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When to our ears our fathers told|3 Lift up thy feet, and march in haste, The wonders of their days,

Aloud our ruin calls; How thou didst build thy churches here, See what a wide and fearful waste And make thy gospel known;

Is made within thy walls. Among them did thine arm appear, 4Where once thy churches pray'd and sang' Thy light and glory shone.

Thy foes profairely roar; 3 In God they boasted all the day;| Over thy gates their ensigns hang, And in a cheerful throng

Sad tokens of their power.. Did thousands meet, to praise and pray, 5 How are the seats of worship broke!

And grace was all their song, They tear the buildings down; 4 But now our souls are seiz'd with shame, And he that deals the heaviest stroke, Confusion fills our face,

Procures the chief renown. To hear the enemy blaspheme, 6 With flames they threaten to destroy

And fools reproach thy grace. Thy children in their nest; 5 Yet have we not forgot our God,

" Come, let us burn at once,” they cry, Nor falsely dealt with Heaven;

“ The temple and the priest.' Nor have our steps decli'd the road 7 And still, to heighten our distress, Of duty thou hast given ;

Thy presence is withdrawn; 6 Though dragons all around us roar

Thy wonted signs of power and grace, With their destructive breath,

Thy power and grace are gone. And thine own hand has bruis'd us sore, 8 No prophet speaks to calm our woes, Hard by the gates of death.

But all the seers mourn:

There's not a soul among us knows 7 We are expos'd all day to die The time of thy return. As martyrs for thy cause,

PAUSE. As sheep, for slaughter bound, we lie, 9 How long, eternal God! how long By sharp and bloody laws.

Shall men of pride blaspheme? 8 Awake, arise, Almighty Lord !

Shall saints be made their endless song, Why sleeps thy wonted grace?.

And bear immortal shaine ? Why should we look like men abhorr’d, 10 Canst thou forever sit and hear Or banish'd from thy face?

Thine holy name profan'd; 9 Wilt thou forever cast us off,

And still thy jealousy forbear,
And still neglect our cries?

And still withhold thine hand? Forever hide thy heavenly love 11 What strange deliverance hast thou From our afflicted eyes?

In ages long before! [shown 10 Down to the dust our souls are bow'd, And now no other God we own, And die upon the ground;

No other god adore. Rise for our help, rebuke the proud, 12 Thou didst divide the raging sea,

And all their powers' confouirc. By thy reşistless might, 11 Redeem us from perpetual shame, To make thy tribes a wondrous way, Our Saviour and our God;

And then secure their flight. We plead the honours of thy name, 13 Is not the world of nature thine, The merits of thy blood.

The darkness and the day?

Didst thou not bid the morning shine, PSALM 74. C. M. Xor b And mark the sun his way? Bedford, York.

14 Hath not thy power form'd ev'ry coast, The church pleading with God under sore persecution. And set the earth its bounds, 1 WILL God forever cast us off? With summer's heat and winter's frost,

His wrath forever smoke In their perpetual rounds? Against the people of his love,

15 And shall the sons of earth and dust His little chosen flock?

That sacred power blaspheme? 2 Think of the tribes so dearly bought Will not thy hand, that form'd them first,

With their Redeemer's blood; Avenge thine injur'd naine? Nor let thy Sion be forgot, 16 Think on the covenant thou hast made,

Where once thy glory stood. And all thy words of love ;


? A


Nor let the birds of prey invade 13They plant their snares to catch my feet Nor vex thy'mourning dove.

And nets of mischief spread; Harris 17 Our foes would triumph in our blood, Plunge the destroyers in the piti And make our hope their jest:

That their own hands have made Plead thine own cause, Almighty God, 4 Let fogs and darkness hide their way, And give thy children rest.

And slippery be their ground;

Thy wrath shall make their lives a preyed PSALM 83. S. M. b 466}

And all their rage confound.
Pelham, Sutton.

