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CCCLXXVI. The Triumph of Faith. 1 . TXTHO shall the Lor D's elect condemn? ▼ V 'Tis God that justisies their souls; And mercy, like a mighty stream, O'er all their sins divinely rolls.

2. Who shall adjudge the faints to hell? 'Tis Christ that suirFer'd in their stead; And, the falvation to fulsil,

Behold him rising from the dead!

3. He lives, He lives, and sits above,
For ever interceding there;
Who shall divide us from his love,
Or what should tempt us to despair >

4 Shall persecution or distress,
Famine, or sword, or nakedness;
He that hath lov'd us bears us thro',
And makes us more than conqu'rors too.

5. Faith hath an over-coming pow'r,
It triumphs in the dying hour;
Christ is our lise, our goy our hope,
Nor can we sink with fuch a prop.

6 Not all that men on earth can do,

Nor Pow'rs on high, nor pow'rs below, Shall cause His mercy to remove, [love. Or wean our hearts from Christ- our

% CCCLXXVII. Sufficiency of Pardon.

i . 'V\7'HY does your face, ye humble souls, * V Those mournsul colours wear? What doubts ?.re. these that wasteyour faith, And nourifh your despair?

2. What tho' your num'rou1; sms exceed
The stars that sill the skies ;'
And aiming'at th' eternal throne,
like pointed mountains rife >

3. What tho'your mighty guilt beyond
The wide creation swell;
And has its curst soundations laid .
Low as the deeps of hell?
4 See here an endless ocean flows
Of never.-failing grace!
Behold a dying Saviour's veins
The facred flood increase!

5. It rises high and drowns the hills,

'T has neither shore nor bound: Now if we search to sind our sins, Our sins can ne'er be sound.

6. Awake our hearts, adore the grace

That buries all our faults;
And pard'ning blood that swells above
Our sollies and our thoughts [

CCCLXXVIII. Worldly Anxiety res row J.

i. \X/HY do I thus perplex

W My lise, a breath of air, With sears of distant ills; and vex My heart with fruitless care?

2. Can thought and toil increase
My days appointed fum?

Why waste 1 then my^time, my peace,
To hoard sor years to come?

3. These covetous desires,
These restless cares I leave

To them whose hope at death expires,
And who in chance believe.

4. Will he whose bounty gave
My lise, its sood deny?

Vv ho sorm'd my nature apt to crave.
Its cravings not fupply P

e. Echo*

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Rehold the flow'rs that grow,
That for the furnace stand,
With what rich dies, their garments glow
Without the Wring hand.

The tribes that wing the sky.
That nei'.hfer fow nor reap.
Send up to God their daily cry,
V/ho gives them food and sleep.

Then let to-morrow's cares
Until to-morrow stay:
The trouble which to-day prepares,
Suffices for to-day.

To nobler work applied
My foul shall upwards climb j
And trust my sather to provide
The needful things of time.

f CCCLXXIX, The Death and Burial os a


1. t T 7HY do we mourn departing friends?

W Or shake at death's alarms?
'Tis but the voice that Jesus fends
To call them to his arms,

2. Are we not tending upward too

As fast Ps time can move?
Nor would we wish the hours rriore slow
To keep us iro-.ii our love.

Up to the Lo Rd our slesh shall fly
At the great rifing day.

6.Then let the last loud trumpet found,
And bid our kindred rife;
Awake ye Nations under ground!
Ye Saints, ascend the skies.


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,. TT THY should the children of
VV Go mourning all their days?
Great Comfort E R, descend and bring
Some tokens of thy grace!

2. Dost Thou not dwell in all the faints,

And seal the heirs of heav'n f
When wilt Thou banifh my complaints,
And show my fins forgiv'n?

3. Assure my Conscience of her part

In the Redeemer's blood; And bear thy witness with my heart, That lam botn of God.

4. Thou art the earnest of his love,

The pledge of joys to come:

And thy foft wings, celestial dove,

Will fase convey me honte.

t CCCLXXXI. The End os tb.e World.

1.-T T THY should this earth delight us so
VV Why should we fix our eyes
On these low grounds, where forrows grow,
And every Pleafure dies I

2. Whiletime his sharpest teeth prepares Our comforts to devour; '«

There is a land above the stars,
And joys above bis power. ....

3. Nature

3- Nature shall be dissolv'd and die,,
The fun must end his race;
The earth and sea sor ever sly
Besore my S A v i 0 u R's face.

4.. When will that glorious morning rise?
When the last trumpet sound,
And call the nations to the skies,
From underneath the ground s

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CCCLXXXII. Christ'* Presence makes Peatb eas,.

HY should we start and sear to die?
What tim'rous worms we mortals
Death is the gate of endless joy, [are!
And yet we dread to enter there.

2. The pains,' the groans, and dying strise
Fright Our approaching souls away;
Still we shrink back again to lise,
Fond of our prison and our clay.,

3. O, if my Lord would come and meet, My soul should stretch her wings in haste, Fly searless thro' death's iron gate,

Nor seel the terrors as she past!

4. Je s rj s, can make a dying bed
Feel soft as downy Pillows are;
While on his breast I lean my head,
And breathe my lise out sweetly there.

