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pray ?

7 Asia' and Africa, resound

HYMN 224. 112th. From shore to shore his fame:

Morning Hymn, Pgalio 46th. And thou, America, in songs,

Gentiles praying for Jews. Redeeming love proclaim?


"ATHER of faithful Abrah’m, hear, HYMN 222. C. M. Gibbons.

Our earnest suit for Abrah'm's seed;

Justly they claim the warmest prayer St. Asaphs, Abridge.

From us, adopted in their stead; Prayer for the success of missions.

Who mercy through their fall obtain, 1 L Aim with thy Spirit's power,

ORD, send thy word,and let it fly, And Chrisť by their rejection gain. Ten thousands shall confess its sway,

2 Outcast from thee, and scatter'd wide And bless the saving hour.

Through every nation under heaven, 2 Beneath the influence of thy grace,

Blaspheming whom they crucified, The barren wastes shall rise,

Unsav'd, unpity'd, unforgiven ; With sudden greens and fruits array’d, Abhorr'd of men, and curs'd of God.

Branded like Cain, they bear their load, A blooming paradise. 3 True holiness shall strike its root, 3 But hast thou finally forsook, In each regenerate heart;

Forever cast thy own away? Shall in a growth divine arise,

Wilt thou not bid the murderers look And heavenly fruits impart.

On him they pierc’d, and weep and 4 Peace, with her olives crown’d, shall Yes, gracious Lord, thy, word is past; stretch

66 All Israel shall be say'd at last.” Her wings from shore to shore; No trump shall rouse the rage of war, 4 Come then, thou great Deliverer, come; Nor murderous cannon roar.

The veil from Jacob's heart remove;

Receive thy ancient people home ; 5 Lord, for those days we wait; those days Are in thy word foretold;

That, quicken'd by thy dying love, Fly swifter, sun, and stars, and bring And shout to God the glory due.

The world may their reception view, This promis'd age of gold. 6 Amen-with joy divine, let earth's. HYMN 225. S. M. Unnumber'd myriads cry;

Shirland, Mount Ephraiin, Germany. Amen—with joy divine, let heaven's Missionaries addressed and encouraged. Unnumber'd choirs reply.

1 E Messengers of Christ,
HYMN 223. ·C. M,

Arise! and follow where he leads,
Arundel, Hymn Second.
Prayer for missionaries.

And peace attend your way. GREAT God, the nations of the earth | 2 The Master whom you serve Are by creation thine;

Will ; And in thy works, by all beheld, Depending on his promis'd aid, Thy radiant glories shine.

With sacred courage go. 2 But, Lord, thy greater love has sent 3 Mountains shall sink to plains, Thy gospel to mankind,

And hell in vain oppose; Unveiling what rich stores of grace The cause is God's, and must prevail,

Are treasur'd in thy mind. In spite of all his foes. 3 Lord, when shall these glad tidings 4 Go, spread a Saviour's fame: spread

And tell his matchless grace, The spacious earth around, To the most guilty and deprav'd Till every-tribe, and every soul Of Adam's numerous race.

Shall hear the joyful sound? 4 Smile, Lord, on each divine attempt 5 We wish you in his name, To spread the gospel rays;

The most divine success; And build on sin's demolish'a throne Assur'd that he who sends you forth The temples of thy praise.

Will your endeavours blesse SUPPLEMENT,

Y 2

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HYMN 226. 8. 7. 4. *13 Creatures with all their charms should Littleton, Tamworth, Helmsley.

The presence of a God so nigh: (tly Longing for the pread of the goxpt! My darling sins should lose their name, ER glo iny hills darkne:

my . All the promises do travail In flowing words, or flowing tears!

With a glorious day of grace; Thy smiles would ease my sharpest pain, Blessed Jubilee,

Nor sbould I seek my God in vain. Let tiny glorious morning dawn! 2 Let the Indian, let the Negro,

HYMN 229. L. M. Watts's Sermons.* Let the rude barbarian see

Old Hundred, Portugal. That divine and glorious conquest, Nearness to God the felicity of creatures. Once obtain'd on Calvary ;

RE those the happy persons here, Let the gospel Loud resound from pole to pole. Has God invited sinners near? 3 Kingdoms wide that sit in darkness, And Jesus bought them with his blood?

