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33} Bangor, London, Bedford.



Hymn 146. B. 2. L. M. b/ On slippery rocks I see them stand,

Putney, Old Hundred, Bath. And fiery billows roll below. The vanity of creatures; or, no rest on earth.

3 Now let them boast how tall they rise, MAN has a sound of waste desires He burns within with restless fires; There they may stand with haughty eyes

I'll never envy them again;
Toss'd to and fro, his passions fly
From vanity to vanity.

Till they plunge deep in endless pain. 2 In rain on earth we hope to find 4 Their fancy'd joys, how fast they flee!

Just like a dream when man awakes ; Some solid good to fill the mind; We try new pleasures--but we feel

Their songs of softest harmony The inward thirst and torment still.

Are but a preface to their plagues. 5 So when a raging fever burns,

5 Now I esteem their mirth and wine We shift from side to side by turns;

Too dear to purchase with my blood; And 'tis a poor relief we gain,

Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mine, To change the place, but keep the pain. My life, my portion, and my God. 1 Great God! subdue this vicious thirst,

HYMN 164. B. 2. C. M. b This love to vanity and dust; Cure the vile fever of the mind,

Abridge, Durham.

The end of the world. And feed our souls with joys refin'd.

HY should this earth delight us so?

Why should we fix our eyes HYMN 56. B. 2. C. M.

b On these low grounds, where sorrows

And every pleasure dies? [grow,
The misery of being without God in 2 While time his sharpest teeth prepares
this world; or, vain prosperity. ()ur comforts to devour,
O! I shall envy them no more, There is a land above the stars,

And joys above his power.
Though they increase their golden store,
And rise to wondrous height.

3 Nature shall be dissolv'd and die,

The sun must end his race, 2 They taste of all the joys that grow The earth and sea forever fly Upon this earthly clod ;

Before my Saviour's face. Well, they may search the creature through,

+When will that glorious morning rise, For they have ne'er a God.

When the last trumpet sound,

And call the nations to the skies 3 Shake off the thoughts of dying too,

From underneath the ground ? And think your life your own ; But death comes hast'ning on to you,

-To mow your glory down. 1 Yes, you must bow your stately head, Away your spiriť fies,

THE JEWISH CHURCH : And nó kind angel near your bed, To bear it to the skies.

OR, 5 Go now, and boast of all your stores,

THE ISRAAnd tell how bright they shine; THE HISTORY OF Your heaps of glittering dust are yours,

And my Redeemer's mine.

PSALM 105. C. M.
PSALM 73. L. M.

Rochester, York.
All Saints, Bath.

Gods conduct to Israel, and the plagues of Egypt. The prosperity of sinners cursed.

IVE thanks to God, invoke his name, ILO was 1,

Sound through the earth his deeds of To moorn, and murmur, and repine That all may seek his face. [fame, To see the wicked placed on high, 2 His covenant, which he kept in mind In pride and robes of honour shine!

For numerous ages past, 2 But Otheir end, their dreadful end! To numerous ages, yet behind, Thy sanctuary taught me so:

In equal force shall last,


*orb 436} a '

3 He sware to Abrah'm and his seed, 16 The Lord himself chose out their way, And made the blessing sure ;

And mark'd their journies right; Gentiles the ancient promise read, Gave them a leading cloud by day, And find his truth endure.

A fiery guide by night. 46Thy seed shall make all nations blest,” 17 They thirst; and waters from the rock (Said the Almighty voice)

In rich abundance flow, "And Canaan's land shall be their rest, And following still the course they took,

“ The type of heavenly joys." Ran all the desert through. 5 (How large the grant! how rich the 18 O wondrous stream! O blessed type

To give them Canaan's land, (grace! Of ever-flowing grace!
When they were strangers in the place, So Christ our rock maintains our life
A little feeble band!

Through all this wilderness. 6 Like pilgrims, through the countries 19 Thus guarded by th' Almighty hand,

Securely they remov'd ; round, The chosen tribes possess'd And haughty kings, that on them frown'd, Canaan the rich, the promis'd land, Severely he reprov'a.

