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6. Then let us adore

And give him his right;
All glory and pow'r
And wisdom and might •
All honor and blessing,
With angels above,
And thanks never ceafing
And infinite love.

CCCLXXXIX. The saithsul atfive Minister.
i. "\T E servants of the Lord,
\ Each in his office wait;
Observant of His heav'nly word,
And watchful at His gate!

z. Let all your lamps be bright,
And trim the golden flame;
Gird up your loins, as in His fight,
For awesul is His name!

3. Watch, 'tis your Lord's command;
And while we speak He's near -

Mark the first fignal of His hand,
And ready all appear!

4. O happy servant he,

In fuch a posture found
He shall his Lord with rapture see,
And be with honor crown'd.

5. Christ shall the banquet spread
With his own bounteous hand,

And raife that fav'rite servant's head
Amidst th' angelic band.

CCCXC. Youth and Judgment. 1. \T E fons of Adam, vain and young, JL Indulge your eyes, indulge your tongue; Taste the delights your fouls defire, . And give a loose to all your fire!

2. Purfue the pleafures you defign,

And chear your hearts with, fongs and wine;
Enjoy the day of mirth; but know
There is a day of judgment too!

3. God from on high beholds your thoughts,
His book records your secret saults ^
The works of darkness ye have done,
Must all appear besore the fun.

4. The vengeance to your follies due, Should strike your hearts with terror thro'. How will ye stand besore his face,

Or answer for his injur'd grace }

5. Almighty God, turn osf their eyes
From these alluring vanities;

And let the thunder of thy word
Awake their fouls to sear the Lord.

CCCXCI. Temptation. 1. '\T E tempted fouls reflect

\ Whose name'tis ye prosess; Your master's lot ye must expect, Temptations more or less.

a. Dream not of faith fo clear, As shuts all doubtings out; Re nember how the Dev'l could dare To tempt ev'n Christ to doubt3 »' If thou'rt the fon of God, (O what an IF was there!) "Those stones here speak them into food "And make that fonship clear."

4. View that amazing scene I
Say could the tempter try'

To shake a tree fo found, fo green}
Good God desend the dry!

5. But here's cur point of rest;
Tho' hard the battle seem,

Our Our captain stood the fiery test, And we shall stand thro' Him. § CCCXCII. The Creator praised. 2—8 and 6 twice. i \T E works of God, on Him alone, X In earth his footstool, healfci his thJfene, Be all your praife bestow'd; Whose hand the beauteous fabric made, Whose eye the finish'd work furvey'd, And faw that all was good.

2. Ye angels, that with loud acclaim, Admirmg view'd the new-born frame,

And hail'd th' eternal king; Again proclaim your maker's praife, Again your thankful voices raise,

And facred anthems fing.

3. Ye fons of men, His praise difplay. Who ftamp'd His image on your clay,

And gave it power to move; Ye that in Christian confines dwell, From age to age fuccessive tell

The wonders of his love.

4. And ye, your thankful voices jam, That oft at Salem's facr«i shrine

Besore His altars kneel Where thron'd in Majesty He dwells, And from the mystic cloud reveals

The dictates of his will.

5- Ye spirits of the just and good, That, eager for thebless'd abode,

To heav'nly manfions foar'd; O let your fongs His praise difplay, 'Till heav'n itself shall melt away,

And time mall be no more.

6 Praise Him, ye meek and humble train, Ye faints, whom his decrees ordain The boundless bliss to share -,

O praise Him 'till ye take your way
To regions of eternal day,
And reign for ever there.

§ CCCXCIII. DiaLgue as Angels and M*t.

1. A. "VT'E worms of earth our G 0 D admire,
X TheGoD of Angels praise:
M- Praife him for us ye angels choir,
The earth-born fons of grace.
7,. A. His image view, in us difplay'd
His nobler creatures view:
M. Lower than you our fouls he made;
But He redeem'd them too.

3. A. As gods we did in glory shine,

Besore the world began:
M. Our nature too becomes divine,
And God himself is man.

4. A. He cloath'd us in these robes of light,

The shadow of his Son:
M. We with transcendent glory bright
Have Christ himself put on.

5. A. Spirits like Him he made us be,

A pure setherial flame:
M. Join'd to the Lord, one spirit we
VVith Jesus are the fame.

6. A. We see Him on his dazzling throne,

Crowns He to us imparts: M. To us the king of kings comes down, ( And reigns within our hearts.

7. A- Pure as He did at first create,

We angels never sell:
As He faves us in our lost estate,
And rescues man from hell.

8. A. When others finn'd, we faithful prov'd,

His love preserv'd us wus;

O • M *

M. Yet own that we are more belov'd,
He never dy'd sor you.

9. A. Worms of the earth, to you we own ,
The nobler grace is giv'n:
Then praife with us the great Three-One,
'Till we all meet in heav'n.

[6- Long may the King, our sov'reign, live,
To rule us by his word;
And all the honors we can give
Be offer'd to the Lord !J

•> CCCXCV. God tht Creator.

