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3 'Midst keen reproach and cruel scorn,

Patient and meek he stood;
His foes ungrateful sought his life;

He labored for their good.
4 In the last hour of deep distress,

Before his Father's throne,
With soul resigned, he bowed, and said,

“Thy will, not mine, be done !"
5 Be Christ our pattern and our guide !

His image may we bear!
O may we tread his holy steps,

His joy and glory share !


Jesus, the Example of Forgive- C. M



J. Taylor.
1 When, for some little insult given,

My angry passions rise,
I'll think how Jesus came from heaven,

And bore his injuries.
2 He was insulted every day,

Though all his words were kind;
But nothing men could do or say

Disturbed his heavenly mind.
3 Not all the wicked scoffs he heard

Against the truths he taught,
Excited one reviling word,

Or one revengeful thought.
4 And when upon the cross he bled,

With all his foes in view,
“ Father, forgive their sins,” he said;

“ They know not what they do."

5 Blest Jesus, may I learn of thee

My temper to amend;
And speak the pardoning word for me,

Whenever I offend.

76. The Example of Jesus. L. M. Wells.

Walis, 1 My dear Redeemer and my Lord,

I read my duty in thy word;
But in thy life thy law appears

Drawn out in living characters.
2 Such was thy truth, and such thy zeal,

Such deference to thy father's will,
Such love, and meekness so divine,
I would transcribe and make them mine.

3 Cold mountains and the midnight air

Witnessed the fervor of thy prayer;
The desert thy temptations knew,

Thy conflict and thy victory too.
4 Be thou my pattern: may I bear

More of thy gracious image here;
Then God the Judge, shall own my name
Among the followers of the Lamb.


Example of Jesus. L. M. Blendon.

Mrs Steele.
1 And is the gospel, peace and love?

Such let our conversation be;
The serpent blended with the dove,

Wisdom and meek simplicity.
2 Whene'er the angry passions rise,

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife,

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On Jesus let us fix our eyes,

Bright pattern of the Christian life. 3 O how benevolent and kind!

How mild! how ready to forgive!
Be this the temper of our mind,

And these the rules by which we live. 4 To do his heavenly Father's will

Was his employment and delight:
Humility and holy zeal

Shone through his life divinely bright.


Jesus our Guide. 7's M. Pleyel's Hymn.

1 FEEBLF, helpless, how shall I

Learn to live, and learn to die?
Who, O God, my guide shall be ?

Who shall lead thy child to thee?
2 Blessed Father, Gracious One!

Thou hast sent thy holy son;
He will give the light I need,

He my trembling steps will lead.
3 Through this world, uncertain, dim,

Let me ever lean on him;
From his precepts wisdom draw,

Make his life my solemn law.
4 Thus in deed, and thought, and word,

Led by Jesus Christ the Lord,
In my weakness, thus shall I

Learn to live, and learn to die ;-
5 Learn to live in peace and love,

Like the perfect ones above ;-
Learn to die, without a fear,
Feeling thee, my Father, near.

79. A Morning Hymn. 8's & 7's M.

1 When the joyous day is dawning,

And the happy light we see,
We who live in life's pure morning,

Father, would remember thee.
2 While in quiet we were sleeping,

Kindly, though we knew it not,
Thou a guardian watch wert keeping;

Never is thy child forgot.
3 Now another day is given,

With thy love, may it be blest;
May we think of Thee and Heaven,

Of that purer, better rest.
4 Jesus, who was good and holy,

When a child, remembered Thee,
Gentle, mild, forgiving, lowly,

He has said that we must be.

80. The Mission of Jesus. C. M. Woodstock.

W. B. 0. Peabody. 1 The Son of God came down from heaven

The erring world to save ;-
He says, “ Repent and be forgiven,

And live beyond the grave, 2 By temper holy

and serene,
He won his Father's love,
And though superior far to men,

Was harmless as the dove.



3 He raised the dying from the bed,

He caused the blind to see;
He made the tombs give up their dead,

And set the prisoner free.
4 They nailed him to the cross, and there

Deep insult on him threw,
And yet “Forgive them,” was his prayer,

“They know not what they do."
5 No wonder darkness reigned around

When such a heart grew cold;
No wonder o'er the guilty ground

The angry earthquake rolled.


The Love of Jesus. S. M. Boylston.

W. B. 0. Peabody. 1 For us God's blessed Son,

From childhood to the grave,
Was poorer than the humblest one

Of those he came to save.

2 For us he was distrest,

And many a tear he shed;
And had, in his few hours of rest,

Not where to lay his head. 3 For us the Saviour died

In weariness and pain;
And God forbid the crimson tide

Should be poured out in vain ! 4 He rested in the tomb,

Where mouldering bodies lie,
Till the third morning broke the gloom,

And he ascended high.

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