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A few days ago 812 were paid to the treasury of the A. B. C. F. M, for the education of a heathen child in Ceylon which sum was collected by a society of young ladies who depend on their own labors for their subsistence, most, if not all of them being employed at service in a country village.

This is truly a most laudable example. It is the product of hard labor, and cannot be said to be an offering which.cost nothing. It affords an example which ought to put to the blush those many wealthy men in our country, who give nothing for any charitable or religious purpose, but who, with perfect ease, and without abridging one substantial enjoyment, or denying themselves one rational pleasure, -mighi give hundreds nay thousands of dollars. To immense numbers in al nost every county, nay to many in nearly every village, an hundred dollars would be a smaller sum in the means of living, and the donation of it a less sacrifice, than the single dollar of an industrious female, who procures it in the mode above mentioned.

A man prosperous in business became wealthy. Money was his object and his all. He could give nothing for charity; and to support the Gospel in his own town but five or six dollars, and rarely attended religious meetings.

An alarming and afflictive providence awakened his attention to eternal things. He is made a hopeful subject of grace. He became a constant attendant on all religious meetings, and united himself to the Church of Christ. In about one year he has given to the American Board C. F. M. $75. To the Education Society $50. To the American Bible Society $60 To Mr. J. B. H; de 20; besides many articles in clothing, bread, and other necessary comforts of life to the poor of his neighborhood. He can now give $25, or 30 to his own minister; and it is believed has given a piece of land to the General Baptist F. M. Society worth $600 or $800.

CLAIMS OF THE MISSIONARY CAUSE. It may be thought by many, who see the published lists of donations to the Board of Foreign Missions, that the sums lately received are adequate to the recent expenses. But this is not the case. Since the first of September, about twice as much has been paid from the treasury, as has been received within the same time; and large remittances must speedily be made both to the east ard to the west. What is to be done? Let every reader peruse the lists of donations, and select the most prominent instances of liberality; and then, according to his means, let him go and do likewise.

NOTICE TO THE FRIENDS OF MISSIONS. It is desirable that each mission among the heathen should be furnished with an extensive Library; and it is presumed that many friends of missions have on hand books, which would be highly valued by the missionaries, but which, in their present situation, are of very little use to any one. Such persons might render an important service to the cause of missions by a donation of books, in almost any department of knowledge. It is desirable, that each mission library should contain a variety of works on theology, practical religion, biography, history, languages, medicine, geography, &c. &c.

The missionaries to Judea will need a library containing books of different kinds in French, Italian, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic. Any grammars, dictionaries, or classical works, or any copies of the Scriptures in either of these languages, or any English works relative to Western Asia; histories, travels, geographies, gazetteers, any periodical works, or any copies of the Bible, or any part of it, in any language, will be an acceptable and useful addition to their library. Books of any kind, that would be useful to missionaries, way at any time be forwarderl to the Treasurer, or to any of the agents of the Board.

PALESTINE MISSION, The week after the mission to the Sandwich Islands had sailed, a favorable opportunity was presented for sending Messis, Fisk and Parsons to the Levant,

in pursuance of their previous appointment. It was supposed that the ship, in which they had taken passage, might sail on Saturday, Oct. 30:h. The missionaries, therefore, after making a hasty visit to their parents and friends, and using the utmost expedition in their preparations, were in Boston by the time assigned. For want of favorable winds the ship was detained till the following Wednesday; and thus the missionaries and their friends were permitted to enjoy several most interesti g scenes together.