5 They fly, like chaff before the wind, A complaint against persecutors. Before thine angry breath;

ND will the God of grace The angel of the Lord behind

Perpetual silence keep? Pursues them down to death. The God of justice hold his peace, 6 They love the road that leads to hell;

And let his vengeance sleep? Then let the rebels die, ME 2 Behold what cursed snares Whose malice is implacable

The men of mischief spread: Against the Lord on high. The men that hate thy saints, and thee, 7 But if thou hast a chosen few

Lift up their threatening head. Among that impious race, 3 Against thy hidden ones

Divide them from the bloody crews same; Their counsels they employ, By thy surprising grace. And malice, with her watchful eye, 8 Then will I raise my tuneful voice Pursues them to destroy.

To make thy wonders known; 4 The noble and the base

In their salvation I'll rejoice,
Into thy pastures leap;

And bless thee for my own.
The lion and the stupid ass
Conspire to vex thy sheep.


PSALM 14. 2d Part. C. M. let 5 “ Come, let us join," they cry,

Plympton, Irish. " To root them from the ground, The folly of persecutors. “Till not the name of saints remain, 1 AR

RE sinners now so senseless grown “

That they the saints devour? 6 Awake, Almighty God,

And never worship at thy throne, And call thy wrath to mind;

Nor fear thine awful power? Give them, like forests, to the fire, 2 Great God! appear to their surprise Or stubble to the wind.

Reveal thy dreadful nanje 7 Convince their madness, Lord, Let them no more thy wrath despised And make them seek thy name;

Nor turn our hope to shame. Or else their stubborn rage confound, 3 Dost thou not dwell among the just

That they may die in shame. And yet our foes deride, 8 Then shall the nations know That we should make thy name our trust That glorious, dreadful word,

Great God! confound their pride JEHOVAH is thy name alone, 40 that the joyful day were come, por And thou the sovereign Lord. To finish our distress!

When God shall bring his children homegalis 467} PSALM 35. 1st Part. C. M. b

Our songs shall never cease.
Bangor, Durham.

PSALM 53. C. M.
Prayer and faith of persecuted saints ; 469}

York, St. Anns.

Victory and deliverance from persecution.
With all the sons of strife;

Who her saints And fight against the men of blood, Do they not know her Saviour rules Who fight against my life.

And pities her complaints ? 2 Draw out thy spear, and stop their way, 2 They shall be seiz'd with sad surprise Lift thine avenging rod;

For God's avenging arm But to iny soul in mercy, say,

Scatters the bones of them that rise the "I am thy Saviour God."

To do his children harm.


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> In vain the sons of Satan boast 15“ Yet,” saith the Lord, “ should nature Of armies in array,

change, When God has first despis'd their host,

“ And mothers monsters prove, They fall an easy prey.

“Sion still dwells upon the heart 10 for a word from Sion's King,

“Of everlasting love. Her captives to restore!

6“ Deep on the palms of both my hands Jacob with all his tribes shall sing, " I have engrav'd her name ; And Judah weep no more.

My hands shall raise her ruin'd walls,

* And build her broken frame." THE SAFETY, DELIVERANCE, AND TRIUMPH OF THE

HYMN 8. B. 1. C. M.



The safety and protection of the church. 470}

PSALM 135. 1st Part. L. M. *
Gloucester, Eaton. HW

OW honourable is the place The church is God's house and care. Zion, the glory of the earth,

Where we adoring stand ; ; While in his holy courts ye wait,

And beauty of the land! Ye saints, that to his house belong, 2 Bulwarks of mighty grace defend Or stand attending at his gate.

The city whicre we dwell;

The walls, of strong salvation made, Praise ye the Lord; the Lord is good : To praise his name is sweet employ: 3 Lift up the everlasting gates,

Defy th' assaults of hell. Israel he chose of old, and still llis church is his peculiar joy.

The doors wide open fing; 3 The Lord himself will judge his saints ;

Enter, ye nations, that obey

The statutes of our King. He treats his servants as his friends ; And when he hears their sore complaints, 4 Here shall you taste unmingled joys, Repents the sorrows that he sends.

And live in perfect peace;

You that have known Jehovah's name, 4 Through every age the Lord declares And ventur'd on his grace. His naine, and breaks th'oppressor's rod; He gives his suffering servants rest,' 5 Trust in the Lord, forever trust, And will be known, Th’ Almighty God.

And banish all your fears;

Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells, S Bless ye the Lord, who taste his love, Eternal as his years. People and priests, exalt his name:

6 What though the rebels dwell on high, Among his saints he ever dwells :

His arm shall bring them low : His church is his Jerusalem.