And there enjoy'd their rest. 7 " Touch mine anointed, and mine arm 20 Then let the world forbear its rage,

+6 Shall soon avenge the wrong; The church renounce her fear; “ The man that does my prophets harm, Israel must live through every age,

“ Shall know their God is strong." And be th' Almighty's care. 8 Then let the world forbear its rage, N put the church in fear:

PSALM 81. S. M. Israel must live through every age,


Thacher, Dover. And be th' Almighty's care.] The warnings of God to his people; or, PAUSE I.

spiritual blessings and punishments. 9 When Pharaoh dara to vex the saints, 1 SAGA

NG to the Lord aloud, And thus provok'd their God,

And make a joyful noise ; Moses was sent, at their complaints, God is our strength, our Saviour Goch Arm'd with his dreadful rod.

Let Israel hear his voice. 10 He call'd for darkness; darkness came, 2 “ From vile idolatry

Like an o’erwhelming flood; “ Preserve my worship clean: He turn'd each lake and every stream “I am the Lord who set thee free To lakes and streams of blood.

• From slavery and sin, 11 He gave the sign, and noisome flies 3 “Stretch thy desires abroad,

Through the whole country spread ; "And I'll supply them well: And frogs, in croaking armies, rise

“ But if ye will refuse your God, About the monarch's bed.

• If Israel will rebel ; 12 Through fields and towns, and palaces, 4 “ I'll leave them," saith the Lord The tenfold vengeance flew !

“To their own lusts a prey, Locusts in swarms devour'd their trees,

“ And let them run the dangerous road; And hail their cattle slew.

6. "Tis their own chosen way. 13 Then by an angel's midnight stroke, 5 “ Yet, O! that all my saints The flower of Egypt died;

“Would hearken to my voice! The strength of every house was broke, “Soon I would ease their sore complaint Their glory and their pride.

“And bid their hearts rejoice.

6 14 Now let the world forbear its rage,

“ While I destroy their foes, Nor put the church in fear;

“I'd richly feed my flock, Israel must live through every age,

“And they should taste the stream thi And be th’ Almighty's care.

“From their eternal Rock.” [flow PAUSE II.

PSALM 78. 2d Part. C. M. X 15 Thus were the tribes from bondage


St. Martins, Irish. brought,

Israel's rebellion and punishment; or, the sins ad And left the hated ground:

chastisements of God's people. Each some Egyptian spoils' had got,


And not one feebie found.

Was Jacob's ancient race!

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False to their own most solemn vows, 6 He gave them all their own desire ; And to their Maker's grace.

And greedy as they fed, 2 They broke the covenant of his love, His vengeance burnt with secret fire, And did his lawš despise,

And smote the rebels dead. Forgot the works he wrought, to prove 7 When some were slain, the rest return’d, Ilis power before their eyes.

And sought the Lord with tears ; 3 They saw the plagues on Egypt light, Under the rod they feard and mourn’d, From his avenging hand ;

But soon forgot their fears. What dreadful tokens of his might 8 Oft he chastis'd, and still forgave,

Spread o'er the stubborn land. Till, by his gracious hand,
4 They saw him cleave the mighty sea, The nation he resolv'd to save
And march in safety through,

Possess'd the promis'd land.
With watery walls to guard their way,
Till they had 'scap'd the foe.

PSALM 107. 30 Part. L.M. * orb

440 5 A wondrous pillar mark'd the road,

Armley, Fountain. Compos'd of shade and light; Intemperance punished and parloned; or, a psalm By day it prov'd a sheltering cloud,

for the glutton and the drunkard. A leading fire by night.

V 6 He from the rock their thirst supply'd;| What pains, what loathsome maladies

Prepares for his own punishment;
The gushing waters fell,
And ran in rivers by their side,

From luxury and lust arise!
A constant miracle.

2 The drunkard feels his vitals waste,

Yet drowns his health to please his taste; ng Yet they provok'd the Lord most high, Till all his active powers are lost,

And dar'd distrust his hand; «- Can he with bread our hosts supply 3 The glutton groans, and loathes to eat,

And fainting life draws near the dust. 66 Amid this desert land?"