In the forenoon of the Sabbith, the Old South and Park Street churches united in celebrating th: Lord's supper, at the house of the former, where it was the regular season of the communion. The missionaries and the member's of Park Street Church were present by invitation. The Rev. Mr. Codinan, who preached that day in th: destitute charch, presided; and the Rev. Dr. Worcester, and the Rev. M«rsr's. Jenks, Dwight, and Fisk, took part in the exercises. In the afternoon Mr. Parsons preached in Park Street Church, on the state of the Jews; and in the evening, Ir. Fisk preacher in the Old South, on the design and prospects of the Palestine Mission. After sermon a collection, amounting to $293, 31, was received in ait of this enterprise; and the instructions of the Prudential Committee were delivered in public. Both the sermcos and the instructions of the Committee are published. At the close of the exercises, a gentleman presented a bill of exchange for thirty pounds sterling, lo form the foundation of a Bible Society, or a school, in Palestine, whenever the missionaries should be able to gain access in thai interesting region. As general notice had b: en given, the Old South church was more crowded, than we almost ever recollect to have seen any place of concourse. Not only the pews, but the aisles, stairs, boli galleries, and all the avenues, were throngcd, so that it was with great difficulty that the boxes could be circulated for the collection. Many ageil persons and many ladies, were obliged to stand during the whole services; and yet, the profondest attention was observable to the close. It was supposed that multitudes would retire after the collection, and before the instructious were delivered, in consequence of suffering inconvenience from the pressure; but so deep was the interest of the occasion, that few avajled themiselves of the interval to withdraw.

On Monday evening the united monthly concert of the Old South and Park Strect churches wis liek ar the usual place. On the recurrence of this meeting, a coilection has been regularly made, during the past year, for the express purpose of supporting the Palestine Mission. It was peculiarly grateful to the members of these churches, therefore, to see the missionaries with them, just before their departure. Nor will it soon be forgotten, that these beloved, and highly valued brethren, led in the prayers and the exhortations of the evening:

The combined tendency of all the meetings, which have now been described, was to promote religion in the hearts of Christians, to carry the most salutary convictions to the consciences of sinners, to enlarge the mind, to ennoble the feelings, and to swell the soul with the benevolent desire of sending the Gospel to the remotest corners of the world.

On Wednesday forenoon, the missionaries and a few friends went on board the ship. Wbile the anchor was weighing, a parting prayer was offered in the cabin; and, soon after, ile mutual firewell was exchanger, and the vessel put to sea with a delightful breeze. She is expected to touch a' Malta; and, after a stay of a few days, to go thence to Smyrna. This is precisely such a destination, is would have been chosen, had the voyage been planned solely for the mission. There is abundant reason to acknowledge the kindness of Providence in all these events and to trust in the same Providence in reference to the future.

ERRATA. In onr number for July, p. 322, line 22 froni lop, for "except his books and his library" read “except his books and his money,

In the number for October, p. 436, line 33 from top, for "deceire" read "receite."

In our last number, p. 524. The "collection at a prayer-meeting," $10 50, published as from Springfield, Mass. should have been fronı Eust li indsor. Con.

The list of donations to the Foreign Mission School, published in our number for September, p. 427, contains not only donations received by the accountant, within the time there specificil; but likewise domatious received by the Rev. Joseph Harvey for several nmnths previously.



Actions public, common motives of, 362 Avarice of professed Christians, 529-an
Adams, N. Y. revival of religion at,


opprobrium to religion, i6. -remedies
Admonition, manner of giving,

530 for 530-a proper subject of church dis-
Allied Sovereigns of Europe, declaration of, 47 cipline,

Allston, Washington, Esq. his painting of
Jacob's dream, described,

493 Bagroo river and adjoining country, ac-
Almanac, the Clergy man's, remarks on, 491 count of,

Ambition, miseries of its votaries, 543 Bankote, visit of Mr. Newell to,

American Bible Society, third annual Basseen, visit of Mr. Hall to,

meeting of, 421-extracts from the third Batlicotta, (See Ceylon.]
Report of, ib.

Beecher, Rev. Lyman, review of his ser.
Amer. Board of Commissioners for For. mon at the funeral of Obookiah, 258

eign Missions, donations to, 38,84,127,173 Belchertown, revival of religion in, 46,132
236,281,329,333,379,425,469,476,518,563– Bible Society, British and Foreign, Mr.
apnual meeting of, 432,480-Offioers of, 505 Wilberforce's Speech at the anniver:
-report of the Prudential Committee, 507, sary of, 473— American, Third anpilal
545-general statement of its missions meeting of, 421,-extracts from ube
and schools, 562—pecuviary accounts of, 562 Third report of,

