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31} Christmas, Arlington

5 Lord, I am brought exceeding low;16 See, dearest Lord, our willing souls Now let thine ear attend;

Accept thiné offer'd grace ; And make my foes, who vex me, know We bless the great Redeemer's love, I've an almighty Friend.

And give the Father praise. 6 From my sad prison set me free, Then shall I praise thy name ;

HYMN 104. B. 2. S. M.

39 And holy men shall join with me

Watchman, Pelham. Thy kindness to proclaim.

Love and mercy of God.

1 HYMN 105. B. 2. C. M. b or*

AISE your triumphant songs RA

To an immortal tune;

Let the wide earth resound the deeds
Longsuffering of God.

Celestial grace has done.
AND are we wretches yet alive?
And do we

2 Sing how Eternal Love 'Tis boundless, 'tis amazing love,

Its chief Beloved chose,

And bid him raise our wretched race That bears us up from hell! 2 The burden of our weighty guilt

From their abyss of woes. Would sink us down to flames ;

3 His hand no thunder bears, And threatening vengeance rolls above,

No terror clothes his brow; To crush our feeble frames.

No bolts to drive our guilty souls

To fiercer flames below. 3 Almighty goodness cries, Forbear!

And straight the thunder stays: 4. 'Twas mercy fill’d the throne, And dare we now provoke his wrath, And wrath stood silent by, And weary out his grace!

When Christ was sent with pardons 4 Lord, we have long abus'd thy love, To rebels doom'd to die. [down

Too long indulg'd our sin; 5 Now, sinners, dry your tears, Our aching hearts e'en bleed to see Let hopeless sorrow cease ;, What rebels we have been.

Bow to the sceptre of his love, 5 No more, ye lusts, shall

command; And take the offer'd peace,
No more will we obey ; (hand, 6 Lord, we obey thy call ;
Stretch out, o God, thy conquering
And drive thy foes away.

We lay an humble claim
To the salvation thou hast brought,

And love and praise thy name.
HYMN 103. B. 2. C. M.
Christmas, Carthage.

PSALM 113. P. M. X

St. Hellens, or 46th Psalm.
OME, happy souls, approach your Majesty and condescension of God.

Come, render to almighty grace

E that delight to serve the Lord, Thé tribute of your tongues.

His sacred name forever bless : 2 So strange, so boundless was the love That pity'd dying men,

Where'er the circling sun displays The Father sent his equal Son.

His rising beams or setting rays,

Let lands and seas his
To give them life again.


power 3 Thy hands, dear Jesus, were not arm'd 2 Not time, nor nature's narrow rounds, With a revenging rod ;

Çan give his vast dominion bounds; No hard commission to perform

The heavens are far below his height: The vengeance of a Ġod.

Let no created greatness dare 4 But all was mercy, all was mild,

With our eternal God compare, And wrath forsook the throne,

Arm’d with his uncreated might! When Christ on the kind errand came, 3 He bows his glorious head to view

And brought salvation down. What the bright hosts of angels do, 5Here,sinners, you may heal your wounds, And bends his care to mortal things : And wipe your sorrows dry:

His sovereign hand exalts the poor, Trust in the mighty Saviour's name,

He takes the needy froin the don And you shall never die,

And makes them company for ks



Love. of God, in the

gift of his Son. 34} C.


35} Newcourt, Gloucester.

Y se revers age "his praises sing

4 When childless families despair, 4. He plots upon his bed, He sends the blessing of an heir,

New mischiefs to fulfil ; To rescue their expiring name: He sets his heart, and hands, and head The mother, with a thankful voice, To practise all that's ill. Proclaims his praises and her joys: 5 But there's a dreadful God, Let every age advance his fame.

Though men renounce his fear;

His justice, hid behind the cloud, PSALM 113. L. M.

Shall one great day appear.

6 His truth transcends the sky; Majesty und condescension of God. In heaven his mercies dwell; E servants of th’ Almighty King, Deep as the sea his judgments lie,

His anger burns to hell. Where'er the sun shall rise or set, 7 How excellent his love, The nations shall his praise repeat.

