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Bucksport, Me. Monthly concert,

5 m
Burton, O. A female friend, tor ed. liea, children,
Byfield, Ms. Young ladies for a child to be named Joseph EMERSON, $0 28
Cambridge, Ms. A gentleman, by Mr. S. T. Armstrong, for S. I. M. 5 00
The Tract and Missionary Soc. for S. I. M.

20 00
The Mission, Sewing
Circle, by Mr. James D. Farosworth,

10 00
Scholars in a grammar school, tnr do. by Mr. J. D. F.
Canandaigua, N. Y. Mr. W. Hubbel, 1; Persis Kibbe, S2, for S. I. M. $ (ಗ
Kev. Mr. Ouderdonk, 5; Children in Miss Shepard's school, Si,

6 00 Other individuals, for do. by Mr. Loomis,

8 00 Carlisle, Ms. Monthly concert, by Dea. J. Green, for the western mis. Carver, Ms. Heathen's Friend Soc by Lois Lucas, Treas.

11 50 Cazenovia, N. Y. From the following persons; viz. Col. J. Lincklaeo and Mrs. Lincklacu,

100 00 Mr. and Mrs. Foreman, 5; Mr. and Mrs. Burnel, $10, 15 (10 J. D. Ledyard, 4; Zailock Sweetlund, 810,

14 00 Rev. Jolin Brown, 5; Eliphabet Jackson and Jacob Ten Eyck, $3 each,

11 00 Charles Parmelee, 3; Mr. and Mrs. LeClery, 82,

5 00 J. Dwinnell, C. Stebbins, P. LeClery, $1 cich,

3 00 Aaron Merriam, 1 25; Rev. Roger Adams, St; Daniel Blish, 50 cts.

2 75 Henry Chills, 25 cts. contrib. in the north school districc, 1 40, 1 05 Contribution at the church,

15 50 H. Mitchel, Lacinda Ellis, 50 cts. each; Mrs. Childs, 83, 4 00 Helen Ledyard Lincklaen, 4 78; Abba M'Carte, 82,

6 78 Mary Euphemia Foreman, 1; Eleanor Remsen, 1; Patty Par. melee, $1,

3 00 Fem. Benev. Society,

9 12 Individuals,

S 0 Fem. For. Mis. Soo.

S 00 Charles Parmelee, 5; Sainuel Sweetland, $10,

15 00 Charity box in the 1st Presbytevian congregation, Dea. Selal Munson,

15 00-909 58 Churleston, S. Car. Mrs. McElhenny, for S. 1. M. by Col. C. Sherman, 21 00 Charlestown, Ms. A few individuals, for S. I. M.

11 00
Chelmsford, Ms. Heathen School Soc. by Lucy Byam, Treasurer, 12 00
Chelsea, Ver. T'he sch. of Asenath Hatch, for $. 1. M. by Dea. Coolidge,
Cheshire, Con. Dea. Roger Hitchcook, by Rev. Mr. Gillet,

1 00 Chesterfield, Ms. Fem. Char. Soc. for S. I. M.

S 00 Two young ladies, by Mr. Henry Snow, for do.

1 00 Columaia, Pen. Fem. Mis. Soc. for the mission at Elliot, remitted to Rob. ert Ralston, Esq. by Catharine S. M'Kissick, Treasurer,

25 00 Columbia, S. C. Three persons, for S. I. M. by ***

10 00 Concord, N. H. Children in sch. district No. 1, by the Rev. J. 11. Church, 1 00 Hannah Walker, for the Cherokee mission,

1 00 A female friend, for S. I. M.

2 00 Concord, Ver. Fem. Cent Soc. by Sarah F. Williams,

12 00 Concord, Ms. Collection in the Rev. Dr. Ripley's congregation, for S. 1. M. 35 25 Cornish, N. H. James Ripley, Esq. by the Rev. J. Harvey, for 8. I. M. 2 (10 Contribution for do. by the Rev. Joseph Rowell,

17 36 Cornwall, Con. The church, by the Rev. Mr. Stone, for S. I. M. 34 00 A mite box, for $. I. M.

