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3 While to the church they freely own *Hyun 203. L. M.

6 What for their souls the Lord hath done,

Patney, Bath, Quercy, Armley. We join to praise eternal love,

Sickness of a minister. And heighten all the joys above.

'O , HYMN 200. C. M. Burnham.*

We bow our suppliant spirits down;

Thou know'st the anxious cares we feel, Mear, Irish, Exeter.

And all our trembling lips would tell. After experiences. 1 DE When sinners humby tell EAR Saviour, we rejoice to hear 2 Thou only canst assuage our grief,

And give our sorrowing hearts relief;

servant spare, How thou art pleas'd to save from sin, In mercy then

Nor turn aside thy people's prayer. From sorrow, death and hell. 2 Lorel, we unite to praise thy name

3 Avert thy desolating stroke, For grace so freely given;

Nor smite the shepherd of the flock; Still may we keep in Sion's road,

Restore him, sinking to the grave; And dwell at last in heaven.

Stretch outthine arm, make haste to save.

4 Bound to each soul by tender ties, HYMN 201. L. M. Kelly. *In every heart his image lies; Portugal, Wells, Shoel.

Thy pitying aid, O God, impart, Recriving members.

Nor rend him from each bleeding heart. CO

OME in, thou blessed of the Lord, 5 But, if our supplications fail,
Enter in Jesus' precious name; And prayers and tears cannot prevail

, We welcome thee with one accord, Be thou his strength, be thou his stay, And trust the Saviour does the same. Support him through the gloomy way. 2 Thy name, tis hop?d, already stands 6 Around him may thy angels stand, Mark'd in the book of life above, Waiting the signal of thy hand; And now to thine we join our hands, To bid his - happy spirit rise, In token of fraternal love.

And bear him to their native skies, 3 Those joys which earth cannot afford, We'll seek in fellowship to prove,

HYMN 204. L. M. Join'd in one spirit to our Lord,

All Saints, Blendon, Bath. Together bound by mutual love.

Al a choice of deacone. 4 And while we pass this vale of tears

, "Fama baintbegrace thy church enjoys We'll make our joys and sorrows known, We'll share each other's kopes and fears, Her holy deacons are thine own, And count a brother's case our own. With all the gifts thy love employs. 5 Once more our welcome we repeat, 2 Up to thy throne we list our eyes, Receive assurance of our love ;. For- blessings to attend our choice* O! may we all together meet Of such, whose generous, prudent zeal - Around the throne of God above. Shall make thy favour'd ways rejoice.

3 Happy in Jesus, their own Lord, HYMN 202. L. M. Doddridge. *

May they his sacred table spread, Bath, Quercy, Wells.

The table of their pastor fill, Secking direction in the choice of a pastor. And fill the holy poor with bread. HEPHERD of Israel,bend thine ear, 4 By purest love to Christ, and truth,

Thy servants' groans indulgent hear; oʻmay they win a good degree Perplex'd, distress'd, to thee we cry,

Of boldness in the Christian faith, And seek the guidance of thine eye.

And meet the smile of thine and thee. 2 Send forth, O Lord, thy truth and light, 5 And when the work to them assign'd

To guide our doubtful footsteps right: - The work of love—is fully done, Our drooping hearts, O God, sustain, Call them from serving tables here, Nor let us seek thy face in vain.

To sit around thy glorious throne. 3 Return; in ways of peace return, Nor let thy flock neglected mourn ;

* If this Hymn be sung before the choice, thoa May our bless'd eyes a shepherd see, the second line of the second verse may suund thus Dear to our souls, and dear to thee. * For Wisdom to direct our choice,

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Lord, here. we'd banish every foe, LORD'S SUPPER.

We hate the sins that cost thy blood. HYMN 285. L. M. Wutrs's Lyrics b6 Commerce no more we hold with hell ;

Our dearest lusts shall all depart;
Limehouse, Putney, Bath.

But let thine image ever dwell,
A preparatory thought.

Stamp'd as a seal on every heart. WHAT heavenly Man,or mighty God,

Comes marching downward from Hymn 207. C. M. J. Stonnett. b or * the skies,

Wantage, Bedford. Array'd in garments roll'd in blood,

A sacramental hymn. With joy and pity in his eyes ? 2 The Lord! the Saviour! yes, 'tis he,

"L thv ;

ORD. at thy table i behold I know him by the smiles he wears ; But most of all admire, that I The glorious. MAN, that died for me, Should find a welcorne place ; Drench'd deep in agonies and tears.

