaged with us in publishing “glad tidings" to the heathen. Yes, tell those dear sisters, by whose kind hands these clothes were provided, that we recognize them as Missionaries to the heathen. No matter whether they ever see in this world the precious sons and daughters they bring home to glory -no matter whether they are employed by a Board of Commissioners, or by the immediate direction of the Savior; if they are instrumental of spreading the Gospel among the heathen, or if they endeavor by their p'rayers and alins to do this, they will doubtless be rewarded as missionaries of Christ at the last day, and perhaps receive a much brighter crown, when the Lord inakes up his jewels, than many who are actually engaged among the heathen. But especially we desire their prayers. Even Moses grew weary, and Amalek would have prevailed, had not Aaron and Hur held up his hands, --how much sooner shall we, who have but a drop of benevolence, let go of the poor heathen, if not strengthened by the prayers and tears of the children of God.

Rel. Intel.


Extract from the conclusion of the Fighteenth Report of the Church Missionary

Society. “Oh! it needs nothing but an UNDERSTANDING of the immensity of human wretchedness and perdition to exiinguish all jealousy and rivalry among Christians -ihat rivalry only excepted, which shall labor most assiduously to suve sluts from death, and to hide the muliitude of sine!

“Blessed be God!--the miseries of the heathen have reached our ears, and have moved our souls!--The whole creation groaneth and travaileth in prin together until now. But not the misery only of the Heathen world—its anxieties perturbations, its reaching forth after that which we only can render to itTHESE have cried loudly in every awakened ear-the earnest expectations of the creature waiteth forthe manifestation of the sons of God.

10 00


Total. Ashfield, Ms. Young Fem. Char. Soc. for a child in Mrs. Richard's family Ceylon,

to be named Alvas SAYDERSON, by the Rev. Thomas Shepard, $12 00 24 00 Auburn, N. Y. by the Rev. L. Parsons, contributed in the Presbyterian chh. 17 00 D. Hyde, H. Hill, J. H. Beach, E. S. Beach, $10 each.

40 00 Rev. D. C. Lansing,

8 00 J. S. Seymour, J. Cole, Porter and Powers, E. Pease, R. and J. Patty, E. Hill, S5 each; Mr. Paine Si

34 00 c. Cole, Saml. 'Dill, Asa Manger, William Brown, and E. Williams, SS each,

15 OG C. B. Hotchkiss, J. Grover, E Parker, M. Creed, H. Porter, and E. Hotchkiss, S2 each,

12 00 Several ladies, for the mission to Judea,

20 11 Smaller Donations,

14 50 Ballston, N. Y. the Soc. of Rev. Mr. Smith, by the Rev. L. Parsons, S2 12 Boston, A friend for ed. of JAMES GIRDWOOD,

• 12 00 Monthly concert of the Old South and Park-Street churches, for the mission to Jerusalem,

17 00 454 39 Pupils at the Sabbath-School in Hawkins-Street, by Mr. Samuel Train, 1 25 Mr. Thomas Vose, fees of arbitration,

13 33 Brimfield, Ms. a female friend of Missions, by the Rev. Joseph Vaill, 2 25 Buckland, Ms. the Fem. Missionary Soc. by Polly Brooks, Treas.

22 00 Another Society, by Lieut. Brooks,

12 00 Buffalo, N. Y. a contribution, by Rev. L. Parsons,

100 00 Camden, S. C. Mr. Murray, by the Rev. P. Fisk,

20 00 , by Canandaigua, K. Y by the Rev. L. Parsons, from several sources as follows, viz. N. W. Howell, for western Indians,

13 00 N. Gorham S15, Mrs. Greig Sis, for western Indians,

28 00 H. Mc Nair, S5, Thos. Beals, S2, J. D. Bemis, $2,

9 00
Mr. Stevenson, $2; Miss M. Shepard, S5; Miss S. Moseley, S.30, 37 00
Charity box in Niiss Shepard's school $3; Char. box in Miss Moseley's
school, S10,

13 00
A pupil in the same school, by abstaining from sugar
Contribution by several individuals,
Another scholár, for committing Scripture to memory
Rev. E. Johns and family,