His soul abhors delicious meat; 8 The Lord with indignation heard, And caus'd his wrath to flame;

Nature, with heavy loads oppress'd, His terrors ever stand prepar'd

Would yield to death to be releas'd. To vindicate his name.

4 Then how the frighted sinners fly

To God för help, with earnest cry! 439

PSALM 78. 3d Part. C.M. X He hears their groans, prolongs their
Kingston, Barby.


And saves them from approaching death. The punishment of lurury and intemperance ; or,

5 No med'cines could effect the cure 1 WHEN Israel sins, the Lord reproves, so quick, so easy, or so sure;

And fills their hearts with dread; The deadly sentence God repeals ; Yet he forgives' the men he loves,

He sends his sovereign word, and heals. And sends them heavenly bread. 60 may the sons of men record 2 He fea them with a liberal hand,

The wondrous goodness of the Lord ! And made his treasures known;

And let their thankful off'rings prove He gave the midnight clouds command How they adore their Maker's love. To pour provision down.

Psalm 78. 4th Part. L.M. * 3 The manna, like a morning shower, 441


Castle Street, Eaton. Lay thick around their feet; The corn of heaven, so light, so pure, Backsliding and forgiveness ; or, sin

As though 'twere angels' meat. punished and saints saved.


chastisement and salvation.

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4 But they in murmuring language said, 'GBy turns thine anger and thy love!

" Manna is all our feast, * We loathe this light, this airy bread: There in a glass our hearts may see

" We must have flesh to taste." How fickle and how false they be. 5“Ye shall have flesh to please your lust,'' 2 How soon the faithless Jews forgot

The Lord in wrath reply'd ; The dreadful wonders God had wrought! And sent them quails, like sand or dust, Then they provoke him to his face Heap'd up from side to side. Nor fear his power, nor trust his



3 The Lord consum'd their years in pain, My griefs were constant as the day, And made their travels long and vain ;

And tedious as the years, A tedious march, through unknown ways, 2 Up from my youth, I bore the rage Wore out their strength, and spent Of all the sons of strife; their days.

Oft they assail'd my riper age, 4 Oft, when they saw their brethren slain, But not destroy'd my life. They mourn’d and sought the Lord 3 Their cruel plough had torn my flesh, again;

With furrows long and deep ; Calld him the Rock cf their abode, Hourly they vex'd my wounds afresh, Their high Redeemer and their God. Nor let my sorrows sleep. 5 Their prayers and vows before him rise, 4 The Lord grew angry on his throne, As flattering words, or solemn lies, And, with impartial eye, While their rebellious tempers prove Measur'd the mischiefs they had done, False to his covenant, and his love. Then let his arrows fly. 6 Yet did his sovereign grace forgive 5 How was their insolence surpris'd, The men who not deserv'd to live ; To hear his thunders roll! Ilis anger oft away he turn’d, And all the foes of Zion seiz'd Or else with gentle flame it burn'd. With horror to the soul! hy He saw their flesh was weak and frail, 6 Thus shall the men that bate the saints He saw temptations still prevail ; Be blasted from the sky; The God of Abrah’m lor'd them still, Their glory fades, their courage faints, And led them to his holy hill.

And all their projects die. 442}

Psalm 106. 2d Part. S. M. * 7(What though they flourish tall and fait,
St. Thomas, Froome.

They have no root beneath ;
Israel punished and pardoned; or,

Their growth shall perish in despair,
God's unchangeable love.

And lie despis’d in death.]
OD of eternal love,

8 [So corn, that on the house-top stands, How fickle are our ways! No hope of harvest gives; And yet how oft did Israel prove The

reaper ne'er shall fill his hands, Thy constancy of grace!

Nor binder fold the sheaves. 2 They saw thy wonders wrought, 9 It springs and withers on the place : And then thy praise they sung;

No traveller - bestows But soon thy works of power forgot. A word of blessing on the grass,

And murmur'd with their tongue. Nor minds it as he goes.] 3 Now they believed his word, While rocks with rivers flow;

PSALM 135. 2d Part. L. M. X Now with their lusts provoked the Lord,


Luton, Truro. And he reduced them low.