2 I that am defil'd with sin, 3 Lo, he reveals his shining breast ; A rebel to my God; I own these wounds, and I adore : I that have crucified his Son, Lo, he prepares a royal feast,

And trampled on his blood. Sweet fruit of the sharp pangs he bore. 3 What strange surprising grace is this, 4 Whence flow these favours so divine ? That such a soul has room! Lord! why so lavish of thy blood ? My Saviour takes me by the hand, Why, for such earthly souls as mine, My Jesus bids me come. This heavenly wine, this sacred food?

4" Eat,o my friends," the Saviour cries, 5'Twas his own love that made him bleed, « The feast was made for you;

That nail'd him to the cursed tree; “For you I groan'd, und bled,and died, 'Twas his own love this table spread, “ And rose, and triumph'd too." For such unworthy guests as we. 5 With trembling faith and bleeding hearts, 6 Then let us taste the Saviour's love ; Lord, we accept thy love:

Come, faith, and feed upon the Lord; 'Tis a rich banquet we have had; With glad consent our lips shall move,

What will it be above? And sweet hosannas crown the board.

HYMN 208. C. M. Cowper. * HYMN 206. L. M. Watts's Lyrics. X

Mear, York, Barby.
Bath, Quercy, Gloucester.

W lcome to the table. - Love on a cross and a throne. 1 N° OW let our faith grow strong, and · THIS is the feast of heavenly wine

And God invites to sup; rise,

The juices of the living vine And view our Lord in all his love ; Were press'd to fill the cup. Look back to hear his dying cries, Then mount and see his throne above. 20, bless the Saviour, ye who eat,

With royal dainties fed ; 2 See where he languish'd on the cross : Not heaven affords a costlier treat, Beneath our sins he groan'd and died ; For Jesus is the bread. See where he sits to plead our cause, 3 The vile, the lost-he calls to them; By his Almighty Father's side.

"Ye trembling souls, appear! 3If we behold his bleeding heart, “ The righteous in their own esteem,

There love in floods of sorrow reigns; * Have no acceptance here';
He triumphs o'er the killing smart,
And seals our pleasure with his pains. 4" Approach, ye poor, nor dare refuse

“The banqnet spread for you :" 4 Or if we climb the eternal hills, Dear Saviour, this is welcome news, Where the blest Conqueror sits enthron'd; That I may venture too. Still in his heart compassion dwells, 5 If guilt and sin afford a plea, Near the memorials of his wound.

And may obtain a place; 5 How shall vile pardon'd rebels show Surely the Lord will welcome me, How much they love their dying God?

And I shall see his face. SUPPLEMENT.


Hymn 209. L. M. Watts's Lyrics. *6 I shall behold his glories there, Dresden, Putney, Eaton.

And pay him my eternal share Christ dying, rising, and reigning. Of praise, and gratitude, and love, HE E dies! the Friend of sinners dies: Among ten thousand saints above.

Lo, Salem's daughters weep around; A solemn darkness veils the skies!

ORDINATIONS. A sudden trembling shakes the ground! Come, saints, and drop a tear or two, HYMN 211. L. M. Doddridge. 1 For him who groan'd beneath your load;

Newcourt, Dunstan, Luton.

Institution of the gospel ministry. He thousand "drops of richer blood!' | 'Famile on our Thomage and our vow: 2 Here's love and grief beyond degree, while with a grateful heart we shar The Lord of glory dies for men !

These pledges of our Saviour's care. But lo! what sudden joys we see! Jesus the dead revives again!

2 The Saviour, when to heaven he to The rising God forsakes the tomb !

In splendid triumph o'er his foes, Up to his Father's courts he flies;

Scatter'd his gifts' on men below, Cherubic legions guard bim home;

And wide his royal bounties flow, And shout him welcome to the skjes: 3 Hence sprung th' Apostles' honour'd

Sacred beyond heroic fame : [name: 3 Break off your tears, ye saints, and tell In lowlier. forms to bless our eyes, How high our great Deliverer reigns; Pastors from hence, and teachers rise. Sing how he spoil'd the hosts of hell, 4 From Christ their varied gifts derire And led the monster, Death, in chains !

