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THE PERFECTIONS OF GOD, 3 Great God, and wilt thou condescend

To cast a look below?

To this vịle world thy notice bend,
HYMN 1. L. M. Aldison. * These seats of sin and wo?
Castle-Street, Nantwich, Italy.

4 [But 0! to shew thy smiling face, Being of God proclaimed by creation. To bring thy glories near! 1 T with the blue ethereal sky; HỂ spacious firmament on high, Amazing and transporting grace,

To dwell with mortals here!] And spangled heavens, a shịning frame, Their great Original proclaim.

5 How strange! how awful is thy love! 2 The unwearied sun, from day to day, Not all the exalted minds above

With trembling we adore :
Doth his Creator's power display ; Its wonders can explore.
And publishes, to every land,
The work of an almighty hand. 6 While golden harps and angel tongues
3 Soon as the evening shades prevail, Great God, permit our humble songs

Resound immortal lays,
The moon takes up the wondrous tale,
And nightly, to the listening earth,

To rise, and mean thy praise. Repeats the story of her birth: 4 While all the stars that round her burn,

Hymn 3. C.M. Watts': Lyric Poems.

Carthage, St. Anns, St Davids. And all the planets in their turn,

Condescension of God.

the skies, 5 What though in solemn silence all Move round this dark, terrestrial ball;

With scorn divine he turns his eyes What though no real voice nor sound

From tovers of haughty kings. Amid their radiant orbs be found : 2 He bids his awful chariot roll 8 In reason's ear they all rejoice,

Far downward from the skies, And utter forth a glorious voice;

To visit, every humble soul, -Forever singing, as they shine

With pleasure in his eyes. s The hand that made us is divine." 13 Why should the Lord, that reigns above,

Disdain so lofty kings?
Hymn 2. C. M. Steele. Say, Lord, and why such looks of love
Stade, St. Martins, Barby.,

Upon such worthless things ? Condescension of God. 1

4 Mortals, be dumb; what creature dares

; Who can approach thy throne!

Dispute his awful will ? Accessless light, is thine abode,

Ask no account of his affairs, To angel eyes unknown.

But tremble, and be still. 2 Before the radiance of thine eye, 15 Just like his nature is his grace, The heavens no longer shine;

All sovereign and all free; And all the glories of the sky

Great God, how, searchless are thy ways Are but the shade of thine. How deep thy judgments b

And spread the truth from pole to pole

. 1 WHEN this earthly things,

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HIMN 4. C.M. Watts': Lyric Pocms. X 5 Forever permanent and fix'd,
Abridge, Canterbury.

From agitation free,
Decrees ani Dominion of God.

Unchang’d, in everlasting years,

Shail thy existence be. * KEEP silence, all created things:

HYMN 6. L. M. Needham. My soul stands treinbling, while she sings

Portugal, Wells, Shoel. The honours of her God.

Faithfulness of God. 2 Life death,andhell, and worlds unknown

E humble saints, proclaim abroad Hang on his firm decree : He sits on no precarious throne,

How just and true are all his ways, Nor borrows leave to be.

How much above your highest praise!: 3 Chain'd to his throne, a volume lies, 2 The words his sacred lips. declare, With all the fates of men,

or his own mind the image. bear; With everv angel's form and size, What should him tempt, from frailty

Drawn by the eternal pen. Blest in his self sufficiency. (free, 4 His providence unfolds the book,

3 He will not his great self deny : And makes his counsels shine;

A God all truth can never lie: Eich opening leaf, and ev'ry stroke As well might he his being quit Fulfils some deep design.

As break his oath, or word forget. 5 Here, he exalts neglected worms 4 Let frighted rivers change their course, To sceptres and a crown:

Or backward hasten to their source; And there, the following page he turns, Swift through the air let rocks be hurl’d, And treads the monarch down.

And mountains like the chaff be whirld; Not Gabriel asks the reason why ; 5 Let suns and stars forget to rise,

Nor God the reason gives; Nor dares the fav'rite-angel pry

Or quit their stations in the skies;

Let heaven and earth both pass away, Between the folded leaves.