Whence all our safety springs ! 2 Above the earth, beyond the sky,

O never let my soul remove
Stands his high throne of majesty:

From underneath his wings.
Nor time, nor place, his power restrain,
Nor bound his universal reign. 37
3 Which of the sons of Adam dare,

Stade, St. Martins, Irish.
Or angels, their God compare

Mercy of God to sufferers. Ilis glories how divinely bright,

thy speak, Who dwells in uncreated light!

Thy strengthening hands uphold the 4 Behold his love! he stoops to view And raise the poor that fall. [weak, What saints above and angels do : 2When sorrow bows the spirit dowo, And copdescends yet more to know The mean affairs of inen below.

Or virtue lies distress'd

Beneath some proad oppressor's frown, 5 From dust and cottages obscure, Thou giv’st the mourners rest. His grace exalts the humble poor; Gives them the honour of his sons,

3 The Lord supports our tottering days,

And guides our giddy youth: And fits them for their heavenly thrones.

Holy and just are all his ways, 6[A word of his creating voice

And all his words are truth.
Can make the barren house rejoice: 4 He knows the pains his servants feel,
Though Sarah's ninety years were past, He hears his children cry,
The promis'd eed is born at last.

And, their best wishes to fulfil,
7With joy the mother views her son, His grace is ever nigh.
And tells the wonders God has done ; 5 His mercy never shall remove
Faith may grow strong when sense despairs, From men of heart sincere :
Though nature fails, the promise bcars.]

He saves the souls, whose humble love

Is join'd with holy fear. PSALM 36, S. M. 36

b16 [His stubborn foes his sword shall slay, Aylesbury, Ustick.

And pierce their hearts with pain ; Majesty of God und wickedness of man. But none that serve the Lord shall say, 1 HEN man grows bold in sin,

They sought his aid in vain."] My heart within me cries,' 7(My lips shall dwell upon his praise, " He hath no faith of God within, And spread his fame abroad; "Nor fear before his eyes."

Let all the sons of Adam raise

The honours of their God.] 2 (He walks a while conceal'd In a self-Aattering dream,

PSALM 103. 2d Part. L. M. * Till his dark crimes, at once reveal'd, 38

Portugal, Dunstan. Expose his hateful name.)

Mercy and love of God to his people. 3 His heart is false and foul, THE Lord, how wondrous are his ways!

His words are smooth and fair; How firm his truth, how large his Wisdom is banish'd from his soul, He takes his mercy for his throne, (grace!

And leaves no goodness there. And thence he wakes his glories kuown.



2 Not half so high his power hath spread, The Lord hath judgments for the proud,
The starry heavens above our head, And justice for the oppress'd.
As his rich love exceeds our praise, 6 His wondrous works and ways
Exceeds the highest hopes we raise. He made by Moses known;
3 Not half so far hath nature placed But sent the world his truth and grace

The rising morning from the west, By his beloved Son.
As his forgiving grace removes
The daily guilt of those he loves.
4 How slowly doth his wrath arise!

Bath, Blendon, Castle-Street. On swifter wings salvation flies :

Omniscience of God. And if he lets his anger burn, How soon his frowns to. pity turn :'LORD, thou hast search'd and seen

me through; 5 Amidst his wrath compassion shines ; Thine eye commands with piercing view His strokes are lighter than our sins; My rising and my resting hours, And while his rod corrects his saints, My heart and flesh, with all their powers, His ear indulges their complaints.

2 My thoughts, before they are my owng. 6 So fathers their young sons chastise, Are to my God distinctly known; With gentle hands and melting eyes ; He knows the words I mean to speak, The children weep beneath the smart, Ere from my opening lips they break. And move the pity of their heart.

3Within thy circling power i stand ; PAUSE.

On every side I find thy hand : 7 The mighty Goa, the wise and just, Awake, asleep, at home, abroad, Knows that our frame is feeble dust; I am surrounded still with God. And will no beavy load impose 4Amazing knowledge, vast and great! Beyond the strength that he bestows. What large extent! what lofty height! 8 He knows how soon our nature dies, My. soul, with all the powers I boast, Blasted by every wind that flies ;

Is in the boundless prospect lost. Like grass we spring, and die as soon 5“O may these thoughts possess my breast,

As morning flowers that fade at noon. “ Where'er I rove, where'er 1 rest ; 9 But his eternal love is sure

“Nor let my weaker passions dare To all the saints, and shall endure ;

"Consent to sin, for God is there."

