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Coventry, Con. (N. parish,) Contribution from the Church for the mission

Total. to Jerusalem, by the Rev. G. A. Calhoun,

21 22 Collection in a biblical school, for do.

1 97 Contents of a charity box,

1 81---25 00 Dracut, Ms. Fem. Heathen School Soc. by Susan Frye, Treas.

20 00 55 60 Goshen, Con. Youth's Education Soc. by the Rev. Joseph Harvey, 6 78 50 67 N. B. $5 56, of the S6 26 received last month by Mr. Harvey, and published

ander Goshen, was from the Church in Torrington, Con. Greenfield, Ms. Fem. Assoc. for Rogak NEWTON, 3d pay. by Sally Stearns, 36 00 199 03 Females in 20 Congregational society, for the mission to Jerusalem; viz. from the Union Society

20 00 -collected at a prayer meeting composed of females,

2 51 -a few individuals,

2 39--24 90 Collected at the monthly concert,

20 09 38 49 Greensboro,' Ver. and neighboring towns, united monthly concert, by A. Farnham, Treasurer,

11 27 40 48 Greensboro' and Hardwick, Ver. Mite Soc. formed by children in Sabbath schools, for the school at Brainerd, hy E. Strong, Esq.

9 27 Hadley de Young Gentlemen's Soc. for Sand. Isl. mission,

15 00 67 00 Hanover, N. H. The monthly concert in the village at Dartmouth College the year past, by the Rev. Professor Shurtleff,

71 58 174 42 Hanover, N. Jer. Fem. Mite Soc. for A ARON Condit in India, 2d pay. SO 00 60 00 Holden, Ms. Charity box in a school, by Miss A. P. D. for school at Elliot, S1; for hea. children in Ceylon, 50 cts.

1 50 Holles, N. H. Children in a small school, by the Rev. Dr. Worcester,

25 Hopkinton, Ms. Children in a Sabbath school, for educ. of a child,

5 37 Lancaster, Pen. A number of ladies, by Charlotte Moderwell, remitted by

R Ralston, Esq.
Lanesborough, Ms.' Fem. Cent Soc. for Sand. Isl. mission,

11 50

72 25 Individuals in do, for Sand. Tal. mission,

4 00 Leveret, Ms. Fem Char. Soc. for missions among the Indians of America,

by Sophia Hobert, Treas. remitted by the Rev. J. Wright, 11 75 --for For. Missions,

1 10--12 85 Leyden, N. Y. (Lewis Co.) Fem. Cent Soc. for the Cherokee and Choctaw mission, by Alice Fish, Treas.

20 00 35 30 Litchfield, Con. Fem. Char. Soe. in Miss Pierce's Academy, for a child named SARAH PIERCE, 4th payment, by Maria Anne Winne, Treas. 30 00

120 00 Individuals, by the Rev. Joseph Harvey,

16 12 Littleton, N. H. From the Rev. David Goodall, by Mr. Hutchins, 25 00 Longmeadow, Ms. Simeon Bliss, a little boy, fór ed. hea. children, 1 00 Fein. Benev. Assoc. for the miss. among ihe Aborigines of this country, by Mr. Charles B. Storrs,

44 18 147 18 A young lady, for ed. hea, children, Lyme, Con. Fem. For. Mis. Soc. by the Rev. Cornelius B. Everest, 25 00 An unknown person, by do.

5 00 Madison, N. Y.' Fem. Cent Soc. by Susa Woodworth, Treasurer, 21 00

36 50 Marlboro,' N. H. Edu. Soc. composed of males, for ev. hea. chil. in the E.16 12 S3 9.1 Educ. Soc. composed of females, for the same object,

20 52 Marlboro,' Ver. À charity box kept by Mrs. Newton, for the Cherokee miss. 1 00 Marlborough, Ms. A friend for S. J. M. by Mr. S. T. Armstrong, Hledford, Ms. The Rev. Dr. Osgood, for the translation and distribution

of the Bible among heathen nations, Middleborough, Ms. The Heathen's Friend Soc. by Lydia Thompson, 42 41

109 72 Middlebury, Ver. A friend of missions in Middlebury College, by the Rev. L. Parsons,

