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Vengeance, and compassion of God, 55

Will, depraved, 177-renewed, 493
against the ene nies of the church, 588, 387,20 Wind, of divine influences, 542
in helt, 653

waves and ternpest, 58 v. 4, 5
VICTORY, nutional, hiped and prayed for, 577 and storms succeeded by a calm, 69, 70
over sia and hell, 340

Wine and bread, Christ compared to, 150 v. 3
over temptations in sickness, 599, 366 Winter, and sunner, 560, 5o1
over temporal enemies, 584

WISDOM Of God, vast, and unbounded,44 V. 1–3, 76
thanksgiving for national, 583

of God in his works, 56
of Christ,over enemies,477,478-over Satan,685,480 and equity of providence, 74
over dath and hell, 529-and kingdom, 121 and grace of the gospel, 249
of saints through Christ, 337

carnal humbled, 194, 195, 193
in the spiritual warfare, 340

Christ, the wisdom of God, 254, 518
and deliverance from persecution, 383

invitations of, to men, 254, 255
over death and the grave, 621, 627

Wisdom, Christ vur,234-power and love in Christ,247
ours, the praise God's, 340

Wishes of the saints all gratified above, 385, 420 v. 7
Vine, emblem of Christ, 150 v. 1

Witness, of the Spirit desired, 325, 517 v. 10
Vinegar and gail offered to Christ, 119

Wonderful, Christ the, 148 v. 2
Vineyard of God wasted, 463.

WORD, Christ the, 103-inade flesh, 103
Virtue, shining in trials and afflictions, 292, 293, V. 4 the written, relish for it, lol, v. 1
of men failing, 574, 575

read with desire and delight, 101, 299
Virtues, Christian, 370, 223

the preached unprofitabie through unbelief, 428
Vision of the Lamb, 159. See Light.

success of it desired, 428 v 5 ite Scripture.
Visit, waiting a gracious one, 171

Words, of promises, sweet, 206
VOICE, of God, in the law, 237

of performance, 265, 266
in the gospel, 252–in the promises, 265

and deeds of Christ, 545, 457, 491, 492
· to his friends and enemies, 578 v. 46

and deeds of Chrstians. 230, 451, 291, 205 208
of Chrisi, or wisdom, 254, 255

Work, of creation, 58-of providence, 560, 561
or his blood, 164-the judge, 648

of creation and prundence, 6., 61, 62
Pows, paid in the church, 411, 409-of holiness, 333 of providence and grace, 85, 75- -80
and promises broken by the wicked, 574

of creation, providence and grace, 81, 56,414,415
of creation, providence, redemption, and sa va-

tion, 414, 445, 77
Waiting, for strength from God, 42

of the Spirit, powerful and gracious, 324, 183
for pardon and direction, 328

desiring it may be complete, 314
for an answer to prayer, 363

of Christ and of the Spirit, 202
with earnert desire of deliverance and salvation, Works, gjod, protit men, ivut God, 239
203, 204, 349-for heaven, 376

- not saving, 198, 448 v. 1
for Christ's second coming, 514

World, its creation, 58
for grace and salvation, 203 v. 4-8
Walking by faith, 71, 629

its preservation, dissolution, and restoration, 68
Wandlering from God, 356,-132 V, 1, 2

unworthy our delight, 435—its teinptations, 431
and returning, 35)

crucifixion to it, by cross of Christ, 515
Wants, spiritua , all to be supplied, 257, 420

by the sight of God, 330
War prayerin timeof,577-disappointments therein,576 hatred of it and saint's patience, 382

victory in, 584—spiritual, 340, 366
Warfare, christian, 339

Worldly mindedness, foiiy of, and prayer against,

432, 323 v. 2
assistance and victory in it, 340, 366
Warnings, of God, to his people, 437

Worship of God beneficial, 406

delightful, 171, 172, 419, 404
to young sinners, 568-to magistrates, 593, 594 condescended to by God, 5
Washing, of justification and sanctification, 232, 257
froin sin,225,501-in Christ's blood, 656, 657, 501

accepted through Christ, 142, 143

and order of the gospel, 461
spiritual, desired, 236
Watchfulness, and prayer, 223, V. 5.

