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stall the guilty sinner go, AM I a soldier of the cross,

40 may thy grace its power display ; 4 Let fear and love, most holy God!
Let guilt and death no longer reign; Possess this soul of mine ;
Save me in thine appointed way, Then shall I worship thee aright,
Tor let my humble faith be vain! And taste thy joys divine.
Hymn 109. C. M. Il'atto's Sermons. HYMN 112. C.M. Watts's Sermons. I
Bangor, Barby.

Parma, Mear, Irishi.
Faith in the sacrifice of Christ.

Holy fortitud?. 1 M M

A follower of the Lamb ? To find a sure relief?

And shall I fear to own his cause, Can bleeding bulls or goats bestow A balın to ease my grief?

Or blush to speak his name?

2 Must I be carried to the skies 20 never let my thoughts renounce

On flowery beds of ease? The gospel of my God,

While others fought to win the prize, Where vilest crimes are cleans'd at once 1. Christ's atoning blood.

And sail'd through blooily seas?

3 Are there no foes for me to face, 3'lere rest my faith, and ne'er remove;

Must I not stem the flood? Here let repentance rise ;

Is this vile world a friend to grace, While I behold his bleeding love, His dying agonies.

To help me on to God?

Sure I must fight, if I would reign; Hyun 110. L.M. Watts's Serm. Xorb Increase my courage, Lord ! Putney, Quercy, Wells.

I'll bear the toil, endure the pain, Faithfulness.

Supported by thy word. HATI God been faithful to his word, 5 Thy saints in all this glorious war

And sent to men his promis'd grace? Shall conquer though they die; Shall I not imitate the Lord,

They see the triumph froin afar, Aud practise what my lips profess?

And seize it with their eye. allaih Christ fulfilled his kind design, 5 When that illustrious day shall rise, The dreadful work he undertook, And all thy arinies shine, And died to inake salvation mine, In robes of victory through the skies, And well perform’d whate'er he spoke ? The glory shall be thine. 3 Doth not his faithfulness afford A noble theme to raise my song ?

HYMN 113. L. M, Watts's Sermons. * And shall I dare deny my Lord,

Green's Hundredth, Quercy, Bath. Or utter falsehood with iny tongue?, Fortitude, 07-remedies against frar. 4 My King, my Saviour, and my God! W CHEŃ tumults of unruly fear

Rise in my heart, and riot there, Let grace my sinful soul renew,

What sha". I do to calm my breast, Wash my offences with thy blood,

And get the vexing foe supprest? And make my heart sincere and true.

2 What power can these wild thoughts HYMN 111. C. M. Needham. * This ruffling tempest of the soul?[control?

Where shall I 'fly in this distress,
St. Martins, York, St. Davids.
Fear of God.

But to the throne of glorious grace? APPY beyond description he, 3 My faith ; Who hears his threats with holy awe,

Not all that earth or hell can say And trembles at his rod.

Shall tempt or drive my soul away. 2 Fear, sacred passion, ever dwells 41 call the days of old to mind,

With its fir partner, love, When I have found my God was kind; Blending their beauties, both proclaim My heavenly friend is still the same;

Their source is from above. Salvation to his holy name. 3 Let terrors fright th' unwilling slave; 5Great God, preserve my conscience clean,

The chill with joy appears; Wash me from guilt, forgive my sin ; Cheerful he does his father's will, Thy love shall guard me from surprise, And loves as much as fears.

Tho'threatening dangers round me rise.

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6 When fear like a vild ocean raves,

'Tis not confin'd to sex or age, Let Jesus walk upon the waves,

The lofty or the low. And say?

so rtis I;" that heavenly voice 3 While grace is offer'd to the prince, Shall sink the storm and raise my joys. The poor may take their share;

No mortal has a just pretence
HYMN 114. L. M. Waits's Sermons. * To perish in despair.

All Saints, Winchester, Portugal. 4 Be wise, ye men of strength and wit,
Gravity und decency.

Nor boast your native powers ; 1B

EHOLD the sons, the heirs of God, But to his sovereign grace submit,

So dearly bought with Jesus' blood ! And glory shall be yours. Are they not born to heavenly joys, 15 Come, all ye vilest sinners, come, And shall they stoop to earthly toys ?