Eternal truth shall ne'er decay. 7 My God, I would not long to see

6 True to his word, God gave his Son,
My fate with curious eyes,
What gloomy lines are writ for me, To die for crimes which men had done
Or what bright scenes may rise. Blest pledge! he never will revoke

A single promise he has spoke.
In thy fair book of life and grace,
O may I find my name

HYMN 7. C. M. Steele.
Recorded in some humble place,

Irish, Exeter, Abridge. Beneath my Lord the Lamb!

Goodness of God.

TE humble souls, approach your God
HYMN 5. C. M. Rowe.
Devizes, St. Anns, Canterbury.. For he is good, immensely good,
Eternity of God.

And kind are all his ways. 1 Tere time began its race; "HOU didst, О mighty God, exist 2 All nature owns his guardian care,

In him we live and move; Before the ample elements

But nobler benefits declare Fill'd up the void of space.

The wonders of his love, 2 Before the pond'rous earthly globe 3 He gave his Son, his only Son, In fluid air was stay'd;

To ransom rebel worms; Before the ocean's mighty springs 'Tis here he makes his goodness known

Their liquid stores display'd. In its diviner forms. 3 And when the pillars of the world, 4 To this dear refuge, Lord, we come; With sudden ruin break,

'Tis here our hope relies; And all this vast and goodly frame A safe defence, a peaceful home,

Sinks in the mighty wreck: When storms of trouble rise. 4 When from her orb the moon shall start," 5 Thine eye beholds, with kind regard,

Th' astonish'd sun roll back ; The souls who trust in thee; While all the trembling starry lamps Their humble hope thou wilt reward 'Their ancient course forsake : With bliss divinely free.

* Y


6 Great God, to thy almighty love,, 6 Thou holy God, preserve my soul

What honours shall we raise? From all pollution free; Not all the raptur'd songs above The pure in heart are thy delight, Can render equal praise.

And they thy face shall see. HYMN 8. L.M. Watts's Lyric Poems. XHymn 10. L.M. Watts's Lyrics. & Portugal, Old Hundred, Blendon.

Green's Hundredth, Angel's Hymn. Grentness of God, or God supreme and self-sufficient. 1WHAT is our God, or what his naine, Incomprehensibility of God.

OD is a name He dwells conceal'd in

, Where neither eyes nor tho'ts can reach Nature and grace, with all their powers,

Confess the Infinite Unknown. 2 The spacious worlds of heavenly light, Compar'd with him, how short they fall : 2 From thy great self thy being springs: They are too dark, and he too bright; Thou art thy own original, Nothing are they, and God is all. Made up of uncreated things,

And self-sufficience bears them all. 3 He spokė the wondrous word, and lo! Creation rose at his command; 3 Thy voice produc'd the seas and spheres, Whirlwinds and seas their limits know, Bid the waves roar and planets shine ; Bound in the hollow of his hand. But nothing like thyself appears (thine. 4 There rests the earth, there roll the Through all these spacious works of spheres,

4 Still restless nature dies and grows ; There nature leans, and feels her prop :

From change to change the creatures run: But his own self-sufficience bears Thy being no succession knows, The weight of his own glories up.

And all thy vast designs are one. 5 The tide' of creatures ebbs and flows, 5 Thrones and dominions round thee fall, Measuring their changes by the moon; And worship in submissive forms; No ebb his sea of glory knows; Thy presence shakes this lower ball, His' age is one eternal noon.

This little dwelling-place of worms 6 Then fly, my song, an endless round, 6 How. shall affrighted mortals dare The lofty tune let Gabriel raise :

To sing thy glory or thy grace ? All nature dwell upon the sound,

Beneath thy feet we lie so far, But we can ne'er fulfil the praise.

And see. but shadows of thy face!

7 Who can behold the blazing light ! Hymn 9. C. M. Pippon's Select. xorb Who can approach consuming fame? Bedford, Abridge, York.

None but thy wisdom knows thy might, Holiness of God.