1 00 Monson, Vs. Brimfield, Western and Palmer, Union Cbar. Soc. by George Bliss, jun. Esq. Treas. viz. for For. Missious,

34 00 -the Heathen School,

15 00—.49 00 113 50 Monson, monthly concert, by the Rev. Alfred Ely,

4 46 32 22 Montpelier, Ver: Col. J. Pratt, for the mis. 10 Judea, by the Rev. L. Parsons, 5 00 Fem. Juven. Soc. by Eliza Crosby, Treas. transferred to Ceylon for two

children to be named Chester WrIoht, and CaARLOTTE W NIGHT, SO 00 105 43 Morristown, N. Jer. A collection after sermon, on occasion of the depart.

ure of Mr. Coger and his company for Brainerd, Society for ett. mea. youth, by J. Martin, Treas, remitted to Mr. J. S. 90 00 90 00 Newcastle, Me. Miss Clough, for the mission to Judea, New īp8wich, N. H. A friend of missions, New London, Con. For. Mis. Soc. by Dr. Isaac Thompson, Treas, *120 00 Fem. For. Mis. Soc. by Charlotte Wolcott, Treasurer,

36 12 555 93 of the above sum, $18 70 were stated to be from the Ladies' Bible Society, of Monttrille, Con. and 85 from Mr. Joseph Ohadwick of Lyme, Con.

55 00

9 42

2 00

200 00

25 00


870 00

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Newton, Ms. Educ. Society by Mr. Elijah F. Woodward, Treas. 2d pay. for JONATHAN HOMER,

30 00 New York, Sunday school No. 5, for ed. hea. children, by Mr. J. S.

7 33 North Bridgewater, Ms. Newell Soc. by Charity Jones, Treas. (of which 12 00 arc tor a child in Ceylon, to be named Joux PORTER,

57 26 Evangelical Soc. by the Rev. 1). Huntington, Treasurer, 73 98

Scholars of the Sabbath school, for the Heathen school fund, 400-77 98
Norwich Plain, Ver. Children in Lucy Curtis's school, by Mr. R. W.
Bailey, for ed. beatheo children,

60 Children in Olive Gray's school, for ed. hea. children, by do.

1 85 Orford, N. H. A number of females, by Mrs. Dans,

8 00 A revoiutionary soldier, a part of his pension, by the Rev. Sylvester Dana, 6 00 Orleans, Ms. Fem. Missionary Society, by Maria Johnson, Treasurer, 36 00 Philadelphia, From a friend of missions, for S. Isl. mission,

10 00 Pittsfield, Ver. A friend of missions, by abstaining from sugar one year,

1 00 A charity box kept in the family of the Rev. Justin Parsons,

2 58 The Treasurer of the Heathen School Suciety,

12 Pittsfield, Ms. An individual, by the Rev. Hirum 'Bingham, for Sanu. Isl. M. 1 00 Plymouth County, Ms. Two female friends of missions, for Sand. Isl. M. 1 60 Prattsburgh, N. Y. Benj. Bridges, for Jonathan EDWARDS BRIDGES, ad seru. ann. paym. by Dr. N. Niles,

6 00 From Elam Bridges, for EnWARD WARDEN, 2d sem. ann. payment, 6 00 E. and B. Bridges, for missions,

2 00 Preston, Con. Fem. Mission Soc. by Mr. S. T. Armstrong,

17 76 Richmond, Ms. Collee. in the Rev. Mr. Dwigbt's congregation for S. I. M. 15 00 Rowley, Ms. A poor widow,

25 Saint Johnsbury, Yer. Monthly concert, by Mr. Lutber Clark,

19 82 From Mr. Clark,

1 18 Salem, Ms. Collection at the Tabernacle church, by the Rev. Pliny Fisk, 20 01

Tabernacle Thanksgiving Soc. for SAMUEL WORCESTER, in Ceylon, 32 00
A balance in the hands of Mrs. Cornelius, subscribed to purchase articles
for Sand. Isi. Mission,

1 36 Salisbury, Con. Gentlemen's Assoc. for ed. hea. chil. by Dea. Milo Lee, 2 00 Ladies' Assoc. for do. by Betsey Scoville, Treasurer,