daily, 400, 390, 551-in a family, 396
over the tongue, 300-and sincerity, 415

public, longed for, 416--118, 402_-405,3.48,399
and brotherly reproof 551

place for it, 453, 454-absence froin it, 28, 63
Watchmen, spiritnal, united, 250 V. 5-gospel, 250

reverential, 25, 53-vain without sineerity, 316
Water, the spirit and the blood, 517

of heaven humble, 659
Way, Christ so called, 150 v. 11

Worth, of the soul, 132 of Christ's righteousness, 201
to saivation, faith the, 271

Wrath, and mercy of God, 21

and mercy from the judgment seat, 647
to heaven strait, 223
Wea': Christians, not to be despised, 301

aud vengeance, 653. See God, Punishment.
shall be victorious, 153. v. 11, 12
encouraged by Christ, 262--sate in his hands, 263 Wrestling with donbts and fears, 334

Weakness, our own, and Christ's strength, 258 Yearly fcasts at Jerusalem, 453
Weather, and seasons various, 550, 561, 81 roke, of Christ easy, 253
storiný succeeded by calm, 69, 70

of affliction, 598 v. 3-of circumcision, 506 v. 2
thundler and lightning, 89, 44

Youth, its vanity, 568, 569-reminded of judgment, ib.

V. 2
clouds, winds, waves, and tempests, 58, v. 4

exhorted to remember their Creator, 567
summer and winter, 560, 561
Welcome, to gospel ministers, 250

to the Lord's day, 419

Zeal of Christ, 285, 229-scandalized, 118 v. 9
sinners to return and be happy, 609, 252_255 inspiring the saints, 337
White, robes, 202, 658, 657-Christ's soul, 543 christian, the extent of it, 336 v. 3, 4
saints made, 511

and prudence, 306- in the christian race, 338
Wicked. (See Sinner, Saint.)

for the gospel, 322—for God, 336-against siu,310
difference between them and the righteous, 377 want of it lamented, 361
their way and end, 380, 381

Zechariah's song, 496
Wickedness, of man by nature, 182

Zion, its beauty and worship, 461
or corruption of manners, 574, 575

citizen of it described, 450, 451
or practical atheism, 3, 36
Wilderness. See Jewish Church of this world,371

its safety, 473-and Sinai, 462

the residence of God, 454, 453
believers coming up out of it, 546, 463 v. 1, 2 the joy of the saints, 398, 399
taith guiding through the, 274

the glory of the earth, 472 See Cnuten

THE PERFECTIONS OF GOD in alphabetical order, from 1 to




102 His incarnation

105 Life and Ministry

113 Sufferings and Death

116 Resurrection

123 Ascension and Exaltation

127 Intercession

142 Characters and Offices

148 10 Christ

154 DOCTRINES OF THE GOSPEL, alphabetically arrangød 161 LAW AND GOSPEL

237 Invitations and Promises


267 Graces of the Spirit, alphabetically arranged

268 Addresses to he Spirit




388 Private

388 Family

392 Public

Lord's day

Before Prayer
B fore Sermon

After Sermon



436 Ji wish Church, or History of the Israelites 436 Clirisian Chirch

450 Settlement and beauty of a, Church

450 Afilictions, Persecutions, and Complaints 463 Safety, Deliverance, and Triumph

470 Church Meetings

482 Prayer and Praise, or Missionary Meetings 489 CIRCUMCISION AND BAPTISM




547 Morning and Evening

547 Seasons of the Year

558 Youth and old Age

• 564 Fast and Thanksgiving days

. 573 Magistracy

589 Sickness and Recovery






663 Hosannás to Christ


57 8.2 91 101 104 112 113 122 126 141 147 153 160 236 251 266 326 322 326 376 387 430 391 397 412 424 425 428 430 435 500 449 500 462 469 481 488 500 508 533 546 608 557 563 572


594 608 617 643 652 662 681 697



THE PERFECTIONS OF GOD, 12 His eye, with infinite survey,

Does the whole world behold;

He form'd us all of equal clay,
PSALM 33. 2d Part. P. M. * And knows our feeble mould.
St. Hellens, Forty-sixth Psalm.

3 Kings are not rescu'd by the force Allsufficiency of God, and vanity of creatures.

Of armies, from the grave; 'O Reveals the treasure of his word,

Nor speed, nor courage of an horse

Can the bold rider save. And builds his church, his earthly throne! 4 Vain is the strength of beasts or men, His eye the heathen world surveys, He form’d their hearts, he knows their ways; But holy souls from God obtain

To hope for safety thence ; But God, their Maker, is unknown.

