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3 Thy glories blaze all nature round, 6 Yet nobler favours claim his praise, And strike the gazing sight,

Of reason's light possess'd; Through skies, and seas,and solid ground, By revelation's brightest rays With terror and delight.

Still more divinely bless’d. 4 Infinite strength, and equal skill, Shine through the worlds abroad,

HYMN 24. C. M. Cowper. Our souls with vast amazement fill,

St. Anns, Barby, Stade. And speak the builder, God. The mysteries of Providence; or, light shining 5 But still the wonders of thy grace

out of darkness. Our softer passions move; 1GOD

OD moves in a mysterious way Pity divine in Jesus' face

His wonders to perform ; We see, adore, and love.

He plants his footsteps in the sea,

And rides upon the storm, HYMN 22. L. M. Doddridge. * 2 Deep in unfathomable mines Antigua, Castle Street.

Of never-failing skill, God's goodness to the children of men. He treasures up his bright designs,

E sons of men, with joy record And works his sovereign will. And let his power and goodness sound, 3 Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take, Through all your tribes the earth around.

The clouds ye so much dread

Are big with mercy, and shall break 2 Let the high heavens your songs invite,

In blessings on your head. Those spacious fields of brilliant light; Where sun, and moon, and planets roll, 4 Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, And stars, that glow from pole to pole:

But trust him for his grace ; 3 But 0! that brighter world above,

Behind a frowning providence Where lives and reigns incarnate love!

He hides a smiling face. God's only Son, in flesh array'de 5- His purposes will ripen fast, For man a bleeding victim made.

Untolding every hour; 4 Thither, my soul, with rapture soar, The bud may have a bitter taste, There, in the land of praise - adore ; But sweet will be the flower. The theme demands an angel's lay, 6 Blind unbelief is sure to err, Demands an everlasting day.

And scan his work in vain ;

God is his own interpreter,
HYMN 23. C. M.' Strele.

And he will make it plain.
Irish, Braintree, Christmas.
Creation and Providence.

HYMN 25. C. M. Beddome,
ORD, when our raptur'd thought


Bedford, St. Martins, All nature joins to teach thy praise, Mysteries to be explained hereafier. And bid our souls adore.


REAT God of Providence! thy 2 Where'er we turn our gazing eyes,

Thy radiant footsteps shine ; Wrapt in impenetrable shades,
Ten thousand pleasing wonders rise,

Or cloth'd with dazzling light. And speak their source divine. 2 The wondrous methods of thy grace 3 The living tribes, of countless forms, Evade the human eye;

In earth, and sea, and air, The nearer we attempt t'approach, The meanest flies, the smallest worms, The farther off they fiy. Almighty power declare.

But in the world of bliss above, 4 Thy wisdom, power, and goodness,

Where thou dost ever reign, In all thy works appear: (Lord, These mysteries shall be all unveili, And, O! let man thy praise record

And not a doubt remain. Man, thy distinguish'd care! 6. From thee the breath of life he drew; 4 The Sun of Righteousness shall there That breath thy power


His brightest beams display, Thy tender mercy, ever new,

And not a hov’ring cloud obscure His brittle frame sustains.

That never-ending day.

HYMN 26. C. M. Addison. * His presence shall my wants supply,

Carthage, Arundel, Irish. Gratitude for divine merci"s. Part I. My noon-day walks he shall attend,

And guard me with a watchful eye. Wimy rising soul surveys,

HEN all thy mercies, O my God, And all my midnight hours defend. Transported with the view, I'm lost 2 When in the sultry glebe I faint, In wonder, love and praise.

Or on the thirsty mountain pant; 2 Thy providence my life sustain'd, My weary, wandering steps he leads ;

To fertile vales, and dewy meads, And all my wants redress'd, When in the silent womb I lay,

Where peaceful rivers, soft and slow,

Amid the verdant landscapes flow. Or hung upon the breast. 3 'To all my weak complaints and cries 3 Though in a bare and rugged way, Thy mercy lent an ear,

Thčough devious, lonely wilds I stray, Ere yet my feeble thoughts had learnd His bounty shall my pains

beguile, To form themselves in prayer.