18 04 Scituute, Ms. A friend of missions, South Brimfield, Ms. Mrs. R. Robinson, by Mr. J. King,

50 Two individuals, for the For. Miss. School,

25 Springfield, N. Jer. The Soc. for ed. hea. children, for a child to be named

JAMES WAKEFIELD Tucker, on acc. of 2 ann. paym, by Mr. Jobu

15 00 Sterling, 'Ns. Fem. For. Mir. Soc. by Mrs. Holcomb, Treasurer, 12 86 Stockbridge, Ver. Mr. Whitcomb, for the mission to Jerusalem,

1 00 Sutton, Ms. Monthly concert, for the mis. to Jerusalem, by Mr. John Morse, 7 00 Suatara Pern. The Dauphin Miss. Soc. by Mr. Edward Crouch, for the civilization of the Indians in the U. Stales,

12 50 IInterto x, Con. Mrs. Southmayd, by Mr. Deforest, Vestfielıl, Ms. A gentleman for the Sand. Isl. Mission,

2 00 The Fem. Edue. Soc. for hea. youth, the avails of their industry one half day in each week, by Jerushia Phelps, Treasurer,

20 00 I l'estmins'er, Ms. Individuals for Sand. Isl. Mission,

5 00 Milliamsport, Lycoming Co. Pen. Fem. Assistant Auxil. Soc. by Jane Walton, Secretary,

22 25 Williamsto:ru, Ns. A congregational collection, by the Rev. Ralph W. Gridler, for Sand. Isl. Mission),

84 00 Fem. Char. Soc. by Betsey Noble, Treasurer, for 8. Isl. Miss. 21 00 --for educ. hea, children,

S 00--24 00 Windham, Co. Con. Cbar. Sou by John Payson, Treasurer, *

25 00 Woburn, 11. Monthly concert in the Congreg. Society, by the Rev. Mr. Chichering,

20 00 I nostock, Ver. A friend of missions for ed. a child in Mr. Poor's family, Ceylon,

6 00 Woodstock, Con. (N. parish,) The Newell Soc. by Eliza Child, Treasurer, 24 00

Dea. Aaron Leon, for S. I. M. by the Rev. Samuel Backus,
Contribution for S. J. M.

119 V 146 01

5 00

49 25 22 64

S 00

100 00

130 76 132 25

85 99

8 00 15 00

The residence of the donors of the following sims is unknown. Nov. 1. In a letter directed to Messrs. Fisk anıl Parsons, at Audover, 5 00

6 45 Nov. 5. An unknown person, by Mr. Samuel T. Arinstrong

* This sum of 8 25 was collected from the following sources, viz. Jurha Adime,

1 00 pomfiet, Con. Alonthly concert,

10 00 Children in a Sabbath school in do. for educ. hea. child en,

14 00


Avails of sale of trinkets received as donations,

62 8. A few young men, friends to missions, in consequence of reading Dr.

Worcester's address, for the Owhyhee mission, by the Rev. R. S.

50 00 11. Avails of water-melons raised in the corner of a garden, by “a friend

of missions,” for the miss. to Jerusalem, by band of Mr. N. Willis, 3 00 17. Individuals, remitted by T. Dwight, Esq. to James Morris, Esq. for the For. Mis. School,

11 87 In an anonymous letter to James Morris Esq. for the For. Mis. Sch. 18. From “T. S.” by Mr. S. T. Armstroug, Amount of donations acknowledged in this number, $ 2,832 51.

1 010 5 00



We regret that we are not able to muke out a more perfect list of donations in clothing,

tools, &c. &c. than the following. Though all articles given were carefully forwarued and put on board, yet in many instances, the names of donors, and oven the places of their residence, were not lonown. In other cases, there wus no time to make oui anıl preserve a full description of the articles. The sums, to a part of the following list, are meant to designate the value of the articles in the estimation of the donors, or of the

persons by whom they were transmitted. Amherst, Ms. (1st parish,) Individuals, in articles of clothing, valued at

818 00 Bedford, N. H. Farming utensils, and articles of clothing, from individuals, by Mr. Thurston,

