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encourage him to obey God rather than man, I read to him the account of Daniel when in the lion's den, and of the three men who were cast into the fiéry furnace.

15. To-day our church has been dedicated to God. All the services were in Tainul. The Rev. Christian David made an introductory address and prayer. :: I preached a sermon from Psalm cii, 13–17. The Rev. Mr. Squance, a Wes

leyan poissionary, made a concluding prayer. Four Tamul hymns were sung rn the occasion. The last was sung by a number of bovs from Christian David's school. It excited a deep interest in the natives, and produced a happy effect. The subject of the hyma was, an invitation to the heathens to leave their various superstitions, and seek the blessing of God in this church. Nearly 200 persons were present on the occasion. In the afternoon, while engaged in conversation with several of our missionary friends, who visited us from Jaffna, we received letters from Dr. Worcester, and our brethren at Bombay, accompanied by thirteen private letters, and a number to brother and sister Meigs, who were present; also to our other brethren. The circumstance of being visited on dedication day by so many American friends, and to receive, as it were, their congratulations and good wishes on the occasion, excited within us great joy, and thanksgivings to God. Long shall we remember the pleasing events of this day. On several accounts it has been even more interesting, than that in which we quitted our native land, to seek the goodly service in which we are now engaged.

We hope all our American friends will unite with us in the prayer, "Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish thou the work of our hands; Ć yea the work of our hands establish thou it.”

17. Learn that brother Warren has been gaining in health for ten or twelve days past; that his voice has returned, and he is able to converse aloud; that he and brother Richards have concluded to go to the Cape.

19. Held public worship for the first time on the Sabbath in our church. This is a new and interesting period io the mission here. We earnestly hope and pray, that God will fill this church with his glory, by giving abundant occasion for its being hereafter said, that this and that man, yea, that multitudes were born unto God in it.

21. Received a letter from America, containing the afflicting intelligence of the death of our friend and relation, John Jenks, Esq.

25. This day commenced the practice of holding daily prayer in Tamul, and of reading the Scriptures in the church morning and evening, at 7 o'clock, A. M., and at half past 5 o'clock, P. M. By this practice, we hope many will hear the word spoken, who otherwise would not.

29. The only Roman Catholic boy that has attended our school here at Tiilipally, and is the son of a widow, was obliged to leave the school in obedience to the command of the catholic priest. Our school, for some months past, has consisted of 45 boys, who have attended with tolerable punctuality. Twelve of the most forward are now learning to write English. Nine boys are now supported on our premises.

May 4. Brother and sister Meigs united with as yesterday in celebrating the Lord's supper at our church. About 80 persons were present. It was a refreshing season to us. In the afternoon brother M. preached at the rest house. The people conducted in an orderly manner. Six or eight boys, who have lately joined our school from a neighboring parish, did not attend to-day, because it was the time of new moon. Our Tillipally boys appeared to be forward to tell me of this, that I might see they had risen above the prevailing superstition, that it is a bad omen to attend school on the day of new moon. Very few boys are now kept from school on account of the heathen feast days. No one is willing to give that as an excuse for absence.

7. Learn that the brethren embarked on board the transport ship Regalia, on the 25th of April, and that sister Richards is on her passage from Columbo to. this place.

8. Last evening sister R. arrived at Jaffna. We learn that Supyen has gone to Tranquebar, to reside for a time with John Dewasagayan, a native Christian of that place.

DANIEL Poor.. (To be continued.)




RECEIVED DURING THE MONTH OF JANUARY, 1819. Abington, Ms. collected by Mr. Stephen Payne, by the circulation of the

Tatal. Panoplist, remitted by the Rev. S. W. Colburn,

86 00 Acworth, n. H. The Juvenile Society, by the Rev. P. Cooke, $500

10 01 The Moral Society, by do.

7 00 The monthly concert,

6 70--18 70 29 10 Adams, Ms. Two small children, for tie Cherokee mission,

1 18 Andover, Ms. The Char. Soc. in Phillips's Academy, for the ed. of a hea.

boy in the family of the American missionaries, by Mr. Harley Goodwin, Treas.