He'll form your souls anew : 2 Doth_vain discourse, or empty mirth, His gospel and his heart have room Well suit the honours of their birth ? For rebels such as you. Shall they be fond of gay attire, 6 His doctrine is almighty love; Which children love, and fools admire ?

There's virtue in his name 3 Lord, raise our hearts and passions. To turn the raven to a dove, higher;

The lion to a lamb. Touch our vain souls with sacred fire ;

HYMN 117.. L. M. Steele. Then, with a heaven-directed eye

Castle Street, Quercy, Blendon. We'll pass these glittering trifles by.

Happy poverty ; or, the poor in spirit blessed. 4.We'll look on all the toys below

E humble souls, complain no more ;. With such disdain as angels do ; And wait the call that bids us rise

How happy, how divinely blest, To mansions promis'd in the skies.

The sacred words of truth attest. Hymn 115. L.M. Waits's Sermons. 6 2.When conscious grief laments sincere, Carthage, Armley.

And pours, the penitential tear ;

Hope points to your dejected eyes, Things of good report.

The bright reversion in the skies. IS s it a thing of good report, . To squander life and time away?

3 In vain the sons of wealth and pride To cut the hours of duty short,

Despise your lot, your hopes deride ; While toys and follies waste the day. In vain they boast their little stores ;

Trifles are theirs, a kingdom yours 2 Doth this become the Christian name, To venture near the tempter's door? 14 A kingdom of immense delight, To sort with men, of evil fame,

Where health and peace and joy unite ;And yet presume to stand secure?

Where undeclining pleasures rise,

And every wish hath full supplies. 3 Am I my own sufficient guard, While I expose my soul to shame? 5 There shall your eyes with rapture view Can the short joys of sin reward

The glorious Friend, that died for you ; The lasting blemish of my name?

That died to ransom, died to raise

To crowns of joy and songs of praise, 40 may it be my constant choice To walk with men of grace below, HYMN 118. C. M. Brown, b Till I arrive where heavenly joys,

Bangor, Wantage. And never fading honours grow.

Humbly pleading for mercy. HxMN 116. C.M. Watts's Sermong.x ' L And Kateky a merge si door ; Barby, St. David, Wareham.

With heavy heart, and downcast eye, None excluded from hope.

Thy favour we implore... 1 (ESUS, thy blessings are not few, 2 'Tis mercy, mercy we implore;

Nor is thy gospel weak; O may thy bowels move! Thy grace can melt the stubborn Jew, Thy grace is an exhaustless store,

And bow. the aspiring Greek. And thou thyself art love. 2 Wide as the reach of Satan's rage 30, for thy own, for Jesus' sake Doth thy salvation flow;

Our many sins forgive !


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Thy grace our rocky hearts can break 6 All else, which we our treasure call,

And breaking soon relieve. May in one fatal moment fall; 4 Thus melt us down,our gracious Friend, But what their happiness can move, And make us thine alone :

Whom God, the blessed, deigns to love? Nor let a rival more pretend To repossess thy throne.

Hymn 121. S. M. Doddridge. ?

Dover, Pelham.
HYMN 119. L. M. Enfield. b Rejoicing in the ways of God.
Carthage, Winchester.

OW let our voices join
W HEREFORE should man, frail
child of clay,

Ye pilgrims, in Jehovah's ways, Who, from the cradle to the shroud,

With music pass along. Lives but the insect of a day- ? How straight the path appears, O why should mortal man be proud ? How open and how fair! 2 I{is brightest visions just appear,

No lurking gins ť entrap our feet, Then vanish, and no more are found ;

No fierce destroyer there.
The stateliest pile his pride can rear 3 But flowers of paradise
A breath may level with the ground ! In rich profusion spring;
3 By doubt perplex'd, in error lost, The Sun of glory gilds the path,

With trembling step he seeks his way, And dear companions sing.
How vain of wisdom's gifts the boast !

4 See Salemi's golden spires Of reason's lamp how faint the ray!

In beauteous prospect rise ; 4 Follies and crimes, a countless sum, And brighter crowns than mortals wear, Are crowded in life's little span :

Which sparkle through the skies. How ill, alas, does pride become That erring, guilty creature, man.

5 All honour to his name,

Who marks the shining way, 5 God of my life, Father divine !