The barren wilderness shall smile,

With lively greens and herbage crown'd, 4 Unnumber'd comforts on my soul

And streams shall murmur all around, Thy tender care bestow'd, Before my infant heart conceiv'd

4 Though in the paths of death I tread, From whom those comforts flow'a. With gloomy horrors overspread, 5 When in the slippery paths of youth For thou, O Lord, art with me still ;

My stedfast heart shall fear no ill, With heedless steps I ran, Thine arm unseen convey'd me safe, And guide me through the dismal shade.

Thy friendly staff shall give me aid, And led me up to man. 6Through hidden dangers, toils and death, HYMN-29. L. M. Cowper. It gently .clear'd my way;

Dunstan, Castle-Street. And through the pleasing scenes of vice

Grace and Providence, Where thousands go astray.

"ALMIGHTY King! whose wondrous - HYMN 27. C. M., Addison. Bedford, St. Anns, York.

Supports the weight of sea and land; Gratitude for divine mercies. Part 11. Whose grace is such a boundless store, I WHENpale with sickness,oft hast thou No heart shall break that sighs for more. And when in sin and sorrow sunk, 2 Thy providence supplies my food, Reviv'd my soul with grace.

And 'tis thy blessing makes it good ;

My soul is nourish'd by thy word ; 2 Thy bounteous hand with worldly good Let' soul and body praise the Lord.

Has made my cup run o'er; And in a kind and faithful friend 3 My streams of outward comfort came Has doubled all my store.

From him who built this earthly frame;

Whate'er I want his bounty gives, 3 Ten thousand thousand precious gifts By whom my soul forever lives.

My daily thanks employ, Nor is the least a cheerful heart, 4 Either his hand preserves from pain, That tastes those gifts with joy.' Or, if I feel it, heals again ;

From Satan's malice shields my breast, 4 Through every period of my life,

Or over-rules it for the best. Thy goodness I'll pursue; And after death," in distant worlds, 5 Forgive the song that falls so low The glorious theme renew.

Beneath the gratitude I owe!

It means thy praise, however poor, 5 Through all eternity to thee

An angel's song can do no more.
A joyful song I'll raise;
For O, eternity's too short

HYMN 30. C. M. Addison.
To utter all thy praise.

Tisbury, Mear, Rochester.
HYMN 28. L. M. Addison.

The Traveller's Psalm.
Psalm 46, St. Hellens.

OW are thy servants bless'd, O Lord,
God our Shepherd.

; ITHE Lord my pasture shall prepare, Eternal Wisdom is their guide,

And feed me with a shepherd's oare; Their help Omnipotence.

.2 In foreign realms, and lands remote, 3 The stormy winds did cease toi Supported by thy care,

The waves no more did robe Through burning climes they pass un- And soon again a placid sea

And breathe in tainted air." [hurt, Spoke comfort to each soul 3 When by the dreadful tempest borne 40! may our grateful,trembling ta High on the broken wave,

Sweet hallelujahs sing They know thou art not slow to hear, To him who hath our lives presen Nor impotent to save.

Our Saviour and our King. 4 The storm is laid, the winds retire, 5 Let us proclaim to all the woz Obedient to thy will;

With heart and voice, again, The sea, that roars at thy command, and tell the wonders he hath do At thy command is still.

For us, the sons of men. 5 Ia midst of dangers, fears, and deaths, Thy goodness, we'll adore;

HYMN 33. L, M. Evans's Coll

. We'll praise thee for thy mercies past, Green's Hundredth, Islington. And humbly hope for more..


1 THE earth and all the heavenly fraze HYMN 31. L.M. Upton.

Their great Creator's love proclain Luton, Shoel, Eaton.

He gives the sun his genial power. Gratitude for journeying mercies. ITWAS God who kept me by his power: 2 The ground with plenty blooms again,

And sheds the soft refreshing shower His goodness, O my soul, adore ! Preserv'd by him, to him I raise

And yields her various fruits to me This monument of grateful praise.