30 00 151 00 Ashfield, Ms. Society for ed. heathen children, by Mrs. Bemont, Treasurer,

11 62 The widow Huldah Goddard, for domestie Indian missions,

-12 12 Augusta, Me. The Fem. Mite Soc. and Juvenile Mite Soc. for missions in our own country, by the Rev. B. Tappan,

10 00 75 00 Austinburg, 0. Eliphalet Austin, jun. by Mr. William Cook,

2 00 Bath, N. H. Contribution, by the Rev. A. Finney,

7 00 Bedford, N. H. Several females, for the school fund, by Dea. J. French, 3 50 Berkley, Ms. An individual, by Asahel Hatheway, Esq.

2 00 Beverly, Ms. A society of little girls, for the western mission, by the Rev. B. Emerson,

4 15 Avails

of a charity box kept by two little girls; earned by committing Scripture, and abstaining from sugar, for the western mission,

1 29

--5 44 Blandford, Ms. The monthly concert, by E. Hall,

10 00 Bloomfield, N. J. A legacy, from Mrs. Lois Dodd, by the Rev. Mr. Dodd, of East Haven,

5 00 Boston, Ms. The monthly concert of the Old South and Park-Street

churches, of which $5 are for the Cherokee schon, and the remainder for the mission to Jerusalem,

31 35 117 57 Mr. Asa Ward,

10 00 Boxborough, Ms. The Female Society for ed. hea. youth in India, by Sarah Mead, Treas.

14 25 Mr. Joseph Stone, for the same object,

5 00--19 25 Bradford, Vt. A contribution, by the Rev. A. Finney,

4 50 The monthly concert, by the Rev. Silas McKean,

16 66-21 16 SI 21 Bradford, Ms. The Gentlemen's Association in the 2d parish, for ed. heathen children, by Mr. Daniel Stickney, Treas.

12 80 The Ladies Association in do. for the same object, by Lois Hardy, Treas.

6 944-19 04 80 45 Donations at the last annual meeting,

2 96 The Fem. Association in the first parish, for the same object, by Abigail C. Haseltipe, Treas.

19 04

38 72 Brattleboro', Ver. The monthly concert, by Capt. David Wood, Bridgeport, Con. Sally Wetmore, by the Rev. H. H. Bridgeton, Me. The Fem. Missionary Society, by Harriet Church, 21 00 Brookfield, Ms. An aged female friend, by the Rev. Micah Stone, Buffalo, N. Y. The monthly concert, by the Rev. Miles P. Squier, 15 00 Dy field, Ms. Seminary for young ladies, for the education of a child in

the Rev. Mr. Poor's family in Ceylon, to be named Joseph Emerson,* 16 18
Cambridge, N. Y. From the following persons in the Presbyterian

Society, by the Rev. Levi Parsons, viz.
G. Wendell, Esq. $20; Sidney Hells, $15,

85 00
James Richardson, Austin Wells, Esq. Rev. Nathaniel S. Prime,
0. and A. Crosby, $10 each,

40 00 A friend of missions, Danforth Billings, and David Tuttle, $5 each,

15 00 John Younglove, Lauchlin Wright, Robert Wilcox, 85 each, 15 00 Joseph Gilbert, G. W. Fermain, A. Van Tuyl, $5 each, 15 00 A. Van Tuyl, jun. John McLean, Esq. William C. MeLean, $5 each,

15 00 * This donation was enclosed to Mr. Emerson in a note, which contained the following sentences. Impressed with a deep sense of their obligations to their instructor, the members of the Ryfield Senunary transmit the enclosed sum, for the annual erpenses of a heathen child to be named Joseph Emerson, and educated in the Rev. Daniel Poor's fumilu in Ceu. lon. We engage to be responsible for the expenses of his education at the rate of twelve dalo lars a year

