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Verse 93.


Verse 153,

10 Make haste, my days to reach the goal,

Verse 159, 40.
And bring my heart to rest

5 Does not my heart thy precepts love, On the dear centre of my soul,

And long to see thy face?
My God, my Saviour's breast ! And yet how slow my spirits move,

Without enlivening grace!
PSALM 13. L. M. 6

6. Then shall I love thy gospel more, 97th Psalm, German,

And ne'er forget thy word, Picading with God under desertion; When I have felt its quickening power, or, hope in darkness.

To draw me near the Lord. H.

OW long, O Lord, shall I complain,
Like one who seeks his God in vain

Psalm 119. 12th Part. C.M. 6

359} Canst thou thy face forever hide,

Bedford, Windsor, York. And I still pray and be deny'd ? Breathing after comfort and deliveranc 2 Shall I forever be forgot, Still shall my soul thine absence mourn? Though I have sinn!d against thy grace, As one whom thou regardest not? | My God, consider my distress,

Let mercy plead my cause ; And still despair of thy return? I can't forget thy laws. 3 How long shall my poor, troubled breast

Verse 39, 116. Be with these anxious thoughts oppress’d? 2 Forbid, forbid the sharp reproach, And Satan, my malicious foe,

Which I so justly fear; Rejoice to see me, sunk so low ? Uphold my life, uphold my hopes,

Nor let my shame appear. 4 Hear, Lord, and grant me quick relief,

Verse 122, 135. Before my death conclude my grief; 3 Be thou a surety, Lord, for me; If thou withhold thy heavenly light, Nor let the proud oppress: I sleep in everlasting night.

But make thy waiting servant see 5 How will the powers of darkness boast, The shinings of thy face. If but one praying soul be lost! But I have trusted in thy grace,

4 Mine eyes with expectation fail ; And shall again behold thy face.

My heart within me cries,

“When will the Lord his truth fulfil, *6 Whate'er my fears or fues suggest, And make my comforts rise?" Thou art my hope, my joy, my rest;

Verse 132 My heart shall feel thy love, and raise 5 Look down upon my sorrows, Lord, My cheerful voice to songs of praise.

And show thy grace the same,

As thou art ever wont tafford
PSALM 119. 16th Part. C. M. b To those that love thy name.

Windsor, Canterbury.
Prayer for quickening grace.

PSALM 38. C. M. 6

Plymouth, Wantage. Verse 25, 37. MY sord. lies cleaving to the dust ; Guit of congreso en el tema rendance, and From vain desires, and every lust

, 'A MIDST thy wrath remember love,

Restore thy servant, Lord ; Turn off these eyes of mine. Nor let a father's chastening prove 2 I need the influence of thy grace Like an avenger's sword.

To speed me in thy way,
Lest I should loiter in my race,

2 Thine arrows stick within my heart, Or turn my feet astray..

My flesh is sorely press'd;

Between the sorrow and the smart 3 When sore afflictions press me down, 3 My sins a heavy load appear,

My spirit finds no rest.
I need thy quickening powers;
Thy word, that I have rested on,

And o'er my head are gone ; Shall help my heaviest hours. Too heavy they for me to bear,

'Too hard for me t’ atone. „Verse 156, 40, 4 Are not thy mercies sovereign still, 4 My thoughts are like a troubled sea, And thou a faithful God?

My head still bending down ; Wilt thou not grant me warmer zeal And I go mourning all the day, To run the heavenly road?

Beneath my Father's froin,

Verse 82.



Verse 107.

5 Lord, I am weak and broken sore:1362

PSALM 4. L. M.

b None of my powers are whole ;

Green's Hundredth, Bath, The inward anguish makes me roar, Hearing of prayer; or, God our porThe anguish of my soul.

tion, and Christ our hope.

GOD of grace and righteousness, B All my desire to thee is known, Thine eye counts every tear;

Thou 'hast enlarg'd me in distress, And every sigh and every groan

Bow down a gracious ear again. Is notic'd by thine ear.

2 Ye sons of men, in vain ye try, 7 Thou art my God, my only hope, To turn my glory into shame ;

My God will hear my.cry; How long will scoffers love to lie, My God will bear my spirit up, And dare reproach my Saviour's name? When Satan bids me die.