7 00 A female friend of Missions, S4; S. Parish, for W. Indians, SS;

7 00 Geo. Clark $5; Mrs. Hart $1; P. P. Bates $2; Thaddeus Chapin $10 18 00 Fem. Soc. for aid of the school at Cornwall,

· 31 00 49 00 Cayuga, N. Y. by the Rev. L. Parsons, as follows; viz. J. Mumford, Sio; L. Willard, 65,

15 00 Mrs. Muunforst, for the school at Brainerd, $3; D. Mc Intosh, 83, 6 00

G. B. Gillet, S2; other donations, $10.
Charleston, S. C. Mrs. Gilchrist, by the Rer. P. Fisk

30 00
(A lady, a Diamond Ring not yet sold.)
Cherry Valley, N. Y. a contribution, by Rev. L. Parsons,

25 50 Mrs. Morse and her daughter,

7 00 Fem. Benev. Society Christ Church Parish, s. C. Ladies, for the child named Thomas SPENCER, 20. payment, by Mrs. Eliza Osborn,

30 00 60 00 Cooperstown, N. Y. from the following sources, by the Rev. L. Parsons; viz. A Contribution,

41 00
Geo. Pomroy, James Averil, M. Bowers, and Thomas Fuller, $10 each, 40 00
Cyrus Clark, 85; Mr. Foot S3,
Smaller donations,

6 84 Cummington, Ms. The Hea. School Soc. by Wm. Packard, for Sch. fund, 15 00 94 40 The Christian Knowledge Soc.

64 50 Monthly concert, by Clarissa Briggs,

18 58 Fem. Char. Soc. by Clarissa Briggs, Treas.

27 25 59 25 Mr. Seth Porter, VOL. XV.


50 10 10


12 00

12 00

8 00

8 00
8 75

15 00


11 00

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An English gentleman, by Mr. Porter, for the For. Mission School, $500 Total, Cutchogue, L. Isla. A collection, on the 4th of July, by the Rev. Lathrop Thomson,

17 50 East Bloomfield, N. Y. by the Rev. L. Parsons, from

196 14 East Hampion, L. island: Fem. Soc. in aid of Foreign Missions, by Rev. E. Phillips,

15 00 $70 00 Fairfield, N. Y. Mr. Linus Evarts,

2 50 Fayetteville, N. C. collection at the monthly concert, by the Rev. P. Fisk, 40 25 Several children,

1 30 Geneva, N. Y. a contribution in the Presbyterian Society,

44 64 Hurtwick, and Flycreek, N. Y. Fem. Benev. Soc. by the Rev. L. Parsons, for the mission to Judea,

35 50 47 50 Haverhill

, Ms. a little boỳ, recd. as a reward in a Sunday School, for heathen children at Bombay,

1 00 A littie girl, since deceased, for the same purpose, Heath, Ms. the Young Men's Char. Soc. by Mr. Erastus Buck,

10 00 Homer, N. Y. Fem. Miss. Soc. for the Mission to Jerusalem, by the Rev. L. Parsons

50 00 Several ladies 816 75; H. Roberts 810,

26 75 Asahel Lyman $5; G. and T. Hoar, So, Children 84 cts. Other donations, $14.

14 84 Keene, N. H. collection at the monthly concert, by the Rev. Z. S. Barstow, 6 60 106 42 Kinsman, Ohio, a female friend of Missions, by the Rev. H. Coe,

1 00 Lewiston, N. Y. from individuals, by the Rev. L. Parsons,

7 49 Lexington, Geo. children in Mrs. Washburn's school for supporting a Sabbath School among the Indians,

44 A little boy, by Rev. C. Washburn,

12 Liberty County, Geo. The Fem. Cent Soc. by the Rev. Mr. Mc. Wbir, 200 06 Lima, N. Y. a contribution in the Presbyterian Soc. by the Rev. L. Parsons, 23 87 Litchfeld, N. Y. (Norwich Soc.) donations from several individuals, by do, 41 57 Little Falls, N. Y. from individuals, for the miss. to Jerusa. by Mr. E. Carter 5 00 Irindeborough, N. H. Nabby Boardman, the avails of a necklace, for ed. hea. Children,

5 05 Manlius, N. Y. by the Rev. L. Parsons, a contribution, Marblehead, Ms. monthly concert in the Rev. S, Dana's Society,

7 00

34 00 Marcellus, N. Y. the following individuals, by the Rev. L. Parsons, viz.