15 00
9 00

1 00

4 00

Bethuel Church, S5; Azor Thompson, $7,

12 00 D. Campbell, Col. Tiark Rice, Clark Rice jun. $5 each, 15 00 Roswell Rice, John L. Wendell, Esq. Sylvester Warren, $5 each,

15 00 Daniel Wells, Kirtland Warner, Thias Johnson, $3 each, 9 00 Thomas N. Clark, 83; John Alden, 8%,

5 00 Mrs. L. Younglore, Miss M. A. Hay, Miss S. Hay, $2 each, 6 00 Hercules Rice, Miss P. Herriman, Joshua Foss, $2 each, 6 00 Leander Church, A. Thomson, Samuel Thomson, $2 each, 6 00 James Johnson, Russel Norton, Lot Woodru.l; $each,

6 00 Dr. J. Dorr, David Simpson, A Donation, $2 each,

6 00 A Donacion, $2; Joseph Norton, and Jeduthun Loomis, 81 each, 4 00 Isaac Van Tuyl, vors. S. Fielu, Mrs. J. Fairchild, $1 each, 3 00 Mrs. S. Crosby, Elijah Gray, Miss C Wendell, Si each, 3 00 Miss M. M. Prime, $i 12; Cornelius Wendell, 61,

2 12 Jonas Holden, Johu Moor, James Davis, jun. Si each,

3 00 Isa H. Cogswell, David Wright, Talmon Finton, Si each, S 00 Samuel Crosby, Franklin Rider, Abijali Pratt, Si cach,

3 00 David Moor, Natban Collins, Thaddeus Broughton, SI each, S 00 E. Van Derlip, Joseph Goodale, Rufus Church, S1 each, S 00 Philemon Allen, G. W. Campbell, Lewis McLean, $I each, S 00 E.C. Pearl, Sylvester Shafter, James MoLean, S1 each, 3 00 J.C. Campbell, Edward Long, Isaac Culver, $1 each,

S 00 Mos C. Alden, Elisha Billings, Josiah Wright, $1 each, 3 00 Ichabod Eldridge, Daniel Rice, $1 each; Thomas Rice, $1 19 S 10 A Donation, $1; Henry Ham, John Simpson, $1 each, S 00 Henry Weeks, s. C. Perry, A Donation, Sl each,

3 00 James Peters, Jobo Locke, Mrs. S Murch, $1 each,

3 00 0. Culver, Matthew Lamb, E. Lampson, 81 each,

S 00 E. Martin, Lucy West, Mrs. D. Woodward, Øl each,

3 00 E Billings, 90 cts.

90 From twenty persons, in sums less than one dollar,

10 00 From twelve persons,

3 00 From three other persons,

Miss P. Brown, Miss E. Wells, William A. Wells, $1 each, 3 00
H. H. Wells, 82; Gen. Walter De Ridder, ( Argyle, ) $2,
Enoch Carter, $2; John Brown, Mrs. Hadson, 50 cts. each, 3 00—2302 72
From the following persons in the Associate Church and Society in

Cambridge, viz.
Rev. Alexander Bullions,

3 00 William Stevenson,

25 00 Williain McAuley, Thomas McLcan, S5 each,

10 01) Dr. Stevenson, Mrs. A. Wendell, George Barber, $5 each, 15 00 William Van Kirk, John Ashton, James Small, $5 each,

15 00 William Green, $5; John Welsh, H3; James J. Green, 82, 10 00 Edward Cook, Walter Maxwell, John Maxwell, $2 each, 6 00 J. Stevenson, P. Hill, F. McLean, 8% each,

6 00 J. McClellan, McNeil & McNaughton, $2 each,

4 00 James Gillmore, Thomas Green, Samuel M. Doval, $2 each, 6 00 Herman Wainwright, $3; Alexander J. Shellie, Si,

4 00 John Robertson, Mrs. A. McNeil, George Lourie, $1 each, S 00 Mrs. Lourie, Miss C. Irvine, Mrs McDoual, $1 each,

