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N°Toto tour surselves is glory due,

3 Through all his ancient works Your pious pleasure, while you sing, Surprising wisdom shines,

Increasing with the praise. Confounds the powers of hell, 2 Great is the Lord; and works unknown And breaks their curs*d designs. Are his divine employ , Strong is his arm,

But still his saints are near his throne,
And shall fulfil

His treasure and his joy.
His great decrees,
His sovereign will.

3 Heaven, earth and sea confess his hand ;

He bids the vapours rise ; 4 And can this mighty King

Lightning and storm at his command, Of glory condescend? And will he write his name,

Sweep through the sounding skies. “My Father and my Friend?"

4 All power, that gods or kings hare i love his name,

Is found with him alone ; (claim'd, I love his word ;

But heathen gods should ne'er be nam'd,
Join all my powers,

Where our JEHOVAH's known.
And praise the Lord.

5 Which of the stocks or stones they trust

Can give them showers of rain? PSALM 115. L, M.

In vain they worship glittering dust, Gloucester, Bath.

And pray to gold in vain. Perfections of God, and vanity of idols. TOT to ourselves, who are but dust, 6 [Their gods have tongues that cannot

Such as their makers gave: talk, Eternal God, thou only just,

Their feet were ne'er design'd to walk,

Nor hands have power to save. Thou only gracious, wise and true. 2 Shine all thy dreadful name ;

7 Blind are their eyes, their ears are deaf, Why should a heathen's haughty tongue Mortals, that wait for their relief,

Nor hear when mortals pray Insult us, and, to raise our shame, (long?

Are blind and deaf as they.] Say, " Where's the God you've serv'd so 3 The God we serve maintains his throne 8 Ye saints, adore the living God,

Serve him with faith and fear; Above the clouds, beyond the skies;

He makes the churches his abode, Through all the earth his will is done,

And claims your honours there. He knows our groans, he hears our cries. 4 But the vain idols they adore


PSALM 115. P. M. Are senseless shapes of stone and wood;

Walworth, New 50th. At best a mass of glittering ore, Perfections of God, and vanity of idols. A silver saint, or golden god. NOT . to our names, thou only just and une,

Not to our worthless names is glory due ; 5[With eyes and ears, they carve their head; Thy power and grace, thy truth and justice claim Deaf are their ears, their eyes are blind:

Iinmortal honours to thy sovereign name; (abode,

Shine through the earth from heaven thy blest In vain are costly offerings made, Nor let the heathen say,“ And where's your God?" And vows are -scatter'd in the wind. 2 Heaven is thy higher court; there stands thy throne; 6 Their feet were never made to move,

And through the lower worlds thy will is done.

Our God fram'd all this earth, these heavens Nor hands to save when mortals-pray ;

he spread, Mortals, that pay them fear or love,

But fools adore the gods their hands have made:

The kneeling crowd, with looks devout, behold Seem to be blind and deaf as they.] Their silver saviours, and their saints of gold. O Israel, make the Lord thy hope,

3 (Vain are those artful shapes of eyes and ears ;

1 he molten image neither sees nor bears: *Thy help, thy refuge, and thy rest:

Their hands are helpless, nor their feet can move; The Lord shall build thy ruins up, They have no speech, nor thought, nor power, nor And bless the people and the priest. Yet sottish mortals make their long complaints 8 The dead no more can speak thy praise,

To their deaf idols, and their moveless saints. They dwell in silence and the graver

4 The rich' have statues well adorn'd with gold;

The poor, content with gods of coarser mould, But we shall live to sing thy grace, With tools of iron carve the senseless stock, And tell the world thy power to save.

Lopt from a tree, or broken from a reck:
People and priests drive on the solemwtrade,

And trust the gods that saws and hammers made.] 6 Be heaven and earth amaz'd! Tis hard to say

Which are more stupid, or their gods or they. Perfections of God, and vanity of idols. O Israel, trust the Lord! he hears and sees,

He knows thy sorrows, and restores thy, peace. 1AWAKE, ye saints, to praise your King,

His worship does a thousand comforts yield: Your sweetest passions raise, He is thy 'help, and he thine heavenly abield.


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love :

49} St. Asaphs, Devizes, Arlington.


Crouch to his feet, ye haughty things

, 53

6 In God we trust; our impious foes in vain 160 bless our God, and never cease ;

Attempt our ruin, and oppose his reign;
Had they prevail'd, darkness had clos'd our days,

Ye saints, fulfil his p raise ;-
And death and silence had forbid his praise : He keeps our life, maintai as our peace,
But we are sav'd, and live: Let songs arise,
And Zion bless the God that built the skies.

