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Warn me of every sin,

Forgive my secret faults,
And cleanse this guilty soul of mine,

Whose crimes exceed my thoughts.

Morning or Evening.

11. For a due improvement of the Sabbath. L. M.

1 This is the day the Lord hath bless’d,

The day to us in mercy given;
The holy Sabbath of His rest,

The pledge and type of rest in heaven. 2 This day within thy courts, O Lord,

Thy saints delight to seek thy face,
To sing thy praises, hear thy word,

Unfold their wants, implore thy grace. 3 May we the blest assembly join,

To God devote the sacred day ;
Our earthly cares and thoughts resign,

Look up to heaven, and learn the way. 4 May we by every Sabbath grow

In grace, humility, and love;
Thus, by thy holy rest below,
Made fitter for thy rest above.

12. The rest of the Sabbath. L. M. 1 LORD of the Sabbath! hear us pray,

In this thy house, on this thy day :
Accept, as grateful sacrifice,

The songs which from thy temple rise. 2 Now met to pray, and bless thy name,

Whose mercies flow each day the same, Whose kind compassions never cease;

We seek instruction-pardon-peace. 3 Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord! we love ;

But there's a nobler rest above;
O that we might that rest attain

From sin, from sorrow, and from pain. 4 O long expected day, begin!

Dawn on this world of woe and sin;
That freed from sin's oppressive load,
We may for ever rest in God.

13. God's blessing on Public Worship. c. M. 1 ONCE more we come before our God,

Once more His blessing ask; O may not duty seem a load,

Nor worship prove a task !
2 Father, thy quickening Spirit send

In Christ's prevailing name ;
To make our waiting minds attend,

And put our souls in frame.

3 May we receive the word we hear,

Each in an honest heart;
Lay up the precious treasure there,

And never with it part.
4 To seek Thee all our hearts dispose,

To each thy blessing suit;
And let the seed thy servant sows

Produce abundant fruit. 5 Revive the parch'd with heavenly showers,

The cold with warmth divine; And as the benefit is ours,

Be all the glory thine!

14. Hymn of Praise. (4.7.)
1 GRATEFUL notes and numbers bring,

While Jehovah's praise we sing ;
Holy, holy, holy Lord,

Be thy gracious name ador'd!
2 Though unworthy, Lord, thine ear,

Our humble hallelujahs hear;
Purer praise we hope to bring,
* When with saints we stand and sing.
3 Lead us to that blissful state,

Where Thou reign’st supremely great;
Look with pity from thy throne,
Send thy Holy Spirit down.

4 While on earth ordain'd to stay,
Guide our footsteps in thy way,
Till we come to reign with Thee,
And thy glorious greatness see.
5 Then with angels we'll again
Wake a louder, louder strain ;
There, in joyful songs of praise,
We'll our grateful voices raise.

15. For God's blessing in the sanctuary. (4. 6 & 2.8.) 1 In loud exalted strains

The King of glory praise,
O'er heaven and earth He reigns,

Through everlasting days :
But Zion with His presence blest

Is His delight, His chosen rest. 2 O King of Glory! come,

And with thy favour crown
This temple as thy dome,

This people as thine own:
Beneath this roof vouchsafe to show,

How God can dwell with man below. 3 Now let thine ear attend

Our supplicating cries :
Now let our praise ascend,

Accepted to the skies :
Now let thy Gospel's joyful sound
Spread its celestial influence round.

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Here may the listening throng
Imbibe thy truth and love,
Here Christians join the song

Of Seraphim above:
Till all, who humbly seek thy face,
Rejoice in thine abounding grace.

16. For God's blessing in the sanctuary. Ps. 132. L. M. 1 God in His temple let us meet,

Low on our knees before Him bend;
Here hath he fix'd His mercy seat,

Here on His worship we attend. 2 Arise into thy resting-place,

Thou and thine ark of strength, O Lord ! : Shine through the veil, we seek thy face,

Speak, for we hearken to thy word.
3 With righteousness thy priests array:

Joyful thy chosen people be;
Let those who teach, and hear, and pray,
Let all, be holiness to Thee.

17. For God's blessing on the means of grace. (6. 8.) 1 VOUCHSAFE thy gracious presence, Lord !

Dispose us now to hear thy word ;
In meekness grant us to receive,
And with the heart its truths believe:
Thus, Lord, thy waiting servants bless,
And crown thy Gospel with success.

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