3 Know that the Lord divides his saints 8 [My foot is ever apt to slide, From all the tribes of men beside ; My foes rejoice to see't ;

He hears the cry of penitents They raise their pleasure and their pride, For the dear sake of Christ that died.

When they supplant my feet. 4 When our obedient hands have done 9 But I'll confess my guilt to thee,

A thousand works of righteousness, And grieve for all my sin;

We put our trust in God alone, I'll mourn how weak my graces be, And glory in his pardoning grace.

And beg support divine. 5 Let the unthinking many say, 10 My God, forgive my follies past, But, Lord, thy light and love we pray;

Who will bestow some earthly good? And be forever nigh ;

Our souls desire this heavenly food. O Lord of my salvation, haste, Before thy servant die.]

6 Then shall my cheerful powers rejoice

At, grace and favour so divine;

Nor will I change my happy choice PSALM 107. 2d Part. 1. M. For all their corn and all their wine. Leeds, Bath.

PSALM 85. 1st Part. - L. M.* Correction for-sin, and release by prayer.


Italy, Newcourt, Quercy. * FROM age to ease excel in the

same: Waiting for an answer to Turayerisco, TIe fills the hungry soul with food, And feeds the poor with every good. ' LORD, thou hast call'd thy grace to 2 But if their hearts rebel, and rise Thou hast revers'd our heavy doom ; Against the God that rules the skies; So God forgave when Israel sinna, If they reject his heavenly word, And brought his wandering captives home. And slight the counsels of the Lord ; |2 Thou hast begun to set us free, He'll bring their spirits to the ground, Now let our hearts be turn’d to thee,

And made thy fiercest wrath abate ; And no deliverer shall be found :

And thy salvation be complete.
Laden with grief, they waste their breath
In darkness, and the shades of death, 3 Revive our dying graces, Lord,

And let thy saints in thee rejoice ; 4 Then to the Lord they raise their cries ;

Make known thy truth, fulfil thy word; He makes the dawning light arise, We wait for praise to tune our voice. And scatters all that dismal shade, That hung so heavy round their head. 4 We wait to hear what God will say ;

He'll speak, and give his people peace; 5 He cuts the bars of brass in two, But let them run no more astray, And lets the smiling prisoners through ; Lest his returning wrath increase. Takes off the load of guilt and grief,

Psalm 51. 30 Part. L. M. b And gives the labouring soul relief.' 364}

Putney, Bath. 60 may the sons of men record The backslider restored; or, repent

The wondrous goodness of the Lord ! ance, and faith in the blood of Christ. How great his works! how kind his ways! 10 THOU, that hear'st when sinners cry, Let every tongue pronounce his praise. Though all my crimes before thee lie,


Nor hide thy presence from my heart. 366} Pisainmots. Cist Part: L; M.*

Behold them not with angry look, 16 Strike, mighty grace, my flinty soul, But blot their memory from thy book. Till melting waters flow, 2 Create my nature pure' within,

And deep repentance drown inine eyes And form my soul aterse to sin ;

In undisseinbled wo! Let thy good Spirit ne'er depart, 3 I cannot live without thy light,

Islington, .

Deliverance from despair ; or, temptations overcome. Cast out and banish d from thy sight : THEE will I love, 0. Lord, my Thine holy joys, my God, restore,

strength, And guard me, that I fall no more. My rock, my tower, my high defence ; 4 Though I have griev'd thy Spirit, Lord, Thy mighty arm shall be my trust, His help and comfort still afford : For I have found salvation thence, And let a wretch come near thy throne, 2 Death and the terrors of the grave To plead the merits of thy Son. Stood round me with their dismal shade; 5 A broken heart, my God, my King, While floods of high temptations rose, Is all the sacrifice I bring;

And made my sinking soul afraid. The God of grace will ne'er despise 31 saw the opening gates of hell, A broken heart for sacrifice.

With endless pains and sorrows there, 6 My soul lies humbled in the dust, Which none but they that feel can tell, And owns thy dreadful sentence just; While I was hurry'd to despair, Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye, 4 In my distress, I call'd' my God, And save the soul condemn'd to die.. When I could scarce believe him mine ; 7 Then will I teach the world thy ways; He bow'd his ear to my complaint; Sinners shall learn thy sovereign grace; Then did his grace appear divine. I'll lead them to my Saviour's blood, 5(With speed he flew to my relief, And they shall praise a pardoning God. As on a cherub's wing he rode; 80 may thy love inspire my tongue ! Awful and bright as lightning shone Salvation shall be all my song ;

The face of my deliverer, God. And all my powers shall join to bless 6 Temptations fled at his rebuke, The Lord, my strength and righteousness. The blast of his almighty breath ;

He sent salvation from on high, HYMN 95. B. 2. C. M. 6 And drew me from the deeps of death.] 365} Bangor, Dundee.