And guides our doubtful ways.

7Lord, thou hast prov'd our suffering souls, HYMN 80. B. 2. S. M.

To make our graces shine ;
Sutton, St. Thomas.

So silver bears the burning coal,
Power of God.

The metal to refine.. 1 O'

THE Almighty Lord ! 8. Through watery deeps and fiery ways

How. watchless is his power! We march at thy command ; Tremble, 0 earth, beneath his word, Led to possess the promis'd place And all the heavens adore..

By thine unerring hand. Let proud imperious kings

PSALM 89. 2d Part. C. M. b

Plymouth, Dorset. Or he shall tread you down.

Power and majesty of God. 3 Above the skies he reigns,

And with amazing blows, 'WITH reverence let the saints apHe deals unsufferable pains

And bow before the Lord ; [pear;

His high commands with reverence On his rebellious foes.

And tremble at his word. [hear, 4 Yet, everlasting God, We love to speak thy praise ;

2 How terrible thy glories be!

How bright thine armies shine! Thy sceptre's equal to thy rod, The sceptre of thy grace.

Where is the power that vies with thee?

Or truth compar'd with thine? 5 The arms of mighty love

3 The northern polé and southern rest Defend our Zion well; And heavenly mercy walls us round Darkness and day from east to west

On thy supporting hand; From Babylon and hell.

Move round at thy command. 8 Salvation to the King

4 Thy words the raging winds control, Who sits enthron'd above :

And rule the boisterous deep;
Thus, we adore the God of might,
And bless the God of love.

Thou mak'st the sleeping billows roll,

The rolling billows sleep.
PSALM 66. 1st Part. €. M. * 5 Heaven,, earth, and air, and, sea are
Cambridge, Braintree.

And the dark world of hell: (thine,

How did thine arm in vengeance shine, Power and goodness of God.

When Egypt durst rebel ! SING, all we nations, to the Lord,

Sing with a joyful noise ; 6 Justice and judgment are thy thrones With melody of sound record

Yet wondrous is thy grace; His honours, and your joys.

While truth and mercy, join'd in one, 2 Say to the Power that shakes the sky,

Invite us near thy face.
How terrible art thou !

PSALM 8. S.M.-
i Sinners before thy presence ily,
“Or at thy feet they bow.”

Hopkins, St.Thomas. 3 [Come, see the wonders of our God, Sovereignty of God and man's dominio How glorious are his ways!

over the creatures. In Moses' hand he put his rod, 1 O LORDour heavenly King,

And clave the frighted seas. 4 He made the ebbing channel dry,

Thy glories round the earth are spread, While Israel pass'd the flood;

And, o'er the heavens they shine. There did the church begin their joy, 2: When to thy works on high And triumph in their God.]

I raise my wond'ring eyes s He rules by his resistless might;

And see the moon, complete in light;

Adorn the darksome skies:
Will rebel mortals dare
Provoke th' Eternal to the fight, 3 When I survey the stars,

And tempt that dreadfal, war? And all their shining forms,



56} - Arlington, Dundee, Rochester. And birds that cut the air with wings, SONGS of inmortal praise belong

Lord, what is map, that worthless thing, 8 Proclaim him King.pronounce him blest; Akin to dust and worms!

He's your defence, your joy, your rest : 4 Lord, what is worthless man,

When terrors rise, and nations faint, That thou shouldst love him so! God is the strength of every saint. Next to thine angels is he plac'd, And lord of all below.

PSALM 111. 1st Part. C. M. X 5 Thine honours crown his head, While beasts Kke slaves obey,

Wisdom of God in his works. And fish that cleave the sea.

To my 6. How rich thy bounties are !

He has my heart, and he my tongues And wondrous are thy ways:

To-spread his naine abroad. Of dust and worms thy power can frame 2 How great the works his hand hath A monument of praise.

How glorious in our sight! [wrought! ng [Out of the mouths of babes

Good men in every age have sought And sucklings thou canst draw

His wonders with delight, Surprising honours to thy name!

3 Ilow most exact is nature's frame! And strike the world with awe. How wise th? Eternal Mind! 8 O Lord, our heavenly King,

Llis counsels never change the scheras Thy name is all divine;

That his first thoughts design'd. Thy glories round the earth are spread, 4 When he redeem'd his chosen sons, And o'er the heavens they shinc,)

He fix'd his covenant sure:

The orders that his lips pronounce Psalm 68. 1st Part. L. M.

