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The stormy foods their Maker knew 14'} Arlington, Devizes, Braintree.

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The terrors of thy frown

Wide as the whole creation's bound Shall beat their madness down; Extends his awful rod. i Thy throne forever stands on high. 12 Let princes of exalted state 5 Thy promises are true,

To him ascribe their crown; Thy grace is ever new :

Render their homage at his feet,
There fix'd, thy church shall ne'er re-
Thy saints with holy fear (move : 3 Know that his kingdom is supreme,

And cast their glories down.
Shall in thy courts appear,
And sing thine everlasting love.

Your lofty thoughts are vain ;

He calls you gods, that awful name, Or Repeat the fourth stanza, if necessary.

But ye must die like men.
HYMN 70. B. 2. L. M.

4 Then let the sovereigns of the globe Green's Hundredth, Dunstan.

Not dare to vex the just; Dominion of God over the sea.

He puts on vengeance like a robe, seas, thy thundering voice

And treads the worms to dust. And one soft word of thy command, And think of heaven with fear; Can sink them, silent, in the sand. The meanest saint that you despise 2 If but a Moses wave thy rod,

Has an avenger there. The sea divides and owns its God;

HYMN 17. B. 2. C. M. And led his chosen armies through. 3 The scaly shoals, amidst the sea,

Eternity of God. To thee, their Lord, a tribute pay; IRISE,rise, my soul, and leave the ground, The meanest fish that swims the food Stretch all thy thoughts abroad'; Leaps up, and means a praise to God.

And rouse up every tuneful sound 4 [The larger monsters of the deep To praise th’ Eternal_God, on thy commands attendance keep: 2 Long ere the lofty skies were spread, By thy permission, sport and play, Jehovah fil'd his throne; And cleave along their foaming way. Or Adam form’d, or angels made, 5 If God his voice of tempest rears, The Maker liy'd alone. Leviathan lies still, and fears; 3 His boundless years can ne'er decrease, Anon he lifts his nostrils bigh,

But still maintain their prime; And spouts the ocean to the sky.] Eternity's his dwelling place, 6 How is thy glorious power ador'd And ever is his time. Amidst those watery nations, Lord! 4While like a tide our minutes flow, Yet the bold men that trace the seas, The present and the past, Bold men refuse their Maker's praise. He fills his own immortal now, my (What scenes of miracles they see, And sees our ages waste. And never tune a song to thee!

5 The sea and sky must perish too, While on the flood they safely ride,

And vast destruction come ; They curse the hand that smooths the tide. The creatures-look! how old they grow, 8 Anon' they plunge in watery graves, And wait their fiery doom. And some drink death among the waves:

6 Well, let the sea shrink all away, Yet the surviving crew blaspheme, Nor own the God that rescu'd them. My God shall live an endless day,

And flames melt down the skies, 90, for some signal of thy hand!

When old creation dies, Shake all the seas, Lord, shake the land: ,

PSALM 89. Ist Part. C. M.
That there's a God who rules the sky. 15}

Irish, Devizes, St. Ann's.
HYMN 115. B. 2. C. M.

Faithfulness of God. 13} St. James, St. Ann's, Christmas.

Y never-ceasing song shall show Doméstiona and Stengence host God. I'M HIGH as the heavens above the ground And make succeeding ages know Reigns the Creator, God;

How faithful is his, word,




The sacred truths his lips pronounce He owns the ransom, and forgives

Shall firm as heaven endure: The hourly follies of our lives. And if he speak a promise once,

4 The vices of the mind he heals, Th' eternal grace is sure.

And cures the pains that nature feels, 3 How long the race of David held Redeems the soul from hell, and saves

The promis'd Jewish throne! Our wasting life from breatening graves. But there's a nobler covenant séal'd To David's greater Son.

50ur youth decay'd, his power repairs ;

His mercy crowns our growing years ; 4 His seed forever shall possess He satisties our mouth with good, A throne above the skies

And fills our hopes with heavenly food.The meanest subject of his grace Shall. to that glory rise.

6He sees th’ oppressor and th' oppress'd, 5 Lord. God of Hosts, thy wondrous ways But will his justice more display

And often gives the sufferers rest; :
Are sung by saints above;

In the last great rewarding day:
And saints on earth their honours- raise
To thy unchanging love.

