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Designed for use in Bible Classes, Schools, and Colleges.

“Nam cum sit ornatus orationis varius et multip.ex, conveniatque alius alii, nisi fuerit accommo-
datus rebus atque personis, non modo non illustrabit eam, sed etiarn destruet, et vim rerum in
contrarium vertet."-Quintilianus.

F R A N K L I N K N I G H T,


208 L866

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1854,

In the Clerk's office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern

District of New York.

R. CRAIG HEAD, Printr und Stercetype",

53 Vesay Street, N. Y.


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THE views presented in the ensuing work-of the nature of the several figures, the office they fill, and the laws by which they are governed—are quite unlike those of Quintilian, Kaimes, Lowth, Blair, and other rhetoricians, and of the commentators on the poets, and the expositors of the sacred writings. Those writers give no exact analysis of them; they enter into no consideration of the principles on which they are used; they present no hint of the rules by which they are to be interpreted; and no intimations are found on the pages even of the most recent works on language and interpretation, of the necessity of an accurate understanding of their nature, in order to the just exposition of the sacred word, and the rejection and refutation of the false constructions to which large portions of it are now subjected.

The several figures are here minutely analysed; the particulars in which they differ from each other pointed out; the principles stated on which they are employed; the rules given by which their meaning is detern 1; and their characteristics and laws verified by a large variety of examples from the sacred writings and the poets.

The subject will be found, by those who thoroughly study it,

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