An apology for 'Don Juan'; a satirical poem


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Página 12 - All heaven and earth are still — though not in sleep, But breathless, as we grow when feeling most; And silent, as we stand in thoughts too deep...
Página 119 - Between two worlds life hovers like a star, 'Twixt night and morn, upon the horizon's verge. How little do we know that which we are ! How less what we may be ! The eternal surge Of time and tide rolls on, and bears afar Our bubbles ; as the old burst, new emerge, Lash'd from the foam of ages ; while the graves Of empires heave but like some passing waves.
Página 140 - The Discovery of a New World ; or, a Discourse tending to prove that it is probable there may be another habitable World in the Moon ; with a Discourse concerning the possibility of a passage thither.
Página 73 - He thought about himself, and the whole earth, Of man the wonderful, and of the stars, And how the deuce they ever could have birth; And then he thought of earthquakes, and of wars, How many miles the moon might have in girth, Of air-balloons, and of the many bars To perfect knowledge of the boundless skies; And then he thought of Donna Julia's eyes.
Página 10 - Ave Maria! blessed be the hour, The time, the clime, the spot, where I so oft Have felt that moment in its fullest power Sink o'er the earth so beautiful and soft...
Página 43 - And there we go: — but where! five bits of lead, Or three, or two, or one, send very far! And is this blood, then, form'd but to be shed? Can every element our elements mar? And air — earth — water — fire live — and we dead? We, whose minds comprehend all things. No more; But let us to the story as before.
Página 141 - I do seriously, and upon good grounds, affirm it possible to make a flying chariot, in which a man may sit, and give such a motion unto it, as shall convey him through the air.
Página 129 - I feel my immortality o'ersweep All pains, all tears, all time, all fears, and peal, Like the eternal thunders of the deep, Into my ears this truth— "thou liv'st for ever!
Página 143 - I did remind thee of our own dear Lake, By the old Hall which may be mine no more. Leman's is fair ; but think not I forsake The sweet remembrance of a dearer shore : Sad havoc Time must with my memory make, Ere that or thou can fade these eyes before ; Though, like all things which I have loved, they are Resign'd for ever, or divided far.
Página 138 - The uniformity of the copies increased the •wonder ; informations were given into the police against him as a magician ; his lodgings were searched ; and a great number of copies being found, they were seized ; the red ink with which they were embellished was said to be his blood ; it was seriously adjudged that he was in league with the devil; and...

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