7[His power he shew'd by Moses' hands,

And gave to Israel his commands; PSALM 145. 2d Part. C.M. *

But sent his truth and mercy down
Barby, Bedford.

To all the nations by his Son.
Goodness of God.

8Let the whole earth his power confess,

Let the whole earth adore his grace : My God, my heavenly King ;

The Gentile with the Jew shall join Let age to age thy righteousness

In work and worship so divine.]
In songs of glory sing.

PSALM 146. L. M.
2 God reigns on high, but not confines
His goodness to the skies ;

Luton, Blendon.. Thro' the whole earth his bounty shines, Goodness and truth of God. And every want supplies.

1PRAISEye the Lord; my heart shall join 3With longing eyes thy creatures wait In work so pleasant, so divine; On thee for daily food:

Now while the flesh is mine abode, Thy liberal hand provides their meat, And when my soul ascends to God.

And fills their mouths with good. 2Praise shall employ my noblest powers, 4 How kind are thy compassions, Lord! While immortality endures : How slow thine anger moves!

My days of praise shall ne'er be past, But soon he sends his pardoning word While life, and thought, and being lasta.

To cheer the souls he loves. 3Why should I make a man my trust? 5Creatures, with all their endless race,

Princes must die and turn to dust; (power Thy power and praise proclaim; .

Their breath departs, their pomp and But saints, that taste thy richer grace, And thoughts all vanish in an hour. Delight to bless thy name. 4 Happy the man whose hopes rely

On Israel's God: he made the sky, 17]

P.SALM-103. 1st Part, L. M. * And earth, and seas, with all their train,
Shoel, Newcourt.

And none shall find his promise vaini, Goodness and mercy of God. á His truth forever stands secure : BLESS Lorey soul the living Gode He saves the pressid, be fedente pode

home thy thoughts, that roxe abroad:

And grants the prisoner sweet release. Let all the powers within me join lo work and worship so divine.

6 The Lord hath eyes to give the blind;

The Lord supports the sinking mind ; 2 Bless, O my soul, the God of grace; He helps the stranger in distress, His favours claim thy highest praise ;

The widow and the fatherless.. Why should the worders he hath wrought 7He loves his saints, he knows them well, Be lost in silence and forgot? But turns the wicked down to hell: 3 'Tis he, my soul, that sent his Son! Thy God, Zion! ever reigns; To die for.crimes which thou hast done; Praise him in everlasting strains.

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St. 46.

Throw down your arins before his throne, Goodness of God, and vanity of men. Bend your heads low beneath his feet, I'll praise my Maker with my breath

; Or his strong hand shall crush you down. And when my voice is lost in death, 5And ye, bless'd saints, that love him too,

Praise shall employ my nobler powers : With reverence bow before his name; My days of praise shall ne'er be past, Thus all his heavenly servants do: While life, and thought, and being last, God is a bright and burning flame.

Or immortality endures. ?Why should I make a man my ust?

HYMN 42. B. 1. C.M., or Princes must die and turn to dust :


Dundee, St. Ann's. Vain is the help of flesh and blood ; Grandeur of God, or divine wrath and mercy. Their breath departs, their pomp and 1A

DORE and tremble, for our God power

Is a consuming fire ;* And thoughts all vanish in an hour; His jealous eyes his wrath inflame,

Nor can they make their promise good. And raise his vengeance higher. 3 Happy the man whose hopes rely 2 Almighty vengeance, how it burns ! On Israel's God: he made the sky, How bright his fury glows!

And earth and seas with all their train; Vast magazines of plagues and storms His truth forever stands secure :

Lie treasured for his foes. He saves thè oppress'd, he feeds the poor, 3 Those heaps of wrath by slow degrees

And none shall find his promise vain. Are forced into a flame'; 4The Lord hath eyes to give the blind; But kindled, O! how fierce they blaze! The Lord supports the sinking mind; And rend all nature's frame.

He sends the lab’ring conscience 4 At his approach the mountains flee, He helps the stranger in distress, (peace; And seek a watery grave; The widow and the fatherless,

The frighted sea makes haste a way, And grants the prisoner sweet release. And shrinks up every wave. 5He loves his saints, he knows them well

, 6Through the wide air the weighty rocks But turns the wicked down to hell : Are swift as hailstones hurlid :

Thy God, o Zion, ever reigns ; Who dares to meet his fiery rage, Let every tongue, let every age That shakes the solid world? In this exalted work engage ; Praise him in everlasting strains.

