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James Loring, Printer,





BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the twelfth day of L. S.

May, A. D. 1819, and in the forty-third year of the Independence of the United States of America, James M.

Win hell, James Loring, Ensign Lincoln, and Thomas Edmands, of the said District, have deposited in this office the titie of a Book, the right whereof they claim as Proprietors, in the words following, to wit:

“A Selection of more than three hundred Hymns,"from the most approved Authors, on a great variety of subjects. Among which are all the Hymns of Dr. Watts, adapted to Public and Private Worship, not found in the Editions now in use. By JAMES M. WINCHELL, A.M. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Boston.”

In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, “ An Act for the Encouragement of Learning, by securing the Copies of Maps, Charts and Books, to the Authors and Proprietors of such Copies, during the times-therein inentioned:” and aiso to an Act, entitled, " An Act supplementary to an Act, entitied, An Act for the Encouragement of Learning, by securing the Copies of Maps, Charts and Books, to the Authors and Proprietors of such Copies, during the times therein mentioned ; and extending the Benefits thereof to the Arts of Designing, Engraving and Etching Historical, and other Prints.”

JNO. W. DAVIS, { Clerk of the District

of Massachusetts.



THE number of Hymns in this Selection has been limited to a little over three hundred, for the purpose of rendering it convenient to bind them in the same volume with the Psalms and Hymns of Dr. Watts, to which they are designed as a Supplement. For the same purpose also, some of the Hymns have been abridged, that the volume might not be extended to an immoderate size,

In one respect at least, it is thought this Selection will be preferable to any now in circulation. It contains the whole of the Sacred Poetry of Dr. Watts, adapted to the purposes of devotion and praise, not found in the common editions.

An addition of nearly eighty Hymns from the pen of that "sweet singer in Israel," to those already in use, cannnot but be highly grateful to the Christian public. `In point of sentiment and poetry, they will be found worthy of the just celebrity of their distinguished author. Of the character of the other hymns, it is left for the public to judge.

Care has been taken to give as great a variety as the limits of the work would admit. Many excellent Hymns on particular subjects might have been inserted, but they would have excluded others on subjects equally important.

A primary object, after giving the whole of Dr. Watts, has been to select the best Hymns on subjects which he had omitted: and the compiler Aatters himself that this work, containing as it does MORE THAN A THOUSAND Psalms and Hymns, of approved excellence, will furnish the churches of Christ with a supply of sacred poetry, better suited to all subjects and occasions, than any heretofore published: while, by throwing the whole into one volume, the price is reduced, and the confusion arising from the use of two books, avoided,

It affords me no small gratification, that both the plan and the select Hymns have received the approbation of many whose judgment. and taste the public have long been accustomed to respect. But the consideration that the book may be used in the same congregation with the common editions of Watts, will probably best recommend it to the attention of Christians.

It has long been a subject of regret among judicious persons, of all religious denominations, that so many hymns should have obtained circulation, which are entirely destitute of poetic merit, and which serve only to corrupt the taste, and excite the passions without benefiting the heart.

The injurious effects of such hymns it is hoped the use of this Supplement will have a tendency to counteract, and at the same time preserve entire those inimitable compositions of Dr. Watts, which many persons of late, have discovered too much willingness to mutilate or neglect. No se ięction, however excellent, should be suffered to supersede the use of them.

“ It is deemed unnecessary to make any apology for taking a few hymns, from authors who differ in doctrinal sentiments, from myself and the churches with which I am in connexion. The hymns themselves, superiour in their kind, and on subjects in which all real Christians agree, must and will be their own apology."

May the great Head of the Church bless this humble effort to promote His glory, and the beauty of Christian worship.


Boston, May, 1819.


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Fear, 113

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ABBA, Father, 72

Christian, calling upon Christ in
Abraham, the friend of affliction, 274

Early piety, 252
God, 82, v.3

* comparison and complaint Ebenezer, erected, 244 v. 2
Absent from flesh, 29

of, 165

Emblem, of the effects of the Goser
Adam, first and second, 77 “ desiring to be as in months pel, 191
Adoption, 71, 72

past, 160

Envy, 131 v.3
Afflictions, 153, 274

desiring to praise, 165, 178 Eternity, of God, 5
*** sanctified, 153, 271, 272 6 examination of self, 172 Eternal life, Christ the, 61
Angels, proclaiming the birth of “ friends welcomed, 250 Evening and morning, 235-237
Christ, 47

growing in grace, 163 Everlasting song, 305
Antidote of death, 66

" hidden life of the, 157 Experience, related, 199, 200
Appearance before God here