3 00 William Boyd, John Mushet, Peter Mushet, $1 cach,

3 00 Mrs. Mushet, R. Stone, Daniel Maxwell, S1 cach,

S 00 Mrs. A Maxwell, Mrs. M. Maxwell, George Maxwell, $1 each, 3 00 Mrs. J. Maxwell, John Wright, Mrs. R. McLean, Si eael, 3 00 J. Robertson, Mrs. I. Hill, Mrs. M. McLean, $1 each,

3 00 Miss E. McDoual, B. Brownell; S. Green, $1 each,

S 00 A. McDoual, E. Lauderdale, J. W. Bishop, Sl each,

3 00 J. Hay, H. Bigelow, J.F. Cumming, Si each,

S 00 A. Marshall, S1; Miss A. Ruggles, $1; John Armitage, $2, 4 00 Joseph Armitage, Miss M. Armitage, S1 each,

2 00 Mrs. L. Ashton, James Coulter, Si each,

2 00 Mrs. M. Coulter, George Coulter, Mrs. S. Green, S! each, 3 00 Henry McAuley, $1; H. McAuley, jun. P. Mc Gill, $1 each,

S 00 P. W. McNaughton, H. Morris, Mrs. B. McDoual, 50 cts. each, 1 50 J. Lamb, Mrs. C. Coulter, 50 cts. cach, A. Beach, 25 cts.

1 25 John S. Shepherd, Sl; Mrs. A. McNeil, Si,

2 00 Cash, 25 cents,

25_-159 00 Carlisle, Ms. Mr. Ward Litchfield,

1 00 Carver, Ms. The Branch of the Heathen's Friend Society, by Lois Lucas, Treas.

12 50 Catskill, N. Y. Fem. Bombay Soc. by Miss A. Van Bergen, Secretary, 30 00

70 00

Charlemont, Ms. Fem. Assoc. for ed. heath. children, by Abigail Hawks,

20 00 40 00 Charlestown, Ms. Andrew K. Hunt, and Albert Hunt, received for

committing hymns and portions of Scripture, for ed. hcath. children, by Dr. Morse,

75 Chebacco, (Ipswich,). Ms. Miss H. Choate, for ed. heathi. children, by Mr. Hemenway,

2 00 Chelsea, Ver. Foreign Mission Society, and avails of a contribution on the first Sabbath of the year, by the Rev. A. Finney,

S1 82 Chester, N. H. Fem. Cent Society, by the Rev. Mr. Parker,

11 00 Claremoni, N. H. Education and Foreign Mission Society, by Mr. Daniel Parmelee, Treas. for SAMPEL Hopkins, the 2d payment,

20 00 50 00 The f'em. Educ. Soc. by Mrs. A. Parmelee, Treas. for STEPHEN FARLEY, 2nd payment,

27 00 57 00 Concord, Ms. For. Missionary Mite Soc. for John White, the 2d payment, by Sarah Abbot, Treas.

30 00

60 00 A Lady in do.

5 00 Dracut, Ms. Fem. Heath. School Soc. by Susan Frye, Treasurer,

15 60

52 60 Enfield, Con. Society of little girls in Miss H. Keep's school, for western missions, by the Rev. B. Emerson,

4 50 Exeter, N. H. Mrs. Margaret Dean, for the education of a child in the

family of the missionaries, to be named WARD CLARK Dean, by Mr. T. H. Wood,

30 00 Fairhaven, Ms. Mr. Ansel Jenne,

1 25 From his family mite box,

75 -2 00 Fairlee, Ver. A lady, for the mission to Jerusalem,

1 00 Fitchburg, Ms. Ladies, for the support of heathen children, by the Rev. William Eaton,

15 00 SO 00 Foxborough, Ms. The monthly coifcert, by Mr. Seaver,

11 00

64 52 Fem. Benev. Soc. by the Rev. T. Williams,

10 00

24 00 Miss E. Fales, and misses in her school, the avails of their indus. try, for the ed. of heath. children,

950----30 50 German, Chenango county, N. Y. The Cent Soc. by Col.John Lincklaen, 9 00 Gorham, Me. Children in Miss R. Davis's school,

50 Six other small children,

87 A friend, by the Rev. Asa Rand,

1 00--2 57 Great-Barrington, Ms. Fem. Cbar. Soo.