2 00 Mrs. Sally Dagget, for do.

10 00 The Rev. Herman Dagget,

12 00
Croyden, N. H. Fem. Asso. for ed, hea chil. by Elizabeth Chapin, Treas. 19 00
Grennington, Ms. Hea. School Soc. by Mr. William Packard, Treas. for
Sch. fund,

25 (10 The Christian Knowledge Soc. by Mr. William Packard,

15 00 Mr. Seth Porter,

100 00 Danvers, Ms. (N. par.) A Fem. Pray. Soc. by Betsey Putnam, for S. 1. M. 6 00 Individuals in do. for do.

6 56 Dedham, Ms. Collected for S. I. M. by Dr. J. Wheaton,

6 00 Jover, Ms. Young ladies for S. I. M. by A. Woodward,

1 50 Eust Greenwich, Con. A friend of missions, by Col. Charles Sherman, for S I. M.

10 00 Eust Windsor, Con. Lavinia Clark, by the Rev. S. Bartlett,

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1 00 -(N. parish.) Fém. Benev. Soc. for the Cherokee mission,

35 50 Enfield, Con. Agnes Parsons, for the Cherokees,

50 Esperance, N. Y. Fem. For. Mis. Soc. by Elizabeth Cumpston, Treas. 10 50 perheld, Con. David Judson, Esq. and William Hoyt, for S.I.M. (by W. Tennooe,)

12 00

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10 75
1 00


Fairvale, (Granville,) N. Y. Individuals, by Mr. Southworth, for S. I. M. 6 28 Total.
Fulmouth, Me, Fem. For. Mis. Soc. for the school at Brainerd, by M.
Merrill, See.

7 00

S5 U7 Farmington, Con. A family, for S. I. M. 1 50; Mr. Timothy Cowles, 1, for do. 2 50 Fitchburg, Ms. The Educ. and Mis. Soo. towards the support of the Rev. Asa Thurston at the Sandwich Islapds,

90 00 Ladies, for ed. a hea. child in the family of Mr. Thurston,

12 00 12 00 Framingham, Marlboro', and vicinity, Ms. For. Mis. Soc. by Mr. Salomon tay, 'Treas.

62 00 279 00 Framingham, Fem. Friendly Soc. for David Kellogg, 20 pay. by Mary Rice, Treas.

12 00 24 00 Collection in the Rev. D. Kellogg's society for S. I. M.

28 14 Glastenbury, Con. Fem. Cent Soc. by Betsey Hall, Treas

. for S. I. m. 23 09 Gloucester, Ms. Mr. Giles, 1, for S. 1. M. Francis Norwood, 1,

? 00 Gorham, N. Y. Rev, Mr. Merrill, for S. I. M. by Rev. H. Daggett, 5 00 Goshen, Ms. A legacy from the estate of Mrs. Susanna May, halt for For. mis and half for mis. in our own country; by Mr. R. Cushman, 40 00

S 15-43 15 Maj . Josiah Lyman, 50% cts. Miss A. Abel, gi,

1 50 Goshen, Con. Contribution after a sermon by the Rev. Mr. Humphrey, at the ordination of the missionaries,

136 31 Individuals, by the Rev. J. Harvey, for S. L. M.

6 26 Fem. Char. Soe. for the Cherokee mission, by Catharine D. Harvey, Treas. 25 75 80 79 Other individuals by Rev. J. Harvey, by hand of Tennoee,

Another do. by Honooree,
Greenwich, Ms. A legacy bequeathed by Col. Joseph Williams, paid by

Edward Pynchon, Esq. his executor of his will, for educ. foreign youth
for missionary services, and Indian youth in America,

300 00
Griswold, Con. “Educ. Soc. for the educ. of hea. children in the East, by
Daniel Huntington, Treas.