Amer. Colouization Society, Review of Bingham, Rev. Hiram, ordination of as a

the 2d report of, 241-indifference of Missionary to the Sandwich Islands, 526
people in the eastern states respecting, -embarkation of,

ib. - Western Africa a suitable place Blessings promised to believers,
for a colony of, 242-mission of Messrs. Bombay, letters from the missionaries at, 37
Mills and Burgess thither,

ib. 22:2,286, 866,472-extracts from Mrs.
American Education Society, donations to, 92 Nichols's journal, 134-printing at, 223

138,189,240,285,335,382,431-review of -Schools, flourishing state of, 467
the Third Report of, 145,206-number mode of conducting ibem, 468—want of
of beneficiaries of, 145--difficulties to more missionaries, 224–soil and produc-
be encountered by the Society, ib. tion of the islands,383-mode of renting,
dangers to which indigent young men and cultivating laud, ih--expense of
are exposed, 147-erroneous views of the schools, 467,468-preaching among
the clerical life, 148-danger of leaning the natives, 466-distribution of books
entirely on others, 149—suggestions to by the missionaries,

beneficiaries, 150-qualifications of ben Boom river, with the surrounding countiy,
eficiaries, 152—vant of more clergy men


in our country, 154-degeneracy of this Boston Foreign Mission Society, annual
country in regard to the support of the meeting of, 25—address of the Treas-
Gospel 161 —ability of this country to urer of, ib.-- avdress of the Rev. Mr.
support religions charities, 206- classic Jeuks at, 31--address of the Rev. Mr.
fication of Christians with reference to Huntington at, 73,-Graham Society,
charitable objects, 207-annual revenue Second Annual Report of, 90-Society
which might easily be paid to charitable for promoting Christianity aniong the
objects, 21:9- letter from a Director of Jews, Third Report of, 328,-Corban
the Society to the Editor of the Pano Society, report of,

plist, 391-observations on it,

395 Brainerd, journal of the mission at, 41,322,
Analogical reasoning, abuses of,

494 568-letters from the missionaries,423
Anglo-Chinese College, establishment of, division of the school into separale de.
at Malacca

169 partments, 54,-cultivation of the mis.
Animals of Bombay,
984 sionars farin,

Arc of the meridian, measurement of an, 156 Bride, birning of a, with her husband, 459
Aichdeacon of London, address of, to a Bridgewater, N. Y. revival of relixion at, 132
mi sionary,


Brown, Catharine, departure of from the
Arctic discoveries, reward proposed for, 454 mission school, 45-letters from, 170,
Arkansaw, mission to the Cherokees on $17--returns to the school,


556 Burgess and Milli, Messrs, their mission
Arlington, Ver. revival of religion in, 132 to Africa,

Authority of the Epistles of the New Tes. Burning of a bride with her 452


of age,

Butrick, Rev. D. S. letter from, 423-bis Crook, Rev. W. P. letter from,

labors as a missionary,
548 Cullian, visit of Mr. Hall at,


-establishment of a school at, 469
Caranja, visited by Mr. Newell,

Catacombs of Paris described,

3.5 Death of the Rev. Edward Warren, 35
Censurus on missions by the ignorant and -of Miss Eliza Harris, 140-of Geo.
cold hearteil,

498 Huntington, 143- the Rev Dr. Sprius,
Cepbrebes, great pyramid of opened and 144-of Mrs. Mary W. Soothgare,

307 190_of the Hon. John Langdon, 456
Ceylon, letters from the missionaries in, 75, --of Mrs. Hannah Haskins, ib.--of

381-journal of the Rev. Mr. Poor, at the Rev. William Percy, ib.-of Gen.
Tillipally, 80,375,417 - journal of the Isaac Maltby, ib --of the Duke of Rich:
mission at Batticotta, 224-sailing of mond, ib.-of the Hon. John Rut.
the missionaries to Ceylon,

312 ledge, ib.-of the Hon. Keating L Sim-
Chamberlain, Rev. William, his labors as

monds, ib.-of the Rev. Joshua Hun.
a missionary

548 tington, 480—of the Rev. Levi Harts-
Chainberlain, 'Mr. Daniel, embarks as a horn, ib.
missionary to the Sandwich Islands,


Death, ivfliction of, on criminals as a pon-
Chapels iu England, number of,
454 ishment, a terrible expedient,

