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4. Ye wheels of nature, speed your course;
Ye mortal pow'rs decay;
Fast as ye bring the night of death,
Ye bring eternal day.

XXV. Ike Benefit os public Ordinances.
I. AWAY from ev'ry mortal care!
£\ Away from earth our fouls retreat
We leave this worthless world asar.
And wait and worship near Thy seat.

a. Lord, in the temple of Thy grace
We see thy seet, and we adore;
We gaze upon Thy lovely face,
And learn the wonders of Thy pow'r.

j. V/hile here our various wants we mcurn,
United groans ascend on high;
And pray'r brings down a quick return
Of blessmgs in variety.

J4. If Satan rage, and fin grow strong.
Here we receive fome chearing word;
We gird the Gospel armor on,
To fight the battles of the Lo R D.

J. Or if our spirit faints and dies,

(Our conscience gall d with inward stings)

Here doth the righteous fun arise

With healing beams beneath his wings.]

6. Father, my foul would still abide _
Within Thy temple, near Thy fide;
But if my feet must hence depart,
Still keep Thy dwelling in my heart!

XXVI. Banijbing unbelies.

|. AWAY my unbelieving sear!

,t\ Fear shall in me no more take place:
My Saviour doth not yet appear,
He hides the brightness of his face:

2. But shall I theresore let him go,
And basely to the tempter yield?
No, in the strength of Jesus, no 1
I never will give up my stiield.

3. Althp' the vine its fruit deny,
Altho' the olive yield no oil,
The with'ring fig-tree droop and die,

J The field illude the tillers toil,

4. The empty stall no herd afford,
And perifh all the bleating racfr-;
Yet will I triumph in the Lord,
The God of my falvation praise.

XXVII. * A View os Heaven.

2.'- \ W A Y with our forrow and sear >
l\ We foon shall recover our home:
The,city of faints shall appear,
The day of eternity come:

2. From earth We shall quickly remove
And mount to our native abode;
The house of our father above,
The palace of angels and God.

3. By faith we already behold
That lovely Jerufalem here:
Her walls are of jasper and gold, -
As crystal her buildings are clear.

4. No need of the fon in a day
Which never is follow'd by night;
Where J E S V S's beauties difplay
A pure and a permanent light.

5. The flame of angelical love
Is kindled at J E S U S's face;
And all the enjoyment above
Confists in the rapturous ga2e.

) XXVllI. God sovereign and graiious. Denmark, 4 L. M.

BEFORE JEHOVAH's awsul throft.
Ye nations bow with facred joy ,-
Know that the Lo Rd is God alone,
He can create and he destroy.

: His sov'reign power without our aid

Made us of clay, and sorm'd us men;

And when, like wand'ring sheep, we stray'd,

He brought us to his sold again. !. We'll croud thy gates with thankful songs,

High as the heav'ns our voices raife .

c^o^* Whh herten thousond tongues, Mall nil Thy courts with sounding praife.

f Wide as the world is Thy command,
Vast as eternity Thy Love .
Firm as a rock Thy truth must stand,
When rolling years shall cease to move.

X XXIX. Mercy.

1 T3 E H O L D a wretch in woe,
U A sellow mortal mourns;
My eyes with tears of pity flow,
My heart his sighs returns.
2. I.hear the thirsty cry,

The furnish'd beg sor bread;
1 0 let my spring.its streams fupply,
My hand its bounty shed (

3- 1,0, the poor debtor fues,
sale at the penal threat,

A starving family it shews;
I cancel all the debt.

4- And shall not wrath relent,
Touch'd by that humble strain,

*lv brother crying "1 repent, "Nor will offend again}"

5- How else, oh sprightly wing,
Can hope bear high my pray'r
Up to thy throne, my God, my king,
To plead sor pardon there?

6. The pitiful and kind
Thy pity will repay;

With thee shall the forgiving sind
A sweet sorgiving day.

7. But justice lifts her scale,
And shakes her rod on high;

Nor psay'rs, nor sighs, nor tears avail The sons of cruelty.