To meņ! who, from thy bounteous band,

Receive the gifts of every land. 2 Many go out and ne'er return, But leave their families to mourn

3 Nor to the human race alone The sad irreparable blow,

Is his paternal goodness shown; Hasty, and vast, and awful too.

The tribes of earth, and sea, and are 3 Others return'd in safety, find,

Enjoy his universal care. Fled from the earth, some lovely mind, 4 Ņot e'en a sparrow yields his breath, Embrace in vain the breathless clay Till God permits the stroke of death And wish to grieve themselves away.

He hears the ravens when they call, 4 What woes beyond my powers to count,

The Father, and the Friend of all. What sorrows to unknown amount Might have occur'd to wound my heart, Ana bid my brightest scenes depart! 5 But God (his name my soul shall bless) UNIVERSAL PRAISE. Still crowns my bouse with life and peace; My life he crowns with every good, HYMN 34. C. M. Walts's Lyrics. * And will be known a gracious God.

Parma, Pembroke, Knaresboro: 6 What can I do but ask his grace,

Universal Hallelujah. Jesus, soul to thee I hring,

That fill the realms above; And long to serve thee while I sing. Praise him, who form'd you of his fire,

And feeds you with his love. Hymn 32. C. M. Madan's Coll. *

2 Shine to praise, je crystal skies, Stade, Mear, St. Anns. Thanksgiving for deliverance in a storm

The floor of his abode; "Our little bark, on boist'rous seas, Orgeveil in shades

your thousand eyes

Before Without one cheerful beam of hope, 3 Thou restless globe of golden light, Expecting to be lost.

Whose beams create our days, 2 We to the Lord in humble prayer Join with the silver queen of night, Breath'd out our sad distress;

Wnd own your borrow'd rays. Though feeble,yet with contrite hearts, 4 Winds, ye shall bea: his name aloud,

We begg'd return of peace. Through the 'ethereal blue;

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For when his chariot is a cloud, 12 But 0! what poor returns we make !

He makes his wheels of you. What lifeless thanks we pay thee back! Shout to the Lord, ye surging seas, Lord, we confess, with humble shame, In your eternal roar;

Our offerings scarce deserve the name. Let wave to wave resound his praise, 3 Fain would our labouring hearts devise

And shore reply to shore. To bring some nobler sacrifice; Thunder and hail, and fires and storms, It sinks beneath the mighty load;

The troops of his command, What shall we render to our God? Appear in all your dreadful forms, 4 To him we consecrate our praise,

And speak his awful hand. And vow the remnant of our days; Wave your tall heads, ye lofty pines, Yet what, at best, can we pretend,

To him that bid you grow; Worthy such gifts, from such a friend? Sweet clusters, bend the fruitful vines 5 In deep abasement, Lord, we see

On every thankful bough. Our emptiness and poverty ;
Thus while the meaner creatures sing, Enrich our souls with grace divine,

Ye mortals, catch the sound; And make them worthier to be thine.
Echo the glories of your King
Through all the nations round. HYMN 37. L. M. Evans's Coll, X

Italy, Portugal, Shoel, Leeds. HYMN 35. C. M. Evans's Coll. *

Praise to God through the whole of our existence. T'isbury, Irish, Devizes.


OD of my life, through all its days, Praise to God.

My grateful powers shall sound HE glorious armies of the sky, The song shall wake with opening light,

thy praise ; THE Shee, Almighty King Triumphant anthems consecrate,

And warble to the silent night. And hallelujahs sing.

2 When anxious cares would break my rest, But still their most exalted flights and grief would tear my throbbing breast, Fall vastly short of thee;

Thy tuneful praise I'll raise on high, How distant then must human praise And check the murmur, and the sigh.

From thy perfections be? 3 When death o'er, nature shall prevail, Yet how, my God, shall I refrain, And_ all its powers of language fail, When to my ravish'd sense,

Joy through my swimming eyes shall Each creature, in its various ways,

break, Displays thy excellence?