19 00 Belcherto-on, Ms. A contribution by members of a weekly conference, a box, containing

articles of clothing and books; - and a few farming utensils, by Justus Forward, Esq. Bloomfield, N. Y. Den. Bull, two books. Boston, From a young physician, a set of ampatating and trepanning instrumenta, 60 00 Mr. John Homes, sundry articles of hard ware: brads, lacks, and carpenter's

and mason's tools. Messi's. Homes and Homer, 3 boxes of hard-ware,

73 29 Mr. Geo. Odiorde, a box, containing various articles of hard-ware and nails. Messrs. Tappan and Mansfield, 6 reams of printing paper. Mr. Samuel T. Armstrong, 1851b. bourgeois type,

70 30 From do. a baptismo al font or bosin, and plate for communion service,

4 50 N. B. A donation of 815 in cash committed to Mr. Armstrong, for the missionaries,

was applied to their use, according to the wish of the donor. From "a friend to the mission," 1 box raisins, 1 do. oat meal, 1 do. hulled barley, 1

rocking chair.
Another friend, (a grocer,) 101b. sonchong tea.
Mr. Wells, Mr. C. Bingham, Mr. Lincoln, Messrs. Lincoln and Edmunds, Messrs.

R. P. and C. Williams, Messrs. Thomas and Andrews, Messrs. Munroe and
Francis, articles of stationary, riz. paper, pencils, quills, inkstands, ink powder,

wafers, and blank-books.
Bridgewater, Ms. Mrs. Mercy Ford, a package.
Brookfield. Ás. (W. parish,) From individuals, various articles of clothing, books, and
provisions, for the voyage; farming utensils, &c.

156 50 Brookfield, Ms. (S. parish,) Individuals, articles of clothing and provisions, for voyage, 9 37 Cambridge, Ms. Two maps of the stars, by Mr. William Crosswell, the author.

An article of clothing, by Mr. J. D. F.
Canandaigua, N. Y. Mr. J. D. Bemis, 21 volumes of books.
Chelsea, Ver. Miss A senath Hatch, á box, containing sundry articles, principally

from pupils in her school.
Concoril, Ms. A gross of lead pencils, from the manufacturer.
Connecticut Bible Society, by H. Hudson, Fsq.100 Bibles.
Conway, Ms. John Williams, Esq. a keg of butter, and a quantity of cheese.
Cummington, Ms. From individuals, a package.
Charlestown, Ms. Mr. Daniel Grega, one smith's vice, oarpenter's tools, and 93lb. of

Dover, Ms. Miss Fanny Bacon, a piece of cloth.
East Windsor, Con. Capt. Asahel Stiles, implements of husbandry, valued at

1 50 Ellington, Cou. Charles Sexton and Dea. Russell, cloth

3 00 Enfield, Con. Mr. Eben. Parsons, a plouglı. Dea. Luther Pierce, an axe,

1 50 Fairvale, N. Y. (Granville.) Individuals, a parcel of clothing, by Mr. C. Southworth. Fitchburg, Ms. Messrs. John and Joseph Farwell, a box of various implements of husbandry and carpenter's tools,

16 25 Mr. Stephen Dole, other articles,

1 S3

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Mr. Phineas Allen, do.

50 Geneva, N. Y. Mrs. Goodwin, 7 vols. of books. Goshen, Con. Various articles for the puission, by the Rev. Joseph Harvey. The

articles received at this depository, from friends of missions in Goshen and other
towns, were sent lo Boston in 7 boxes, which contained books, writing paper,

articies of clothing, farming uteusils, and carpenter's tools.
It cannot be ascertaineel how large a part of the articles bere mentioned were from

Goshen; as, in niany instances, articles were brought to the depository, and left

without any intimation of the donor's name or residence. Hadley, Ms. Ladies in Hopkins's Academy, a box and package of various articles of

Hartford, Con. H. Hudson, Esq. a box of school books.
NB. Articles sent from New Haven, and other places, were forwarded by Mr.

