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A HW Wondrous kis" zh' name! 20 that our thoughts and thanks may rise,

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Unveils the beauties of his face, But saints exalted near his seat,
And sheds his love abroad!

Have no assaults to fear. 2 To him their prayers and cries 5 I'm pleas'd to meet him in his court, Each humble coul presents :

And taste his heavenly love ; He listens to their broken sighs, But still 'I think his visits short,

And grants them all their wants. Or I too soon remove. 3 To them his sovereign will 6 He shines, and I am all delight; He graciously imparts;

He hides, and all is pain ; And in return accepts, with smiles, When will be fix me in his sight, The tribute of their hearts.

And ne'er depart -again? 4 Give me, O Lord, a place Within thy blest abode,

HYMN 180. L. M. J. Stennett. Among the children of thy grace,

Evening Hymn, Quercy. The servants of my God.

The Sabbath.
Hymn 178. s. M. Watts's Lyrics. ' ANOTHER six days work is done,

Another sabbath is begun;
Hopkins, Watchman.
Forms vain without religion,

Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest, 1 LMIGHTY Maker, !

Improve the day that God hath bless'd. Thy glories how diffus'd abroad As grateful incense to the skies;

Through the creation's frame! And draw from heaven that sweet repose 2 Nature, in every dress,

Which none but he that feels it knows. Her humble homage pays, 3 This heavenly calm, within the breast, And finds a thousand ways t'express is the dear pledge of glorious rest,

Thine undissembled praise. Which for the church of God remains, 3 ‘My soul would rise and sing

The end of cares, the end of pains. To her Creator, too;

4 With joy,great God, thy works we view, Fain would my tongue adore my King, In various scenes, both old and new.

And pay the worship due. With praise, we think on mercies past; 4 Create 'my soul ànew,

With hope, we future pleasures taste. Elsę all my worship's vain, 5 In holy duties, let the day This wretched heart will ne'er be true, In holy pleasures pass away; Until- 'tis form'd again,

How sweet a sabbath thus to spend, 5 Let joy and worship spend In hope of one that ne'er shall end.

The remnant of my days,
And to my Gol my soul ascend, Hyản 181. C. M. Brown.
In sweet perfumes of praise.

Barby, Mear, York.
HYMN 179. L.M. Watts's Sermons. * FRER shed its quickening beams;

A hymn for the evening of the Lord's day.

, Hymn Second, Mear.“ Appearance before God here and hereafter. And yet how slow devotion burns; 1 WHILE I am banish'd from thy house, How languid are its fames!

I mourn in secret, Lord;
When shall I come and pay my vows,

2 Accept our faint. attempts to love,

Our fraiities, Lord, forgive;
And hear thy holy word.

We would be like thy saints above, 2 So while I dwell ia bonds of clay,

And praise thee while we live. My weary soul shall groan; When shall I wing my heavenly way, 3 Increase, O Lord, our faith and hope, And stand before thy throne.

And fit us to ascend, 3 I love to see my Lord below,

Where the assembly ne'er breaks up, His church displays his grace ;

The sabbath ne'er shall end ; But upper worlds' his glory show 4 Where we shall breathe in heavenly air, And view him face to face.

With heavenly lustre shine; 4 I love to worship at his feet,

Before the throne of God appear, Though sin attack me. there,

And feast on love divine.

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IIYMN 182. C. M. Barbauld. * 2 Prayer makes the darken'd cloud Christmns, Dundee, St. Davids.

withdraw, The Lord's-duy morning,

Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw, 2 *Awakes the kindling ray; GAIN the Lord of life and light Gives exercise to faith and love,

Brings every blessing from above. Unseals the eyelids of the inorn, 3 Restraining prayer, we cease to fight;

And pours increasing day. Prayer makes the Christian's armour 2) what a night was that which wrapt

bright; The heativen world in gloom!

And Satan trembles when he sees ( what a sun which broke, this day, The weakest saint upon his knees,

Triumphant from the tomb ! 4 While Moses stood with arms spread 3 This day be grateful homage paid, Success was found on Israel's side, [wide,

And loud hosannas sung ; But when through weariness they fail'd, Let gladness dwell in every heart, That moment Amalek prevail'd.