The works of creation, providence, redemption of 4 Yet when they mourn'd their faults, Israel, and destruction of enemics.

He hearken'd to their groans; 1 REAT is the Lord, exalted high Brought his own covenant to his thoughts

And call'd them still his sons. Whate'er he pleas'd, in earth or sea, 5 Their names were in his book, Or heaven or hell, his hand hath done.

He sav'd them from their foes ; 12 At bis command the vapours rise ; Oft he chastis'd, but ne'er forsook The lightnings flash, the thunders roar: The people that he chose.

He pours the rain, be brings the wind 6 Let Israel bless the Lord, And tempest from his airy store.

Who lov'd their ancieut race; 3 'Twas he those dreadful tokens sent, And Christians join the solemn word, o Egypt, through thy stubborn land ; Amen, to all their praise.

When all thy first-born, beasts and men, PSALM 129. C. M.

Fell dead by his avenging hand.

4 What mighty nations, mighty kings Persecutor's punished.

He slevy, and their whole country gave from my youth, mar Israel sar, To Israel, his hands redeem'd, Hare I been nurs'd in tears; No more to be proud Pharaoh's slave!


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443} Abridge, Arlington, Ti-hury. ITJE

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5 His power the same, the same his grace,

PAUSE. That saves us from the hosts of hell ; 17 [The kings of Canaan fell And heaven he gives as to possess, Beneath his dreadful hand; Whence those apostate angels fell. While his own servants took

Possession of their land.
PSALM 136. H. M.

His power and , grace
Bethesda, Portsmouth.

Are still the same;
God's wonders of creation, providence, redlemption

And let his name of Israel, and salvation of his people.

Have endless praise. ] 1

"IVE thanks to God most high, 8 He saw the nations lie,

The universal Lord;
The sovereign King of kings;

All perishing in sin,
And be his grace ador’l.

And pity'd the sad state

The ruin'd world was in.
His power and grace
Are still the same;

Thy mercy, Lord,
And let his name

Shall still endure';

And ever sure
Have endless praise.

Abides thy word. 2 How mighty is his hand !

What wonders hath he done! 9. He sent his only Son
He form'd the earth and seas,

To save us from our wo,
And spread the heavens alone.

From Satan, sin, and deatli,
Thy mercy, Lord,

And every hurtful foe.
Shall still endure;

His power and grace
And ever sure

Are still the same;
Abides thy word.

And let his name

Have endless praise.
His wisdom fram'd the sun,
To crown the day with light; 10 Give thanks aloud to God,
The moon and twinkling stars, To God, the heavenly King;
To cheer the darksome night. And let the spacious earth
His power and grace

His works and glories sing.
Are still the same;

Thy mercy, Lord,
And let his name

Shall still endure;
Have endless praise.

And ever sure 4 [He smote the first-born sons,

Abides thy word.
The flower of Egypt, dead :

Psalu 77. 2d Part. C: M. b
And thence his chosen tribes
With joy and glory led.

Plymouth, Carolina.
Thy mercy, Lord,

Confort derivel froin ancient providences ; or, sm
Shall still endure;

ract delivered from Egypt, and brought to Canaan. And ever sure

1“HOW awful is thy chastening rod! Abides thy word.

"The great, the wise, the dreadful God, 5 His power and lifted rod

“How holy is his way!"? Cleft the Red Sea in two,

12 I'll meditate his works of old; And for his people made A wondrous passage through.

The King who reigns above :

I'll hear his ancient wonders told,
His power and grace

And learn to trust his love.
Are still the same;
And let his name

3 Long did the house of Joseph lie Have endless praise.

With Egypt's yoke oppress'd;

Long he delay'd to hear their cry, 6 But cruel Pharaoh there

Nor gave his people rest,
With all his host he drown'd;

4 The sons of good old Jacob seem'a And brought his Israel safe

Abandon'd to their foes ;
Through a long desert ground.

But his almighty arm redeemid
Thy mercy, Lord,

The nation that he chose.
Snall still endure;
And ever sure

5. Israel, his people and his sheer Abides thy word]

Must follow where he calls;

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