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2 To us that sacred word apply,

With sovereign power and energy ;
And cause us, in thy faith and fear,
To practise all that we shall hear:
Thus, Lord, thy waiting servants bless,
And crown thy Gospel with success.
3 Father! in us thy Son reveal,

Teach us to know and do thy will ;
Thy saving strength and love display,
And guide us to the realms of day;
Thus, Lord, thy waiting servants bless,
And crown thy Gospel with success.

18. Communion of Saints. (4.7.) 1 GREAT the joy when Christians meet; Christian fellowship, how sweet ! When their theme of praise the same)

They exalt Jehovah's name. 2 Sing we then eternal love,

Such as did the Father move;
He beheld the world undone,

Lov'd the world, and gave His Son.
3 Sing the Son's unbounded love,
How He left the realms above;
Took our nature, and our place,
Liv'd and died to save our race.

4 Sing we toe the Spirit's love,

With our stubborn hearts He strove;
Chas’d the mists of sin away,

Turn'd our night to glorious day. 5 Great the joy, the union sweet,

When the saints in glory meet;
Where the theme is still the same,
Where they praise Jehovah's name.

19. For the Sabbath. Ps. 92. C.M.
1 Blest is the work, O God and King!

To praise thy glorious name:
By day thy wondrous grace we sing,

By night thy truth proclaim.
2 We hail thy day of rest, O Lord !

And seek thy house of prayer,
To meet thy saints, to hear thy word,

And all thy works declare. 3 Tho' sensual hearts, unchang’d by grace,

Such heavenly joys despise,
Teach us to love thy dwelling-place,

Thy day of rest to prize.

4 Till, fix'd within thy courts above,

Far nobler songs we raise;
Where every heart is fill'd with love,
And every mouth with praise.

20. For the Lord's Day.-Praise. D. C. M. 1 THE LORD of Sabbath let us praise

In concert with the blest ;
Who, joyful in harmonious lays,

Employ an endless rest.
Thus, Lord, while we remember Thee,

We blest and pious grow;
By hymns of praise we learn to be

Triumphant here below.
2 On this glad day a brighter scene

Of glory was display'd
By God, the ETERNAL WORD, than when

This universe was made.
He rises, who mankind has bought

With grief and pain extreme : 'Twas great to speak a world from nought,

'Twas greater to redeem.

21. Delight in Public Worship. L. M. 1 LORD, how delightful 'tis to see

A whole assembly worship Thee !
At once they sing, at once they pray,

They hear of heaven, and learn the way. 2 I have been there, and still would go :

'Tis like a little heaven below:
Not all that worldly minds can say,
Shall tempt me to forget this day.

3 O write upon my memory, Lord,

The texts and doctrines of thy word !
That I may break thy laws no more,

But love Thee better than before. 4 With thoughts of Christ, and things divine,

Fill up this foolish heart of mine :
That, finding pardon through His blood,
I may lie down, and wake with God.

22. Praise for daily mercies. L. M. 1 O God, how endless is thy love!

Thy gifts are every evening new; And morning mercies from above Gently distil like early dew.

2 Thou spread'st the curtains of the night, Great Guardian of our sleeping hours ! Thy sovereign word restores the light,

And quickens all our languid powers.
3 We yield our powers to thy command ;

To Thee we consecrate our days:
Perpetual blessings from thine hand

Demand perpetual songs of praise. 4 Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;

Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

23. The Lord's Day. c. M. 1 This is the temple of the Lord ;

Approach His throne of grace! With meekness let us hear His word,

With reverence seek His face.
2 This is the day the Lord hath made,

Let young and old rejoice;
To Him be vows and homage paid,

Whose service is our choice.

3 This is the homage He requires

The voice of praise and prayer,
The soul's affections, hopes, desires,

Ourselves and all we are.

4 While rich and poor for mercy call,

Propitious from the skies,
The Lord, the Maker of them all,

Accepts the sacrifice. 5 Well pleas'd, through Jesus Christ the Son,

From sin He grants release ;
According to their faith 'tis done,

He bids them go in peace.

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