And praise on every tongue. Have you no words! Ah, think again, 4. Ten thousand differing lips shall join Words flow apace when you complain,

To hail this welcome morn; And fill your fellow-creature's ear Which scatters blessings from its wings with the sad tale of all your care. To nations yet unborn.

6 Were half the breath thus vainly spent 5 Jesus, the friend of human kind, To heaven in supplication sent; Was crucified and slain !

Your cheerful songs would oftener be Behold the tomb its prey restores! “Hear what the Lord has done for me!"

Behold he lives again! 6 And while his conquering chariot wheels Hymn 185. C. M. E. Jones. b or Ascend the lofty skies,

Windsor, Abridge. Broken beneath his powerful cross, The successful resolve-I will go in unto the King. Death's iron sceptre lies.

OME,humb.e sinner, in whose breast Hymn 183. L. M. Doddridge. * Çome, with your guilt and fear opprest, Antigua, Winchester.

And make this last resolve!, For the close of public worship. 2“I'll go to Jesus, though my sin THINE earthly sabbaths, Lord, we “ Hath like a mountain rose;

“I know his courts, l'il enter in, But there's a nobler rest above; “ Whatever may oppose. To that our longing souls aspire, 3“I'll to the gracious King approach,

With cheerful hope, and strong desire. “Whose sceptre pardon gives; 2 No more fatigue, no more distress, "Perhaps he may command my touch, Nor sin 'nor death shall reach the place; " And then the sup,pliant lives. No groans shall mingle with the songs, 4"Perhaps he will admit my plea, Which dwell upon immortal tongues. Perhaps will hear my prayer ; 3 No rude alarms of angry foes ;

“ But if I perish, I will pray, No cares to break the long repose; “ And perish only there. No midnight shade, no clouded sun, 15 I can buč perish, if I go; But sacred, high, eternal noon. “I am resolv'd to try; 40 long expected day, begin ;

"! For, if I stay away, I know Dawn on these realms of pain and sin;

“I must forever die.” With joy we'll tread th' appointed road, And sleep in death to rest with God.

HYMN 186. L. M. b

Arinley, Quercy,
HYMN 184. L. M. Cowper. Paraphrase of the Lord's prayer.

Quercy, China, Bath.
Exhortation to prayer.

Thy glorious name be hallow'd still; IWHAT various hindrances we meet Thy kingdom come with power and love, In coming to a mercy-seat!

And earth like heaven obey thy will. Yet who that knows the worth of prayer, 2 Lord ! make our daily wants thy care: But wishes to be often there? Forgive , the sins which we forsake:


THINE love

And let us in thy kindness share, Hymn 189. L. M. Doddridge. X As fellow-men of ours partake.

Green's Hundredth, Fountain. Evils beset us every hoar!

Ezekiel's vision of the dry bones. Thy kind protection we implore :- ';

See Adam's race in ruin lie; Thine is the kingdom, thine the power; Sin spreads its trophies o'er the ground, Be thine the glory evermore! And scatters slaughter'd heaps around. HYMN 187. 8.7. 4. Jay.

2 And can these mould’ring corpses live? Helmsley, Tamworth.

And can these perish'd bones revive? A blessing raquested.

That, mighty God, to thee is known, COM WOME, thou soul-transforming Spirit, That wondrous work is all thy own.

Bless the sower and the seed: 3 Thy ministers are sent in vain Let each, heart thy grace inherit, Raise the weak, the hungry feed; in vain they call, in vain they cry,

To prophesy upon the slain ; From the Gospel

Till thine Almighty aid is nigh. Now supply thy people's need.

4 But if thy Spirit deign to breathe, 20 may all enjoy the blessing, Which thy word's design'l to give; Dry bones obey thy powerful voice;

Life spreads thro' all the realms of death; Let us all, thy love possessing, Joyfully the truth receive;

They move, they waken, they rejoice. And forever

5 So, when thy trumpet's awful sound To thy praise and glory live.

Shall shake the heavens, and rend the

ground, HYMN 188. H. M. Toplady,

* Dead saints shall from their tombs arise, Triumph, Portsmouth.

And spring to life beyond the skies. Jubilee. 1

Hymn 190: C. M. Cowper. · *
The gladly solemn sound !

