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It is finished. John xix. 30.

P. M.

1 HARK! the voice of love and mercy

Sounds aloud from Calvary;
See, the rocks are rent asunder;
Darkness veils the mid-day sky;

" It is finish'd;"
Hear the dying Saviour cry.

2 O what joy to helpless sinners

These triumphant words afford !
Heavenly blessings without measure
Flow to us through Christ the Lord.

“ It is finish'd,"
Saints His dying words record.

3 Praise the Lord, ye Saints, adore Him,

Loudly sing Emmanuel's name:
All on earth, and all in heaven,
Join the triumph to proclaim:

“It is finish'd ;"
Glory to the bleeding Lamb.

52. The blood of Christ cleanseth from all sin.

C. M.

1 From Calvary's cross, a fountain flows

Of water and of blood,
More healing than Bethesda's pool,

Or famed Siloam's flood.

2 The dying thief rejoic'd to see

That fountain in his day;
And there may sinners, vile as he,

Wash all their guilt away. 3 Ne'er shall that fountain's sacred stream

Lose its all-cleansing power,
Till the whole ransom'd Church of God

Be sav'd, to sin no more.
4 The virtue of thy blood, O Lord,

To all our souls apply ;
Grant that to Thee we henceforth live,

Grant that to sin we die ;5 Till, spotless placed at thy right hand,

Safe in the realms above,
We cast our crowns before thy throne,

And sing thy boundless love.


Christ the Lamb of God.

S. M.

1 BEHOLD the Lamb of God,

Who takes our sins away;
See and adore His heavenly love,

And praise Him day by day.

every valley high, Be every mountain low, The proud must stoop, the humble soul

Shall His salvation know.

3 The heathen realms abroad

Shall join in sweet accord:
And all the sons of men shall see,

The glory of the Lord.
4 Jesus! Thou Lamb of God!

The Life, the Truth, the Way!
Cleanse us in thine atoning blood;

On Thee our hopes we stay.

54. The Crucifixion. Matt. xxvii.

C. M.

1 BEHOLD the Saviour of mankind

Nail'd to the fatal tree !
How vast the love that Him inclin'd

To blced and die for me !

2 Hark! how He groans ! all nature shakes,

Night shrouds the firmament; The temple's veil asunder breaks,

The solid rocks are rent. 3 'Tis done! the precious ransom's paid;

“Receive my soul,” He cries : See, where He bows His sacred head!

He bows His head and dies.

4 But soon He'll break death's envious chain,

And in full glory shine ;
O Lamb of God! was ever pain,

Was ever love like thine?


55. Encouragement from the triumphs of Christ.

(4. 6 & 2. 8.)
1 COME ye, who love the Lord,

And feel His quickening power,
Unite with one accord,

His goodness to adore :
To heaven and earth aloud proclaim

Your great Redeemer's glorious name. 2

He left His throne above,
His glory laid aside,
Came down on wings of love,

And wept, and bled, and died :
The pangs He bore, what tongue can tell,

To save our souls from death and hell ? 3 He burst the Grave; He rose

Victorious froin the dead;
And thence His vanquish'd foes

In glorious triumph led :
Up through the heavens the Conqueror

Triumphant to the throne of God.

He soon again will come,
(His chariot will not stay,)
To take His children home,

To realms of endless day:
We there shall see Him face to face,
And sing the triumphs of His grace.


56. Captivity led captive. (4. 6. & 2. 8.) 1 The happy morn is come!

Triumphant o'er the grave,
The Saviour leaves the tomb,

Omnipotent to save.
Captivity is captive led,

For Jesus liveth that was dead. 2 Who now accuses them,

For whom their Surety died ?
Who now shall those condemn

Whom God hath justified?
Captivity is captive led;

For Jesus liveth that was dead. 3 Christ hath the ransom paid;

The glorious work is done ;
On Him our help is laid;

By Him our victory won;
Captivity is captive led;

For Jesus liveth that was dead. 57. Christ conquering death, and him that hath the

(4. 7.) 1 CHRIST arising from the dead,

Bruis'd to-day the Serpent's head;
Now the vanquish'd powers of hell

Swift from heaven like lightning fell. 2 Love's redeeming work is done;

Fought the fight, the battle won;
Vain the stone,—the watch how vain!
Christ has burst to life again.

power of death.

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