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€- That aweful face, which low respect
From prostrate angels did command,
Spit on by men of servile state,
And struck by each rude foldier's hand.,

7. Bearing his cross to Golgotha, 1. With lab'ring steps behold Him go!

And from his wounds, when open'd there,
O see what crimfon rivers flow!

8. Plung'd in these streams, our guilty fouls 2. Purg'd from their num'rous fins shall be; Justice and mercy, tho' provpk'd

By us, O Lord, are pleas'd with Thee.

9. O Lamb of God, who bor'st our guilt, 3. To Thee immortal praife belongs:

While we Thy love and fufPrings fing.
Angels shall hear, and join their fongs.

t CDXII. The King at his Table.; 4'

i. T>EHOLD the Ki N G of Glory fits
D At table with his guests!
Welcomes them all with gracious smiles, ,
Them all with dainties seasts I

2. No common food He here presents,

No common drink provides:
For meat He gives his flesh; for wme,
The spear his heart divides.

3. Lord, give us faith to raife our thoughts 1

Beyond the views of sense;
Teach us thy myst'ries to difcern,

And draw new joys from thence I 4.. Let's know thy wounded body sell a

AkosPfing for our guilt;
Let's know, to wash us from our fins,

Thy heart's pure blood was spilt!

5. So shall our minds and voices join, 3

In facred harmony,

To celebrate Thy grace, and fing
Hallelujah to Thee.

% CDXIH. My Flesh is Meat indeed.


LORD, we approach thy throne,
To Thee thank-osPrings bring;
For in thy temple ev'ry one
Shpuld of Thy glory fing.
Thy table we draw near,
To which thy calls invite;
We find the best of dainties here
To give our fouls delight.

Thy flesh is meat indeed,
Thy blood the richest wine;
How blest are they who often seed
On this repast of thine!

May joy, with humble sear,
A true devotion raise,
In all who are assembled here,
To celebrate Thy praise!

And if fuch seasts as this
Such pleafure yield below;
What joys swim in those floodsof blifi,
Which at thy right-hand flow!

* CDXIV. The Asians raised.

OWHAT a foul-transporting feast Doth this communion yield! Rememb'ring here Thy passion past, We with thy love are fill'd.

. Sure instrument of present grace

Thy facrament we find;
Yet higher blessings it difplays,

And raptures still behind.
, It bears us now on eagles wings,

If Thou the pow'r impart,


And Thee our glorious earnest brings
Into our faithful heart.

4. O let us still the earnest seel,
Th' unutterable peace,
This loving spirit be the seal
Of our eternal blifs!

It heav'n's high arch exceeds for height,
And for extent, the world's vast round.

8. Lo Rd, to advance Thy praifes here,
Increase our light, inlarge our love •
And by thy grace our fouls prepare
For better fongs and tunes above.

X CDXV. Longing sor Christ'* Presence. % CDXVI. Communion with Christ.

1. T^ESCEND, O King of Saints, de-
LJ scend;
By thy free Spirits vital heat
fresh joys to ev'ry foul extend,
That at thy table finds a seat.

2. O Prince os Peace, bless thou this board
With those sweet smiles which angels chear;
O give us peace; and tell us, Lo Rd,
We're pardon'd, and accepted here.

3. As Thou our hungry fouls hast sed,
Our thirsty fouls fustain'd with wine;
Nourifh us with this heav'nly bread,
And with this facred blood of thine.

4. Teach us to wash our garments clean
In the pure fountain of thy blood;
Lord, purge our fouls from ev'ry stain
I' th' streams of that all-cleanfing flood.

5- Each fin of ours has been a thorn,
A cruel nail, a whip, a spear;
By these Thy facred flesh was torn,
These did thy foul with horror tear.-

6. Yet ev'ry wound of thine does yield
A balfam for a contrite heart;
Which, on the painsul fore distill'd,
Heals and allays the tort'ring smart.

7. Amazing love! 'tis infinite s w
No thoughts its endless depth can sound;

1. T TOW sweet, how charming is the place Jljl With Go D's bright presence crown'd! Happy his children, who his board

As olive plants furround.

2. " Eat of this seast, fays He, my friends, "Who to my courts repair;

"Come, dearest children, freely drink "The wine which I prepare."

3. Lo R p, we accept thy bounteous treat, With wonder, joy, and love:

O may we in thy house have place,

And never thence remove I
4. Here may our faith still on thee seed,

The only food divine;
To faith, Thy flesh is meat, indeed,

Thy,blood, the noblest wine.
5-Thy blood, that purifying juice,

To cleanse our fouls deiign'd .
To heal a finner's bleeding heart,

And chear his drooping mind.

6. Here we are glad to view Thy love
Thro' figures, and in part;
But how much greater joy will't be,.
To see Thee as thou art!

X CDXVII. Access with Boldness.
1 • "\ T 7ITH boldness we may now approach
VV Unto the throne above;

No fiery cherub guards the seat,
'Tis now a throne of love.

2. We are not come to Sinai's mount,

To hear the thunder roar: We meet our Saviour in our Judge; What could we wifh for more?

3. While we around his table fit,

"Eat, O my friends, He cries, "And drink that blood I osfer'd up "For you a facrifice."

4. This has appeas'd justice divine,

This gives us free access:
Makes God our friend, and here asfords
A taste of endless Wiss.

5. Come and adore the love of God,

Wonders of grace consess;
Atoning blood has brought you nigh;
Your kind Redeemer bless.

CDXVIII. The Communion is Saints.

1. '"T^HE seast we celebrate,

X We call a seast of love:
The facred fymbols friendship thew,
On earth, and peace above.

2. As many grains, compact,

Do constitute one bread;

So all the faints one body are,

In union with their head.