22 92 190 99 Greenfield, Saratoga Co. N. Y. Young Gentlemen's Missionary Assoc. in aid of the School Fund, by Ebenezer Kent, Treas.

12 00 Greensboro', Ver. Fem. Fór. Miss. Soc. by the Rev. Chester Wright, 6 00 Hamden, Con. Heathen Educ, Soo. for the education of a child to be

called after their pastor, ELIPHALET B. COLEMAN, by Mr. Zadock Allen, Treas.

30 00 Haverhill, N. H. A contribution, by the Rev. A, Finney,

10 70 Haverhill, Ms. Ladies' Assoc. for ed. heath. children, by Mrs. Sara Gale,

19 00 Young Misses do. by do.

3 72-21 72 80 91 Gentlemen's Assoc. by Mr. Caleb B. Le Bosquet, Treas. 13 00 Young Masters, do.

2 S7 ---15 37 60 48 Contribution in the Rev. Joshua Dodge's Society,

9 00 Heath, Ms. From children, for educating heathen children,

18 Holden, Ms. Children in the Sabbath School, of which $12 are for a

child in Ceylon, to be named JOSEPH AVERY, by Samuel Damon, Treas. 35 47 Holliston, Ms. A friend, by Miss E. Prentiss,

5 00 Ipswich, Ms. The For. Miss. Soc. in the 2d parish,

7 80 Jamaica, L. Isl. The Juvenile Cent Society for ed. heath. children, by. Eliphalet Wickes, Esq.

26 00 Jerico, Ver. The Society for ed. heath. children, by Mr. Pliny Blackman, 25 00 Kingston, Penn, The Female Miss. and School Soc. by Henry Buckingham, Esq;

7 00 27 23 Lanesboro, Ms. From a charity box, for the ed. of heath. children, by the Rev. Dr. Hyde,

1 75 Lee, Ms. A family of children, their reward for committing to memory 50 hymns, for ed. heath. ehildren,

50 Lenox, Ms. The Fem. For. Miss. Soc. by Mrs. A. Walker, Treas. for the Cherokee mission,

22 00

42 09 Leominster, Ms. Children in schools, for hea. children at Bombay, 1 62 Mrs. Thurston,

1 00 Three females, for ed. heath. children,

1 40 Ten children, the avails of their industry, for the school at Bombay, *

1 72—-5 74 * Accompanying this donation was a bundle containing 9 pair of hose, for the mission at Brainerd, from the Sister Society.

8 00

21 41

330 00

105 00

80 71

40 00 49 40

10 40

16 75

Lerington, Vir. The Rev, Mr. Baxter, remitted by Robert Ralston, Esq. 7 75
Lörre, N. A. The Fem. Assoc. for ed. heath. children, by the Rev. A.

6 87 The Gentlemen's Assoc. for the same object,

16 50.23 37 Marblehead, Ms. The Soeiety in the 2d parish for ed. heath. children,

principally in our own country, by the Rev. Jolan Bartlet, 28 50 A lady in do.

5 00.--33 50 Matritück, L. Isl. The Fem. Snc. by the Rev. L. Thomson, Meriden, Con From Dea. Booth, by T. Dwight, Esq.

1 00 Midd'eborough, Ms. From Horatio G. Wood, by Gen. A. Washburn, 2 00 Montpellier, Ver. Monthly concert, by the Rev. Chester Wright,

6 57 Nenurk, N. J. The Male Mite Soc. for the ed. of heath. children in laria, by Mr. William Munn, Treas.