D. Bradley, Rev. L Parsons, Silas Crane, and Seth Dunbar, S5 each 20 00
Abby Humphrey, the avails of ornaments formerly worn,

3 90 Martin Cosset and J. Frost, $3 each,

6 00 Several lalies,

13 73 Smaller donations,

14 31 Marlborough, Ver. The Fem. Cent Sor. by Mrs. Lyman,

15 00 86 00 Mexico, N. Y. from a lady, the avails of a gold ring, for the school at Cornwall, by the Rev. D. R. Dixon.

1 50 Middle Granville, Ms. Fem. Char. Soc. by the Rev. Isaac Knapp,

20 00 S6 00 Newburyport, Ms. the first Juvenile Soc. for the ed. of the child named WILLIAM COOmns, by the Rev. Dr. Dana,

12 00 57 00 Monthly concert in the chapel of the 1st Presbyterian church, by do. 13 41 41 59 New-Harien, Con. The Fem. For. Mission Soc. by Mrs. Clarina B. Mer. win, Treas.

55 00 699 11 Northamptori, Ms. a Soc. of persons who meet for prayer, by Mr. Enos Clark, 15 00 56 59 Northford, Con. Fem. Benev. Soc. the avails of their own industry, by Juliana Maltby for ed. hea. chil. at Brainerd,

15 AO Norray, N. Y. the Fem. Evangel. Soc.

13 00 Collection at the monthly concert, Onondaga, N. Y. (West Hill,) from individuals,

28 75 Do. in 2d Presbyterian Soc. by Rev. L. Parsons, as follows, viz. W. H. Sabin, $10; S. Forman $5; T. Hopper 85,

20 00 Pev. Mr. McLaren S5, 0. W. Brewster, w. Rayner, $2 each,

9 00 Fem. Foreign Mission Soc.

10 51 Children in Miss Treadwell's school,

% 17 Collection in the academy,

6 43 J. Peck, 83; a friend, 83, Mr. Webb, $3,

9 00 Other persons,

2 22 Painsville, Ohio, Dr. Matthews, for the mission to Judea,

2 00 Philadelphia, the first Adult School Soc. for a child to be named HARRIET NEWELL., to be ed. at Brainerd, by Ann T. Da Costa, 'Treas.

20 00 Pittsfield, Ver. a friend, by the Rev. L. Parsons,

1 00 Plainfield, Ms. the Hea "School Soc. by Jacob Porter, Treas.

3 87 12 03 Plympton, Ms. the Aiding For. Miss. Soc. by the Rev. Elijah Dexter, Treas. 27 13 169 60 A friend to missions, for the mission at Brainerd, by the same,

1 00 Pompey, N. Y. by the Rev. L. Parsons, from the following persons, &c. Contribution in the east parish;

28 00

13 00

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Mr. and Mrs. Seymour, $20; V. Birdseye, $5,

$25 00 Total D. Wood, S3; smaller donations, 82 06,

5 06 Several individuals in the west parish, 85'68, John Hall, 85,00

10 68 Portland, Me. the Foreign Miss. Soc. by the Treasurer,

181 00 1,459 77 Preble, N. Y, by the Rev. L. Parsons,

2 00 Quincy, Ms. the Fem. Evangel. Soc. by Lucy Savil, Treasr.

12 01 31 91 Raleigh, N.C. John Heywood, Esq. $5; Mrs. Heywood, $5, by the Rev. P. Fisk,

10 00 Reading, Ver. a friend of Missions, by the Rev. L. Parsons,

1 00 Saratoga, N. Y. a contribution, by the Rev. L. Parsons,

18 35 From a friend, $1; Rev. Mr. Gale $2,

3 00 Seneca Falls, N. Y. an individual, by the Rev. L. Parsons,

2 00 Shefield, Ms. the Fem. Char. Soc. by Margaret Bradford, Treasr.