A strong and sure defence. 2 Let kings rely upon their host,

5 God is their fear, and God their trust, *And of his strength the champion boast;

When plagues or famine spread ; In vain they boast, in vain rely:

His watchful eye secures the just, In vain we trust the brutal force,

Among ten thousand dead. Or eed, or courage of an horse To guard his rider, or to fly. 6 Lord, let our hearts in thee rejoice,

And bless us from thy throne ; 3 The eye of thy compassion, Lord, Doth more secure defence afford, (stand: For we have

made thy word our choice, When death or dangers threatening

And trust thy grace alone.
Thy watchful eye preserves the just,

PSALM 36. C. M.
Who make thy name their fear and trust,
When wars or famine waste the land.

Barby, St. James, Trish.
4 In sickness or the bloody field, Being and attributes of God asserted.
Thou our physician, thou our shield,
Send us salvation from thy throne: 'WHILE men grow bold in wicked

And yet a God they own, (ways, We wait to see thy goodness shine ;

My heart within me often says, Let us rejoice in help divine,

Their thoughts believe there's none.". For all our hope is God alone.

2 Their thoughts and ways at once declare PSALM 33. 2d Part. C. M. * (Whate'er their lips profess) St. Asaphs, Wareham, Rochester.

6 God hath no wrath for them to fear, Alsufficiency of God, &c.

“ Nor will they seek his grace." LEST is the nation where the Lord 3What strange self-flattery blinds the r

But there's a hastening hour, [eyes; Where he reveals his heavenly word, When they shall see, with fore surprise.

And calls their tribes his own. The terrors of thy power. WATTS.


'B' Hath inoxha his gracious throne ;

} MY

4 Thy justice shall maintain its throne,

HYMN 45. B, 2. L. M. Though mountains melt away;

Quercy, Shoel, Wells. Thy judgments are a world unknown,

Condescension of God. Å deep unfathom'd sea. 5 Above these heaven's created rounds,

THW favours Lord, surprise our souls ; Thy mercies, Lord, extend ; What canst thou find beneath the poles, Thy truth outlives the narrow bounds, To tempt thy chariot downward thus? Where time and nature end..

2 Still might he fill his starry throne, 6 Safety to man thy goodness brings, And please his ears with Gabriel's songs; Nor overlooks the beast:

But heavenly Majesty comes down, Beneath the shadow of thy wings And bows to hearken to our tongues ! Thy children choose to rest,

3 Great God! what poor returns we pay 7 (From thee, when creature streams run For love so infinite as thine !

And mortal comforts die, [low, Words are but air, and tongues but clay, Perpetual springs of life shall now,

But thy compassion's ali divine. And raise our pleasures high. 8 Though all created light decay,

HYMN 46. B. 2. L. M. And death close up our eyes,


Portugal, Truro, Dunstan. Thy ; presence makes eternal day,

Condescension of God. Where clouds can never rise.]

UP to the Lord, who reigns on high, PSALM 103, 2d Part. S. M.

And views the nations from afar,
Dover, Pelham.

Let everlasting praises fly,
Compassion of God.

And tell how large his bounties are.
Y soul, repeat his praise, 2[He that can shake the worlds he made,

Whose mercies are so great; Or with his word, or with his rod; Whose ; anger is so slow to rie,

His goodness, how amazing great! So ready to abate.

And what a condescending God! God will not always chide ; 3God, that must stoop to view the skies, And when his strokes are felt,

And bow to see what angels do, His strokes: are fewer than our crimes, Down to the earth he casts his eyes, And lighter than our guilt.

Ànd bends his footsteps downward too.) 3 High as the heavens are rais'd

4 He overrules all mortal things, Above the ground we tread,

And manages our mean affairs : So far the riches of his grace

On humble souls the King of kings Our highest thoughts exceed. Bestows his counsels, and his cares. 4 His power subdues our sins,

5 Our sorrows and our tears we pour And his forgiving love,

Into the bosom of our God; Far as the east is from the west,

He hears us in the mournful hour, Doth all our guilt- remove.