Low as the caverns of the grave HYMN 39. B. 1. C. M. b or X

Their lofty heads shall bow. 471 Plymouth,

Carolina. 17 On Babylon our feet shall tread God's tender care of his church. In that rejoicing hour; 'NOW

OW shall my inward joys arise, The ruins of her walls-shall spread
And burst into a song;

A pavement for the poor.
Asnighty love inspires my heart,
And pleasure tunes my tongue.

HYMN 64. B. 2. L. M.

Luton, Wells, Eaton. ?God, on bis thirsty Sion hill,

Some mercy drops has thrown; God the glory and defence of Sion. And solemn oaths have bound his love HAPPY the church, thou sacred place, To shower salvation down.

The seat of thy Creator's grace ;

Tline holy courts are his abode, 9 Why do we then indulge our fears, Thou earthly palace of our God.

Suspicions and complaints ?
Is he a God, and shall his grace

2 Thy walls are strength, and at thy gates Grow weary of his saints?

A guard of heavenly warriors waits;

Nor shall thy deep foundations move, s Can a kind woman e'er. forget

Fix'd on his counsels and his love. The infant of her womb, And, 'mongst a thousand tender thoughts 3 Thy foes in vain designs engage ; Her suckling have no room?

Against his throne in vain they rage::


And we reflect his brightest praise. 476} PSA I reco, Ledelse, araly. M. 8. 474}

Like rising waves, with angry roar, 15 That sacred stream, thine holy word, That dash and die upon the shore. That all our raging fear controls ; 4 Then let our souls in Sion dwell, Sweet peace thy promises afford, Nor fear the wrath of Rome and hell ;l And give new strength to fainting souls. His arms embrace this happy ground, 6 Sion enjoys her Monarch's love, Like brazen bulwarks built around. Secure against a threatening hour; 5 God is our shield, and God our sun;

Nor can her firm foundations move, Swist as the feeting moments run,

Built on his truth, and arm'd with power. On us he sheds new beams of grace,

Truro, LeedsItaly.
HYMN 18. B. 2. L. M.

God fights for his church.
Blendon, Shoel.

1 LET Sion in her King, rejoice,
The ministry of angels.

Though tyrants Tage, and kingdoins rise; IGH on a hill of dazzling light He utters his almighty voice, And troops of angels, stretch'd for flight, 2 The Lord of old for Jacob fought, Stand waiting round his awful feet. And Jacob's God is still our aid: 2“Go," saith the Lord, “my Gabriel, go, Behold the works his hand hath wrought, “ Salute the virgin's fruitful womb;

What desolations he hath made ! “ Make haste, ye cherubs, down below, 3 From sea to sea, through all the shores, “Sing and proclaim the Saviour come." He makes the noise of battle cease; 3 Here a bright squadron leaves the skies, When from on high his thunder roars, And thick around Elisha stands;

He awes the trembling world to peace. Anon a heavenly soldier_flies, 4 He breaks the bow, he cuts the spear, And breaks the chains from Peter's hands. Chariots he burns with heavenly flame 4 Thy winged troops, O God of hosts, Keep silence, all the earth, and hear Wait on thy wandering church below; The sound and glory of his name. Here we are sailing to thy coasts, 5" Be still, and learn that I am God, Let angels be our convoy too. " I'll be exalted o'er the lands, 5 Are they not all thy servants, Lord? “I will be known and fear'd abroad, At thy command they go and come ; “ But still my throne in Sion stands." With cheerful haste obey thy word, 6 0 Lord of hosts, Almighty King, And guard thy children to their home. While we so near thy presence dwell,

Our faith shall sit secure, and sing PSALM 46. 1st Part. L. M. 6 Defiance to the gates of hell.

97th Psalm, Rothwell. The church's safety and triumph among

HYMN 28. B. 1. C. M.

477} national desolations.

Wareham, Arundel. iGOD is the refuge of his saints, The triumph of Christ over the eneWhen storms of sharp d'stress invade;

mies of his church. Ere we can offer our complaints, 1 WHAT mighty man, or mighty God Behold him present with his aid.