12 00

218 O Sherburne, N. Y. in the Soc. of the Rev. Mr. Țruair, from the following persons, viz. Elias Babcock,

30 00 James Avery $10; John Brace, Levi Follet, 83 each,

16 00 Joshua Cushman, 52; a Char. box, kept in the Presbyterian church, $3 06, 5 06 Skeneatiles, N. Y. from the following persons, by the Rev. L. Parsons: viz. Thaddeus Edwards, Samuel Bellamy, Saml. Porter, Daniel Kelloga, A. Northam, J. and J. M. Sherwood, Rev. B. B. Stockton, $5, each, 35 00 Several ladies,

30 50 Smaller donations,

18 00
South Salem, N. Y. the following persons, by Mr. John Sayre: viz. Thomas
Mead, tor Foreign Missions $3, Elizabeth Mead, for Cherokee Mission, 82, 5 00
Josiah Gilbert, $6; Mary Gilbert, $5,

11 00 Mrs. M. Mead, for the sch, fuod,

2 00 The Fem. Char. Soc. for Foreign Miss.

6 75 Do. for Cherokee Mission,

6 75-13 50 79 00 Springfield, N. Y. by the Rev. L. Parsons, a contrib. by a few individuals, 6 59 The Fem. Tract Society,

8 79 Topsfield, Ms. the Soc. for ed. Heathen children, by Dea. Bixby, remitted by the Rev. Dr. Worcester,

20 40 53 65 Vernon, Con. the monthly concert, by the Rev. Wm. Ely, for the Choctaw Mission,

16 00 40 14 Waterloo, N. Y. from individuals, by the Rev. L. Parsons,

6 00 Waynesborough, Geo, Mrs. Whitehead, by the Rev. P. Fisk,

5 00 West-Bloomfield, N. Y. a contribution, in the Presbyterian Soc. by the Rev. L. Parsons,

11 62 Westborough, Ms. the Fem. Assoc. for the child named Elisha Rockwood, by Arethusa Brigham, Treas. 5th. semi-an. payment,

15 po 75 00 White Bluff, Geo. the mon. concert, the collection from Ja. to Ap. inclusive, 25 56

Contribution in the negro chh. by their pastor,the Rev. Richd. Nethercleft, 200
Windsor, Ver. from two females, the avails of a necklace, remitted by the
Rev. Dr. Morse,

5 00 A friend of missions, by the Rev. L. Parsons,

1 00 Windham County, Con. Char. Soc. by Dea. John H. Payson, Treasr. reçd. from the Char. Soc. of Pomfret,

35 25

412 . Woodstock, Ver. Ed. and For. Miss. Soc. by David Pierce, Treasr. for Missions, S25 50, for ed. beath. children $5.

28 50 75 45 Worcester, Ms. from three sisters in a letter with the Worcester post mark, appropriated to the Choctaw Mission,

100 00 The sources of the following are unknown, July 17. From some person, dropped into the box,

3 37 19. Ornaments recd. as donations in different places, by Rev. L. Parsons 5 88 27. From various trinkets sold,

95 The following donations were received by the accountant of the Foreign Mission Sche,

between May 25 und July 31. Amenia, N. Y. Four young ladies,

$4 00 Blandford, Ms. Mr. Eli Pease, Bristol, Con. several females, by the Rev. J. Harrey,

15 00 Brookfield, Ms. Dea. Chamberlain,

600 Camden, N. Y. a friend of missions, by A. Clark,

8 00
Canton, Con. The Ladies' Society, by the Rev. Joseph Harrey,
Catskill, N. Y. a friend,
Chatham, N. Y. a charity box,
Chester, Con. colleetion at a concert of prayer,

6 20 Cornwall, Con. Mrs. E. Hart,

Contribution at the public exhibition, of the school in May, Dorset, Ver. by Thomas Hopoo,

61 Eual Windsor, Con. (2 Society,) the Fem. Soc.

28 37 3.5 37 Franklin, Con. the Fem. For. Miss. Soc.

1 00 163 00

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10 31

5 00


5 00 37 07

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