100 00 A prayer meeting, for the Cherokee Indians, by "a friend to the sehool,”

14 79--114 79 Nezbury, Ver. A contribution, by the Rev. A. Finney,

9 45 Verbury, & Newburyport, Ms. Fem. For. Miss. Soc. by Mr. S. Tenney, 23 00 . New Hartford, Con. The Fem. Assoc. for ed. heath. children, by their Agent, Asenath Yale,

30 00 The Male Assoc. of do. for the same object, by Messrs. William Cook, and Elijah Goodwin,

22 00 ..Vex-Haven Con. The Young Men's Praying Assoc. by


Dwight, Esq. 12 00 Vew Ipswick, N. H. A Legacy from the estate of Miss Clarissa Davis, late deceased, by Mr. Solomon Estabrook, Executor,

206 37 Newton, Mass. Mr. William Moore, by the Rev. Mr Greenough, 2 00 New-York. Mr. Thomas C. Butler, jun. by the Rev. Gardiner Spring, for the mission to Jerusalem,

14 00 Norridgewock, Me. Avails of contributions at the monthly concert, by the Rev. J. Peet,

20 00
Northampton, Ms. From a Praying Soc. by Mr. E. S. Phelps,
Children in the school of Miss Cooley,

1 60---19 00
Norzeich, (Plain,) Ver. Monthly concert for prayer, by Mr. R. W. Bailey, 5 92
Verzich, Con. A friend, for a 'ebild in Ceylon, iramed Asadel Hooker, 19 00
Orford, N. H. From the following sources, by the Rev. A. Finney, viz.
From a female friend,

1 00 Colic. from a small circle,

3 75 Females associated for prayer,

8 01.12 75 The Fem. Assoc. for edheath. children,

9 15
Res. Sylvester Dana, for do.
Dea. J. Palmer, S1; Mr. Ichabod Sanger, Si,
Robert Gilmore, 25 cts.; Charles B. Dana, 50 cts.
A little boy ten years old, collected in a charity box,

1 00
Two other individuals,
Another, for the western mission,

2 00:18 40 Philadelphia. From Robert Ralstori, Esq. for the For. Miss. School, 50 00 Piermont, N. H. A few individuals,

1 60 Pittsfield, Ms. The monthly concert, by the Rev. H. Humphrey,

13 00 Plainfield, Ver. Fem. For. Miss. Soc. by Mrs. Lydia Kinne, Treas. 17 00 The monthly concert in do.

1 43
Plymouth, Ver. The Char. Soc. by Dea. N. Coolidge,
Plympion, Ms. Heathen's Friend Soc. by Mrs. Mary Dexter, Treas. 13 96
Praitsburg. Steuben Co. N. Y. Mr. Joel Tutile, by Dr. N. Niles,

5 63
Randolph, Ms. Part of a contribution on the first Sabb:ith of the year,
in the Rev. Mr. Poiroy's society,

16 00
Rochester, Ms. From the monthly concert, by Hope Haskell, 5 31
Bequeathed by Mary Lumbard, a member of the Heathen's
Friend Soc.

The Heathen's Friend Soc.
The monthly concert in the Rev. Mr. Cobb's society,
From 4 children, saved by abstaining from sugar,

1 00--24 55 Rockingham, Ver. The Hon. William Hall, Esq.

10 00 Rowley, Ms. The Fem. Cent Soc. for foreign inissions, by Lois Cogswell, Treas.

150 Children in a Sabbath school in the first parish, by the Rev. Willard Holbrook, for ed. heath. children,

3 12---15 62 Salem, Ms. Miss Curtis's school, for the child named Tuomas Sper.

CER, the ad annual payment,
A charity box in the same school, for the mission among the

200----14 00 The monthly concert at the Tabernacle chureli, by the Rev. Dr. Woreester,

6 21 A friend, an annual payment, for the support of a native preacher in

lodia, as soon as one can be obtained,

2 00
2 00


1 50

9 0)

149 48

16 10

8 21 2 00

110 53

194 44

12 00

26 00

SO 00

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