Grant them, Lord, the glorious light; 2 Go, then, my soul, address the Son, And from eastern coast to western, To lead thee near the Father's face;

May the morning chase the night; Gaze on his glories yet unknown, And redemption,

And taste the blessings of his grace. Freely purchas'd, win the day.

3 Vain,vexing world, and flesh,and sense, 4 Fly abroad, thou mighty gospel, Retire, while I

proach my God; Win and conquer, never cease; Nor let my sins divide me thence, May thy lasting wide dominions Nor creatures teinpt my thoughts Multiply and still increase;

abroad. Sway thy sceptre,

4 While to thine arms, my God, I press, Saviour, all the world around,

No mortal hope, nor joy, nor fear,

Shall call my soul from thine embrace; CONFERENCE MEETINGS.

'Tis heaven to dwell forever there.


HYMN 227. L. M. S. Stennett.

HYMN 230. L. M. Steele,
Portugal, Shoel.

Rothwell, Wells, Shoel.
HERE two or three with sweet

The presence of
Obedient to their sovereign Lord, I'LORD, in the temples of thy grace,

Thy saints behold thy smiling face; Meet to recount his acts of grace, And oft have seen thy glories shine " And offer solemn prayer and praise ; With power and majesty divine: 266 There,” says the Saviour, " will I be, 2 But soon, alas! thy absence mourn, 66 Amid this little company;

And pray and wish thy kind return; 56 To them unveil my smiling face, Without thy life-inspiring light, “ And shed my glories round the place."| 'Tis all a scene of gloomy night. -3 We meet at thy command, dear Lord, 3 Come, dearest Lord, thy children cry, Relying on thy faithful word:

Our graces droop, our comforts die; Now send thy Spirit from above, Return, and let thy glories rise Now fill our hearts with heavenly love. Again, to our admiring eyes; HYMN 228 L. M. Watts's Sermons. *4

Till, fill'd with light, and joy, and love, Shoel, Eaton.

Thy courts below, like those above,
The soul drawing near to God in prayer.

Triumphant hallelujahs raise,
Y God, bow before thy feet ;
When shall my soul get near thy

And heaven and earth resound thy praise. seat?

HYMN 231. C. M. When shall I see thy glorious face,

Doddridge. #

York, St. Adns, Dundee. With mingled majesty and grace. Relieving Christ in his menbers.

1 hopes and joys before Thy bounties complete And bid this trifling world be gone, How shall I count the matchless sum Nor grieve my heart, so near thy throne ! How pay the mighty debt?

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1 TWithogratitude we own;

High on a throne of radiant light 12 Thus would my rising soul
Dost thou exalted shine;

Its heavenly Parent sing :
What can my poverty bestow, And to its great Original

When all the worlds are thine? The humble tribute bring. But thou hast brethren here below, 3 Serene I laid me down

The partners of thy grace; Beneath his guardian care; And wilt confess their humble names I slept, and I awoke, and four Before thy Father's face.

My kind Preserver near. In them thou may'st be cloth'd and fed, 4 O! how shall I repay And visited and cheer'd;

The bounties of my God? And in their accents of distress, This feeble spirit pants beneath

My Saviour's voice is heard. The pleasing, painful load. 5 Thy face, with reverence and with love, 5 Dear Saviour, to thy cross

We in thy poor would see ; I bring my sacrifice;
O let us rather beg our bread, Ting'd with thy blood, it shall ascend

Than keep it back from thee. With fragrance to the skies.
HYMN 232. S. M. Scott.

HYMN 234. C. M. Steele.
Watchman, Silver Street.

Dundee, Canterbury.
Churitable collection.

HV bounties: gracious Lord, "LORD Of my

life, may thy praise We praise thy providential grace, Whose goodness lengthens out my days,

That showers its blessings down. And fills the circling hours. 2 With joy thy people bring

2 Preserv'd' by thine almighty arm, Their offerings round thy throne; I pass'd the shades of night; With thankful souls, behold, we pay Serene and safe from every harm, A tribute of thine own.