7Great were my fears, my foes were great; Look on him whom they picrced, and mourno

Much was their strength, and more their 1JNFINITE grief! amazing wo!

rage ; Behold my bleeding Lord ! But Christ, my Lord, is conqueror still, Hell and the Jews conspir'd his death, In all the wars that devils wage. And us'd the Roman sword.

8 My song forever shall record 20! the sharp pangs of smarting pain That terrible, that joyful hour ; My dear Redeemer bore,

And give the glory to the Lord, When knotty whips,and jagged thorns Due to his mercy and his power. His sacred body tore!

PSALM 40. 1st Part. C. M.X

Abridge, Christmas. In vain I blame the Roman bands, A song of deliverance from great distress. And the more spiteful Jews. 'I

WAITED patient for the Lord ;

He bow' to hear my cry ; 4 'Twere you, my sins, my cruel sins He saw me resting on his word, His chief tormentors were';

And brought salvation nigh. Each of my crimes became a nail, 2 He rais'd me from a horrid pit, And unbelief the spear.

Where mourning long I lay; 5 'Twere you that pull'd the vengeance

And from my bonds releas'd my feet; Upon his guiltless head; (down

Deep bonds of miry clay. Break, break, my heart, burst, mine 3 Firm on a rock he made me stand And let my sorrows bleed. [eyes, And taught iny cheerful to?"

I ?

3 But knotty whips and jagged thorns 367}




To praise the wonders of his hand, And in the Lamb's fair book appear, In a new, thankful song.

Writ by th' eternal Father's hand. 4. I'll spread his works of grace abroad; 6 Now shall my minutes smoothly run,

The saints with joy shall hear; While here I wait my Father's will; And sinners learn to make my God My rising and my setting sun

Their only hope and fear. Roll gently up and down the hill. 5 How many are thy thoughts of love! Thy mercies, Lord, how great!

HYMN 102. B. 1. L.M. * We have not words nor hours enough

Portugal, Leeds, Eaton. Their numbers to repeat.

The beatitudes 6 When I'm afflicted, poor and low, 1 BLFheir remptiness and poverty :

LEST are the humble souls that see And light and peace depart, My God beholds - my heavy wo,

Treasures of grace to them are given, And bears me on his heart.

And crowns of joy laid up in heaven.

2 Blest are the men of broken heart, 368}

PSALM 61. S. M. b Who mourn for sin with inward smart;
Ustic, Sutton.

The blood of Christ divinely flows,
Safety in God.

À healing balm for all their woes. 3 I WHEN. overwhelm?d with grief 3 Blest are the meek, who stand afar

My heart within me dies; From rage and passion, noise and war; Helpless, and far from all relief, God will secure their happy state,

To heaven I lift mine eyes. And plead their cause against the great. 2 O lead me to the rock

4 Blest are the souls that thirst for grace, That's high above my head, Hunger and long for righteousness; And make the covert of thy wings

They shall be well supply'd and fed My shelter and my shade.

With living streams and living bread. 3 Within thy presence, Lord, 5 Blest are the men, whose bowels moye Forever I'll abide ;

And melt with sympathy and love ; Thou art the tower of my defence, From Christ, the Lord, shall they obtain The refuge where I hide,

Like sympathy and love again. 4 Thou givest me the lot

6 Blest are the pure, whose hearts are Of those that fear thy name; From the defiling power of sin ; [clean. If endless life be their reward,

With endless pleasure they shall see I shall possess the same.

A God of spotless purity. 369}

HYMN 50. B.2. L.M. 617 Blest are the men of peaceful life,

Who quench the coals of growing strife; Comfort under sorrows and pains.