To him who leads the wanderers on Give me a meek and lowly mind : In modest worth ( let me shine,

To realms of endless day. And peace in humble virtue find.

HYMN 122. L. M. Watti's Sermons. X HYMN 120. L. M. Doddridge. *

Portugal, Shoel.

Justice and equity.
Old Hundred, Psalın Ninety-seventh.
Rejoicing in God. "B

LESSED Redeemer! how divine,
THE righteous Lord, supremely great,

How righteous is this rule of thine, Maintains his universal state ;

66 Never to deal with others worse O'er all the earth his power extends ;

166 Than we would have them deal with All heaven before his footstool bends. 2 Yet justice still with power presides, 2 This golden lesson, short and plain, Ánd mercy all his empire guides:

Gives not the mind nor memory pain, Mercy and truth are his delight,

And every conscience must approve And saints are lovely in his sight.

This universal law of love. 3 No more, ye wise! your wisdom boast;

3'Tis written in each mortal breast,

Where all our tenderest wishes rest; No more, ye strong! your valour trust; No more, ye rich! survey your store, we draw it from our inmost veins, Elate with heaps of shining ore.

Where love to self resides and reigns.

4 Is reason ever at a loss? 4 Glory, ye saints, in this alone,

Call in self-love to judge the cause ; That God, your God, to you is known: That you have own'd his sov'reign sway,

Let our own fondest passion show That you have felt his cheering ray.

How we should treat our neighbour too. 6 Our wisdom, wealth, and power we find 5 How bless'd would every nation prove, In one Jehovah all combin'd:

Thus ruled by equity and love! On him we fix our roving eyes,

Al} would be friends, without a foe, And all our souls in raptures rise.

And form a paradise below.

us !"

HYMN 123. C.M.Watts’s Sermons.Dor*13 Upon your bounty's willing wings Bedford, Bangor.

Swift let the great salvation fly ; Justice and equity.

The hungry feed, the naked clothe ; 1 COME, let us search our ways and see: 1. Do pain and sickness help apply.

Have they been just and right? 14 Pity the weeping widow's wo, Is the great rule of equity

And be her counsellor and stay; Our practice and delight? Adopt the fatherless, and smooth 2 What we would have our neighbour do, To useful, happy life, bis way. Have we still done the same?

5 Let age, with want and weakness bow'd, From others ne'er withheld the due, Your bowels of compassion move ; \Vhich we from others claim?

Let e’en your enemies be bless'd, 3 Have we not, deaf to his request, Their hatred recompens'd with love.

Turn'd from another's wo? 6 When all is done, renounce your deeds, The scorn, which wrings the poor man's Renounce self-righteousness with scorn;

Have we abhorr'd to show? [breast, Thus will you glorify your God, 4 Do we, in all we sell or buy,

And thus the Christian name adorn. Integrity maintain ; And knowing God is always nigli, - HYMN 126. 78. Taylor. Renounce unrighteous gain?

Bath-Abbey, Condolence, Hotham. 5 Then may we raise our modest prayer

Love to God and man. To God, the just and kind, 1


ATHIER of our feeble race,
May humbly cast on him our care, Wise, beneficent, and kind,
And hope his, grace to find. Spread o'er nature's ample face,

Flows thy goodness unconfin'd:
HYMN 124. L. M. Watts's Serm. b Musing in the silent grove,
Bath, German, Armley.

Or the busy walks of men,
Justice and truth.

Still we trace thy wondrous love, 'GREAT God, thy holy law requires claiming large returns again.

To curb our covetous desires, 2 Lord, what offerings shall we bring, Forbids to plunder, steal or cheat, At thine altars when we bow? To practise falsehood or deceit. Hearts, the pure, unsullied spring, 2 Thy Son hath set a pattern too,

Whence the kind affections flow; He paid to God and men their due;

Soft compassion's feeling soul, A dreadful debt he paid to God,

By the melting eye express'd ; And bought our pardon with his blood. Sympathy, at whose control,

Sorrow leaves the wounded breast: 3 Amazing justice! boundless love! Do we not feel our passions move? 3 Willing hands to lead the blind, Do we not grieve that we have been Bind the wound, or feed -the poor; Faithless to God, or false to men? Love, embracing all our kind, 4 If truth and justice once be gone,

Charity, with liberal store: And leave our faith and hope alone;

Teach us, I thou heavenly King;

Thus to show our grateful mind, I honesty be banish_d hence, Religion is a vain pretence.

