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wise especially due to Captain Thomas HUTCHINS, Geographer-General of the United States, for his particular friendship and assistance.

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It is to be regretted, that fo few Maps could be introduced into the work; but the Author hopes to be enabled to increase the number in future Editions. The Map of the Southern States, was compiled from original and authentic documents, by Mr. Joseph Purcell, of Charleston, South Carolina, a Gentleman fully equal to the undertaking, and is the most accurate yet published respecting that country, on so small a scale. The Map of the Northern States was compiled principally by the Engraver, from the best Maps that could be procured; it was chiefly designed to give the reader an idea of the relative situation, and comparative extent of the several states and countries comprehended within its limits.

Indian names of rivers, &c. are spelled as they are pronounced, for the sake of expunging superfluous letters, and preventing persons unacquainted with the names from mistaking their true pronunciation.

The meridian which passes through Philadelphia is fixed, in this work, as the first, because of the

lize, the beauty, the improvements, and the central situation of that city.

The Abridgement of Europe, Asia, and Africa, is added with a view to accommodate Schools and private Families. Every citizen ought to be thoroughly acquainted with the geography of his own country, and to have some idea, at least, of the other parts of the world; but as many of them cannot afford the time and expence necessary to acquire a complete knowledge of the several parts of the Globe, this book offers them such information as their situation in life may require; and while it is calculated early to impress the minds of Youth with an idea of the superior importance of their own country, as well as to attach them to its interests, it furnishes a simplified account of other countries, calculated to their capacities, and will serve as an introduction to their future improvement in Geography.

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