To endless years endure. 59

Nantwich, Islington. 6 Nature and time, and earth and skies, Vengeance and compassion of God. Thy heavenly skill proclaim ;

What shall we do to make us wise,

But learn to read, thy name? And put the troops of hell to flight, Assmoke, that sought to cloud the skies, 16 To fear thy power, to trust thy grace Before the rising teinpest flies.

Is our divinest skill;

And he's the wisest of our race, (He comes, array'd in burning flames;

That best obeys thy will.
Justice and vengeance are his names:
Behold his fainting foes expire,

PSALM 133, 2d Par'. C. DI.
Like melting wax before the fire.] 57

Braintree, Barby, 3 He rides and thunders through the sky i Wisdom of Gol in the formation of in ?n. His name, JEHOVAI, sounds on high :

And all iny frame survey, Ye saints, rejoice before his face,

Lord, 'tis thy work: I own thy hand The widow and the fatherless

Thus built my humble clay. Fly to his aid in share distress ; 2 Thy hand my heart and reins possess'ı, In him the poor and helpless fin: Where unborn nature grei; A judge that's just, a father kind.

Thy wisdom all my features trac'd, 5 He breaks the captive's heavy chain, And all my members drew. And prisoners see the light again ;

3 Thine eye with nicest care survey'd But rebels, that dispute his will,

The growth of every part, Shall dwell in chains and darkness still. Till the whole scheme thy thoughts had PAUSE.

SWas copy'd by thine art. [laid 6 Kingdoms and thrones to God belong; 4 Heaven,earth and sea, and fire and wind Crown him, ye nations, in your song: Show me thy wondrous skill ; His wondrous names and powers rehearse, But I review myself, and find His honours shall enrich your verse. Diviner wonders still. 7 He shakes the heavens with loud alarms! 5 Thine awful glories round me shine, How terrible is God in arins !

Mỹ flesh proclains thy praise ; In Israel are his mercies known, Lord, to thy works of nature join Israel is his peculiar throne.

Thy miracles of grace.

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Sing to his name, ye sons of grace; WHÉNA with pleasing wonder stand

CREATION AND PROVIDENCE. In me thy fearful wonders shine,

And each proclaims thy skill divine HYMN 147. B. 2. C. M. * 2 Thine eyes did all my limbs survey 58} Rochester, St. Anns.

Which yet in dark confusion lay; Creation of the world. Gen. i. Thou saw'st the daily growth they took, 14 " TOW let a spacious world arise,'' Form'd by the model of thy book.

3 By thee my growing parts were nam’d, At once the obedient earth and skies

And what thy sovereign counsels fram'd Rose at his sovereign word.- (The breathing lungs,

the beating heart) 2 [Dark was the deep; the waters lay Were copy'd with unerring art.

Confus’d, and drownd the land; 4 At last, to shew my Maker's name, He call'd the light—the new-born day God stamp'd his image on my frame, Attends on his command.

And in some unknown moment join'd 3 He bade the clouds-ascend on high ; The finish'd members to the mind.

· The clouds ascend, and bear *5 There the young seeds of thought began, A watery treasure to the sky, And all the passions of the man: And roat on softer air.

Great God, our infant nature pays 4 The liquid element below

Immortal tribute to thy praise.
Was gather'd by his hand ;.

The rolling seas together flow,
And leave the solid land.

6 Lord, since in my advancing age 5 With herbs and plants (a flowery birth) Thy thoughts of love to me surmount

I've acted on life's busy stage,
The naked globe he crown'd, .
Ere there was rain to bless the earth,

The power of numbers to recount. Or sun to warm the ground.

7 I could survey the ocean o'er,

And count each sand that makes the shore 8 Then he adorn'd: the upper skies : Behold! the sun appears ;

Before my swiftest thoughts could trace The moon and stars in order rise,

The numerous wonders of thy grace. To mark out months and years.

8 These on my heart are still impress'd, ny Out of the deep th’Almighty King And at my waking hour į find

With these I give mine eyes to rest ; Did vital beings frame;

God and his love possess my mind. The painted fowls of every wing, And fish of every name.]

PSALM 33. 1st Part. C. M. * 8 He gave the lion and the worm

At once their wondrous birth;
And grazing beasts, of various form,

IVorks of creation and providence. Rose from the teeming earth. IREJOICE, ye righteous, in the Lord, 9 Adam was form'd of equal clay,

This work belongs to you: Though sovereign of the rest, Sing of his name, his ways, his word, Design' for nobler ends than they, How holy, just, and true !