And see returning light. 3 Accept this humble mite, 30 let the same Almighty care

Great sovereign Lord of all; My waking hours attend ; Nor let our numerous mingling sins From every danger, every snare The sacred ointment spoil.

My heedless steps defend. 4 Let the Redeemer's blood 4 Smile on my minutes as they roll, Diffuse its virtues wide;

And guide my future days; Hallow and cleanse our every gift, And let thy goodness fill my soul And all our follies hide.

With gratitude and praise. 5 O may this sacrifice . To thee, the Lord, ascend,

HYMN 235. L. M.
An odour of a sweet perfume,

Evening Hymn, Castle Street.
Presented by his hand.

An evening hymn.. 6 Well pleas’d, our God shall view "GREAT God, to thee my evening song, The products of his grace;

With humble gratitude, I raise ; And, in a plentiful reward,

o let thy mercy tune my tongue, Fulfil his promises.

And fill my heart with lively praise. 2 My days unclouded, as they pass, And every gentle rolling hour,

Are monuments of wondrous grace, TIMES AND SEASONS.

And witness to thy love and power.

3 And yet, this thoughtless, wretched Hymn-233. S. M. SP

Too oft regardless of thy love, [heart, Sutton, Dover.

Ungrateful, can from thee depart, A morning hymn.

And, fond of trifles, vainly rove. 1 SEE EE how the mounting sun 4 Seal my forgiveness in the blood Pursues' his shining way;

Of Jesus: his dear name alone And wide proclaims his-Maker's praise, I plead for pardon, gracious God,

With every brightening ray. And kind acceptance at thy thre


5 Let this blest hope mine eye-lids close, In whom are 'founded all my hopes,
With sleep refresh my feeble frame; In whom my wishes end.
Safe in thy care may I repose,
And wake with praises to thy name.

2 My soul, in pleasing wonder lost,

Thy boundless love surveys ; HYMN 236. C.M. Liverpool Coll. *And fir’d with grateful zeal, prepares Abridge, Arlington.

The sacrifice of praise.
An evening hyinn.

3 When evening slumbers press my eyes, 1 INDULGENT God, whose bounteous With thy protection blest,

O'er all thy works is shown, [care In peace and safety I commit O let my grateful praise and prayer My weary limbs to rest. Arise before thy throne !

4 My spirit in thy hands secure, 2 What mercies has this day bestow'd ! Fears no approaching ill;

How largely hast thou blest! For whether waking, or asleep, My cup with plenty overflow'd, Thou, Lord, art with me still.

With cheerfulness my breast. 5 Then will I daily to the world 3 Now may soft slumbers close my eyes, Thy wondrous acts proclain ; From pain and sickness free;

Whilst all with me shall praise and sing, And let my waking thoughts arise, And bless thy sacred name. To meditate on thee.

6 At morn, at noon, at night I'll still 4 Thus bless each future day and night, Thy growing work pursue;

Till life's vain scene is d'er : And thee alone will praise, to whom
And then, to realms of endless light, Eternal praise is due.
O let my spirit soar.

HYMN 239. C. M. Steele.
HYMN 237. C.M. Henry Kirke White. *
York, Mear.

Devizes, Hymn Second.
Hymn for family worship.


ferAnd wea lonely band, Are met once more before thy throne, And blossoms deck the spray,

To bless thy fostering hand. And fragrance breathes in every gale, 2 And wilt thou bend a listening ear,

How sweet the vernal day! To praises low as ours?

2 Hark! how the feather'd warblers sing, Thou wilt! for thou dost love to hear 'Tis nature's cheerful voice; The song which meekness pours Soft musick hails the lovely spring

, 3And, Jesus, thou thy smiles will deign,

And woods and fields rejoice. As we before thee pray; 2 How kind the influence of the skies! For thou didst bless the infant train, The

showers, with blessings fraught, And we are less than they. Bid virtue, beauty, fragrance rise, 40 let thy grace perform its part,

And fix the roving thought. And let contention cease; 4 Then let my wondering heart confess

, And shed abroad in every heart With gratitude and love,

Thine everlasting peace! The bounteous hand that deigns to bless, 5 Thus chasten'd, cleans'd, entirely thine,

The garden, field and grove. À flock by Jesus led;

50 God of nature and of grace, The sun of holiness shall shine, Thy heavenly gifts impart; In glory on our head.

Then shall my meditation trace 6And thou wilt turn our wandering feet,

Spring, blooming in my heart. And thou wilt bless our way; Till worlds shall fade, and faith shall

HYMN 240. C. M. The dawn of lasting day. [greet

Braintree, Irish, Abridge.