6 Yet, mighty God! thy sovereign grâce

Sits regent on the throne, 8 I'll praise him while he lends me breath, The refuge of thy chosen race And when my voice is lost in death

When wrath comes rushing down. Praise shall employ my nobler powers. 7 Thy hand shall on rebellious kings My days of praise shall ne'er be past, While life, and thought, and being last,

A fiery tempest pour,

While Or immortality endures.

beneath thy sheltering wings, we,

Thy just revenge adore.
HYMN 22. B. 2. L, M.

* Heb. xii. 29. 20

Truro,. Blendon.
Grandeur of God, or his terrible majesty.

PSALM 145. L. M.

Old Hundred, Dunstan, Bath. TERRIBLE God, who reign’st on high,

How awful is thy thundering hand;' Greatness, truth, and justice of God. Nor can all earth or hell withstand. Shall fill the remnant of my days: 2 This the old rebel angels knew,

Thy grace employ my humble tongue, And Satan fell beneath thy frown ;

Till death and glory raise the song. Thine arrows struck the traitor through, 2 The wings of every hour shall bear And weighty vengeance sunk him down. Some thankful tribute to thine ear ; 3 This Sodom felt-and feels it still And every setting sun shall see And roars beneath th' eternal load : New works of duty done for thee. “With endless burnings who can dwell, 3 Thy truth and justice I'll proclaim t'Or bear the fury of a God?" | Thy bounty Bows, an endless stream:

Thy mercy, swift; thine anger slow, 3 Strong is his arm, his heart is wise ;
But dreadful to the stubborn foe. What vain presumers dare
4 Thy works with sovereign glory shine, Against their Maker's band to rise,
And speak thy majesty divine ;

Or' unequal war?
Let "

every realm with joy” proclaim 4 [Mountains by his almighty wrath The sound and honour of thy name.

From their old seats are torn; 5 Let distant times and nations raise

He shakes the earth from south to north, The long succession of thy praise;

And all her pillars mourn. And unborn ages make my song 5 He bids the sun forbear to rise ; The joy and labour of their tongue. The obedient sun forbears : 6But who can speak thy wondrous deeds: His hand with sackcloth spreads the Thy greatness all our thoughts exceeds ? And seals up all the stars. [skies, Vast and unsearchable thy ways; 6 He walks upon the stormy sea; Vast and immortal be thy praise! Flies on the stormy wind:

There's none can trace his wondrous way PSALM 145. 1st Part. C. M. X Or his dark footsteps find.) 2

Barby, Rochester. Greatness and mercy of God.

HYMN 82. B. 1. L.M. * or b 2

Fountain, Old Hundred.
My King, my God of love ;


Holiness of God, and mortality of men. My work and joy shall be the same

ISHA In the bright world above.

HALL the vile race of desh and blood

Contend with their Creator, God? 2 Great is the Lord, his power unknown, More holy, wise, or just than he ?

Shall mortal worms presume to be And let his praise be great ; I'll sing the honours of thy throne, 2 Behold he puts his trust in none Thy works of grace repeat.

Of all the spirits round his throne; 3 Thy grace shall dwell upon my tongue, Are neither holy, just, nor wise.

Their natures, when compard with his, And, while my lips rejoice, The men that hear my sacred song

3 But how much meaner things are they Shall join their cheerful voice.

Who spring from dust and awell in clay! 4 Fathers to sons shall teach thy name,

Touch'd by the finger of thy wratn, And children learn thy ways;

We faint and vanish like the smoth. Ages to come thy truth proclaim,

4 From night to day, froin day to night, And nations sound thy praise.

We die by thousands in thy sigut;

Bury'd in dust whole naiions lie, 5 Thy glorious deeds of ancient date

Like a forgotten vanity. Shall through the world be known : Thine arm of power, thy heavenly state,How frail are we, how glorious thou !

5Al nighty Power, to thee we bow; With public splendour shown.

No more the sons of earth shall dare 6 The world is manag'd by thy hands ; With an eternal God compare.