PAUSE I. From age to age his truth shall reign, Nor children's children hope in vain. 6 Could I so false, so faithless prove,

To quit thy service and thy love, 39}

PSALM 103. 1st Part. S. M. Where, Lord, could I thy presence shun,

Hopkins, Dover, Watchman. Or from thy dreadful glory - run?. Mercy of God to soul and body.

7 If up to heaven I take my flight, 1

"Tistherethoudwell'st enthron'd in light: BLESS the Lord, my soul! O Let all within me join,

Or dive to hell, there vengeance reigns, And aid my tongue to bless his name,

And Satan groans beneath his chains. Whose favours are divine.

8 If, mounted on a morning ray, 2 O bless the Lord, my soul,

I fly beyond the western sea, Nor let his mercies lie

Thý swifter hand would first arrive, Forgotten in unthankfulness,

And there arrest thy fugitive. And without praises die,

9 Or should I try to shun thy sight, 3 'Tis he forgives thy sins,

Beneath the spreading, veil of night, 'Tis he relieves thy pain,

One glance of thine, one piercing ray, "Tis he that heals thy sicknesses,

Would kindle darkness into day. And makes thee young again.

10"Omay these thoughts possess my breast,

" Where'er I rove, where'er I rest; 4 He crowns thy life with love, When ransom'd from the grave;

- Nor let my weaker passions dare He that redeem'd my soul from hell

“ Consent to sing for God is there." Hath sovereign power to save.

PAUSE II. 5 He fills the poor with good; 11 The veil of night is no disguise,

He gives the sufferers rest; No screen from thy all-seeing eyes:



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Thy hand can seize thy foes as soon

HYMN 32. B. 1. C. M. Through midnight shades as blazing noon.

Carthage, Christmas. 12 Midnight and noon in this agree,

Omn potence of God. Great God, they're both alike to thee: 'W

HENCÉ do our mournful thoughts

arise ? And hell lies naked to his eye.

And where's our courage filed? 13"Omay these thoughts possess my breast, Has restless sin and raging hell "Where'er I rove, where'er I rest ;

Struck all our comforts dead? "Nor let my weaker passions dare 2 Havę we forgot the Almighty Name ". Consent to sin for God is there." That form'd the earth and sea?

And an all- ating arm
PSALM 139. 1st Part. C. M. Grow weary, or decay?
London, St. Ann's.

3 Treasures of everlasting might
Omniscience of God.

In our Jehovah dwell;
N all my vast concerns with thee, He gives the conquest to the weak,
In vain my soul would try

And treads their foes to hell.
To shun thy presence, Lord, or flee
The notice of thine eye.

4 Mere mortal power shall fade and die,

And youthful vigour cease; 2 Thine all-surrounding sight surveys But we that wait upon the Lord My rising and my rest ;

Shall feel our strength increase.
My public walks, my private ways,
And secrets of my breast.

15 The saints shall mount on eagles' wings, 3 My thoughts lie open to the Lord

And taste the promis'd bliss,

Till their unwearied feet arrive
Before they're sorm'd within ;
And ere my lips pronounce the word

Where perfect pleasure is.
He knows the sense I mean.

St. Asaphs, .
Where can a creature hide?
Within thy circling arms I lie,

Perfeciinns of God.
Beset on every side.

1GREAT is the Lord; his works of might

Demand our noblest songs: 5 So let thy grace surround me still, Let his assembled saints unite And like a bulwark prove,

Their harmony of tongues.
To guard my soul from every ill,
Secur'd by sovereign love.

2 Great is the mercy of the Lord,

He gives his children food;
6 Lord, where shall guilty souls retire, And, ever mindful of his word,

He makes his promise good.
Forgotten and unknown ?.
In hell they meet thy dreadful fire,

3 His Son, the great Redeemer, came In heaven thy glorious throne.

To seal his covenant sure ;

Holy and reverend is his name, un Should I suppress my vital breath, To 'scape the wrath divine,

His ways are just and pure. Thy voice could break the bars of death, 4 They that would grow divinely wise And make the grave resign.