None but thy word can speak thy name,

is the name Of our eternal King:

HYMN 11. C. M. Sinart. en or by Thrice holy Lord, the angels cry;

St. Anns, Huddersfield. Thrice holy, let us sing.

God incomprehensible. 2Heaven's brightest lamps with him com- 1 ELESTIAL King, our spirits lie,

How mean they look and dim! (par'd, Trenbling beneath thy feet; The fairest angels have their spots, And wish, and cast a longing eye,

When once coinpar'd with hiin. To reach thy lofty seat. 3 Holy is he in all his works, 2 In thee, what endless wonders meet! And truth is his delight;

What various glories shine! But sirners and their wicked ways The dazzling rays too fiercely beat

Shall perish from his sights Upon our fainting mind. 4 The deepest reverence of the mind, |3Angels are lost in glad surprise, Pay, O my soul, -to God;

If thou unveil thy grace; Lift with thy hands a holy heart An humble awe runs through the skies, To his sublime abode.

When wrath arrays thy face. 5 With sacred awe pronounce his name, 4 Created powers, how weak they be!

-Whom words nor thoughts can reach; How short our praises fall! A broken heart shall please him more

So much akih to nothing, we, Than the best forms of speech. And thou, the eternal All. SUPPLEMENT,


'Holy and reverend


5 Lord, here we bend our humble souls,

· HYMN 14. C. M. And awfully adore;

Braintree, Irish, Devizes. For the weak pinions of our minds

Love of God. Can stretch a thought no more.


OME, ye that know and fear the HIYMN 12. C.M. Watts's Lyrics. X or bLet every heart and voice accord,

And lift your souis above; (Lord, St. Asaphs, Bedfurd, Stade.

To sing, that God is love. Infinity of God. 1

2 This precious truth his word declares, THY names, how infinite they be'!

And all his mercies prove; Great everlasting One! Boundless thy might and majesty,

Jesus, the gift of gifts, appears, And unconfin'd thy throne.

To shew, that God is love. 2 Thy glories shine of wondrous size,

3 Sinai, in clouds, and smoke, and fire, And wondrous large thy grace:

Thunders his dreadful name; Immortal day breaks from thine eyes,

But Sion sings, in melting notes,

The honours of the Lamb. And Gabriel veils his face. 3 Thine essence is a vast abyss,

4 In all his doctrines and commands, Which angels cannot sound,

His counsels and designs, An ocean of infinities,

In ev'ry work his hands have framd, Where all our thoughts are drown'd

His love supremely shines. 4 Thy mysteries of creation lie

5 Angels and men the news proclaim Beneath enlighten'd minds;

Through earth and heaven above, Thoughts can ascend above the sky,

The joyful and transporting news,

That God the Lord is love.
And Ay before the winds;
5 Reason may grasp the massy hills, HYMN 15. L.M., Upton's Selection, X
And stretch from pole to pole ;

Wells, Old Hundred, Portugal.
But haif thy name our spirit fills,
And overloads our soul

Majesty of God. 6 In vain our haughty reason swells, ' D A thou, my soul, in sacred lays,

Attempt thy ; But boundless inconceivables,

But, O, what tongue can speak his fame!

What mortal verse can reach the theme! And vast eternity.

2 Before his throne a glittering band Hymn 13. C.M. Watts's Lyrics. * or b

of seraphim, and angels, stand; Canterbury, Bedford, Abridge.

Ethereal spirits, who, in flights,
Sovereignty and grace.

Outwing the active rays of light. *THI

"HE Lord, how fearful is his name! 3 To God all nature owes its birth ;

How wide is his coinmand ! He form'd this pond'rous globę of earth, Nature, with all her moving frame,

He rais'd the glorious arch on high, Rests on his mighty hand.

And measur'd out the azure sky. % Immortal glory forms his throne, * In all our Maker's grand designs,

And light his awful robe ; Omnipotence, with wisdom, shines; While with a smile, or with a frown, His works, thro' all this wondrous frame, He manages the globe.