They shall be call'd the heirs of bliss, (ÖW let the Lord, my Saviour,smile,

The sons of God, the God of peace. ?N

And show my name upon his heart; 8 Blest are the sufferers, who partake I would forget my pains a while, Of pain and shame for Jesus' sake; And in the pleasure lose the smart. Their souls shall triumph in the Lord 2 But 0! it swells my sorrows high,

Glory and joy are their reward. To see my blessed Jesus frown:

HYMN 53. B. 2. C. M. b My spirits sink, my comforts die, 371 And all the springs of life are down.

Durham, Stade.

The pilgrimage of the saints'; or, earth and hearen. 3Yet why my soul, why these complaints: LORD what a wretched land is this, Still on his heart he bears his saints, Nocheering fruits, no wholesome trees, And feels their sorrows, and his love. Nor streams of living joy! 4 My name is printed on his breast; 2 But pricking thorns through all the His book of life contains my uame : And mortal poisons grow; [ground, I'd rather bave it there impress'd, And all the rivers that are found Than in the bright records of fame. With dangerous waters flow. 5 When the last fire burns all things here, 3 Yet the dear path to thine abode Those letters skall securely stand, Lies through this horrid land:


Lord! we would keep the heavenly road, 4 When earthly cares engross the day,

And run at thy command. And hold my thoughts aside from thee, 4[Our souls shall tread the desert through, The shining hours of cheeeful light With undiverted feet ;

Are long and tedious years to me. And faith, and flaming zeal subdue 5 And if no evening visit's paid

The terrors that we meet.] Between my Saviour and my soul, 5 [A thousand savage beasts of prey How dull the night! how sad the shade! Around the forest roam :

How mournfully the minutes roll ! But Judah's Lion guards the way; 6 This flesh of mine might learn as soon And guides the strangers home.]

To live, yet part with all my blood; 6[Long nights and darkness dwell below, To breathe, when vital air is gone,

With scarce a twinkling ray; Or thrive and grow without my food. But the bright-world to which we go Is everlasting day.)

17 [Christ is my light, my life, my care, 7 [By glimmering hopes and gloomy fears My blessed hope, my heavenly prize; We trace the sacred road;

Dearer than all iny passions are, Through dismal deeps, and danger- My limbs, my bowels, or mine eves ous snares,

8 The strings that twine about my her We make our way to God.] Tortures and racks may tear them on, 8 Our journey is a thorny maze, But they can never, never part

But wę march upward still ; With their dear hold of Christ my love.] Forget these troubles of the ways, And reach at Zion's hill.

9 [My God! and can a humble child,

That loves thee with a flame so high, 9 [See the kind angels, at the gates, Be ever from thy face exild, Inviting us to come!

Without thé pity of thine eye? There Jesus, the forerunnner, waits

To welcome travellers home.] 10 Impossible ! for thine own hands 10 There, on a green and flowery mount, Have tied my heart so fast to thee; Our weary souls shall sit,

And in thy book the promise stands, And with transporting joys, 'recount That where thou art,thy friends must be. The labours of our feet.

HYMN 54. B. 2. C. M. X Nor trifles vex our ear;

Swanwick, Rochester, Infinite grace shall be our song, God's presence is light in darkness.

And God rejoice to hear.] 12 Eternal glories to the King,

'MY God, the spring of all my joys, That brought us safely through ;| The glory of my brightest days, Our tongue shall never cease to sing, And comfort of my nights. And endless praise renew.

2 In darkest shades, if he appear, 372} Limehouse

, Quercy, Putney.
HYMN 100. B. 2. L. M. 6 My dawning is begun!

He is my soul's sweet Morning Star, The firesence of Christ is the life of my

And he my rising Sun. soul.

3 The opening heavens around me shine OW full of anguish is the thought, HOW

With beams of sacred bliss, How it distracts and tears my beart, while Jesus shows his heart is mine," If God at last, my sovereign Judge, Should frown, and bid my soul depart.

And whispers, I aim his. 2 Lord, when I quit this earthly stage, 4 My soul would leave this heavy clay Where shall I fly but to thy breast?

At that transporting word; For I have sought no other home,

Run up with joy the shining way, For I have learn'd no other rest.

T embrace my dearest Lord. 31 cannot live contented here, 5 Fearless of hell and ghastly death, Without some glimpses of thy face; I'd break through every foe; And heaven, without thy presence there. The wings of love, and arms of faith Would be a dark and tiresome place. Should bear me conqueror througho

11 (No vain discourse shall fill our tongue, 373}

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