26 00
Groton, N. H. Two persons, for the Cherokee mission,
Guilford, Con. (N. par.) Individuals, by the Rev. Wm. F. Vaill, for S. I. M. 9 28
Hadley, Ms. Members of Hopkins's Academy, for the S. I. M.

3 00 Halifax, Ms. Monthly concert, by Mr. S. T. Armstrong,

381 Hallowell, Me. Monthly concert in the chh. and soc. by Gen. Henry Sewall, 10 50 Hampılen Co. Ms. For. Mis. Soc. by the Hon. George Bliss, Treas. 119 00 1,150 00 Hampshire, Co. Ms. The Grand Jurors of the Sup. Jud. Court, fees of entrance, usually expended for liquor,

4 80 Hardwick, Ms. Rebecca Cutler, for the s. I. M. hy the Rev. Thomas Holt, 10 00 Hartford, Con. Aux. For. Mis. Snc. by H. Hudson, Esq. Treas. of which

$40 are from Mr. Elijah White of Bolton, Con. for the For. Mis. Sch. 77 00 273 75 Mr. Eliphalet Terry, for 8. I. M.

8 00 Thomas S. Williams, Esq. 5: A friend, $1. for 8. I. M.

6 00 Hartford, N. Y. Individuals, for the S. 1. M. by C. Southworth, 8 20; Mr. Griffin, for do. Si,

9 20 Harvard, Ms. Fem. Auxil. Assoc. for ed. WARREN Fay, by Nancy Nason, Treasurer,

25 83 104 68 Hatfield, Ms.' Ladies, for S. I. M. by Dr. D. Stebbins,

1 20 Haverhill, N. H. George Woodward, Esq. for a child to be educ. in his

brother's family in Ceylon, and named Lydia or Henry, MIDDLETON, 12 00 Henniker, N. H. For. Mis. Associa. by the Rev. Moses Sawyer,

2 75 23 50 Hillsboro County, N. H. Bible and Char. Soc. by Richard Boylston, Treas. viz.

Subscribers for For. Missions,
A subscriber for ed. hea. youth,
Three female friends in Goffstown; for the school at Brainerd,

9 74 A Soc. in Greenfield, N. H. for ed. hea. youth,

6 75 The Soc. generally; for the mission to S. Islands,

5 46_-37 46 157 58 Holles, N. Ü. An iodividual, "for the missionaries,” by Mr. S. T. Armstrong,

20 00 A female friend, by the Rev. Dr. Worcester,

55 Holliston, Ms. A friend, for the mission among the natives of this country, by E. Prentiss,

3 00 Individuals, for $. I. M. by the Rev. Josephus Wheaton,

12 03 Hopkinton, Ms. A contribution, for S. I. M. by Dea. Fituh,

19 00 Mr. Samuel Morse, a small balance,

S3 Huron, 0. A fatherless child, obtained as a reward for tickets at school, 1 00 Keene, N. H. Rev. Z. S. Barstow, for $. I. M.

1 00 Kennebunk, Me. Monthly concert, by Mr. Hayes, Killingworth, Con. A lady for S. I. M. by Col. Sherman,

1 00 Kingston, Ms. A box kept on Maj. G. Russell's counter,

9 72 8 66 Lebanon, N. H. Dea. William Sandborn, for $. I. M.

6 00 Lebanon, Con. Lucy Bartlet, for S. !. M. by the Rev. $. Baritet,

1 00 VOL. XV.


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27 76

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Lee, Ms. The Social Char. Soc. by Mr. Cyrus Leonard, remitted by H.
Hudson, Esq. for S. I. M.

5 00
A Soc. of young persons, besides donations of clothing, &c. by do. for do. 200
Leicester, Ms. Relig. Char. Soc. of fem. by the Rev. John Nelson, for S. I. M. 4 00
A lady and two daughters, for do.

5 00 Other Individuals,

2 32 Lexington, N. Y. The Ladlies' Soc.