Bear the great impress of his name. 3 A word of his almighty breath 5 Rais'd on devotion's lofty wing,

Can swell or sink the seas; Do thou, my soul, his glories sing; Build the vast empires of the earth, And let his praise employ thy tongue,

Or break them as he please. Till listening worlds applaud the song. 4 Adoring angels round him fall, In all their shining forms,

HYMN 16. L. M. Rippon's Select. X His sovereign eye looks thro' them all,

Leeds, Castle Street.
Add pities mortal worms.

Spirituality of God. 5 Now let the Lord forever reign, THO

"HOU art, O God, a Spirit pure, And sway us as he will,

Invisible to mortal eyes, ht, or in health, in ease, or pain, Th' immortal, and th eternal King, e are his favourites still. The great, the good, the only wise. 2 While nature changes, and her works Hymn 19. L, M. Watts's Lyrics. * Corrupt, decay, dissolve, and die,

Blendon, Castle-Street. Thy essence pure no change shall see,

God only known to himself. of

TAND and adore ! how glorious He,

3 Let stupid heathens frame their gods 'STAP awe had one brigens leternity a

Of gold and silver, wood and stone; We


and we confound our sight, Ours is the God that made the heavens ; Plung'd in th' abyss of dazzling light. Jehovah he, and God alone.

2 Seraphs, the nearest to the throne, 4 My soul, the purest homage. pay, Begin, and speak the Great Unknown : In truth and spirit_him adore ; Attempt the song, wind up your strings, More shall this please than sacrifice, To notes untried, and boundless things. Than outward forms delight him more. 3 How far your highest praises fall

Below th’ immense Original !
HYMN 17. C. M. Watts's Sermons. *

Weak creatures we, that strive in vain
Irish, Braintree.

To reach an uncreated strain ! IFATHI "ATHER of glory! to thy name 4 Great God, forgive our feeble lays,

Immortal praise we give, Sound out thine own eternal praise ; Who dost an act of grace proclaim, A song so vast, a theme so high, And bid us rebels live.

Calls for the voice that tuned the sky. 2 Immortal honour to the Son, Who makes thine anger cease;

HYMN 20. L. M. Needham.

X Our lives he ransom'd with his own,

Islington, Italy, Gloucester.
And died to make our peace.

Moral perfections of the Deity imitated. 3 To thy Almighty Spirit be

: Immortal glory given,

For noblest thoughts and views deWhose influence brings us near to thee, The image of thy holiness.

Make me ambitious to express (sign'd, And trains us up for heaven. 4 Let men with their united voice

2 While I thy boundless love admire, Adore-th' eternal God,

Grant me to catch the sacred fire ; And spread his honours and their joys And for thy child thou wilt me own.

Thus shall my heavenly birth be known, Through nations far abroad. 5 Let faith, and love, and duty join, 3 Enlarge my soul with love like thine ; One general song to raise ;

My moral powers by grace refine; Let saints in earth and heaven combine And cheerful 'feed an hungry foe.

So shall I feel another's wo,
In harmony and praise.

4 I hope for pardon, through thy Son, HYMN 18. L. M. Williams's Psalms. For all the crimes which I have done ;

Old Hundred, Portugal.
Uniiy of God.

O, may the grace that pardons' me,

Constrain me to forgive like thee ! '

Of earth, and seas, and worlds

unknown, All things are subject to thy laws, All things depend on thee alone. CREATION AND PROVIDENCE. 2 Thy glorious being singly stands, of all within itself possess’d; HYMN 21. C. M. Watts's Lyrics. X Controll'd by none are thy commands;

Braintree, Devizes. Thou from thyself alone art bless'd.

A song to Creating Wisdom. 3 To thee alone ourselves we owe ; Let heaven and earth due homage pay;

TERNAL Wisdom, thee we praise! ET

Thee the creation sings ! (seas, All other gods we disavow,

With thy lov'd name, rocks, hills, and Deny their claims, renounce their'sway. And heaven's high palace rings. 4 Spread thy great name through heathen 2 Thy hand, how wide it spread the sky! Their idol deities dethrone ; [lands ; How glorious to behold! Reduce the world to thy commands ; Ting'd with the blue of heavenly dye, And, reign, as thou art, God alone. And starr’d with sparkling gold,

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