With God's own image blest. 2 His mercy and his righteousness 10 Thus- glorious in the Maker's eye,

Let heaven and earth proclaim ;

His works of nature and of grace The young creation stood ;. He saw the building from on high,

Reveal his wondrous name. His word pronounc'd it good. 3 His wisdom and almighty word 11 Lord, while the frame of nature stands,

The heavenly arches spread :
Thy praise shall fill my tongue ;

And by the Spirit of the Lord. But the new world of grace demands

Their shining hosts were maderA more exalted song.

4 He bade the liquid waters flow

To their appointed deep;
PSALM 139. 2d Part. L.M, 6 The flowing seas their limits know,
Armley, Limehouse,

And their own station keep. The wonderful formation of man. 5 Ye tenants of the spacious earth, AS

With fear before him stand: came,

He spake, and nature took its bir A work of such a curious frame; And rests on his command:


60} warehain

, Devizes, Cambridge.

*TWAS from thy hand, my God, 1


6 He scorns the angry nations' rige, Yet thence convey'd by secret veins,

Anl breaks their vain designs : They spring on hills, and drench the His cousel stands through every age,

plains. And in fu'l glory shines. 7He bids the crystal fountains flow,

And cheer the valleys, as they go; · PSALM 33. P. M.

Tame heifers there their thirst allay, St. Hellens, Psalm 46. And for the stream wild asses bray. Works of creation and providence. 8From pleasant trees, which shade the brink, *Y E holy souls, in God rejoice,

The lark and linnet light to drink; Yoni Maker's praise beeo.n your voice:

Their songs the lark and linnet raise, Great is your then, your songs be new :

And chide our silence in his praise. Sing of his name, his word, his ways, His works of nature, and of grace,

PAUSE-I. How wise anl holy, just ani true! 2 Justice and truth he ever loves,

9 God, from his cloudy cistern, pours Anl the whole earth his goodness proves ; On the parch'd earth enriching showers;

His word the heavenly arches spread. }[Jw wile they shine fim north to south! The grove, the garden, and the field, And by the spirit of his month

A thousand joyful blessings yield. Were all the stary arnies made.

10 He makes the grassy food' arise, 3 He gathers the wide flowing seas,

And gives the cattle large supplies ; (Those watery treasures know their place) In the vast stora-house of the deep:

With herbs for man, of various power, He spake, and gave all nature birth,

To nourish nature, or to cure,
And 'fires and seas, and heaven and 'earth
His everlasting orders keep :

11 What noble fruit the vines produce ! 4 Let mortals tremble, and adore

The olive yields a: shining juice; A God of such resistless power,

Our hearts are cheer'd with generous wine, Nor dare indulge their feeble rage : Vain are their thoughts and weak their hands, With inward joy our faces shine. But his eternal counsel stands, And rules the world from age to age.

120 bless his name, ye nations, fed

With nature's chief supporter, bread: PSALM 104. L. M.

While bread your vital strength imparts, Gloucester, Bath, Italy. Serve him with vigour in your hearts. The glory of God in creation and providence.

Y soul, thy great Creator praise: 13 Behold the stately cedar stands,

When cloth'd in his celestial rays, Rais'd in the forest by his hands; He in full majesty appears,

Birds to the boughs for shelter fly, And, like a robe, his glory wears. And build their nests secure on high.

[NOTE. This psalm may be sung to a different 14 To 'craggy hills-ascends the goat; metre, by adding the following two lines to every

And at the airy mountain's foot stanza, viz. Great is the Lord; what tongue can frame

The feebler creatures make their cell; An equal honour to his name.]

He gives them wisdom where to dwell. 2 The heavens are for his curtain spread; 15 He sets the sun his circling race,

Th' unfathom'd deep he makes his bed : Appoints the moon to change her face ; Clouds are his chariot, when he fies And when thick darkness veils the day, On winged storms across the skies. Calls out wild beasts to hunt their prey: 3 Angels, whom his own breath inspires, 16 Fierce lions lead their young abroad, His ministers, are faming fires ; And roaring, ask their meat from God; And swift as thought their armies move

But when the morning beams arise, To bear his vengeance or his love. The savage beast to covert fiies. 4 The world's foundations by his hand. 17 Then man to daily labour goes ; Are pois'd, and shall forever stand;

The night was made for his repose: He binds the ocean in his chain, Sleep is thy gift, that sweet relief Lest it should drown the earth again.

From tiresome toil and wasting grief. 5 When earth was cover'd with the flood, 18How strange thy works! how great thy

Which high above the mountains stood, And every land thy riches fill : (skill! He thunder’d, and the ocean fled, Thy wisdom round the world we see, Confin'd to its appointed bed. This spacious earth is full of thee. The swelling billows know their bounds, 19 Nor less thy glories in the deep,

nl in their channels walk their rounds; ! Where fish itī millions, swim ani! creo


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