11 50 Lisbon, Con. Fem. Char. Soc. by the Rev. Levi Nelson,

15 00 Litchfield, Con. The Hon. Tappiog Reete, for S. I. M.

2 00 Miss Pierce's school, for do.

50 -South Farms, Jarnes Morris, Esq. for do.

2 00 David Rhea, Simeon Harrison, Hannah Harrison, $1 each,

3 00 Eloisa Farnam, 20 cts.

20 Little Rest, R. 18l. A lady for S. I. M. 2 50; a friend, 50 ets.

3 00 Loudon, N.H. Mrs. E. Chase, by Rev. Dr. Worcester,

25 00 Lyme, Con. Fem. For. Mis. Soc. by Lois Matson, Treas.

SO 00 Manchester, Ver. Fem. Mite Soc. by the Rev. H. Bingham,

16 56 Middlebury, Ver. Dr. William G. Hooker,

12 00

950 Middlefield, Ms. A Society

of fernales, for the S.I. M. by the Rev. Dr. Worcester,

10 00 Middletown, Con. For. Mis. Soc. by Richard Hubbard, Esq. Treas. 87 75 Milbury, Ms. Fem. Cent Soc. for ed. a child to be named JOSEPH Gotti, out of respect to their pastor,

12 00 Milford, Ms. "The Moral, and Char. Soc. by the Rev. David Long, 5 00 Nlonson, Ms. Montbly concert, for S. I. M.

$ 17 Mr. Gideon Merrick,

1 00 Collection at an exhibition in the Academy,

9 50 From R. F. Montrose, Pen. The monthly concert, by the Rev. Mr. Judd,

S82 00

8 71 Edward D. Gore, by do.

1 00 Morristown, N. Jer. Miss E. Woodruff, by Rev. Dr. Richards,

10 00 Newark, N. Jer. Fem. Mite Soc. for educ. of hea. chil. in. India, by Hannah Woodruff, Treas.

80 00 Collected after an anniversary address to the Male and Female Mite Societies, for the benefit of the Choctaw Indians,

6 00 Ladies, by C. J. Graham, Esq. for S. I. M.

15 00 Mr. Ellison Congar, for do. by Mr. S. T. Armstrong,,

10 00 Collections in the monthly concert of the 1st church, since the 1st of April last, by the Rev. Dr. Richards,

82 17 Cape. Obadiah Congar, by the same,

7 00 New Bedford, Ms. °Fem. Hea. School Soc. for a child to be educated at

Brainerd, and named BETSEY MAYHEW, in memory of a late member of the Soc. by Agnes Ayres, Treas.

22 00 New Berlin, Con. Fem. Benev. Soc. by Dea. Thomas Loomis, for the For. Mis. School,

18 00 New Braintree, Ms. Dea. Pepper, for S. I. M.

3 50 Lemuel Harrington, S1; Several individuals, 12 95,

13 95 New Brunswick, N. Jer. From the following individuals for the mis. to

Sandwich Islands; viz.
Mr. John Pool, 5; Dr. Moses Sontt, 3; Aletta Varter, Si,

9 00 Joanna Bayard, 3; Euphemia Patterson, $3,

6 (0 Kev. John Ludlow, Rer. L. J. F. Huntington, Col. John Neilson, 85 ea. 15 00 Daniel Voorhees and Son, 4; Daniel Perrine, $1; Mr. Bard, 50 cts. 5 50 Joseph C. Griggg, Dr. Wm. Van Deusen, Matthew Egerton, Sl each, 3 00 James Bennet, Esq. 5; James Schureman, Esq. 1; Dr. Lewis Dunham, 3, 9 00 Samuel Holcomb, 3; S. Ayres, Rev. Dr. Livingston, S2 each,

7 00
Lewis Carman, James Cremmelin, $2 each,
Abraham Voorhees, Robert Eastburn, Henry Van Aursdalen, Robert

Downs, David Schenck, E. Mollesen, Helen Priestley, Theodosia
Grant, Mrs. J. Freeman, Mrs. L. Henry, Elizabeth Johnson, S1 each;
William Myer, 1 19,

12 19 Other individuals, in sums less than one dollar,

7 75 Rev. John Ludlow, (additional.)