Other individuals, four trunks, four boxes, one half barrel, containing books, and

various other articles; three packa ges of iron tools; and one patent cast iron

coro nili: forwarded by Messrs. S. and C. Whiting. The number of books contributed at Hartford was very considerable: but as the

boxes were not opened at Bosion, and as no account of them was transmitted, we

cannot be more particular.
Hartford, N. Y. Individuals, a packare of clothing, by Mr. C. Southworth.
Hatfield, Ms. From ladies, a bundle of clothing.
Hartford, Ver, lodividuals, articles of clothing,

1 00 Hartlind, Ver. A friend of missions, one garment. Ilopkinton, Ms. Mr. Samuel Morse 2, three Testaments, and implements of hus. bandry, the avails of a niissionary field, valued together at

5 00 Miss M. Furbush's school, 1 Testuinent, and a bundle containing articles of clothing.

A gentleman, materials for shoemaking.
Lee, Mis. A soc. of young persons, several articles of clothing, by Mr. S. R. Wheeler.

Social Char. Soc. by Mr. Cyrus Leonard, sundry articles of wearing apparel.
Leicester, Ms. A box containing various articles, contributed principally by the Relig.

auad Char. Soc. of Feruales, by the Rev. John Nelson.
Lenor, Ms. From friends of the mission, one patent cast iron corn mill, by Mr. J. G.

Stanley. N. B. This is the same article mentioned under Hartford. Litchfield, Con. (Soith Farms,) Individaals, farming utensils, valued at 1 42; various articles of clothing, valued at 1970,

15 12 Manchester, Ver. A collection of clothing from several ladies, by the Rev. William

Middlebury, Ver, Dr. Wm. G. Ilooker, a box, containing 51 copies of the Middlebury

selection of Hymns.
New Bruintree, Ms. Books and clothing, from individuals,

7 99 Articles of provision for the voyage, valued at

23 73 New Brunswick, N. Jer. From individuals, s Bibles, 8 Testaments and other books,

articles of wearing apparel and a few joiner's tools. New Dampshire. A friend, by James Morris, Esq. one pa'r hose. Vew Haren, Con... Individuals, a box, containing various articles of hard ware and

books, by Col. Charles Sherman; anong which were 200 volumes of books, pre

sented by Students in Yale College, and forwarded by Mr. Hludson.
New York. The American Bibie Suciety 200 Billes and 100 Testaments, by John

Nitchie, Esq. Avent.
A small box of medicines, from J. T.
Northampton, M1s. Imlividuals, packages of clothing, several carpenter's tools, hat, &c.
North Brookfield, Ms. Content Skerry, articles of clothing,

S 00 The Dorcas Society, articles of do.

24 OU Individuals, a quantity of cheese for use on the voyage. Northbridge, Ms. Col. Whiting, implements of husbandry. Norwich, Con. Jalez Iluntington, Esq. a package of carpenter's and smith's tools, 20 00 Norwuch Society, (fierkimer Co.) N. Y. A package of clothing from several ladies,

by A. Seward. Pelham, N. 11. Eight Bibles from fire individuals, by the Rev. J. II. Church. Pittsfield, Ms. A great number of articles for the mission were forwarded from this

place. They were received and put on board the vessel, but no particular descrip

tion of their number and value is in our possession.
Plainfield, Ms. Fem. Reading and Tract Soc. a package of clothing:
Rorbury, Ms. From a family, ly Mr. S. T. Armstrong, several books.
Rutland, Ver. (W. parish,) Several ladies and gentlenien, a box of clothing, by the
Riv. Amos Irury.

65 00
E. parish. A package of clothing from ladies.
Salem, Ms. Individuals belonging to the Tabernacle church, a number of Bibles, 13 00
Fourteen guments for children, the avails of a missionary bus kept by Mr. J. B.

7 95 An outer garment, by Capt. G. K. Smithi. Mrs. Baker, 6 children's garments.

A female friend, 11 children's garments.
Another female friend, 6 children's garments.
Children of Mr. J. Howard, 4 New Testaments.
The Juven. Sewing Soc. 15 children's garments.

Individuals, 2 table cloths, shoes and clothing, by the Rev. E. Cornelius:
Salem, N. Y. A package of clothing by Mr. C. South worth.
Sharon, Ver. Mr. Burbank, one ream of printing paper.

Some writing paper, by Mr. C. South worth.
Spencer, Ms. From individuals, a few articles, by Mr. Stephen Crosby.
Upton, Ms. Mr. John Childs, implements of husbandry,

5 00 Urica, N. Y. A large number of articles of wearing apparel, &c. presented to Mrs.