XXX. The Pharisee and Publican.

i . TJ E H O L D how Sinners difagree,
D The Publicaji and Pharifee!
One doth his righteousness proclaim,
The other owns his guilt and shame.

2. This man at humble distance stands,
And cries sor graceswith lifted hands;
1 hat boldy rifes near the throne,
And talks of duties he has done.

3. The Lord their disPrent language knows, And disPrent answers He bestows;

The humble soul with grace he crowns,
Whilst on the proud His anger frowns.

4. Dear Father, let me never be
Join'd with the boasting Pharifee:
I have no merits of my own,

But plead the fusFrings of thy Sons

t XXXI. Support in Death.

i. T> E H O L D the gloomy vale,

D Which thou, my soulr must tread, Beset with terrors sierce and pale, ^

That leads thee to ths dead.

». Ye pleasing scenes adieu,

Which I so long have known;
My friends,, a long farewel to you,
For I must pass alone. •

3. And thou beloved clay, ', t
Long partner of my cares,

In this rough path art torn away
With agony and tears.

4. But see a ray of light,
With splendors all divine,

Breaks thro' these dolesul realms of night. And makes its horrors shine.

5. Where death and darkness reigns,
JEHOVAH is my stay;

His rod my trembling seet fustains,
His staff desends my way.

6- Kind jhepherd, lead me on;
My soul disdains to sear;
Death's gloomy phantoms all are slown,
Since Lise's great Lord is near.


+ XXXII. No return from Death. I.TDEHOLD the path which mortals tread Jj Down to the regions of the dead 1 Nor will the fleeting moments stay,

Nor can we meafure back our way.'

a. Our kindred and our friends are gone;
Know, O our souls, this doom your own .
Feeble as theirs our mortal frame ;,
The fame our way, our home the fame.

3. From vital air, from chearsul light,
To the cold grave's perpetual night .
From scenes of duty, means of grace,
We must to God's tribunal pass.

4. Awake our souls, the way prepare,
-And lose in this each mortal care;

With steady seet that path be trpd,
Which thro' the grave conducts to God.

J. Then shall we smile, secure from sear,
Tho' death should blast the rising year;
And joy to reach the blifsful shore,
From whence we shall return no more.

X XXXIII. The Banquet of Love.

I. TJEHOLD the rose of Sharon here,
X3 The lily which the vallies bear!
Behold the tree of lise that gives
Resreshing fruit and healing leaves!

%. Amongst the thorns so lilies shine;
Amongst wild gourds the noble vine;
So in mine eyes my Saviour proves,
Amidst a thoufand meaner loves.

3. Beneath His cooling shade I fat,
To shield me from the burning heat;
Of heav'nly fruit He spreads a seast,
To seed my eyes and please my taste-

[4. Kindly He brought me to the place,
Wherestands the banquet of His grace;
He faw me faint, and o'er my head
The banner of His Love he spread,

5. With living bread, and gen'rous wine,
He chears this sinkiug heart of mine;
And op'ning His own heart to me,

He shows His thoughts how kind they be.]

6. O never let my Lo R D depart,
Lie down and rest upon my Heart;
I charge my sins not once to move,

Nor stir, nor wake, nor grieve my love!

XXXIV. Decent Gravity.

I. T>EHOLD the sons, the heirs of God, |j So dearly bought with J e s u's blood!

Are Are they not born to heav'nly joys? And shall they stoop to earthly toys? Can laughter seed th' immortal mind? Were spirits of celestial kind Made for a jest, for sport and play; To wear out time and waste the day? 3- Doth vain difcourse or empty mirth Well fuit the honors of their birth? Shall they be fond of gny attire, Which children love, and fools admire? What if we wear the richest vest ?Peacocks and slies are better drest 1 This flesh with all its gaudy forms Must drop to dust, and seed the worms

5- Lo R D raise our hearts and passions higher; Touch our vain fouls with facred fire; Then with a heav'n-directed eye

We'll pass these, glaring trifles by!

6- We'll look on all the toys below,
With fuch disdain as angels do •
And wait the call that bids us rise,
To manfions promis'd in the skies.