S 00 The monthly concert,

14 45 Newburyport, Ms. The charity box of a small Reading Soc. for S. I. M. 3 00 Newfane, Ver. Fem. Cent Soc. by the Rev. Jonathan Nye,

16 00 Newhaven, Con. Associa. of Young Men, for S. I. M. by Col. Sherman, 7 56 Dea. Barritt, 1; Timothy Atwater, 2; Dea Twining, $2,

5 00 Mrs. Kimberly, S2; a widow's mite. 6 cts.

2 06 Mrs. E. Townsend, 1; Mr. Reuben Rice, 5; Rev. Samuel Merwin, $5: 11 00 -West parish, collected in a charity bos, principally in Mr. Stebbins's school, for do.

8 11

998 $3

4 00

31 00 19 56 $20 --for For. Missions, for the mission at Brainerd, for the mission at Elliot,

20 00
50 00

1 00

New Hampshire. Individuals, by James Morris, Esq.

S7 Total.
New Marlboro', Ms. Aux. For. Mis. Soc. by the Rev. Jacob Catlin, Pres. 15 00
New Milford, Con. Individuals, by the Rev. Andrew Ellioll,
New York, Mr. Arthur Tappan, for 6. I. M.

From “V." for S. I. M. remitted to Dr. Worcester,
A lady, for $. 1. M. by Col. Charles Sherman,

2 00 Northampton, Ms. avd neighboring towns. For. Mis. Soc. by

the Hon.

143 02 4,114 96 Northampton. Sundry individuals, for S. I. m. $12 of which are for the educ. of a child in the Sandwich Islands,

36 38 Collection in the Rev. Mr. Williams's

congregation, by Mr. D.s. Whitney, 42 00 Northborough, Ms. Mr. Asaph Rice, for $. I. M.

10 00 Mr. Abraham Fay, for do.

1 00 Northbridge, Ms. Fem. Reading Soc. for a child to be named Joan CRANB,

12 00 North Bridgewater, Ms." A young lady, by Mrs. M. Huntington, for Cherokee mission,

1 00 North Brookfield, by the Rev. Thomas Snell

, for S. I. M. remitted by Capt. Chamberlain,

13 85 Norwich, N. Y. Monthly concert in the Presbyterian church, hy Mr. S. T. Armstrong,

9 00 Onondaga, N. Y. Dea. Forman, by Col. J. Lincklaen,

20 00 Ononduga Hollow, Fem. Mis. Soc. 4 96; avails of a ring, 18 cts.

5 14 15 47 Otis, Ms. H. Kingsbury, for S. I. M. by H. Hudson, Esq.

2 00 Oxford, Ms. Fem. Cent Soc. by Nancy Merriam, Treas.

9 00 Peacham, Ver. A Soc. of Females, by the Rev. Leonard Worcester, for S. I. M.

10 00 Philadelphia. Fem. Juven. Mite Soc. for Pience CHAMBERLAN, by R. Ralston, Esq.

30 00 60 00 Pittsfield, ús. Contributed by several persons, for S. I. M. by the Rev. H. Humphrey,

10 50 Plainfield. Ms. Fem. Reading and Tract Soc. for $. I. M.

7 50 James Richards, Esq. Plympton, Ms. Branch of Heathen's Friend Soe. by Mary Dexter, Trcas. 26 73 181 78 Pumfiel, Ver. A Reading Soc. by Mrs. Dana, Treas.