Thy saints are rul'd by love ;
And thinè eternal kingdom stands,

PSALM 99. 2d Part. S. M.
Though rocks and hills remove.


St. Thomas, Dover.
HYMN 86. B. 1. C.M. b or *

Holiness and 'vingeance of God.
Charmouth, Canterbury.


XALT the Lord our God,

And worship at his feet:
Holiness and majesty of God.

His nature is all holiness,
OW should the sons of Adam's race And mercy is his seat.
If he cantend in righteousness,

2 When Israel was his church, We fall beneath his rod.

When Aaron was his priest,

When Moses cry'd, when Sannuel pray'd, 2 To vindicate my words and thoughts I'll make no more pretence ;

He gave his people rest. Not one of all my thousand faults

3 Oft he forgave their sins, Can bear a just defence.

Nor would destroy their race,

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Ho Beshpure before their God;


7He gave


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And oft he made his vengeance known, 5He wounds the heart, and he makes whole;

When they abus'd his grace. He calms the tempest of the soul : 4 Exalt the Lord our God,

When he shuts up in long despair, Whose grace is still the same;

Who can remove the heavy bar ? Still he's a God of holiness,

GHe frowns, and darkness veils the moon, And jealous for his name.

The fainting sun grows dim at noon;

The pillars of heaven's starry roof HYMN 87. B. 2. C. M. X Tremble and start at his reproof. Abridge, Bedford.

the vaulted beaven its form, Incomprehensibility of God. The crooked serpent and the worm; OW wondrous great, how glorious And smites the sons of pride to death.

He breaks the bíllows with his breath, 'How

Must our Creator be! (bright Who dwells amidst the dazzling light

8 These are a portion of his ways: Of vast infinity!

But who shall dare describe his face?

Who can endure his light, or stand 2Our soaring spirits upward rise To hear the thunders of his hand ?

Toward the celestial throne: Fain would we see the blessed TAREE, HYMN 26. B. 2. L. M. 强 And the Almighty ONE.

Quercy, Wells. 3 Our reason stretches all its wings,

Invisibility of God: And climbs above the skies;

ORD, we are blind, poor mortals, blind, But still how far beneath thy feet We can't behold thy bright abode; Our grovelling reason lies !

0! 'tis beyond a creature mind, 4 [Lord, here we bend our humble souls, To glance a thought half way to God. And awfully adore :

2 Infinite leagues beyond the sky, For the weak pinions of our minds

The great ETERNÁL reigns alone ; Can stretch a thought no more.]

Where neither wings nor souls can fly, 5 Thy glories infinitely rise

Nor angels climb the topless throne, Above our labouring tongue;

3 The Lord of glory builds his seat In vain the highest seraph tries

Of gems incomparably bright; To form an equal song.

And lays beneath his sacred feet

Substantial beams of gloomy night. 6 [In humble notes our faith adores

4Yet, glorious Lord, thy gracious eyes The great mysterious King, While angels strain their nobler powers,

Look through, and cheer us from above;

Beyond our praise thy grandeur. flies, And sweep th’ immortal string.)

Yet we adore, and yet we love. HYMN 170. B. 2. L. M. 28

PSALM 142. C..M.. b.or & Islington, Gloucester. 30} Canterbury, Barby, Wantage. Incomprehensibility and sovereignty of God.

Kindness of God, or God. the hope of the helplesso AN creatures to

I made my sorrows Or can the largest stretch of thought in long complaints before his throne Measure and search his nature out?

I pour'd out all my grief. 2 'Tis bigh as heaven, 'tis deep as hell, 2 My soul was overwhelm'd with wockq And what can mortals know or tell ?

My heart began to break;
His glory spreads beyond the sky,
And all the shining worlds on high.

My God, who all my burdens knows,

He knows the way I take.. 3 But man, vain man would fain be wise : 3 On every side 1. cast mine egen Born like a wild young colt, he fies And found my helpers gone ; [by, Through all the follies of his mind, While friends and strangers pass'd weAnd smells and snuffs the empty wind.) Neglected or unknown. 4 God is a King, of power unknown ; 4 Then did I raise a louder cry, Firma are the orders of his throne ; And call'd thy mercy near, If he resolve, who dare oppose,

“ Thou art my portion when I dio, Or ask him why, or what he does ? “Be thou my refuge here."

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