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INDEx. vii

There 's not a tint that paints the rose '• 22 'The saints on earth and those above . - 176 The Saviour comes no outward pomp - 97 These glorious minds, how bright they shine . 177 The Son of God came down from heaven . 80 The spirit breathes upon the word - - 68 The sun has gone to rest - - 25 The thunder bursts its rolling might . - 196 Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love - 169 This is the day when Christ arose - - 13 Thou art gone to the grave! but we will not deplore

- - 156

thee - Thou art, Oh God, the life and light Though lost to our sight, we may not deplore thee 157

Thou sweet gliding Kedron, by thy silver stream 103 Thou, who didst with love and blessing - 202 Thus shalt thou love the Almighty Lord . 121 'T is gone, that bright and orbed blaze - 120 'T is Jesus speaks! “I fold,” says he - 150 'T is midnight, and on Olive's brow . - 102 *T is summer, glorious summer . - 188 To Thee, the little children's Friend . - 197 To thy temple I repair - - 48 Turn, turn thy hasty foot aside - . 128 *T was by an order from the Lord - 69 Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb - - 155 Upward I lift mine eyes - - 39 Wake not, oh mother sounds of lamentation 93 We bless Thee for this sacred day - - 23 We come our Sabbath hymn to raise - 160 Were not the sinful Mary's tears - . 100 We seem to hear a voice of praise - 200 We've passed another Sabbath day . - 21 What is there, Lord, a child can do - - 136 What souls are those, that venture near - 165 When brighter suns and milder skies - 186 When daily I kneel down to pray - - 53 When flowers in summer appear . - 192 When for some little insult given - - 75 When gathering clouds around I view - 95 When, his salvation bringing - - 99 When in my heart rise angry thoughts - 126

When Jesus Christ was here below . - 118

viii INDEx.

When Jesus left his Father's throne
When little Samuel woke
When power divine, in mortal form
When sickness, pain, and death
When the infant spirit, flying - 4.
When ...}. ay is dawning
When to the house of God we go .
While beauty clothes the fertile vale ..
While shepherds watched their flocks by night
While ...; ceaseless course the sun
Whilst Thee I seek, protecting Power
Whither hut to Thee, Oh Lor -
Why should we spend our youthful days
With songs and honors sounding loud .


1, 2.


1. Morning Hymn. C. M. Peterboro’. W. B. O. Peabody. 1 My God! by thy directing power, The rising light returns; And high within his morning tower The sun serenely burns.

2 Thou faithful guardian of my days'
I owe my heart to thee;
To thee my earliest prayers I raise,
And fervent they shall be.

3 Thou hast preserved my sleeping breath
Secure from harm and pain,

While many an eye was closed in death,
And shall not wake again.

4 Oh! thus protect me till the last
Long hour of rest is nigh,
And thus when death's long sleep is past,
Awake my soul on high.

2. Morning Hymn. L. M. Hebron. Pierpont. 1 O God! I thank thee that the night In peace and rest has passed away, And that I see in this fair light My Father's smile that makes it day.


2 Be thou my guide, and let me live As under thine all-seeing eye;

Supply my wants, my sins forgive,

And make me happy when I die.

3. Morning Hymn. C. M. Peterboro’. Watts. 1 ONCE more, my soul! the rising day Salutes my waking eyes; Once more, my voice, thy tribute pay To Him, who rules the skies.

2 Great God! Let all our hours be thine,
Whilst we enjoy the light;
Then shall our sun in smiles decline,
And bring a peaceful night.

4. Morning or Evening Hymn. C. M. Dedham. 1 ALMIGHTY Father, heavenly King! Who rulest the world above; Accept the tribute children bring, Of gratitude and love.

2 To thee, each morning, when we rise,
Our early vows we pay; -
And e'er the night hath closed our eyes,
We thank thee for the day.

3 Our Saviour, ever good and kind,
To us his word hath given;
That children, such as we, may find
The path that leads to heaven.

4 O Lord, extend thy gracious hand,
To guide our erring youth;
And lead us to that blissful land,
Where dwells eternal truth.


5. Morning Hymn. C. M. Arlington. 1 My God, thou makest the sun to know His proper hour to rise, And, to give light to all below, Dost send him round the skies.

2. When from the chambers of the east
His morning race begins,
He never tires, nor stops to rest,
But round the world he shines.

3 So, like the sun, would I fulfil
The business of the day;
Begin my work betimes, and still
March on my heavenly way.

4 Give me, O Lord, thine early grace,
Nor let my soul complain,
That the young morning of my days
Has been consumed in vain.

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1 HARK : T is the breeze of twilight calling
Earth's weary children to repose,
While, round the couch of nature falling,
Gently the night's soft curtains close.

2 Guard us, Oh Thou, that never sleepest,

Thou, who, in silence throned above,
Over thy slumb'ring children keepest
A watch of glory, power and love.

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