$ CCCXCIV. Thanksgiving for ViSory.

i.'yiON rejoice, and Judab ting . / j TheLoRd sits on his throne; Let Britain own the heavenly King, And make his glories known.

2. The great, the wicked, and the proud,

From their high seats are hurl'd; Jehovah rides upon a cloud, I And thunders thro' the world.

3. He reigns upon th' eternal hills,

Distributes mortal crowns,
Empires are six'd beneath his smiles,
And totter at his frowns.

4. Navies that rule the ocean wide

Are vanquifh'd by his Breath!
And legions arm'd with pow'r and pride,
Descend to wat'ry death.

5. Let tyrants make no more pretence

To vex our happy land;
Jehovah's name is our desence,
Our buckler is his hand.

i. ry ION thy great Creator praife;
M > Him the creation sings;
With his lov'd name rocks, hills and seas
And heav'ns high palace rings.

a. His hand, how wide it spread the sky!
How glorious to behold!
Ting'd with a blue of heav'nly dye,
And starr'd with sparkling gold.

3 -His glories blaze all nature round,
And strike the gazing sight
Through skies and seas, and solid ground,
With terror and delight.

4. Insinite strength and equal lkill

Shine through the worlds abroad;
Our souls with vast amazement sill
And speak the builder God.

5. But still the wonders of his grace

Our softer passions move;
Pity divine in Jesu's face
We see, adore and love.

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, CCCXCVI. Scruples removed.

1. A N D shall I let Him go?
X*\ If new I do not seel

The streams of living water flow,
Shall I forfake the well?

2. Because He hides his face,
Shall I no longer stay;

But leave the channels of his grace,
And cast the means away?

$. Get Thee behind me, herd,
On others try thy skill;
Here let Thy hellifh whifpers end,
To Thee I fay, Be still.

4. Jesus hath spoke the word,
His will my reafon is;
Do this, in mem'ry of Thy Lord;
Jesus hath faid, Do this.

5- He bids me eat the-bread,

He bids me drink the wine;

No other motive, Lord, I need,
No other word than Thine.

6. I chearfully comply

With what my Lord doth fay;
Let others ask a reafon why,
My glory is t' obey-

7. His will is good and just;
Shall I His will withstand?

If Jesus bid me lick the dust,
I bow at His command.

8. Because He faith, Do this,

This I will always do:
'Till Jesus come in glorious blifs,
I thus His death will shew.

X CCCXCVH. The Penitent pardoned. i."\T7HEN Christ, at Simon's table Vy plac'd,

His facred doctrine taught;
A penitent behind. Him stood,

Whom love had thither brought. ^
O z

X. She, with devotion, kisi'd His seet,
Bath'd them with flowing eyes;
Then dries them with her spreading locks, ,
And fragrant oil applies.

3. 'Twas love these fun'ral tears prepar'd,

Besore her Lord was dead;
Ossicious love fupply'd the balm, .

Besore His wounds had bled.

4. Her faith the virtue of His blood

Apply'd, besore 'twas spilt;
To wash her soul from ev'ry stain, -

'And expiate her guilt.

5- The Saviour's sympathizing heart
Her pious sorrow seels;
Commends her faith, her love applauds; g_
His pard'ning grace reveals.

6. Thus ev'ry soul fucceeds, that bows
At the Redeemer's seet;
Those who repent, believe, and love,
Christ at his table meet.

. The motions of Thy sov'reign grace,

Lord, let no sin controul; Forgiving glances irom Thy eyes Will ravi/h ev'ry soul.

%. These faithful pledges of Thy love

Declare thee still the fame:

For these memorials of Thy cross

We praife Thy facred name.

$ CCCXCVIII. the worthy Communicant.

i. A MEETNESS, Lord, thou dost re2X. Al l merit I difclaim; [quire, The graces of Thy Spirit grant,

To make a congru'us frame.

2. Knowledge Ch R I S T's history reports, • s Tells what these symbpls mean;

Faith ratisies, approves, applauds
The wise Redemption scheme.

Repentance views a Saviour pierc'd,

With broken,- bleeding heart; Love, him adores, and weeping cries,

"My Lord, my God Thou art." The brethren, Charity cements,

And gives the kifs of peace;
Defire and hope press sorward to

The joys that never cease.
Delight on cov'nant blessings seasts>

And calls them all its own;
Zeal sires the soul; humbly resolves

Nothing shall take its crown.

Adorn me with each grace, then I

A welcome guest shall be:
My spikenard will its odours give,

While here I seast with Thee.

% CCCXCIX. Seeking Christ.

. 'nr^ IS not a dead external sign
g_ Which here my hopes require;
The living pow'r of love divine

In Jesus I desire.
. I want the dear Redeemer's grace,

I seek the Crucify'd;
The Man that fusser'd in my place,
My God, that groan'd and dy'd.

. Swift as, their rising Lord to sind,
The two difciples ran;
I seek the Saviour of mankind,
May I not seek in vain!
.. Come all who long his face to see,
That did our burthen bear;
Hasten to Cal<vaty with me,
And we shall sind him there!

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