And fed by Christ, their graces live : Say, “Live forever, wondrous King, "Born to redeem, and strong to save !While, guarded by his potent hand, Then ask the monster,

" Where's thy

'Midst all the rage of hell they stand. sting?

5 So shall the bright succession run “And where's thy victory, boasting Through the last courses of the sun ; grave?”

While unborn churches by their care

Shall rise and flourish, large and fair. Hymn 210. L.M. Walts's Sermons. Dort 6 Jesus our Lord, their hearts shall know, Bath, Psalm 97, German.

The springs whence all these blessings Christ's propitiation improved.


Pastors and people shout his praise 'LORD, didst thou send thy Son to die

For such a guilty wretch as I? Through the long round of endless days. And shall thy mercy not impart

Hymn 212. L. M. Doddridge. * Thy Spirit to renew my heart ?

Rothwell, Shoel, Islington, 2 Lord, hast thou wash'd my garments At the settlement of a minister. clean,

HEPHERD of Israel, thou dost keep, In Jesus' blood, from shame and sin ? Shall I not strive with all my power By thee inferior pastors rise, That sin pollute my soul no more? To feed our souls, and bless our eyes. 3 Shall I not bear my Father's rod, 2To all thy churches such impart, The kind corrections of my God, Modell’d by thy own gracious heart, When Christ upon the cursed tree Whose courage, watchfulness, and love, Sustain'd a heavier load for me? Men may attest, and God approve. 4 Why should I dread my dying day, 3 Fed by their active, tender care, Since Christ hath took the curse away, Healthful may all thy sheep appear; And taught me with my latest breath And, by their fair example led, To triumph o'er thy terrors, death? The way to Sion's pasture tread. 50 rather let me. wish and cry,

4 Here hast thou listen'd to our vows, " When shall my soul get loose, and fly And scatter'd blessings on thy house ; "To upper worlds? When shall I see Thy saints are succour'd, and no more into The God, the man, that died for me?” As sheep without a guide deplore.

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Made you

Give us

HYMN 213. L. M. Doddridge. *2 Tell him how the streams did glide Old 100, Blendon, Eaton.

From his hands, his feet, his side ; Ordinatin; Joshua ihe nigh pricst, How his head with thorns was crown'd, 1 *REAT Lord of angels, we adore And his heart in sorrow drown'd. below;

3 Tell him how he suffer'd death, And, through ten thousand sons of light, Freely yielded up his breath, Stoops to regard what mortals do.

Died, and rose to intercede, 2 Amidst the wastes of time and death, 4 Tell him it was sovereign grace

As our advocate, and head, Successive pastors thou dost raise, Thy charge to keep, thy house to guide, Wrought on you to seek his face

choose the better partAnd forin a people for thy praise. 3 The heavenly natives with delight 5 Tell him of that liberty,

Brought salvation to your heart. Hover around the sacred place; Nor scorn to learn from mortal tongues

Wherewith Jesus makes us free; The wonders of redeeming grace.

Sweetly speak of sins forgiven

Earnest of the joys of heaven. 4 At length, dismiss'd from feeble clay, Thy servants join th' angelic band; (Ay; Hymn 216. C. M. Doddridge. * With them, through distant worlds they With them, before thy presence stand. Christ's care of ministers and churches.

Braintree, Irish, Charmouth. 50 glorious hope! O blest employ! Sweet lenitive of grief and care! [courts,


E bless th' eternal Source of light,

Who makes the stars to shine; When shall we reach those radiant And through this dark beclouded world And all their joy and honour share? Diffuseth rays divine. 6 Yet while these labours we pursue, 2 We bless, the church's sovereign King, Thus distant from thy heavenly throne, Whose golden lamps we are ;

a zeal and love like theirs, Fix'd in the temples of his love, „And haif their heaven shaii here be known. To shine with radiance fair. HYMN 214. C. M. Doddridge. * 3 Still be our purity preserv’d;

Still fed with oil the flame; Christmas, Exeter, Abridge. Watching for souls. An ordination hymn. And in deep characters inscrib'd LET Sion's watchmen all awake, (Our heavenly Master's name!

And take th’alarm they give; 4 Then, while between our ranks he walks, Now let them, from the mouth of God, And all our state surveys,

Their awful charge receive. His smiles shill with new lustre deck 2 'Tis not a cause of small import The people of his praise.