2 54 Pompey, N. Y. The following persons, by the Rev. Mr. Chadwick; viz. Dániel Tibbals, %4; Moravia Marsh, 3 50,

7 50 Henry Wood, William Howard, $1 each,

2 00 Harriet Jerome, Lucretia Jerome, 50 cts. each,

100 Mrs. Doolittle, 12 cts. Sarah Chadwick, Fidelia Chadwick, 50 ets, each. 1 12 Putney, Ver. Monthly concert,

9 96 Collection in the congregation of the Rev. E. D. Andrews,

5 04
Richmond, Ms. Children of a school, by Rev. E. W. Dwight,
Ringe, N. H. The Rev. Dr. Payson, for Charles Paysoni, 2d payment, 12.00
Ladies' Soc. for ed. hea. children, by Dr. Payson,

16 00 77 19 Eliza Brown,

1 00 Dea. E. Blake, for S. I. M.

1 00 Rochester, Ms. Heathen's Friend Soc. by Hope Ilaskell, Treas. From Collection at the meeting of the Soc. July 4th,

11 24 154 34 A mite box kept by Elisha Ruggles, Esq.

S 00 The monthly concert,

1 48 17 58 mite box kept by E. Haskell,

3 00 S 80 Rockingham ( County, ) N. H. Char. Soc. by J. Burley Hill, Treas. viz. for For. Missions, -for educ. lndian youth in America,

20 00—40 09 293 S! Rockville

, Mary. (Montgomery Co.) Fem. Soc. by the Rev.j. T. Russell, for the School fund,

14 00 Romney, N. H. Fem. Cent Soc. by Mr. S. T. Armstrong,

4 G6 Royalton, Ver. Collection, by Mr. C. Southworth, towards educ. a child in Mr. Bardwell's family, Bombay,

6 50 * This sum from Northampton, &c. was collected from the following sources; viz. Beichertown, Ms. A contribution, by the Rev. E. Porter,

$ 26 00 Hadley, ( upper muills.) Fem. Char. Soc. by the Rev. John Woodbridge, 9 17 Northampton. Collecied by Miss .1. Clark, for the For. Mis. School, 14 25 An unknown female friend, enclosed in a note signed "Cornelia,for the For. Mis. School,

11 28


20 00

15-60 00 friend, for the Am. Aborigines,

1 00 Norwich, Ms. A lady, by the Rev. Mr. Woodbridge, Sunderland, Ms. Anual subscribers, by N. Smith, Esg.

31 50

10 15

1 10



111 00

10 00

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Rorbury, N. H. , Juven. Soc. for ed. hea. children in North America, by
Alvan Holman, Treas.

6 12 Roxbury, Ms. "Mites” from a family, for the S. I. M. by Mr. S. T. Armstrong,

3 00 from do. by do.

1 004 00 Rutland, Ver. (W. parish.) Fem. Cent Soc. for the school at Cornwall, 15 00 A collection from individuals, for S. J. M.

7 26 Do -(E. parish ) Several individuals, for S. I. M.

11 00 The Rev. Heman Ball, D D.

5 00 Saco, Me. Olive Sewall and Matilda Sewall, for S. I. M.

9 00 Salem, Ms. The monthly concert of the Tabernacle, Branch, and South

charches, three collections, for S. I. M. by tlic Rev. Dr. Worcester, 55 05 Mr. John B. Lawrence, for a child in Ceylon,

3d ann. payment, 12 00 From the same, for a Printing Press, for the S. I M.

125 00 Collec. at the Tabernacle chh. after a sermon by the Rev. Mr. Cornelius, 88 56 Capt. G. K. Smith, for S. J. M. 5; a female friend, for do S4,

9 00 Another female friend, for S. I M.2; for the mission to Judea, 82, 4 00 Salem, N. Y. A person unknown, by Mr. C. Southworth,

1 00 Salem, Con. Fem. Benev. Soc. by Col. Charles Sherman, for S. 1. M. 10 00 Children in a school, for do.

1 32 Salisbury, Con. Collection in the church, by Lot Norton, Esq.

19 52 The Gentlemen's Associa for ed. hea. chil

. by Dea. Milo Lee,

21 00 Ladies, by the Rev. Joseph Harvey, for S. T. M.