Thus the accepted offering bring,

Love to thee, and all mankind. Hymx 125. L. M. Rinpon.

HYMN 127. L.M. Watts’s Lyrics. * Paslın 97th, Blendon, China. Liberali:y ; or, the duly and pleasures Dunstan, Castle Street, Leeds. of benevolence.

Love. to Christ, present or absen'.

all the joys' we mortals know, Rebels he deigns to call his sons,-- Love, the best blessing here below, Their souls renew'd, their sins forgiven. The nearest image of the blest. 2 Go, imitate the grace divine 2 While we are held in thine einbrace, The grace that blazes' like a sun; There's not a thought attempts to rove; Hold forth your fair, though feeble light, Each smile upon thy beauteous face Through all your lives let mercy run Fixes, and charms, and fires our love

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3 While of thy absence we complain, 12 Swect as the odorous balsam pour'd And long, or weep in all we do, On Aaron's sacred head, There's a strange pleasure in the pain ; Which o'er his beard, and down his vest And tears have their own sweetness too. A breathing fragrance shed.. 4 When round thy courts by day we rove, 3 Like morning dews, on Sion's mount Or ask the watchmen of the night That spread their silver rays; For some kind tidings of our love, And deck with gems the verdant pomp, Thy very name creates delight. Which Hermon's top displays. 5 Jesus, our. God, yet rather come! 4 To such the Lord of life and love Our eyes would dwell upon thy face ; His blessing shall extend ; 'Tis best to see our Lord at home,

On earth a life of joy and peace, And feel the presence of his grace...

And life that ne'er shall end.
HYMN 128. 7. Newton..

HYMN 130. S. M. Fawcett.
Condolence, Hothan.

Dover, Watchman.
Lovest thou me?

Love to the brethren.

LEST be the tie that binds 1'T'Sa point I long to know, Oft it causes anxious thought

Our hearts in Christian love! Do I love the Lord, or no;

The fellowship of kindred minds Am I his, or am I not.

Is like to that above. 2 If I love,. why am I thus?

2 Before our Father's throne Why this dull and lifeless frame?

We pour our ardent prayers : Hardly, sure, can they be worse,

Our fears,our hopes, our aims are one, Who have never heard his name.

Our comforts and our cares.

3 We share our mutual woes; 3 [Could my heart so hard remain; Prayer a task and burden prove;

Our mutual burdens bear;

And often for each other flows Every trifle give me pain ; If I knew a Saviour's love?]

The sympathizing tear. 4 When I turn my eyes within,

4 When we asunder part, All is dark, 'and vain, and wild ;

It gives us inward pain ;

But we shall still be join'd in heart, Fill'd with unbelief and sin ;

And hope to meet again. Can I deem myself a child ?

5 This glorious hope revives 5 If I pray, or hear, or read, Sin is mix'd with all I do ;

Our courage by the way ; You that love the Lord indeed,

While each in expectation lives,

And longs to see the day. Tell me, is it thus with you?

6 From sorrow, toil, and pain, 6 Yet I mourn my stubborn will,

And sin, we shall be free;
Find my sin a grief and thrall;
Should I grieve for what I feel,

And perfect love and friendship reign If I did not love at all ?

Through all eternity. 7 Lord, decide the doubtful case !

HYMN 131. S. M. Beddome. Thou, who art thy people's sun,,

Watchman, St. Thomas, Froome. Shine upon thy work of grace,

Christian love. If it be indeed begun.

ET 8 Let me love thee more and more,

The Christian world o'erspread; If I love at all, I pray!

Gentile, and Jew, and bond and free, If I have not loved before,

Are one in Christ their head, Help me to begin to-day.

2 Among the saints on earth

Let mutual · love be found;
Hymn 129. C. M. Grigory. Heirs of the same inheritance,

Stade, Hymn Second.
Mutual love.

With mutual blessings crown'd. SWEET is ahe love that mutual glows 3 Let benyys child of hell!

(dwell, And binds in gentlest bonds each heart, Those should in strictest friendship All blessing and all blest:

Who the same Lord obey.

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