Must with his fear begin ; 8 If, wing?d with beams of morning light, Our fairest proof of knowledge lies I fly beyond the west, [flight,

In hating every sin. Tby hand, which must support my

HYMN 166. B. 2. C.M.

X Would soon betray my rest.

, .
9 If o'er my sins I think to draw
The curtains of the night,

Perfections of God.
OW shall I praise th' eternal God,

That Infinite Unknown?
Would turn the shades to light.

Who can ascend his high abode, 10 The beams of noon, the midnight hour, Or venture near his throne? Are both alike to thee:

2 [The great Invisible! He dwells O may I ne'er provoke that power

Conceal'd in dazzling light;
Ficm wlich I cannot flee..

40 wondrous knowledge, deep and high! 43} SPS Alaphi Brad Part. C.M.*

44} Bedford, London, Barby

. Those faming eyes that guard thy law 'Ho

Bụt his - all-searching eye reveals 7 [Th' eternal law before him stands ; The secrets of the night.

Kis justice, with impartial hands, 3 Those watchful eyes, that never sleep, Divides to all their due reward, Survey the world around ;

Or by the sceptre, or the sword.] His wisdom is a boundless deep, 8 [His mercy, like a boundless séa,

Where all our thoughts are drown'd.] Washes our loads of guilt away, 4[Speak we of strength ? His arm is strong While his own Son came down and died, To save, or to - destroy ;

T'engage his justice on our side.) Infinite years "his life prolong, 9 [Each of his words demands my faith, And endless is his joy.]

My soul can rest on all he saith ; 5 (He knows no shadow of a change, His truth inviolably keeps Nor alters his decrees;

The largest promise of his lips.] Firm as a rock his truth remains, 10 O tell me, with a gentle voice, To guard his promises.]

“Thou art my God," and I'll rejoice! 6 [Sinners before his presence die; Fill'd with thy love, I dare proclaim How holy is his name!

The brightest honours of thy name. His anger and his jealousy

Burn like devouring flame.) 7 Justice, upon a dreadful throne,

46} Nantwich, old lundred.
Maintains the rights of God;

Perfections of God.
While mercy sends her pardons down,
Bought with a Saviour's blood. J

His robes are light and majesty ; 8 Now to my soul, immortal King,

His glory shines with beans so bright, Speak come forgiving word ; Then 'twill be double joy to sing 2 His terrors keep the world in awe ;

No mortal can sustain the sight.
The glories of, my Lord.

His justice guards his holy law;
Hymx 107. B. 2. L. M.

His love reveals a smiling face;
Gloucester, Truro.

His truth and promise seal the grace. Perfections of God.

3 Through all his works his wisdom shiner,

And baffles Satan's deep designs ; 1GREAT God! thy glories shall employ His power is sovereign to full

"My holy fear, my humble joy ; The roblest counsels of his will. My lips, in songs of honour, bring TJ eir tribute to th' eternal King,

4 And will this glorious Lord descend

To be my Father and my friend? 2 [Earth and the stars, and worlds un- Then let my songs with angels join ; known,

Heaven is secure, if God be mine. Depend precarious on his throne ; All nature hangs upon his word,

HIMN 169. B. 2. H. M. * And grace and glory own their Lord.) 47}

Portsmouth, Bethesda. 3[His sovereign power what mortal knows?

1 If he command, who dare oppose?

'HE Lord Jehovah reigns,

His throne is built on high ; With strength he girds himself around,

The garments he assumes And treads the rebels to the ground.]

Are light and majesty : 4(Who shall pretend to teach him skill? His glories shine Or guide the counsels of his will ?

With beams so bright,
His wisdom, like a sea divine,

No mortal eye
Flows deep and high beyond our line.] Can bear the sight.
5 (His name is holy, and his eye 2 The thunders of his hard
Burns with immortal jealousy,

Keep the wide world in awe;
He hates the sons of pride, and sheds His wrath and justice stand
His fiery vengeance on their heads.]

To guard his holy Jaw: 6 (The beamings of his piercing sight And where his love Bring dark hypocrisy to light;

Resolves to bless, Death and destruction naked lie,

His truth confirme And hell uncover'd to his eye.}

And seals the grace. WATTS.


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