Comes travelling in state, 2 Let mountains from their seats be hurld Along the Idumean road, Down to the deep, and bury'd there ; Away from Bozrah's gate? Convulsions shake the solid world, 2 The glory of his robes proclaims Our faith shall never yield to sear. "Tis some victorious King; 3 Loud may the troubled ocean roar;

«6Tis I, the just, the Almighty One, In sacred peace our souls abide, " That your salvation bring." While every nation, every shore 3 Why, mighty Lord, thy saints enquire, Trembles, and dreads the swelling tide. Why thine apparel red? 4 There is a stream, whose gentle flow

And all thy vesture stain'd like those, Supplies the city of our God;

Who in the wine-press tread ? -Life, love, and joy still gliding through, 461, by myself, have trod the press, And watering our divine abode. "And crush'd


focs alone;


478} Braintree,' Peterborough.

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My wrath has struck the rebels dead, Thy judgments speak thy holiness,

*My fury stamp'd them down. Through all the nations known. 566-Tis Edom's blood that dyes my robes 4Great Babylon, that rules the earth, “ With joyful scarlet stains ;

Drunk with the martyrs' blood, 66 The triumph that my raiment wears

Her crimes shall speedily awake
Sprung from their bleeding veins.

The fury of our God. 6- Thus shall the nations be destroy'd, 5 The cup of wrath is ready mix’d,

6 That dare insult my saints ; “ I have an arm t' avenge their wrongs, Strong is the

Lord, her sovereign Judge,

And she must drink the dregs ; " An ear for their complaints."

And shall fulfil the plagues.
HYMN 29. B. 1. C. M.

HYMN 58. B. 1. L. M. X 480}

Italy, Nantwich. The triumph of Christ ; or, the ruin of antichrist.

7e devil vanquished; or, Michael's

war with the dragon. 'I ? ,

" Where antichrist has stood; 1 6. The city of my gospel foes

The wars of heaven, when Michael 6 Shall be a field of blood.

stood 2 " My heart has studied just revenge,

Chief general of th' eternal King, " And now the day appears,

And fought the battles of our God. “ The day of my redeem'd is come, 12 Against the dragon and his host

“To wipe away their tears.' The armies of the Lord prevail ; 3"Quite weary is my patience grown, In vain they rage, in vain they boast, " And bids my fury go;

Their courage sinks, their weapons fail. “ Swift as the lightning it shall move, 3Down to the earth was Satan thrown, 5 And be as fatal too.

Down to the earth his legions fell ; 4“I call for helpers, but in vain ;

Then was the trump of triumph blown, " Then has my gospel none? And shook the dreadful deeps of hell. " Well, mine own arm has might enough 166 To crush my foes alone.

4 Now is the hour of darkness past,

Christ hath assum'd his reigning power ; 56 Slaughter and my devouring sword 66 Shall walk the streets around,

Behold the great accuser cast 66 Babel shall reel beneath my stroke,

Down from the skies, to rise no more. “ And stagger to the ground.” 5 'Twas by thy blood, immortal Lamb, 6 Thine honours, O victorious King !

Thine armies trod the tempter down: Thine own right hand shall raise, 'Twas by thy word and powerful name While we thine awful vengeance sing, They gaind the battle and renown. And our Deliverer praise.

6 Rejoice, ye heavens ; let every star

Shine with new glories round the sky; HYMN 56. B. 1. C. M.

* Saints, while ye sing the heavenly war, Abridge, Christmas.

Raise your Deliverer's name on high. The song of Moses and the Lamb; or, Babylon filling.

HYMN 59. B. 1. L. M. &

451} 1 WE sing the glories of thy love,

Wells, Limehouse.
We sound thy dreadful name;

Babylon füllen.
The Christian church unites the songs
Of Moses and the Lamb.

N Gabriel's hand a mighty stone 2Great God! how wondrous are thy works Prophets, rejoice, and all ye saintx.

of vengeance, and of grace ; “God shall avenge your long complaints." Thou King of saints, Almighty Lord, How just and true thy ways!

2 He said, and dreadful as he stood,

He sunk the mill-stone in the flood: 3 Who dares refuse to fear thy name, “ Thus terribly sball Babel fall: Or worship at thy throne?

Thus, and no more be found at a M



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