And mean the thanks I cannot speak. The blushes of the morn confess 4 But 0! when that last conflict's o'er,

That thou art much more fair; And I am chain'd to flesh no more, When in the east its beams revive, With what glad accents shall I rise

To gild the fields of air. To join the musick of the skies ! The singing birds, the whistling winds, 5 Soon shall I learn th' exalted strains,

And waters murmuring fall, Which echo through the heav'nly plains; To praise the first Almighty Cause, and emulate, with joy unknown,

With different voices call. The glowing seraphs round thy throne. i Thy numerous works exalt thee thus, And shall we silent be?

Hymn 38. L. M. Watts': Lyrics. *
No, rather let us cease to breathe, Old Hundred, Wells, Psalm 97.
Than cease from praising thee.

God 'exalted above all praise.
TERNAL Power! high abode

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HvMX 36. L. M. Deddridge. *'E Belomes the grandeur e brish bood

Newcourt, Nantwich.

Infinite length beyond the bounds Praise to God for his unnumbered mercies. Where stars revolve their little rounds..

a Amid thy

feet How numberless those bounties are ! In vain the tall archangel tries [eyes. How rich, how various, and how fair ! To reach thine height with wond'ring 3 Lord, what shall earth and ashes do?, Nought we can ask to make us ble We should adore our Maker too; Is in this book denied. From sin and dust to thee we cry, 16 For these inestimable gains, The Great, the Holy, and the High: That so enrich the mind, 4 Earth from afar has heard thy fame, o may we search with eager paus And worms have learnt to lisp thy name;

Assur'd that we shall find! But 0, the glories of thy mind Leave all our soaring thoughts behind. HYMN 41. L. M. Beddome. 5 God is in heaven, but man below;

Portugal, Green's Hundreth.
Be short our tunes ; our words be few: Usefulness of the Scriptures.
Beacred reverence checks our songs, Hotel corecurlight and guidance giri
And praise sits silent on our tongues.

It sheds a lustre all abroad,
And points the path to bliss and heaven)

2 It fills the soul with sweet delight. SCRIPTURE.

It quickens its inactive powers;

It sets our wandering footsteps right : HYMN 39. C. M. Rippon's Selec. * Displays thy love, and kindles outi: Barby, St. Davids.

3 Its promises rejoice our hearts; The inspired word, a system of knowledge and joy. Its doctrines are divinely true; By inspiration given

It comforts and instructs us too. Bright as a lamp its doctrines shine, 4 Ye favour'd lands, who have this word,

To guide our souls to heaven. Ye saints, who feel its saving power2 It sweetly cheers our drooping hearts Unite your tongues to praise the Lord,

In this dark vale of tears; And his distinguish'd grace adore. Life, light, and joy it still imparts, And quells our rising fcars.

HYMN 42. - C. M. Steele.

- St. Anns, Irish, Canterbury. 3 This lamp, through all the tedious night The excellency und sufficiency of the Of life, shall guide our way:

Holy Scrintures.
Till we behold the clearer light
Of an eternal day.

TATHER of mercies! in thy word

What endless glory shines ; HYMN 40. C. M. Dr. S. Stennett. *

Forever be thy name adored

For these celestial lines.
York, St. Anns, Irish.

| 2 Here may the wretched sons of want The riches of God's word.

Exhaustless riches find;

Riches above what earth can grant LET avariçe, from shore to shore

And lasting as the mind. Thy word, O Lord, we value more 3 Here the fair tree of knowledge grow. Than India or Peru.

And yields a free repast; 2 Here, mines of knowledge, love, and joy Sublimer sweets than nature knows Are opend to our sight;

Invite the longing taste. The purest gold without alloy, 4 Here the Redeemer's welcome voice Aud gems divinely bright.

Spreads heavenly peace around; 3 The counsels of redeeming grace And life, and everlasting joys These sacred leaves unfold;

Attend the blissful sound. And here the Saviour's lovely face 50 may these heavenly pages be Our raptur'd eyes behold.

My ever dear delight; 4 Here, light descending from above And still new beauties may I see. Directs our doubtful feet;

And still increasing light. Here, promises of heavenly love 6 Divine Instructer, gracious Lord! Our ardent wishes meet.

Be thou forever near: 5 Our numerous griefs are here redrest, Teach me to love thy sacred word

And all our wants supply'd : And view my Saviour there!

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