3. In faith, hope, love, and joy,
The Holy Ghost's their guide;

One God they have, one covenant,
One kingdom shall divide.

[4. The broken bread we eat,
Partaking of the whole;
Thus many faints are al! one bread,
Enlivca'd by one soul.]

5. Cease clamour, wrath, and strise, Envy and malice cease •

These grieve love's spirit, and these spoil
The emblems of our peace.

6. Among thy faints the least,
I'm honour'd, Lord, to fit;

Thy friends they are, I call them mine,
Devoutly with them seast.

7. The reconciled hand
In charity I give;

Past injuries I'll quite forget,
In peace and friendship live.

8. Thy faints how excellent,
A glorious company!

Did I not all the body love,
No member I should be.

9. O may thy Spirit, Lord,
Descend and fill my heart:

Decaying love revive, confirm,
And flames of love impart.

[10. Love is from God, and /liall
Endless remain above;
Both faith and hope in heaven cease,
But faints for ever love.J

* CDXIX. A Hymn os Praise to Christ. 7s.

1. £ONS of God, triumphant rise,
O Shout th' accompli sh'd facrifice,
Shout your fins in Christ forgiv'n,
Sons of God, and heirs of heav'nl

2. Ye that round our altars throng,
Listening angels join the fong;
Sing with us; ye heav'nly povv'rs,
Pardon, grace, and glory ours s

3. LyVt';

3. Lovers mysterious work is done;
Greet we now th' atoning Son,
HeaPd and quicken'd by his blood,
Join'd to Christ, and one with God,

4. Ch R i s T, of all our hopes the seal,
Peace divine in Crr R I S T we seel,
Pardon to our souls applied,
Dead sor all, sor me he died.

5 Sin shall tyrannize no more,
Piirg'd its guilt, distblv'd itspow'r;
Jesus makes our hearts bis throne,
There he lives, and reigns alone.

6. Grace our every thought controujs, Heav'n is open'd in our souls, Everlasting lise is won,

Glory is on earth begun.

7. Ch R Ist in us ; in Him we see Fulness of the Deity,

- Beam of the Eternal Beam . Lise divine we taste in Him.

8. Him by faith we taste below, Mightier joys ordain'd to know, When His utmost grace we prove, Rise to heaven by persect love.

HYMNS to conclude the Administration.

CDXX. Indignation and Hope.

i. TT 7ITH humble boldnels, trembling

VV And wjth a child-like sear, [joy, . Lord, we thy majesty address, And to thy seat draw near.

2. For thou, great Judge of all the earth,

Now on a throne of grace,
Between the wond'ring cherub's wings,
Reveal'st thy glorious face.

3. At thy right-hand behold thy Son.

Who kindly intercedes! s

His blood cries louder than our sins,
And sor our pardon pleads.

4.. Ah cruel sins, how odious now,
And how desorm'd are they;
While in that crimson sountain we'
Their monff*rou* hev/ survey's

5. These with black horror sill'd his mind,

Inrag'd his wounds with pain;
With gries these rent his lab'ring breast,
And all his blood did drain.

6. Tho' these our crimes all testify,

Our crying guilt aloud;
Lord, veil no more Thy shining face
Within an angry cloud!

7. Let thy rove's rays attract from us

A penitential dew;
And while our yileness we lament,
Thy pard'ning mercy shew!

8. Then tho' our sins have num'rous been

Like fands upon the shore;
Peace, like a stream o'erflows our souls,
And sins are seen no more.

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J CDXXL Love to a' crucifiid Saviour.

;.' i "'HOUart all love, my dearest Lo sDi
X Thou art all lovely too:
Thy love I at thy table taste,
Thy loveliness I view.

2. Thy divine beauty, veil'd with flesh,

Thy enemies despife;
Thy mangled body they disdain,
And turn from Thee their eyes.

3. But Thou more lovely art to me

For all that Thou hast borne: Each cloud sets osf thy lustre more, Thee all thy scars adorn.

4. Thy garments tinctur'd with thy blood,

The best and noblest dye.
Out-shine the robes that princes wear;
Thy, thorns their gems out-vie.

5. That I may be all love to Thee,

And lovely like Thee too,
O cleanse me with thy precious blood,
And me thy beauty shew!

6. My former vows I now renew,

Olorb, as Thou art mine;
Behold, I give my heart to Thee,
For ever I'll be thine!

% CDXXII. Christ inviting, and the Saints accepting.

1. T TAPPY are they our Lord has chose £X I" msblest courts to dwell;

His praifes still their thoughts employ,
Their tongtfes his glory tell.

2. There He his loveliness makes known

To all who love his name;
To them He is a glorious crown,
And beauteous diadem.

3. With a celestial banquet there,

His table's richly spread: His own most precious blood's the wine, His body is the bread.

4. To entertain his happy friends,

He oft repeats his call;
Pours fragrant oil upon their heads,
Gives robes to clothe them all.

5. Nay, ev'ry contrite mind to Him

A holy temple proves;
For humble fouls are his delight,
And He dwells where He loves.

6. He at the door of ev'ry heart

Does friendly calls renew;
"Open to me, and you shall (up
"With me, and I with you.''

7. And will the high and lofty One

Vouchfase to dwell with men?
"Open, eternal doors, and let
"The King of Glory in."

[8. This entertainment, Lord, of thine,
So gen'rous and fo free,
Cost many pangs and many groans,
And many wounds to Thee.J

9. Eternal praise to thy great name,

By all the host of heav'n;

By ev'ry nation, ev'ry t;ngue,

And ev'ry heart be giv'n!

f CDXXIII. A serious RecolleSim

1. T TAST thou, myfoul, thy Saviooi XX view'd

As on the cross he hung and bled?
Hast seeri his bruifes, wounds, and tears,
Seen Him bow down his dying head?


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