2 50 Sandwich, N. H. A fem. friend of missions, by the Rer. Mr. Holt, 1 01 Sandwich, Ms. A fem. friend of missions, by Mr. S. T. Armstrong,

2 00 Suvannah, Geo. Mrs. Cowper, for the Cherokee sch. by Mr. S. C. Schenk, 10 CO Sheldon, Ver. Sally

Cooper, by H. Janes, Esq. Shrewsbury, Ms. The monthly concert, for $. 1. M.

7 25 An individual, by Mr. S. T. Armstrong,

5 00 Somers, Con. Fem. Cent Soc. by Mrs. H. Strong, Treas.

21 50 Southbridge, Ms. Fem. Char. Soc. by the Rev. Jason Park, for S. I. M. 23 50 Jerusba Morse, for do.

1 00 South-Hadley, Ms. A contribution for S. I. M. by D. Stebbins, Esq. 19 00 Spencer, Ms. Individuals, by Mr. Stephen Crosby, for S. I. M.

7 00 Spencertown, N. Y. Fem. Char. Soc. for a child to be educ. at Tillipally, and named David BRAINERN, by the Hon. Josiah Dwight,

12 00 Sophia T. Niles, for S. I. M. bv do.

5 00 Springfield, Ms. Dr. Amos Skeele,

1 00 Collection at a prayer meeting, held on the occasion of parting with the missionaries,

10 50 Swanton, Ver. Fem. Char. Soc. by Martha Winters, Treas,

5 50 Tewksbury, Ms. Heatheo's Friend Soc. for Jacob Coroin, 2d payment, by Harriet Livermore, Seo'y and Treas.

12 00 Children in Miss Spaulding's school, for ed. hea. children,

50 Thomaston, Me. A mother, a thank offering on the birth of a child, for S. J. M.

5 00 Tiverton, R. Isl. The monthly concert, by the Rev. Ebenezer Coleman, 6 41 Zorringford, Con. From the chh. by the Rev. Mr. Mills, for the S. I M, 26 72 Trentoil, N. Jer

A friend to missions, enelosed to Mr. S. T. Arinstrong, 10 00 Troy, N. Y. Enclosed in a letter to Col. Charles Sherman, for S. I. M. 5 00 Trumbull, Con. Fem. Associa by the Rev. Mr. Taylor,

10 69 Tyringhum, Ms. Children in a school, for S 1. M.

1 25 Utica, N. Y. Several ladies, for a hea. child to be named BETHUEL Dodd; bs Mr. S. T. Armstrong,

18 00 Mrs. Clark's school, for ed hea children, by the Rev. S. C. Aikin, 2 94 A collection, for S. I. M. by Mrs. Loomis,

43 00
T'ermont, A little boy, for S. I. M.
Il'ashington, Con. Individuals, for S. I. M. by the Rev. Stephen Mason, 20.00
Waterford, l'en. The monthly concert, by the Rev Gideon Judd,

19 50


19 29 Weathersfield, Ver. Fem. Cent Soc. for ed. bea. America, by Mrs. L. Tolies, Treas.

8 68 Mr. John Haskell, by Dea. N. Coolidge,

1 00 Weathersfeld, Con. Fem. Cent Soc. by Elizabeth Williams, Treas. for S, I. M.

10 00 Mrs. P. Williams, for do.

5 00 IVestborough. Ms. Collections in the monthly concert from the beginning of the year, by the Rev. E Rockwood,

20 00 Contribution in the Rer. Mr. Rockwood's society, for the S. I. M. 36 76 From do. “a small balance,'

94 Il'estbrook and Gorham, Me. The Fem.Cent Soc. by Mrs. Codman, Treas. 23 25 Western, Ms. Fem. Char. Soc. by Mrs. M. C. Gaylord, for S. 1. M. 93 32 Two ladies, by do

2 50 Charity box kept in a monthly prayer meeting of females,

2 69

70 68

50 00

145 10 47 $

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