A survey of Englands champions and truths faithfull patriots, or, A chronologicall recitement of the principall proceedings of the commanders of the armies raised for the preservation of religion, the kings person [&c. Wanting all but 2 of the plates]. Repr. [in facs., including title-leaves of both 1647 and 1649 eds.].


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Página 14 - ... was authority to silence them, and spending a good part of his estate, of which he was very prodigal, upon them, and by being present with them at their devotions, and making himself merry with them, and at them, which they dispensed with, he became the head of that party ; and got the style of a godly man.
Página 13 - ... to trust; so his business was to join with those to whom he owed his promotion. He was a man of a pleasant and companionable wit and conversation; of an universal jollity, and such a licence in his words and in his actions, that a man of less virtue could not be found out ; so that...
Página 14 - ... might reasonably have believed, that a man so qualified, would not have been able to have contributed much to the overthrow of a nation and kingdom. But with all these faults, he had great authority and credit with that people who, in the beginning of the troubles, did all the mischief; and by opening his doors, and making his house the rendezvous...
Página ix - ... the king whilst he thought himself wise enough to know what treason was. But the new doctrine, and distinction of allegiance, and of the king's power in and out of parliament, and the new notions of ordinances, were too hard for him, and did really intoxicate his understanding, and made him quit his own, to follow theirs, who, he thought, wished as well, and judged better than himself.
Página 101 - This great man, whose genius was awakened by the distractions of his country, was looked upon as one of the people till he was upwards of forty years of age. He is an amazing instance of what ambition, heated by enthusiasm, restrained by judgment, disguised by hypocrisy, and aided by natural vigour of mind, can do.
Página 50 - It was the opinion of some of the royalists, and especially of the Roman Catholics, that the bullet was directed by St. Chad. It is observable, that the same man who was by one party looked upon as a monument of divine vengeance,* was by the other reverenced as a saint.

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