The pastor's c:re demands; But what might fill an angel's heart, HYMN 217. L. M. B. Francis. * And fillid à Saviour's hands.

Truro, Green's Hundredth, Rothwell. 3They watch for souls, for which the Lord Ministers abounding in the work of the Lord.

Did heavenly bliss forego ;- EFORE thy throne, eternal King, In raptures, or in wo.

Their tribute of united praise, 4 May they that Jesus, whom they preach, For heavenly news and peaceful days.

Their own Recleemer, see; 2 We sing the conquests of thy sword, And watch thou daily o'er their souls, And publish loud thy healing word, That they may watch for thee. While angels sound thy glorious name,

Thy savinġ grace our lips proclaim. HYMN 215. 75. Hammond.

3 Thy various, service we 'esteem
Condolence, Hotham.
Afier the chui ge.

Our sweet employ, our bliss supreme:
Tell him of the Saviour's blood;

We burn like seraphim above. Say, how Jesus' bowels move ; 4 Nor seraphs there can ever raise, Tell him of redeeming love.

With us, an equal song of praise :

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They are the noblest work of God, 14 From east to west, from north to so But we, the purchase of his blood. Immanuel's kingdom must extes 5 Still in thy work would we abound; And every man, in every fuct, Still prune the vine, or plough the ground; Shall meet a brother, and a friend Thy sheep with wbolerome pastare feed, And watch them with unwearied heed. HYMN 220. L. M. Voke, 6 Thou art our Lord, our life, our love,

Oporto, Wells. Our care below, our crown above : Prospect of success; or, encouragement to use Thy praise shall be our best employ, 1 Thy presence our eternal joy.


EHOLDeath expected time drar

The shades disperse, the dawn appez Hymn 218. C. M. Dnddridge. bor* Behold the wilderness assume Plymouth, St. Anns.

The beauteous tints of Eden's bloci spiritual associations registered in heaven, 7 2 Events, with prophecies, conspire

God's gracious approbation of active attempts to revive rcligion.

To raise our faith, our zeal to fire: I THE Lord on mortal worms looks The ripening fields, already white, And, when the wicked swarm around, 3 The untaught heathen waits to know

He well discerns his own. The joy the gospel will bestow; 2 He sees the tender hearts that mourn The exil'd slave waits to receive

The scandals of the times, The freedom Jesus has to give. And join their efforts to oppose 4 Comę, let us, with a grateful heart,

The wide-prevailing crimes. In the blest labour share a part, 3 Low to the social band he bows Our prayers and offerings gladly bring, His still attentive ear;

To aid the triumphs of our King. And, while his angels sing around, Delig: ts their voice to hear.

HYMN 221. C.M. 4 The chronicles of heaven shall keep

Cambridge, Irish. Their words in transcript fair, The increase of the church promised and pleaded In the Redeemer's book of life TATHER,is not thy promise pledg'i

Their names recorded are. 5“ Yes (saith the Lord) the world shall That through the nations of the eart) know

Thy word of life shall run? “These humble souls are mine : 2“ Ask, and I give the heathen lands “These, when my jewels I produce, “For thine inheritance, "Shall in full lustre shine.”

" And to the world's remotest shores,

“ Thine empire shall advance" MISSIONARY MEETINGS.

3 Hast thou not said, the blinded Jews HYMN 219. L, M. Voke.

Shall their Redeemer own;

While Gentiles to his standard crowd, Gloucester, Shoel.

And bow before his throne? Prayer for the spread of the gospel EXERT thy power, thy rights maintain, 4 when shall th’untutor’d Jaclian tribes, Insulted, everlasting King !

A dark, bewilder'd race, The influence of thy crown increase,

Sit down at our IMMANUEL'S feet

, And strangers to thy footstool bring.

And learn and feel nis grace? 2 In one vast symphony of praise,

5 Are not all kingdoms, tribes, and tongue Gentile and Jew shali then unite ;

Under th’ expanse of heaven, And infidelity, asham'd,

To the dominion of thy Son, Sink in th' abyss of endless night. Without exemption, given? 3 Afric's emancipated sons

6 From east to west, from north to south, Shall shout to Asia's rapt'rous song ; Then be his name ador'd! Europe resound her Saviour's fame, Europe, with all thy millions, shout And western climes the note prolong. Hasannas to thy Lord!


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