Abridge, Parma.
Let all the nations know,

The light and glory of God's word.
To earth's remotest bound,

1WHAT glory gilds the sacred page! The year of jubilee is come,

Majestic like the sun, Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home! It gives a light to every age, 2 Exalt the Lamb of God,

- It gives, but borrows none. The sin-atoning Lamb;.

2 His hand that gave it still supplies Redemption by his blood

His gracious light and heat ; Through all the world proclaim : His truths upon the nations rise, The year, &c.

They rise, but never set. 3 Ye who have sold for naught,

3 Let everlasting thanks be thine The heritage above;

For such a bright display,
Come, take it back unbought,

As makes a world of darkness shine
The gift of Jesus' love:

With beams of heavenly day. The year, &c.

4 My soul rejoices to pursue 4 Ye slaves of sin and hell,

The paths of truth and love; Your liberty receive;

Tyll glory breaks upon my view
And safe in Jesus dwell,

In brighter worlds above.
And blest in Jesus live :
The year, &c.

HYMN 191. H. M. Doddridge. *

Bethesda, Triumph. 5 The gospel trumpet hear, Fruitful showers, emblems of the effects of the gospel, The news of pardoning grace;

ARK the soft-falling snow,
Ye happy souls, draw near,
Behold your Saviour's face: To heaven, from whence it fell,
The year, &c.

It turns not back again ; 6 Jesus, our great High Priest, But waters earth | And calls forth all

Has full atonement made ; Thro' every pore! Her secret store.
Ye weary spirits, rest;

2 Array'd in beauteous green Ye mourning souls, be glad: The hills and vallies shine, The year of jubilee is come,

And man and beast are fed Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home!

By providence divine,

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The harvest bows / The copious seed
Its golden ears of future years. THE CHURCH.
3 So, saith the God of grace,
My gospel shall descend,

Hymn 194. L. M. Cowper. 2
Almighty to effect

Blendon, Green's Hundredth, Castle-Street
The purpose I intend :

God the d fence of Zion.
Millions of souls And bear it down 1
Shall feel its power, 1 Tomillions more.

S birds their infant brood protect

And spread their wings to shelt:

Thus saith the Lord to his elect, (theu HYMN 192. 6. 4.

“So will I guard Jerusalem." Bermondsey, Hymn to the Trinity. 2 And what then is Jerusalem, Worthy the Lamb.

This object of his tender care? 1 LORY to God on high!..

Where is its worth in God's esteem

Who built it?-Who sinhabits there! Praise ye his name:

3 Jehovah founded it in blood, His love and grace adore,

The blood of his incarnate Son ; Who all our sorrows bore ; There dwell the saints,once foes to God, Sing aloud evermore,

The sinners whom he calls his own. Worthy the Lamb.

4 There, though besieg'd on every side, 2 Jesus, our Lord and God,

Yet much belov’d, and guarded well; Bore sin's tremendous load,

From age to age, they have defy'd
Praise ye his name:

The utmost force of earth and hel
Tell what his arm hath done, • Let earth repent, and hell despair,
What spoils from death he won: This city has a sure defence ;
Sing his great name alone; Her name is callid, " THE LORD I.
Worthy, the Lamb.


And who has power to drive them hence? 3 While they around the throne Cheerfully join in one

HYMN 195. S. M. Dwight,
Praising his name;

Shirland, Hopkins, Watchman.
Those who have felt his blood

Love to the church.
Sealing their peace with God,

1 Sound his dear fame abroad,


LOVE thy kingdom, Lord,

The house of thine abode, Worthy the Lamb.

The church our bless'd Redeemer sar'd 4. Join, all ye ransom'd race,

With his own precious blood. Our holy Lord to bless ; 2 I love thy church, O God! Praise ye his name:

Her walls before thee stand, In him we will rejoice,

Dear as the apple of thine eye, And make a joyful noise,

And graven on thy hand,
Shouting with heart and voice, 3 If e'er to bless thy sons
Worthy the Lamb.

My voice' or hands deny,
These hands let useful skill forsake,

This voice in silence die.
HYMN 193. 78.

4 If e'er my heart forget.
Hotham, Condolence.

Her welfare or her wo,
After sermon.

