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1. INTRODUCTORY SERVICE (pp. 2-21). 2. HYMN, or ANTHEM. 3. SELECTION from the Psalms, or Prophets (pp. 22–77). 4. Te Deum, or CANTICLE. To be sung. (pp. 78-83.) 5. SCRIPTURE LESSON. 6. PRAYER. Extempore, or to be read from pp. 84-103. 7. HYMN.

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The Selections from the Psalms or Prophets are to be read by the Minister and Congregation in alternate sentences.

In the Introductory Services and Prayers, the sentences to be read by the Congregation are printed in Italics. At the end of every prayer also, the people may answer, Amen.

It is recommended that, in singing, the Congregation shall stand ; and, in prayer, that they shall kneel, or sit with bowed head.




One or more sentences to be read by the


AY this house be unto

no other than the THE Lord is in his holy

temple: let all the earth house of God and the gate of keep silence before him. heaven. Here let us worship

The Lord is nigh unto all Him who is a spirit in spirit that call upon him, to all that and in truth. Suffer not the

cares of the world and the anxcall upon him in truth.

Seek ye the Lord while he ieties of life to interrupt our may be found: call ye upon devotions. Draw near to God, him while he is near.

Let the and he will draw near to you. wicked forsake his way, and the Toil, trial, and suffering still rnrighteous man his thoughts: await us; and the experience and let him return unto the

of every day teaches that we Lord, and he will have mercy

not sufficient unto ourpipon him; and to our God, for selves. Put your trust in Him Die will abundantly pardon.

whose grace is ready to help in The hour cometh, and now

time of need. is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in

SENTENCES. spirit and in truth; for the To be said by the Minister and People. Father seeketh such to worship HEAR, O Israel, the Lord him. God is a Spirit: and they

God That worship him must worship And thou shalt love the Lord him in spirit and in truth. thy God with all thy heart, and

Not every one that saith with all thy soul, and with all unto me, Lord, Lord, shall en- thy mind, and with all thy ter into the kingdom of heaven; strength. but he that doeth the will of God is love: my Father who is in heaven. And he that dwelleth in love,

Blessed are they which do dwelleth in God, and God in hunger and thirst after right him. eousness: for they shall be God is light, and in him filled.

is no darkness at all.


He that loveth his brother | knowledge, and multiply thy abideth in the light.

grace upon us, that no ignoBlessed the pure in rance or sin may pervert thy heart, for they shall see God. blessings; but give us such a

Blessed are they that do his sense of thy goodness that we commandments, that they may may ever devote ourselves to have right to the tree of life. thy service in word and deed ;

As many as are led by the and, praising thee both with our spirit of God, they are sons of lips and our lives, may go on God.

through thy mercy to the joy We know that all things of life everlasting. Amen. work together for good to them

The Lord's PRAYER. that love God.

To be said by the Minister and People. This is life eternal, that they might know thee, the only true. OUR Father who art in God, and Jesus Christ, whom

heaven, Hallowed be thy thou hast sent.


Thy kingdom come, We have a building of God,

Thy will be done on earth, as

it is in heaven. Give us this a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

day our daily bread. And forGlory to God in the highest. give us our trespasses, as we

those who trespass And on earth peace, good

forgive those wiil toward men.

against us. And lead us not into temptation ; but deliver us

from evil: for thine is the kingTo be said by the Minister.

dom, and the power, and the FATHER of lights, Author glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

of every good and perfect gift: we heartily thank thee O Lord, open thou our eyes. for thy bountiful kindness to us That we may behold wonderand to all men; for life and all ful things out of thy law. its blessings, for health and O Lord, open thou our lips. prosperity, for brotherly love And our mouth shall show and the means of doing good; forth thy praise. above all, for thy grace and Praise ye the Lord. truth, and for our hope of life

The Lord's name be praised. eternal. Increase, O Lord, our (Here may be sung a Hymn or Anthem.)




One or more sentences to be read by the your garments, and turn unto Minister.

the Lord your God: for he is MY voice shalt thou hear in gracious and merciful, slow to

the morning, O Lord : anger, and of great kindness, in the morning will I direct my and repenteth him of the evil. prayer unto thee, and will look


From the rising of the sun THE Scripture moveth us unto the going down of the in sundry places to acsame, the Lord's name is to be knowledge and confess praised.

manifold sins and wickedness; Let our prayers be set forth and that we should not dissemin his sight as incense, and the ble nor cloak them before the lifting up of our hands as an face of Almighty God, our evening sacrifice.

heavenly Father; but confess O magnify the Lord with them with a lowly, penitent and me, and let us exalt his name

obedient heart; to the end that together: for with him is the

we may obtain forgiveness of fountain of life, and in his light the same, by his infinite goodshall we see light.

ness and mercy. Let the words of my mouth And although we ought at and the meditation of my heart all times humbly to acknowlbe always acceptable in thy edge our sins before God; yet sight, O Lord, my strength ought we chiefly so to do, when and my redeemer.

we assemble and meet together Repent ye, for the kingdom

for the kingdom to render thanks for the great of heaven is at hand.

benefits that we have received When the wicked man turn at his hands, to set forth his eth away from his wickedness most worthy praise, to hear his that he hath committed, and most holy word, and to ask doeth that which is lawful and those things which are requiright, he shall save his soul site and necessary, as well for alive.

the body as the soul. WhereRend your heart, and not | fore I pray and beseech you,

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