Character, wrong estimates of,
198 Delusive appearances of life,

Cherokee chiefs, meeting of, 42-delegales Disappointment, numerous sources of, 7
at Washington, Dr. Worcester's address

effects ot,

to, 374 --letter froro a Cherokee woman 171 Donations to Foreign Missions, 38,84,127,
Cherokees,treaty of with the U. States, 137,551 173,236,284,329,333, 379, 425, 469,470),516,
-mission and school anjong, 547

preaching among, 548—local schools

-to the Amer. Educ. Society, 92,138,189,


Chickasaws desirous of a mission anrı school,557 -the Massachusetts Missionary Society, 570
Chill, extraordinary attainments of a, 60 Donors, notice to,

Childhood, pleasures of, superior to those Dream of Jacob, Mr. Allston's painting

534 of described, 493-resemblance of this
Chiwa, severity of the laws and government, 448 life to a dream,

Choctaws, their punishment of supposed Du stable, Ms. revival of religion in, 32

witches, 460--commencement of the Duty, on the rule of, 531-of Christians
school among, 461,554-lheir supersti in spreading the Gospel,

tions, 462-mission amo:g, 553-—-sub. Dwight, Rev. Dr. extracts from his sys-
scription of individuels for the school, 555 tem of Theology,

Choule, visit of Mr. Hall to,

establishment of a school at, 467 Earthly attachments, the danger of, 105
Christ, the only medium of entrance to

- wretchedness, many sources of, 389

Edwarıls, Rev. Jonathan, extract from
Christian professor, letters to a, 22, 68, 197 his works,

-watchfulness, duty of,

292 Ell-e.kee, murder of, for witchcraft, 460
Christian, peaceful leath of,

192 Elliot, letter from the missionaries at, 313
Christians, the duty of, in m:king sacri -missionary buildings at, 315mmission
fices, 51, 131-less active in their du-

school opened, 317,461-journal of the
ties than wor diy men in pursuit of


wealth, 289—their obligations to be Emigrations to new settlements, thoughts
342 respecting,

Christianity, the obstacles to its propaga Entrance into heaven, conditions of, sta-
tion in India,
484 ted by Christ,

Church government, no exact form of, in Epistles of the New Testament, the ev-
the Scriprules,

481 idence of their complete inspiration, 433
Churches, proposal to the,


Civilization, progress of, in Russia, 452 Europe, thoughts on the present state of, 72
Clergyman, a poor', liberality of,


Execution of criminals, 19--of the pi-
Clergyman's Almanac, remarks on, 491 rates,

Confession of Sin, a duty of the Cluistian, 483 Expenses, regular system of retrenching
Conger, A bijah, the offer of his services, 549 them recommended,

-he depa: ts on the inission,

Connecticut Missionary Society, twenti. Fame, love of, a mischievous principle of
eth anngal narrative of, 93, 121 --pe-


cuniary accounts of,

126 Familiar Sermons, No. XI, 1-No. XII,
Contempt shown to the Bible by some 97 - No. XIU, 337
inodern preachers,

Fear of man, baneful effects of,

Corlian Society of Bission,

5.28 Females, qualifications of, as instructors
Cornelis, mer. Elias, letter from, 190 of schools, 65,66-often applaudeil for
in tallation of,

3GD) attenkling their husbands ainid the hor.
Cornwall, Foreign Mission School at, 359 rors of war, 499--censured and re.
Correspondents, notics 10,

216, 360

proached for undertaking missions, ib.
Creeris, futility of the common objections Finney, Rev. Alfred, designated to the
446 Arkansaw mission,

Priminals, on the erecution of,

19 Fiski, lev. Pliny, designated for the mis-



sion to Palestine, 92-preparations of
for the mission, 516-embarkation of, 576
Fisk, Mr. Isaac, joins the mission to the

Foreign Mission School, examination of,

described, 559-general state of, 559
Foreign Mission Society of Boston, an.

nual meeting of, 25-address of the
Treasurer of, ib.-address of the Rev.
Mr. Jenks at, 31-do. of the Rev. Mr.
Huntington at,

-Society of Wiscasset, extract from
the Report of;

Funds of the A. B. C. F. M. general
statement of,



Gallaudet, Rev. Thomas H. extracts

from his adiress to the missionaries, 197
Gazetteer of the United States, Mr.