happy in God, 167

Ezekiel's vision, 189
and hereafter, 179
longing for the presence of

Arrows of Christ, 89

Christ, 296

Faithfulness, 110
Atheists and Infidels, 99

“ longing for the presence of " and truth of God, 6
Atonement, 73, 74

God, 292, 293

Faith, connected with salvationer
6 pilgrim, 171

Baptism, 313–327


“int sacrifice of Christ, 109
Being of God, 1

65 rejoicing, 166

“ fainting, 154
Book of providence, decrees, 6 saints of God, 72

Family worship, 173, 174
and life, and grace, 4
5 supplicating, 150

Fast, and thanksgiving, 262-269
Books opened, 299

6 tempted, but flying to Christ Feast, of the Gospel,-101
Blessing, requested, 187

for refuge ,158-161 and trusting sinners invited to, 101
Brethren, love of, 129, 130, 131. in God, 159
“ treasure of, 164

Fear of God, 111
Canaan, Christ the way, 69 “ walking in darkness

Flood, 85
Charity, &c. 231

“ warfare, 170

Flesh, and spirit, 152
Charitable collection, 231, 232 Church, asking the way to Zion, Forms of worship, vain, 178-
Children, death of, 284


Fortitude, 112, 113
CHRIST, his incarnation, 43-47 choosing pastors, 202

Friends, meeting of, 250
" advocate, 59

deacons, 204

“ death of, 181,287
“ ALL IN ALL, 60

6 God the defenccof, 194 Funeral Hymn, 289
" ascension, 55, 56

6 love to, 195
“ atonement of, 73

“ meetings of, 199–204
6 his birth proclaimed, 47

Gentiles, praying for Jews, 224-

5 members received, 201 God, his being, 1
"character of, 59

praying for sick Minister, 203

“ 'condescension, 2, 3
56 coronation of, 65-

Christianity, inward witness to, 66 decrees and dominion, 4.
“ dominion, 58

97, 151

“ the defince of Zion, 194
6. his exaltation, 57
Close of the year, 246, 248

“ exalted above praise, 38
“ example, 49
Conte, Lord Jesus, 300

• eternity, and immutability, 5;
56 eternal life, 61
Company, good and bad, 115,

“ faithfulness, 6
“ fountain, 62
Communion with God, 75,76

“ goodness, 7
“ gratitude for his atonement,74|Condescension of God, 2,3
s his humiliation, 56 V.3,4

greatness, 8
Conference meetings, 221---230

“ goodness of, 141 v. 3
“ our head, 90. v. 3

Conscience, 95
" head of the Church, 63

“ glorious and sinners saved, 98
“ made whole, 108
56 intercession, 57

“ glory of,in creation and rear
6 cleansed, 113, v. 5:

demption, 98
** kingdom of, 58
“ liberty of, 168

“ holiness, 9
3 king, 89

Contentment, 107
** king, 64, 65

“ incomprehensibility, 10, 11
Coronation of Christ, 65
-65- life and ministry, 48

infinity, 12, 19
Creation and Providence, 21-33
a lamb, 88, 192

“ love, 14
Cross, doctrine of, 97
6 paschal lamb,-74

" the light and glory of hčavo.
“ of Christ, 94 v. 6
message of, 48

« welcomed, 153
" precious, 66

“ majesty, 15
Curse of the law, 94
** physician, 67

praise to, 34-38
6* prayer of, for his enemies,

our portion,.140

94, v. 4
Deacons, chosen, 204

a refuge to the troubled, 161
“ praise to, 70
Death and Eternity, 280—998"


decrees and
& à princé, 74, v.-3
Death, of friends, 287

grace of, 4, 13
pattern, 49
“ Christ the antidote of, 66

spirituality, 16
a refuge, 94, 158
“ of kindred improved, 281

our shepherd, 28
"+ Redeemer, 70
“ of a saint and sinner, 282, 283

“the supreme good, 167
“ sufferings & death, 50,- 51 & of children, 284

“ trinity, 17
56 resurrection, 52-54

“ of a young person,


" unity, 18
* Saviour, 68
“ of a minister, 286

ways of, mysterious, 99
6 his triumph, 56

“ wisdom of, 141
“ welcome messenger, 290
way, 69
Christ's regard to little chil- Deluge, 85
Decrees, and dominion of God, 4. Good :rport, things of, 115,

Goodness of God, to men, 22
dren, 174
Depravity, 77, 78

Gospel, and law, 94-99
presence the joy of his peo- Devotion, and trust, 155


en, 302

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Gospel, power of God, 95.
Doctrines of"Gospel, 71–93

6 pillar of our hope,95 v.41
Christian, the, 149
Dread, of departing from Christ,197

“ rational defence of, 99
* cast down,yet hoping, 262 Dying Saviour, 50, 51.

“ the glory of God, 93

ple, 230

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