XXXV. The repenting Prodigal.

t- "OEHOLD the wretch whose lust and JD Had wasted his estate; [wine

He begs a Share amongst the swine,
To taste the husks they eat!
2." I die with hunger here, he cries,
"I starve in foreign lands;
My father's house has large supplies,
"And bounteous are His hands.

3." I'll go, and with a mournsul tongue,
"Fall down besore his face 4
"Father, I've done Thy justice wrong,
*' Nor can desertc Thy grace."

4. He faid, and hast'ned to his home,

To seek his father's love;
The Father faw the rebel come,
And all his bowels move.

5. He ran, and sell upon his neck,

Embrac'd and kifs'd his fon;
The rebel's heart with forrow brake
For follies he had done.

6. " Take off his cloaths of shame and fin,

•' (The Father gives command) "Diess him in garments white and clean, "With rings adorn bis hand.

7. " A Day of seasting I ordain,

"Let mirth and joy abound;
"My fon was dead, and lives again,
"Was lost, and now is found."

% XXXVI. Requesting pardoning Gract.

1. T^ELOVED Saviour, prince of lise, ±J To us Thy Spirit give; .

We pant to hear that facred Voice, .
Which bids poor finners live.

2. Open to us those living springs,

Which from Thy wounds do flow; Dart down Thy bright resreshing beams; To us Thy goodness shew.

3. 'Tis Thy defire to fave the lost,

To ease them of their pain ,

Theresore we come to Thee, blest Lam8,

Who for our fins was stain. 1

4. O'er stream our fouls with Thy rich grace,

To us reveal Thy will; O be thou our Emmanuel, Thy work in us fulfil {


XXXVII, The Beatitudes.

[iTJLESS'D are the humble Souls that see
Jj Their emptiness and poverty;
Treafures of grace to them are giv'n,
And crowns of joy laid up in heav'n.]

[2. Blest are the men of broken heart,
Who mourn sor sin with inward smart .
The blood of ChRist divinely flows,
A healing balm sor all their woes.]

[3. Blest are the meek, who stand afar
From rage and passion, noife and war;
God will secure their happy state,
And plead their cause against the great]

[4. Blest are the souls that thirst sor grace,
Hunger and long sor righteousness;
They shall be well fupply'd, and fed
With living streams, and living bread.J

Jj. Blest are the men whose bowels move,
And melt with fympathy and love; [tain
From Christ, the Lord, /hall they ob-
Like fympathy and love again]

[6 Blest are the pure, whose heart is clean
From the desiling pow'rs of sin;
With endless pleafure they shall see
A God of spotless purity.]

[7. Blest are the men of peacesul lise,

Who quench the coals of growing strise;
They shall be call'd the heirs of blifs
The sons of Go.d, the God of peace.]

[8. Blest are the sosPrers, who partake
Of pain and shame sor J E s U's fake;
Their souls shall triumph in the Lord;
Glory and joy are their reward.]

XXXVIII. Love in Heaven and E *rtb.

i. T>LESS'D are the faints that dwell above, JD In the pure element of love;

They know no rage, nor cruel spleen,
But all is peacesul and serene.

2. Celestial love each breast inspires, .
Kindling within her purest sires;'
To harps of gold they sweetly sing.
Nor is there sound a jarring string.

3 How blest on earth would mortals be,
Did love constrain them to agree?
Drawn by her soft and pow'rsul cords.
Of mighty deeds and gentle words.

4. Did love unseign'd each heart engage,
'Twould be a truly golden age:

Then should we shew our heav'nly birth,
And heav'n itself descend to earth.

5. Ye sons of strise your wrath sorbear,
Nor like wild beasts purfue and tear .
How can you think to dwell above
Who have not learnt the art to love?

6. Ye zealots, vain will be each plea,
Whilst zeal confumes your charity;
Love only can pure zeal inspire,

The rest is strange and dang'rous sire.

XXXIX., Peace-makers.

i. TjLESS'D are the sons of peace.,
JD Whose souls are distant far

From envy, jealousies and rage,
From tumult, noife and war.

2, Their work it is and joy
To sow the seeds of peace;

* To join, divided hearts and hands,
And make all discord cease.

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