Luomis, as a part of her preparation for the mission.
Washington, Con. Several individuals: Bibles, Testaments, and other books, various

articles of clothing, and farming utensils.
Westborough, Ms. From the society of Rev. Mr. Rockwood, as follows; viz.
The Juvenile Straw Soc. a box of straw hats,

S16 00 Individuals, a box of clothes and books,

40 00 1 barrel of apples, 1 do. of onions for use on the voyage; -axes, augers, hoes, &c.

28 604.84 60 Westhampton, Ms. A box of articles from individuals. Weathersfeld, Ver. Individuals, several articles of clothing, by Dea. N. Coolidge. Whitesboro', N. Y. Individuals, 70 vols. of books, and a package of clothing. Windsor, Ver. Individuals, two boxes and a trunk of articles for clothing, and I doz. axes, by Dea. N. Coolidge, valued at

108 74 Woodstock, Ver. lodividuals, by the Rev. Walter Chapin, 3 Bibles, 2 Psalm books, and various articles of clothing,

19 99 Worcester, Ms. Friends to the cause of missions, 4 Testaments. Worthington, Ms. From ladies, two packages of clothing.

The following donations have been received for the missionary stations among the Indians, vie.

A box of clothing from the Female Cent Society in Marshfield, Ver, by Mrs Phebe Pitkin.

A box of clothing from ladies in the first parish in Abington, Ms. by Sally King, for the mission at Ellipt. The box contained also five pair of shoes from three gentlemen.

A box of clothing from the Cherokee Society of South Hadley, by Abby W. Allen, Treas. urer, containing 158 articles, principally woolen and cotton garments for men, women, and children, designed for the mission at Brainerd.

A large keg of clothing from the Mite Society of Hanover, N. H. by Mrs. Charlotte Town, Treasurer, for the mission at Elliot. The articles valued at $25 75, and transmitted by Dea. Coolidge:

Several articles from various places, by Dea. Coolidge; but so mixed with articles for the Sandwich Island mission, that the places cannot now be described, though the articles were sent to their respective destinations.

From several females in Littleton, N. H. about 60 yards of thick white fannel, for the use of the mission at Brainerd, forwarded by D. Goodall, Esq.

From the Female Cent Society in Ashburnham, Ms. a box of clothing for Indian children, by Mrs. Mary Coolidge.

A box of clothing, &c. from several females in Ashby, principally from one aged widow, for the mission at Brainerd.

A bundle of garments for the school at Brainerd, from the Friendly Society of Newton, Ms. by Miss Margaret G. Cushing, Secretary.

A small box of clothing from Portland. A box of cloth and other articles, worth S60, from a Society of young females in Plainfield, Mass. assisted by their parents and clothiers,--forwarded by Miss Lydia Richards.

A box of clothing from ladies in Sutton, Ms. by Mrs. Lucy Morse, for the mission at Brainerd or Elliot, valued at $ 10 43


from June 20th, 1818, to June 20th, 1819. From the following charitable Societies, collections in congregations, and individuals: July 2, 1818. The Cent Society of Ashby, by Miss Rebecda Taylor,

$37 14 Contribuition in Wareham, by the Rev. Noble Everett,

9 25 17. Contribution in the society of the Rev. Elisha Fisk, Wrentham,

40 22 29. Collection in the first precinct of Middleborough, by the Rev. Mr. Paine, 48 04 Aug. 1. Collec at a monthly prayer meeting in Dracut, (w.parish,) by Mr. J. Coburn, 1 25 Sept. 25. Mr. Samuel Tyler of Altleborough, by Mr. Richard Hunt,

S 00 Oct. 12. From sale of trinkets received in donations,

1 12 27. Fem. Cent Soc. in Newbury, (311 parish,) by Mrs. Emma Bailey, Treasurer, 13 58 Nov. 4. A young female in indigent circumstances, (a ten dollar bill, half for Foreign Missions, and half for the Massachusetts Missionary Society,)

5 00 Jan. 9, 1819. The congregational soc. in New Sharon, alaine, by the Rev. Josiah Peet, in 40


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