CCCLXXXIII. Names and Titles of Christ. 4—6s. and 4—4 or 2—8.

[i.T,T7ITH cheaifol voice I sing VV The titles of my I^ord ;.

And borrow all the names

Of Honor from his word:
Nature and art
Can ne'er fupply

Sufficient sorms
Of Majesty.

2. In Jesus we behold
His father's glorious face;
Shining sor ever bright
With mild and lovely rays:

Th' Eternal God's
Eternal Son
Inherits and
Partakes the throne.]

3. The sov'reign Kino of Kings, The Lord of Lords most high, Writes his own name upon

His garment and his thigh; .
His name is call'd
The ivvrd of God;
He rules the earth /
With iron rod.

4. Where promifes and grace
Can 'neither melt nor move;
The angry Lamb resents
His much abused love;

Awakes his wrath,
Without delay;
As lions roar
And tear the prey.

5. Rut when sor works os peace
The great Redeemer comes; ',
What gentle characters,
What titles he assumes }

Light of the •world,
And Life of men;
Nor will he bear
Those names in vain.

6. Immense compassion reign*
In our Immanuel's heart,

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When he descends to act

A Mediator's part:' '"

He is a Friend,

And Brother too;

Divinely kind,

Divinely true.

7. At length the Lord, the Judge
His awesul throne ascends;
And drives the rebels far
From favourites and friends:

Then shall the faints

Compleasiy prove

The heights and depths

Of all his love.

t CCCLXXXIV. Christ's Compassion U the

•weak and tempted. 2. "\T 7ITH joy we meditate the grace V V Of cur high-priest above ; . His heart is made of tenderness,His bowels melt with love.

2. Touch'd with a sympathy within,

He knows our seeble frame;
He knows what fore temptations mean;
For he has selt the fame.

3. But spotless, innocent and pure

The great Redeemer stood;
While Satan's fi'iy darts he bore,
And did refist to blood.

4. He, in the days of seeble flesh,

Pour'd out his cries and tears •
And, in his meafure, seels asresh
What every member bears.

£5. He'll never quench the smoaking flax,
Sut raife it to a flame;
The bruifed reed He never breaks,
Nor scorns the meanest name.]

6. Then let our humble faith address
His mercy and his power!
We shall obtain deliv'ring grace
In the distressing hour.

CCCLXXXV. Farewel to the World 7s.

1, "f T70RLD adieu, thou real cheat!.
VV Oft have thy deceitful charms
Fill'd my heart with fond conceit,
Foolifh hopes and false alarms:

i. Vain thy ers'ertaining fights,
False thy promises renew'd,
All the pomp of thy delight*
Does but flatter and detude:

3. Farewel honor's empty pride *
Thy own nice, uncertain gust;
If the least mischance betide,
Lays Thee lower than the dust:

4. Foolifh Vanity, farewel,
More inconstant than the wave!

. Where thy foothing fancies dwell,
Purest tempers they deprave:

5. Never sha.ll my wand'ring mind
Follow aster fleeting toys;
Since in God alone I find
Solid and fubstantial joys.

6. Lord, how happy is a heart.
After thee while it aspires!
True and faithful as thou art,
Thou shalt answer its Defires.

CCCLXXXVI. Universal Praise.
4—-6 and 2—8.

1. "^TE boundless realms of joy

X Exalt your Ma t E R's fame t


His praife your fongs employ Above the starry frame. Your voices raife, ye Cherubim' And Seraphim to fing His praife.

. Let all the nations sear

The God that rules above;

The people He brings near,

And gives to taste his love;

While earth and Iky attempt his praife,

His faints should raise his honors high.

CCCLXXXVII. The Advantages os early

i. T7 E happy youth whose early years
£ Receive instruction well;
Who hate the finner's path, and sear
1'hepath that leads to hell.

2. When we devote our youth to God,

'Tis pleafing in his eyes;
A flow'r, when ofFer'd in the bud,
Is no vain facrifice.

3. 'Tis eafier work if we begin

To sear the Lord betimes; While finners that grow old in fin

Are harden'd in tneir crimes. L. 'Twill save us from a thoufand snares,

To mind religion young ; , Grace will preserve our foil'wing years,

And make our virtue strong

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The name all-victorious
Of Jesus extol;
His kingdom is glorious,
And rules over ah".

2. The waves of the sea
Have lift up their voice.
Sore troubled that we

In Jesus rejoice:
The floods they are roaring,
But Jesus is here;
While we are adoring,
He always is near.

3. Men, Devils engage,
The billows arise,
And horribly rage,
And threaten the skies 5
Their fury shall never
Our sted!astness shock,
The weakest believer
Is built on a rock.

4. God ruleth on high
Almighty to fave;
And still He is nigh,
His presence we have.
The great congregation
His triumph shall fing,
Ascribing falvation
To Jesus our K1 w e.

5. Salvation to God,
Who fits on the throne,

'Let all cry aloud,
And honor the Son!
Our Jesus's praises
The angels proclaim.
Fall down on their faces,
And worship the Lamb.

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