Worcester's, notice of, 69-remarks on, 108
Geneva, persecution at,

Geneva, N. Y. revival of religion within
the synod of,

Geography, the American Universal, re.
view of,

Govern roent of the Church, its form not
prescribed in the Scriptures,

Graham Society, Second Annual Report of,90
Graves, Rev. Allen, letter from, to the

Treasurer, 383-letter from, to the
Corres. Secretary, 472–preaches in
the Mahratta language,

Habits of thought, their effect on the

Hall, Iver. Gordon, letter from, to the

Cor. Secretary, 286-visits the district
of Choule, 466, visils Cullian, 467-and
Basseen, ib.
Hall, Mr. Moody, his station at Yookil-

Hampden Co. Ms. revival of religion in
several towps of,

Hampshire Co. Ms. revival of religion in
several towns of,

Hardships endured by missionaries, 431
Harris, Miss Eliza, Memoirs of,

Hartshorn, Rev. Levi, death of,

Harvey, Rev. Joseph, Review of his ser-

mon at the inauguration of the Rev.
Herman Daggett,

Haskins, Mrs. Hannah, death of, 456
Heathen, in the east, obstacles to their
reception of the Gospel,

- the miseries of, a loud call on the
compassion of Christians,

Hebrew Testament, publication of the, 159
Herculaneum, mention of, 451-manu.

scripts of, examined by Sir Humphrey
Davy, 455-composition, and numbers

of them, ib.
Holman, Dr. Thomas, embarks on the

mission to the Sandwich Islands, 528
Hoyt, Rev. Ard, letter from, to Robert

Ralston, Esq. 177--to a lady in Phila-
delphia, 178-to other lady, 179–
bis talk with the king and chiefs of the

Humphrey, Rev. Heman, review of his

Humphries, Miss Emma, review of the
meinoirs of,

Huntington, Gen. Jedidiah, memoirs of, 145

Huntington, Rev. Joshua, address of, be.

fore the Boston For. Miss. Society, 73
-death of,

Illusions of sophistry,

India, survey of, 455-obstacles to the

propagation of Christianity in, 484
Indians, American, specimens of their

improvement, 170,171--capable of civo
ilization, 557-small expense required
to civilize them compared with that of
wars with them.

Inspiration of the epistles of the New

Installation of the Rev. Elias Cornelius, 360
Intercourse with mankind, an extensive,
produces unhappiness,

Jacob's dream, Mr. Allston's painting of, 493
Jenks, Rev. William, speech of before
the Boston For. Miss. Society

Jerusalem, mission to, announced, 92-

embarkation of,
Jews, Report of the Society in Boston

for promoting Christianity among them,828
Judging uncharitably, causes of,

Judgment, the final, amazing disclosures

Keep, Rev. John, Review of his sermon, 295
Kingsbury, Rev. Cyrus, missionary among

the Choctaws, 553-marriage of to

Miss Varnum, 554-letter from, 555
Kizell, John, a black man on the coast of
Africa, character of,

Knowledge,great increase of, in the Mil.

Langdon, Hon. John, death of,

Laws, on the rigorous execution of, 448
Lee, Rev. Samuel, account of, 308-his

astonishing progress in acquiring a
knowledge of foreign languages, 309
-parallel between him and James

Crichton, ib.
Leeds, [Eng.) Extracts from the Report
of the missionary society ot,

Letter to a friend,

Life, resemblance of, to a dream, 434
Literary notice,

Loomis, Mr. Elisha, embarks on the
Sandwich Isl. mission,

Mahim, snil and productions of, 383an-
imals of,

Maine, missionary labors there, by the

Society for propagating the Gospel, 571
Malacca, establishment of an Angli-Chi-

nese College at, 169--objects of ihe
college, ib.-iis advantages, ib. - l'e-
sources and management of it,

Malan, Rev. Mr. suspended from his
office at Geneva,

Maltby, Gen. Isaac, death of,

Martha's Vineyard, missions among the
Indians at,

Massachusetts Missionary Society, doua-
tions to,

-Proper, Domestic Missionary Soci.
ety, sermon before that Society re-
viewed, 295-number of desiitute
churelies within its limits,

Mather, Rev. Cotton, extracts from his


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