And helps to bear the heavy load. 5 The pity of the Lord

6 In vain might lofty princes try To those that fear his name,

Such condescension to perform ; Is such as, tender parents : feel;

For worms were never rais'd so high He know's our feeble frame, Above their meanest fellow worm. 6 He knows we are but dust,

170! could our thankful hearts devise Scatter'd: by every breath;

A tribute equal to thy grace, His anger, like a rising wind, To the third heaven our songs should rise,

Can send us swift to death. And teach the golden harps thy praise. try Our days are as the grass,

Hymn 99. B. 2. C. M.
Or like the morning flower;
If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field,

Abridge, Christmas.
It withers in an hour.

Decrees of God. 8. But thy compassions, Lord, 'L

ET the whole race of creatures lie To endless years endure ;

Abas'd before their God; And children's children ever find Whate'er liis sovereign voice has formid Thay words of promise sure.

He governs with a nod,


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10) Old 500h. Or Landali, Cherriton


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* 2 [Ten thousand ages ere the skies The world, created by his hands, Were into motion brought,

Still on its first foundation stands. All the long years and worlds to come 2 But ere this spacious world was made,

Stood present to his thought. Or had its first foundation laid, 3 There's not a sparrow nor a worm

Thy throne eternal ages stood, But's found in his decrees; Thyself the Ever-living God. He raises monarchs to their thrones, 3 Like floods the angry nations rise,

And sinks them as he please..] And aim their rage against the skies ; 4 If light attend the course I run,

Vain floods, that aim their rage so hig!! 'Tis he provides those rays

At thy rebuke the billows die. And 'is his hand that hides wy sun, 4 Forever shall thy throne endure :

If darkness cloud my days. Thy promise stands forever sure ; 5 Yet I would not be much concern'd, And everlasting holiness Nor vainly long to see

Becomes the dwellings of thy grace. The volumes of his deep decrees, What months are writ for me.

PSALM 93. P. M. 6When he reveals the book of life, O, may I read my name

Dominion of God. Among the chosen of his love, 1 THE Lord of glory reigns, he reigns on high:

His rubes of state are strength apd majesti. The followers of the Lamb.

This wide creativii ruse at his command,

Built by his word and 'stablish'd by, his hand. HYMN 67. B. 2. C. M. Long, stond his

throne ere he began:


Aud his own Godhead is the firm foundation, Stade, Abridge, Bedford..

2 God is th' Eternal King: Thy fues in vain Dominion and immuuabilily of God. Raise their rebellion to confound thy reign.

In vain the storing, int. vain the flouds arise', 10 REAT Gòd! how infinite art thou !

And roar, and. wss their waves against the shis: What worthless worms are we! Foaming at heaven, they rage with wild cominution, Let the whole race of creatures bow,

But heaven's high arches' scorn the swelling uccal. And pay their praise to thee.

3 Ye tempests, rage no mure; ye floods, be still !

And the mad world submissive to his will: 2 Thy throne eternal ages stood,

Built on his truth, his church must ever stand, Ere seas or stars were made;

Firm. are his promises and strong his hand.

See his own sons, when they appear before him, Thou art the ever-living God, Bow ac his fuotstool, and with tear adore him.'

Were all the nations dead. 3 Nature and time quite naked lie

1 PSALM 93. 2d Part. P. M. X

1 To thine immense survey,

Dalston, St. Giles. From the formation of the sky,

HE To the great burning day. 4 Eternity, with all its years,

His head with awful glories crown'd; Stands present in thy view;

Array'd in robes of light, "To thee there's nothing old

Begirt with sovereign might,

appears Great God! there's nothing new.

And rays of inajesty around. 5 Our lives through various scenes are

2 Upheld by thy commands, And vex'd with trifting cares! (drawn,

The world securely stands ; While thine eternal thought moves on

And skies and stars obey thy word, Thine undisturb'd affairs.

Thy throne. was fix'd on high,

Before the starry sky; 6 Great God! how infinite art thou ! What worthless worms are ve!

Eternal is thy kingdom, Lord. Let the whole race of creatures bow, 3 'In vain the noisy crowd, And pay their praise to thee.

Like billows fierce and loud,

Against thine empire rage and roar;
PSALM 93. L.M:

In vain, with angry spite,
Old Hundred, Portugal.

The surly nations fight,

And dash like waves against the shore..
Dominion, cternity, and immutability of God. 4 Let floods and nations sage,
EHOVAH reigns ! he dwells in light,

And all their powers engage :
Girded with majesty and might ;

Let swelling tides assault the si


T'And royal state maintains,


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