Let every joy this heart forsake, "HANKS for mercies past, receive; And every grief o'erflow, Pardon of our sins renew;

5. For her my tears shall fall; Teach' us, henceforth, how to live,

For her my prayers ascend; With eternity in view.

To her my cares and toils be given, 2 Bless thy word to old and young;

Till toils and cares shall end.
Grant us, Lord, thy peace and love ; 6 Beyond my highest joy
And, when life's short race is run,

I prize her heavenly ways,
Take us to thy house above.

Her sweet communion, solemn vows,

Her hymns of love and praise,

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"S Grant : ,

Jesus, thou Friend divine, HYMN 193. 8. 9. Altered by Dr.
Our Saviour and our King,

Thy hand from every snare and foe

Sicilian Hymn, Love Divine.
Shall great deliverance bring.

Prayer of a revival.

AVIVÜR, visit thy plantation ; 8 Sure as thy truth shall last, To Zion shall be given

All will come to desolation,
The brightest glories earth can yield,

Unless thou return ag:in.
And brighter bliss of heaven.'

2 Keep no longer at a distance, HYMN 196. C. M. Doddridge. * Lest, for want of thine assistance,

Shine upon us from on high,
St. Martins, Irish, Mear.
Asking the way to Sion.

Every plant should droop and die. 1 JNQUIRE, ve pilgrims, for the way | 3 Surely, once thy garden flourish’d, That leads to Sion's hill,

Every part look'd gay and green ; And thither set your steady face, Then thy word our spirits nourish’d, With a determin'd will.

Happy seasons we have seen! 2 Invite the strangers all around

4 [But a drought has since succeeded; Your pious march to join ;

And a sad decine we see; And spread the sentiments you feelf Lord, thy help is greatly needed, Of faith and love divine.

Help can only come from thee. 30) come, and to his temple haste, 5 Where are those we counted leaders, Asid seck lis favour there;

Filled with zeal, and love, and trutlr? Before his footstool humbly bow,

Old professors, tall as cedars, And pour your fervent prayer!

Bright examples to our youth! 40 come, and join your souls to God 6 Some, in whom we once delighted, In everlasting bands;

We shall meet no more below; Accept the blessings 'he bestows,

Some, alas! we fear are blighted, With thankful hearts and hands.

Scarce a single leaf they show! FIYMN 197. L. M. Steele.

7 Younger plants—the sight how pleasant! Eaton, Rothwell, Quercy.

Cover'd thick with blossoms stood ; To whom shall we go, but unto thee? or, life But they cause us grief at present,

and safety in Christ alone.
"HOU only Sovereign of my heart,

Frosts have nip'd them in the bud.]

8 Dearest Saviour, hasten hither, And can my soul from the depart, o permit them not to wither,

Thou canst make them bloom again; On whom alone my hopes depend? 2 Whither, ah! whither shall I go,

Let not all our hopes be vain : A wretched wanderer from any Lord ? 9 Let our mutual love be fervesi, Can this dark world of sin and wo

Make us prevalent in prayers : One glimpse of happiness afford ?

Let each one, esteem'd thy servant,

Shun the world's bewitching snares. 3 Eternal life thy words impart, On these my fainting spirit lives:

10 Break the tempter's fatal power, Here sweeter comforts cheer my heart Ánd begin from this blest hour

Turn the stoney heart to flesh; Than all the round of nature gives. 4 Let earth's alluring joys combine,

To revive thy work afresh. While thou art near, in vain they call ; Hymx 199. L. M. Burnham. * One smile, one blissful smile of thine;

All Saints, Wells, Portug: I. My dearest Lord, outweighs them all. 5 Thy name my inmost powers adore, ' NOTO hear the happy saints declare

At a church meeting before exper ence. Thou art my life, my joy, my care; Depart from thee? 'tis death--'tis more, the free compassions of a God, 'Tis endless ruin, deep despair. The virtues of a Saviour's blood. 5 Low at thy feet my soul would lie, 2 Jesus, assist them now to tell Here safety dwells, and peace divine : What they have felt, and now do feel; Still- let me live beneath thine eye, O Saviour, help them to express For life, eternal life is thine. The wonders of triumphant grace,

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