Summer.-An harvest hymn.
HYMN 238. C. M. Liverpool Coll. X
Barby, Kingston.

T praise the ever bounteous Lord,
For morning or evening.
thee, each morning, my God, He calls, and at his voice come forth
My waking thoughts attend; The smiling harvest hours.

10 Re, anotloše day is flown, WHEN verdure clothes the fern


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2 His covenant with the earth he keeps, 4 Return, o blissful sun, and bring

My tongue, his goodness sing; Thy soul-reviving ray ; Summer and winter know their time, This mental winter shall be spring,

His harvest crowns the spring. This darkness cheerful day. 3Well pleas'd, the toiling swains behold 50 happy state, divine abode The waving yellow crop :

Where spring eternal reigos, With joy they bear the sheaves away. And perfect day, the smile of God, And sow again in hope.

Fills all the heavenly plains. 4 Thus teach me, gracious God, to sow 6 Great Source of light,thy beams display,

The seeds of righteousness ; My, drooping joys restore, Smile on my soul, and with thy beams And guide me, to the seats of day, The ripening harvest bless.

Where winter frowns no more. 5 Then, in the last great harvest, I Shall reap a glorious crop :

HYMN 243. H.M. Thomson imitated.* The harvest shall by far exceed

Triumph, Portsmouth. What I have sown in hope.

The seasons.

ORD of the worlds below! HYMN 241. L. M. Watts's Lyrics. * On earth thy glories shine ;

Gloucester, Blendon.
The God of thunder.

The changing seasons show
immenseheightwe see

Thy skill and power divine.

rolling years Who treads the worlds beneath his feet, And sways the nations with his nod!' 2 Forth in the flowery spring

We see thy beauty move; 2 He speaks ; and lo! all nature shakes, The birds on branches sing Heaven's everlasting pillars bow; Thy tenderness and love; He rends the clouds with hideous cracks, wide flush the hills ; | Devotion's calm And shoots his fiery arrows through. The air is balm ;' | Our bosom fills. 3 Well, let the nations start and fly

3 Then come, in robes of light, At the blue lightning's horrid glare, The summer's flaming days; Atheists and emperors shrink and die, The sun, thine image bright, When flame and noise torinent the air. Thy majesty displays; 4 Let noise and fame confound the skies, And oft thy voice But still our souls And drown the spacious realms below; In thunder rolls ; In thee rejoice, Yet will we sing the Thunderer's praise, 4 In autumn, a rich feast And send our loud hosannas through.

Thy common bounty gives 5 Celestial King, thy blazing power To mun, and bird, and beast, Kindles our hearts to flaming joys; And every thing that lives. We shout to hear thy thunders roar

, Thy liberal Care.. And harsestec care:

, declare.

5 In winter, awful thou ! HYMN 242. C. M. Sleele.

With storms around thee cast;
Charmouth, St. Martins.

The leafless forests bow

Beneath thy northern blast.
Encircling nature round;
How bleak, how comfortless the plains,

To thee,dread King, JAndow' thy power Late with gay verdure crown'a !

HYMN 244. 8. 7. Robinson. X 2 The sun withdraws his vital beams,

Northampton Chapel, Bath Abbey.
And light and warmth depart;

G'aful r rollection --Ebenezer. And, drooping, lifeless nature seems

UME,thou fount of every blessing, An emblem of my heart 3 My heart, where mental winter reigns, Streams of mercy, never ceasing,

in night's dark mantle clad, Call for songs of loudest praise : Confin'd in cold, inactive chains, Teach me some melodious sonnet, How desolate and sad!

Sung by flaming tongues above;

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